Do You think The Media will Tell The Truth About Covid When They are Willing To Do This?

It has been apparent, to anyone who thinks, that Covid 19 is not about science, it is not about public health, it is all about politics and the media’s corrupt cooperation.  I came across an example a few days ago that is not covid related but clearly illustrates the level of corruption that we must push back on.  Watch this interview with Joe Biden on Telemundo.  This was so bizarre I googled the reporter to make sure he was a real “journalist”; he is, and he has been around a long time.   Here is the brief clip on twitter.

Notice the strange way that Joe Biden looks forward when asked a question and then looks to the left when he gives an answer.  You can probably guess why.  There is a picture of the interview room that has surfaced on the internet.

The interviewer is in front, the teleprompter with the answer is to his left.  There have been several instances already where Joe Biden appeared to be reading a teleprompter but this one makes it clear that he was.  This one made me think and not just because of how willing the interviewer was to jump in and help when Biden was unable to read the answer properly from the prompter.  Ask yourself this; if they do not trust Joe Biden to answer questions by himself do you really think they trust a single person to come up with an approved answer and type it in to the teleprompter fast enough for Joe to read and make it look real?  Of course not.  They obviously had the questions before, and Joe was reading a script that had already been written.
The next question is, did they get the questions ahead of time or did they decide on the questions themselves and hand the interviewer the same script that Joe had?  My guess it is the latter but either way this entire interview was just theatre.  There was not one thing about this that was real, and this “journalist”, his crew, and his network were willing to go on with the charade and even jump in to help when Grandpa Joe stumbles.  This is not just cherry-picking data or ignoring things that don’t fit the narrative; this was complete fabrication to support a politician they agree with.
The more you think about this the worse it gets.  From the start of the US campaign I thought Joe Biden was an unexplainable pick.  He had a famous name but is dim witted and has a history of saying incredibly stupid things.  Of course, that is not much of a handicap in modern politics as long as you are on the extreme left.  Canadians have twice elected Mr. “the budget will balance itself”, “you have to build an economy from the heart out”.  Another dim-witted man with a famous name and penchant for saying stupid things; the Joe Biden of the north.  What made Biden an odd candidate for me was that he is obviously going senile and the democrats themselves exposed him as corrupt.  In their zeal to impeach Trump over withholding aid to the Ukraine they revealed that Joe Biden had withheld aid from the Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor that was investigating Biden’s corrupt son Hunter.  It came out that several Biden family members flew around the world with Joe, picking up lucrative business deals everywhere they landed.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, dim witted, senile, career politician yet the democrats pushed him forward as their man to beat Trump.
Why do they think they can pull this off?  They went into this knowing that Biden would have trouble even reading answers off a teleprompter.  Anyone who has been paying attention knows the media has an extreme left-wing bias.  But this is more than bias.  The democrats knew that the level of cooperation they were going to need to pull this off went far beyond a friendly reporter conveniently ignoring stupid things Joe would say.  There is no way that they started this without understanding that they were going to need all the major news agencies to go along with their scripted theatre.  How could they be so sure they could count on everyone?  The disturbing answer is that they have obviously done this before and not just once.  They have done this often enough that it is routine, and they were able to take for granted that they could do it again.  Even if it meant electing a corrupt, dim witted, senile old man to run the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen.
What does this have to do with Covid?  Do you think a media corrupt and dishonest enough to hand nuclear launch codes to a man with dementia can be counted on to tell the truth about Covid 19?  Covid 19 is pretty small potatoes compared to that.  We have to push a very large media stone up a very steep slope if we ever hope to return to normal.
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  1. Brent Morrison
    Brent Morrison says:

    The scariest thing for me is that the left are doing this knowing that Biden cannot possibly run the country. Therefore, their REAL agenda is POTUS Kamala. That should scare the hell out of any decent person! The Harris administration indeed, talk about ‘Freudian slips’.

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