The Miss-information age

When I started my career a personal computer was rare and the internet was a crude information sharing tool.  I did not know it 37 years ago but I was starting out in the dawn of the information age.  Too bad it did not last.

In the early days there was a lot of optimism about the internet.  It was going to facilitate unlimited information sharing and for a time it did.  Every year there was more and more information available a trend that continues today.  Unfortunately much of the information today is filtered by government agents on paid sabbaticals in various social media companies.

The information age ended when governments learned that the internet is the ultimate propaganda tool.  Governments discovered that controlling what people think is very easy.  The key is to tell them what to think before they think for themselves.  The internet is the great tool for this because it is instant and gives useful idiots a chance to support the narrative with moronic virtue signaling.

For governments the internet is a good but not perfect tool.  It is a bit leaky.  Some truth manages to still be disseminated.  Governments have been working diligently to plug the leaks.  The best way to find weaknesses in their propaganda systems is to run stress test.  The COVID lockdowns were a fabulous stress test.

Rational people know that the COVID lockdowns had nothing to do with a virus.  The government did not put us under house arrest and eliminate our rights for our safety.  The lockdowns were simply a dry run to figure out what needs to be improved before the tyranny can be made permanent.  Some governments don’t even try to hide this truth from us.  The Trudeau liberals are very open about it.  The lockdowns taught them that total control is only a little more censorship away.

The lockdowns are gone but not forgotten.  They will be back as soon as the government can silence the last few dissenting voices.  You can make it easy for them by remaining silent or you can speak up.  I hope you choose the latter.  My wish for 2023 is that it will be a very raucous year.  The year people refused to be silenced.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    I am just old enough to remember the free internet when I was out of high school and in a liberal university. It is where I was exposed to information I had never read in a textbook. It was where I found that the only way to truly understand history was to find sources that reported the events the day it happened. The internet opened a huge can of worm history deeply hidden from the average person to easily access.
    I was red pilled. I soon began to understand that the leaders of the world throughout history have generally been evil. At the time I understood there were problems brewing but naively assumed I probably wouldn’t see the true horrors that the elite can unleash on our society in my lifetime. I thought it would take longer for people to be brainwashed. The Information Age has been a double edged sword. It may have cracked the armor just enough in their evil plan that it won’t easily take place the way they planned everywhere. But has been an incredible hypnotic tool for them to effectively herd the masses

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