Dr. Scott Atlas possibly the most import person on earth right now

In past Rants, we have discussed Deena Hinshaw, Theresa Tam, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert R. Redfield (CDC director), and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  (WHO Director).  These are some of the highest public health officials in the world and over the last 6 months of this fake pandemic they have shown themselves to be incompetent and/or corrupt.  Thankfully there is a glimmer of hope on the Horizon, Dr. Scott Atlas.  Dr. Atlas was recently appointed to the Covid task force in the US by President Trump and he is already making waves.  Dr. Atlas is going against the grain because he stubbornly insists on talking about data and science.  That is something we have seen rarely in the US and not at all in Canada.  Remember the video of Rand Paul trying to force St. Fauci to acknowledge the science.  St Fauci resisted all Rand Paul’s attempts and stuck to discussing his feelings.  Contrast that with this recent press conference


Did you notice how much the reporter pushes back?  Have you ever seen a reporter do that to St Fauci, Deena Hinshaw, or Theresa Tam?  The reporter even tries to invoke an appeal to authority by pointing to the corrupt head of the CDC.  Dr. Atlas would have none of it.  He has the science on his side, and he knows it.  On Friday I listened to an interview he gave to fox news.  You know that hard right Trump supporting network.  The reporter tried desperately to get Dr. Atlas to exclaim that Covid would ultimately kill everyone.  Dr. Atlas pointed out that the pandemic appears to be ending and he used the science and data to back that up.  No matter how many times the fox reporter tried to lead Dr. Atlas to the conclusion that Trump is evil for letting the virus kill people, he would not take the bait and stuck to the science.  When the reporter realized how badly this was going he finished with “Dr. Atlas we are out of time, but I must remind you that 45,000 Americans tested positive yesterday.  He cut the interview off and got the last word hoping that 45,000 positive tests would scare the listeners enough that they would disregard the science Dr. Atlas discussed.  Thanks for coming out Dr. Atlas but my journalism degree form an online university makes me way smarter than you and you are wrong.

The US is interesting.  It is possible to come out of nowhere and become President.  It has not happened much, but Trump is proof that it can happen.  It is impossible for that to happen in a parliamentary democracy like Canada.  You must become the leader of a party before you can become Prime Minister.  You don’t get to be a party leader unless you have been a party insider for a long time.  Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers are swamp creatures by definition.  In the US Donald Trump is not part of the swamp.  That is why the establishment hates him.  The most consistent mistake I have seen Trump make is giving the benefit of the doubt to long term bureaucratic swamp dwellers.  When Covid first hit Trump put together a panel of experts to help.  Any good businessman would have done that.  Trump just did not realize his experts were swamp dwellers and the fake experts that the media loves to use to push a narrative.  By the Time Trump figured it out it was too late, and he was pushed into shutting down the country.  The swamp was able to force Trump to play their stupid game, but Trump is not stupid.  He needed a way out and he knew it.  At first Trump tried to do what he always does; he lets things play out until the public start to realize how stupid things are and then he steps in front of the parade to take it somewhere else.  After 6 months he realized he could not do that with Covid and he has to change the rules of the game.  Dr. Scott Atlas is the game changer that he needed and right now might be the most important person on earth.  If the US pulls out of this insanity everyone else will have to follow.

Thank God for the US system and Dr. Atlas.  After 6 months Trump has finally put a real scientist on a committee that is supposed to advise him on science.  Up until now this has not happened anywhere in the world except Sweden.  You know this could have never happen in Canada.  The Canadian system is based on our British Parent.  The British have a new prime Minister who crawled out of the same swamp the old Prime Minister came from.  In a parliamentary system the more things change the more they remain the same.  To Boris Johnson rights and privileges are not for the little people.  Left to his own devices he will never go back to normal.  This nonsense does not affect him.  To make it worse he had Covid 19, so he knows it is not the great global killer he is telling everyone it is.  Boris Johnson has been prime minister for just over a year and people are already fed up with his swamp fed policies.  On the weekend there were these protests.


The British police responded by rushing the crowd and beating them with night sticks.


They beat the protesters because they were not socially distancing.  IN 2017 The police in London announced they no longer had the manpower to investigate property crimes.  They published a long list of crimes they would no longer investigate. 


Just weeks ago, the London police stood by while BLM protesters destroyed public property; all while not socially distancing.  The London Police have made it clear that theft and property destruction are no longer a concern to them.  Social distancing is also of no concern as long as you are engaged in either theft of property destruction at the time.  If you do not socially distance while you are protesting having to socially distance suddenly the London police find the time and manpower to rush into the crowd and beat people with night sticks.  The Political establishment in the entire western world is a putrid quagmire.  It is not just Canada and the US that need to drain the swamp.

Our Prime Moron just gave a speech to the UN where he had a laundry list of problems that Covid 19 has highlighted.  According to our Prime Moron we would not be aware of all the problems the world has to face if it was not for Covid.  Apparently the virus reveals these shocking truths by whispering in his ear while he sleeps.  I never thought I would agree with our Prime Moron on anything but I do agree that Covid 19 has highlighted a serious problem; it was not however, any of the problems he listed in his speech.  Covid 19 has shone light revealing the depth of the swamp and the rot that it has caused in every western nation.  The US now has one person standing outside the swamp trying desperately to drain it.  Why can’t we have someone like that in Canada?  Are we that far gone as a nation?