Every COVID policy was a crime

Two Swedish academics recently publish a paper on the effectiveness of lockdowns.  At the height of the pandemic Legacy media turned Sweden in to a pariah for not choosing hard lockdowns.  Sweden had restrictions but they did not close schools or businesses.  It was largely life as usual with a few minor inconveniences.  Government compliant academics also joined the attack by publishing papers “proving” lockdown effectiveness.  According to legacy media and government funded academics it is a miracle a single Swede survived.

So how did the Swedes survive without draconian lockdowns?  Well, according to Fredrik N G Andersson and Lars Jonung of Lund University, Swedes survived because lockdowns did not work anyway.  Not only did lockdowns not work but they increased the number of people who died.

countries that imposed more lockdown measures did not experience lower excess death rates.

In fact, our paper found a positive correlation between harsher lockdowns and excess deaths, though this was not statistically significant

I am not surprised at all with the findings of this paper as I did my own rudimentary analysis in the summer of 2021 that showed exactly the same thing.

It is impossible to completely lockdown a society.  Essential services still must remain open so people will still be moving around.  Shutting down most businesses while leaving the big box stores open just funnels everyone in to the same spot.  This does nothing other than increase the spread of an airborne virus as everyone breaths the same virus laden air.  The trick to mitigating spread is to reduce the viral load in the air.

Had we made the logical conclusion that the virus is airborne we would have realized the only impactful measure would have been better building ventilation.  Draw in fresh air from outside and discharge contaminated air outside where sunlight will destroy the virus.  The more times a day you completely turn over building air the better.  The government could have offered grants to upgrade ventilation in public buildings.  This would have been expensive but it would have worked.  It also would have created rather than destroyed jobs.  The improved ventilation would have been beneficial during every subsequent influenzas season.

Prior to COVID we knew better building ventilation is the only effective mitigation measure for an airborne virus.  Do you remember the government offering subsidies to improve building ventilation?  Yeah, neither do I.  We did many things that had no chance of helping while carefully avoiding the one thing that would.  Why do you think that happened?

Nothing that happened during COVID was an accident or the result of simple stupidity.  The abject stupidity of modern western governments made it easier but the root cause was malice.  Lockdowns and Vaccine mandates were a crime.  The people who caused this must be punished.

The only thing protected is profits

Yesterday I posted a short speech given by Dr. Charles Hoffe who found himself suspended for trying to protect his patients.  This morning I found another case I was not aware of.  Ontario Dr. Mark Trozzi had his license suspended for exactly the same reason.

  • engaging in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct and failing to meet the standard of practice of the profession in relation to his statements about vaccinations, treatments and public health measures for COVID-19 in social media postings, on his website and in interviews;

  • failing to meet the standard of practice of the profession in his care of patients to whom he issued medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines

Quite clearly there was a systemic effort in Canada to shut down debate on COVID mitigation measures and in particular the COVID vaccines.  So why was so much effort expended to promote a product that we had no reason to believe would work, and every reason to believe would be harmful?  The logical answer would be money.  Somehow the regulatory agencies involved in this were making money from it just as the CDC in the US profits from vaccines.


The risk-reward ratio for COVID jabs does not work for any age group but it is especially bad for children.  No child should have been subject to this experiment but as Dr. Hooker points out all childhood vaccination seems to be an experiment.  We keep adding more and more vaccines to the early childhood vaccination schedule while collecting data that no one is allowed to see.  We should know the risks but we don’t because the regulatory agencies make money selling vaccines.  They have financial incentive to look the other way.

People need to wake up.  The government is not your friend and the regulatory agencies do not protect anything other than pharmaceutical profits.


Everyone knew it was a bad idea and dangerous

The following video is Dr. Charles Hoffe explaining why the COVID jabs were a very bad idea.


I have discussed Dr. Hoffe on this blog before.  He stated to see problems with his vaccinated patients.  He even went so far as to ask his patients to take D dimer tests before and after vaccination.  He found that 60% developed blood clots after vaccination but when he tried to warn the public health authorities they suspended him.

Dr. Hoffe is correct.  Not many people were aware of the laboratory failures of previous coronavirus vaccines.  This is largely because the government suppressed this information.  But, even though the information was suppressed it was available.  I found it and it was one of the reasons I chose not to be vaccinated.

Every previous attempt at Coronavirus vaccines failed due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  This is a curious phenomenon seen with some viruses where a vaccine causes your own antibodies to help the virus rather than destroy it.  We had every reason to expect it with these treatments and we are now seeing it in the data.

People under 40 who have been jabbed more recently will soon start to exhibit ADE.  This is exactly what they saw in the animal trials so no one should be surprised by this.  There is no way the people behind this did not know the jabs would make things worse.  They did this knowing it would make more people sick.


I wrote that in Sept 2021.  It was obvious that these treatments would cause problems and would not work.  If a layman like me could find and decipher the data our health officials could also.  They knew the jabs were not vaccines and were neither safe nor effective.  Every doctor that spouted the “safe and effective” mantra needs to be stripped of their license.  Every politician and public health official involved in the jab mandates should be in prison.


