What is the proper punishment for Child Killers?

The Public Health Agency of Canada has hired a contractor to do a deep dive on unvaccinated.  The contractor has been given vaccination records to identify and target unvaccinated Canadians.  Like much of what our government does this is illegal.   It is against the law in Canada to disclose private health information but our current Prime Minister believes laws are for the little people.  The contractor is to monitor the internet activity of unvaccinated Canadians.  Boy I can’t wait until they get around to me.

The purpose of the illegal spying is to determine what causes vaccine hesitancy so that they can craft a targeted propaganda program.  Typical government; a multi-million dollar fact finding mission instead of a few phone calls.  Trudeau doesn’t need to spy on me, he could just call and I will be happy tell him why I do not believe any of his bullshit.

In other parts of the world people are discussing whether the vaccines are really worth using.  In Canada the Trudeau liberals are discussing the best ways to force people to take them.  I am sure a lot of time will be spent on scare campaigns aimed at parents.  Trudeau is adamant that every child should be jabbed.  Apparently the 23 children who died suddenly last month are well below his quota.

The relentless push to maximize Pfizer’s profits continues in Canada even as children are dying.  The psychopaths behind this know they are killing children.  I remember when Canadians viewed crimes against children as repugnant.  It was not long ago, but the ascendency of Emperor Justin has changed that dramatically.  Now the government hires consultants to help kill children.  Prison is too good for everyone involved in this crime.

The Miss-information age

When I started my career a personal computer was rare and the internet was a crude information sharing tool.  I did not know it 37 years ago but I was starting out in the dawn of the information age.  Too bad it did not last.

In the early days there was a lot of optimism about the internet.  It was going to facilitate unlimited information sharing and for a time it did.  Every year there was more and more information available a trend that continues today.  Unfortunately much of the information today is filtered by government agents on paid sabbaticals in various social media companies.

The information age ended when governments learned that the internet is the ultimate propaganda tool.  Governments discovered that controlling what people think is very easy.  The key is to tell them what to think before they think for themselves.  The internet is the great tool for this because it is instant and gives useful idiots a chance to support the narrative with moronic virtue signaling.

For governments the internet is a good but not perfect tool.  It is a bit leaky.  Some truth manages to still be disseminated.  Governments have been working diligently to plug the leaks.  The best way to find weaknesses in their propaganda systems is to run stress test.  The COVID lockdowns were a fabulous stress test.

Rational people know that the COVID lockdowns had nothing to do with a virus.  The government did not put us under house arrest and eliminate our rights for our safety.  The lockdowns were simply a dry run to figure out what needs to be improved before the tyranny can be made permanent.  Some governments don’t even try to hide this truth from us.  The Trudeau liberals are very open about it.  The lockdowns taught them that total control is only a little more censorship away.

The lockdowns are gone but not forgotten.  They will be back as soon as the government can silence the last few dissenting voices.  You can make it easy for them by remaining silent or you can speak up.  I hope you choose the latter.  My wish for 2023 is that it will be a very raucous year.  The year people refused to be silenced.

The Jabs were never necessary, they weren’t even Mildly Beneficial

A well-known nurse practitioner in the UK has issued a statement calling for a suspension of the COVID vaccinations.  The video below is Dr.  Campbell reading the statement.


The Jabs have ruined a lot of lives.  This is an uncomfortable truth for vaccine advocates.  They know it needs to stop but they want it done in a way that deflects blame.  The narrative they want to run with is that conditions have changed.  In 2021 vaccine rewards far outweighed the risks but now that the virus is no longer as deadly the risks do not justify the reward.

This is of course complete bullshit.  The rewards of this vaccine never outweighed the risks and that ratio has only gotten worse with time.   The people who pushed this vaccine are guilty of murder and they know it.  They are desperate to avoid prison and their defense will be that they only used the vaccines until they were no longer needed.  An AstraZeneca executive tried to invoke a similar defense while being roasted by a handful of honest members of the European parliament.


Christine Anderson asked who lied and the executive answered no one lied.  The AstraZeneca rep stated these dangerous Vaccines saved 20 million lives.  She even quoted the study that she says proves it.  The plot below is from that study.

Does that plot look like proof to you?  Does it even look like science?  Do you think that if vaccines had not comes along the virus would have suddenly become more dangerous and continue killing people unabated forever?  No virus in history has ever done this.  Every new virus does the same thing.  Vulnerable people die and then as the virus moves through the healthy population fewer die.  People develop a tolerance and the virus mutates in to a more virulent, less deadly, form like omicron.

The vaccines did not help with COVID.  The figure of 20 million saved is complete fiction.  Vaccine advocates are grasping at any straw to deflect blame.  Don’t let them get away with it.  They must be punished for their crimes.

Comments on my Blog

I appreciate and encourage people to comment on what I have written.  Even if you don’t agree please feel free to post a comment.  The Reason I started to blog was to have a forum for people to discuss the one thing governments do not want us to discuss; the truth.

Unfortunately I am having issues with my site and friends have told me they are not able to comment.  I am working on this and when I get the problem fixed I will let everyone know.

We Quarantined the Wrong People

At the ends of every year “journalists” start to reminisce on what they feel were the most important events of the year.  This COVIDiot from CTV felt it was important to let you know that Canadians were not paying their COVID quarantine violation fines.  In 2022 unvaccinated Canadians were still subject to quarantine when returning to Canada.  Apparently many of them did not agree and did not follow the rules.  It is a wonder that any of us survived with all those healthy unvaccinated people circulating among us in direct violation of Emperor Justin’s edicts.

Quarantining healthy unvaccinated people was just plain stupid.  People without a disease do not spread a disease.  The people we really need to worry about are the vaccinated.  The latest data from New South Wales clearly illustrates that unvaccinated people reached herd immunity and zero COVID months ago.

The story is not nearly as good for the vaccinated.  If present trends continue, vaccinated people will never reach zero COVID.  The Vaccines make you more likely to get COVID and also make it possible to get COVID multiple times.  COVID will continue to circulate among the vaccinated for at least as long as they continue to take boosters.  Unfortunately at this point there is no guarantee that things will get any better even after they stop.  It will at least stop getting worse so what do you have to lose by saying no to your next booster?

Fool me once, shame on you

It really has been remarkable how many high profile people who have either succumbed to rare illnesses or died suddenly in 2022.  Even more remarkable is how everyone is ignoring it even as it continues to happen.  In the last 2 days a 37 year old television producer, Dax Tejera, and a 45 year old UFC legend, Stephen Bonnar, both died suddenly of heart failure.

The whole world is in denial about the COVID vaccines.  I get it; I really do.  When it comes to vaccine deniers, the ones that deny the existence of serious side effects, there are two camps.  In one camp you have evil bastards like Justin Trudeau who are making money off the vaccines.  Camp two are all the people who were fooled in to taking the jabs. Both groups have their own reason to deny the obvious.

The people in Camp one will never admit the existence of vaccine injuries because there is too much money at stake and they value no life other than their own.  It does not matter how many people die; there is nothing that will force Justin Trudeau to care about anyone other than Justin Trudeau.  Camp two are in denial because admitting the truth makes them very uncomfortable.  No one wants to admit that they were fooled and it put the lives of their family at risk.  What parent, after their child dies or gets injured, wants to admit that it was their fault?

At some point camp two needs to get past their embarrassment and speak up because this cannot be allowed to continue.  The data each week just gets worse and it is now painfully evident that it gets worse with each jab.  Below is the latest data from New South Wales.  There hospitals and morgues are full of double boosted people.

If boosters are supposed to increase the protection, why are the people who have taken boosters over represented in deaths and hospitalizations?  Keep in mind this is only COVID.  People hospitalized or dying from vaccine injuries are not included in these numbers although by now I think we need to admit that COVID is also a vaccine injury.

So how does this happen?  Don’t the Jabs stimulate your body to produce COVID antibodies?  Yes they do but the problem is that you get only a partial antibody response because the vaccines only use a piece of the virus rather than the whole virus.  But some should be better than none, right?  Well as it turns out the presence of antibodies is not nearly as crucial as the type antibodies.  A paper has been published that shows the Vaccine antibody Reponses.  There is a good discussion of the paper in this article.  It turns out that the jabs produce very little of the antibody IG3 and quite a lot of IG4.  This is a deadly combination.  IG3 is one of the most important antibodies for fighting COVID and you don’t get it.  IG4 on the other hand makes things much worse.

Why would your body produce antibodies that make things worse?  Well IG4 can save your life but just not from COVID.  IG4 antibodies are the ones that keep your body from overreacting to small persistent irritants.  Without them we all have severe allergic reactions to pollen and peanuts.  In effect your body learns that some things are not worth the trouble and should be ignored.

I could be way off base here but to a medical layman like me it appears that the jabs cause this because of the way they work.  Once you reprogram your cells to produce spike proteins they continue to produce spike proteins for an extended period of time.  Your body gets used to the spike proteins and produces the IG4 to keep the immune system from staying in overdrive all the time.  This is a real problem when you finally get infected with the real virus.  Your body has already been pre-programed for a lazy immune response.

If your immune system is being told to stand down and ignore virus, the virus can hang around a long time and do A LOT of damage and you’re not really going to notice.  You won’t get the inflammation and perhaps fever.  You’re walking around infected and contagious, but with no sense that you are.

This is why each booster makes it worse because your body is constantly swimming in spike proteins.  Your body just learns to live with them until it is too late to do anything about it.  These Jabs are a monumentally bad idea.  They damage the body in multiple ways while slowly eroding your ability to survive COVID.

The people in Camp two need to get past their embarrassment and speak up.  Being embarrassed is better than being dead.

The Origins of Liberal Politics

I saw this article just before Christmas.  It is the second article I have seen in December about behavioral changes or brain damage from mRNA injections.  I have not seen any published research on this but I find it frighteningly plausible.  Science has already established 2 things that should make everyone worry about brain damage following an mRNA injection.

  1. Lipid Nano-particles do not stay in the injection site. They can, and do, go anywhere including crossing the blood-brain barrier.
  2. Spike Protein production has the potential to damage almost every organ in the body.

Why would the Brain be any different?  Science has yet to discover an organ that benefits from spike protein exposure.

To be clear no one has yet discovered a link between the jabs and brain damage but the conditions certainly exist to make it possible.  It would however, explain the strange thought process of people who take multiple injections, get sick anyway, and then thank the injections that did not prevent the infection.

Just because something is plausible does not mean that it is true.  I would not be a good scientist if I did not consider all possible explanations for the muddled thinking of the serially jabbed.  Any time you investigate health issues you cannot ignore the effect of human behavior.  The more jabs you take the higher the likelihood that you are a liberal.  The irrational behavior that has been observed could be completely unrelated to the jabs.

Still I think we should invoke the precautionary principle.  If the Jabs can produce brain damage they should be stopped.  We don’t need any more Trudeau voters.

Give yourself the gift of Science this Christmas

When I was in school I liked science class.  Yes that makes me a nerd and I wear that badge proudly.  Many of my friends and classmates did not like science.  The things we learned were difficult and most people just did not see when they would use any of it.  None of them wanted to be scientists but I think there should be a scientist in all of us bubbling below the surface.

You do not need a science degree to behave like a scientist.  The most important thing about science is not all of the science, it is the process of discovery and anyone can do that.  The most important concept you learn in science class is actually very simple; it is the scientific method.  Simply put, the scientific method is that every theory must be tested against the facts.  If the facts don’t support the theory then the theory is wrong.

To behave like a scientist all you need to do is adhere to that basic principal.  When someone makes a claim test it against the facts.  If everyone understood this very simple concept the world would be a much different place.  We would quickly ignore so much nonsense.

Take the COVID restrictions for instance.  We were told the restrictions would slow the spread of the virus.  There was no proof of this so the statement is a theory.  Something people believed to be true based on their current understanding.  Unfortunately, when we test this theory, the facts show there was no noticeable difference.  If the restrictions had any effect it was too small to matter.  You don’t need to go any further than that.  You tested the hypothesis and it failed.  At this point you should feel free to ignore all the mindless bureaucrats and TV talking heads that tell you to cower at home behind a mask.

There are many definitions of science.  This is one that I like.  Science is the study of natural phenomena with the hope that the knowledge can be used to predict a future event or outcome.  So this gives us another way to test the science.  You can judge the veracity of the science by the accuracy of the predictions.  How many times have you heard that the North Pole should be ice free and New York under water?  Climate scientists have set multiple dates for this occurrence and every time it has failed to transpire.  Their theory fails to predict the outcome 100% of the time, therefore it is wrong.

The predictions are wrong because the science is wrong.  It is not more complicated than that.  Anyone who thinks like a scientist will recognize this immediately and stop listening to those charlatans.  We live in very uncertain times because people refused to think.  The only way out of this is to start thinking again.  More specifically the road to recovery will come when more people think like scientists.

Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts

Richard Feynman.

Holding out for a Christmas Miracle

My wife told me I should write something uplifting for Christmas.  I would love to do that but if you live in Canada it is hard to be hopeful even at Christmas.  Canada I fear is broken beyond repair.


Justin Trudeau bears a lot of the blame for the bleak future Canada faces but he did not cause this much damage by himself.  He had a lot of help.  Justin’s most dedicated helpers work in the media.  Canadian media is biased and dishonest.  Justin does not even need to ask for help.  Anytime he does something stupid the media rushes in to redirect the blame.  Yesterday a useful idiot at the Toronto Star named Marco Chown Oved tried to blame grocery stores for rising food prices.

Oved is a climate change reporter which makes him the most useful of all the useful idiots and yesterday he did not disappoint.  While monitoring the climate in a grocery store he discovered that inflation was not caused by Trudeau raising taxes, increasing deficits, and printing money.  No sir, inflation is caused by grocery stores.  His proof is that grocery story profits increased by almost 1%.  Look at the graphic the moron used to prove his point.

You can barely see the small sliver of increased profits.  In Oved’s opinion this is an unreasonable increase in profits and the sole cause of inflation.  Marco Chown Oved was obviously given the task of blaming big business for inflation to deflect blame from Justin Trudeau.  But notice it was not all big business.  Oved said nothing about the incredible plandemic profits by Amazon, Moderna, and Pfizer.

Oved’s analysis is so ridiculous that no rational person would even consider it but it will resonate with many Canadians.  That brings me to the primary reason for Canada’s bleak future.  Canada is full of Canadians.  The average Canadian keeps Justin Trudeau in power.  Justin Trudeau is easily the most destructive Prime Minister in our history.  Yet, he has destroyed the economy and trampled on rights without losing any voter support.  This poll from a few days ago shows the Trudeau liberals have only lost 2% and it went to their NDP allies.  Remarkably Trudeau’s own personal popularity is rising.

Why would Canadians continue to support the least intelligent world leader in history?  Trudeau has expanded the reach and control of government.  Historically that always ends badly and suddenly.  Unfortunately until the abrupt end many people benefit from all the reckless spending and in Canada that number is way larger than you think.

I did a quick intellectual exercise yesterday.  I took a theoretical Canadian family of 4 and did a rough calculation of the benefits they receive from government.  Here is what I got.

The average Canadian Family of 4 receives more than $56,000/year in government benefits which is partially subsidized by resource revenues the provincial governments collect.   Next I calculated how high the family income needs to be for a family to pay $54,000 in income tax.  Using tax rates from the province of Ontario (the largest province) I find that family income must be more than $200,000 dollars per year before the family would pay more in income tax than they receive back in government benefits.

The average family income in Canada is only $75,000 so the average Canadian family takes out way more than they put in.  I tried to find how many Canadian families make more than $200,000 per year but I could not.  I was able to find that less than 20% of American families make more than $200,000 Canadian per year so it would be unreasonable to believe that more than 20% of Canadians would exceed that bar.

This is what keeps Trudeau in power.  The game is rigged.  More than 80% of Canadians take out more than they put in.  It is simply not in their best interests to vote for a politician who promises to spend less money.  What the 80% don’t understand is that what can’t continue won’t continue.  It is only a matter of time before this economic house of cards collapses.  The longer we allow it to continue the worse the collapse will be.

Canadians just don’t understand and do not care.  They will stand there with their hand out long after the government has run out of money.  Most Canadians are completely dependent on government.  They will never vote to reform government, no matter how bad it gets.  It really would take a Christmas miracle to fix Canada.


Norway is a tragic tale of Government Stupidity

Add Norway to the list of countries experiencing unexplained excess mortality.  There are so many Norwegians dying right now that they are running out of morgue space.  The families of dead should be outraged.  These deaths were caused by Government.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have discussed Norway before.  Norwegians have the best vitamin D levels in the world thanks to their fish heavy diets.  No country consumes more fish than Norway.  Thanks to their high vitamin D levels Norway had zero problems with COVID.  Norway even employed fewer restrictions than Sweden and sailed through the first wave of COVID with no excess deaths.  Norway did not start having excess deaths until September of 2021.

So what did happen in September 2021?  If you guessed this had something to do with the vaccines you would be correct.  Norway started giving COVID boosters in September 2021 and immediately people started dying.

For some unexplainable reason Norway choose not only to vaccinate but also boost for a disease that was not killing any Norwegians.  COVID was not a problem in Norway until the Norwegian government made it a problem.  Incredibly more than 80% of all the COVID deaths in Norway have happened since the boosters.

COVID vaccines cause people to get infected and die from COVID but not all of the excess deaths in Norway are COVID.  Now that Norwegians have been injected multiple times they are suffering from a host of different Maladies.


As Susanne Heart points out no one has refuted any research linking the COVID vax to serious adverse events and death.  Yet, the Mantra is still that the risks are outweighed by the rewards.  What rewards?  Is dying from COVID supposed to be some sort of reward?  People with proper vitamin D levels do not die of COVID unless they get jabbed.  No one has refuted any links between the jabs and adverse events because they can’t.  The data is overwhelming.  The best way to die of COVID is to keep getting jabbed.  In fact the best way to die period is to keep getting jabbed.