The only thing Orwell got wrong was the timing

“Canada is becoming irrelevant,” the premier reports, matter-of-factly. “We have the ability to supply the world with everything they need, and we really could be a leader. But we have a federal government that chooses not to, that chooses to work against the national interest rather than advance it.”

That incredibly accurate statement was made by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.  Smith has only recently become premier and has dabbled in politics for far fewer years than the average Canadian politician.  Certainly by Canadian standards her inexperience shows.  She obviously struggles to follow the guidebook given to every Canadian politician; “how to destroy a country with idiotic policy”.  Which coincidentally is the same guidebook used by American politicians.


The guidebook is actually a reprint and update of a much earlier manuscript published in 1949.  In 1949 however, the novel 1984 was meant to be a cautionary tale not a blueprint.  In the novel there were 4 main government ministries; The Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Love, and the Ministry of Plenty.  The Trudeau liberals have mimicked these ministries perfectly while applying slightly different nomenclature.

Canada has yet to name its ministry of truth because it is only now being formed.

The Online Harms Act, expected to be introduced by the federal government on Monday, will include the creation of a new regulator that would hold online platforms accountable for harmful content they host

Remember this institutionalized censorship will be for your safety.  I would bet the new ministry will have safety in the name somewhere.  I would also wager that beatings will be administered to keep you safe.

The 1984 ministry of peace is tasked with maintaining war.  In Canada that task falls to the foreign affairs department who choose select wars to fund indefinitely.

The $3.02-billion funding commitment from Canada is for the current year. How much will be committed over the 10-year lifetime of the agreement is unclear.

It must be a lot of fun being in the Ministry of peace.  You get to fly first class around the world handing out bank cheques to anyone who promises to keep killing people.  These killers are often more than willing to hand some of the cash back to cover your expensive through to and including retirement.

Thought criminals in 1984 are re-educated by the ministry of love.  In Trudeau’s Canada those functions are split between two ministries.  The ministry of public safety identifies dangerous criminals like responsible parents.

Thus, the recent revelation that CSIS and Canada’s Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (ITAC) believe that the growing parental rights movement is a “violent threat” to Canada and that the supporters of “parental rights” and the “anti-gender movement” are likely connected to neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups is unsurprising.

Completing the ministry of love is the ministry of Justice that reeducates dangerous thought criminals like parents, preachers, and protesters.  Their reeducation usually consists of long detentions without trial or freezing bank accounts.  In rare cases when Trudeau is in need of entertainment, trampling with horses is also used.

Finally we get to the ministry of plenty tasked in the novel with producing chronic shortages.  The Canadian equivalent is the department of environment and climate change.  This department is headed by a convicted criminal.  His conviction did not involve any re-education though because it predated the Justice department being rolled in to the ministry of love.  The point would have been moot anyway.  He required no reeducation and is perfectly suited to his job.  No regulation is too stupid.  If it is available and useful he will happily ban it.

Health Canada has added portable electric heaters to Table 2 of the General Prohibitions process. Table 2 lists hazards associated with classes of consumer products for which Health Canada has conducted a danger to human health or safety assessment.


This week, the enlightened minister announced that the Government of Canada would no longer be building any roads. For those who care to look, it is clear this is another slip on the slope to Guilbeault’s real desire for deindustrialization, the path to which he has now laid out for all Canadians to see.

The problem with Canada is that Canadians do not see, even when our noses are rubbed in it.  Trudeau has modelled Canada after a dystopian novel written 75 years ago.  The media calls these 75 year old ideas progressive and Canadians give it tacit approval.  Canada is broken.  Trudeau broke it while Canadians often even cheered.  You cannot fix a country full of Canadians.  We asked for this.

Somehow, it is not fraud when there are real victims

Donald Trump was recently convicted of fraud in New York State over bank loans he took and paid in full.  He was fined 355 million dollars and banned from running businesses in the state for 3 years despite the fact it is difficult to find a victim of his fraud.  No one was injured, no one died, and no one lost any money.  His fraud conviction was based on the state’s contention that he never should have gotten the loans in the first place because he overvalued the assets used as collateral.  The State’s assessment of Trumps holding was dramatically lower than Trump’s assessment and the lending bank’s assessment.  Because of course lawyers and judges are much better at evaluating real estate values than real-estate developers and banks that routinely evaluate real-estate used as collateral for loans.

Trumps conviction sets the bar for a fraud conviction in New York very low which makes me wonder one thing.  How the hell can Pfizer sell COVID vaccines in New York?  Pfizer’s original adult trail was obviously fraudulent.  Pfizer even admitted the trial was fraudulent as their defense in a lawsuit.

Basically the judge ruled that there was no fraud because the government knew the jabs were unsafe and ineffective when they signed the contract.  Remarkably this was Pfizer’s defense all along.  Since everyone involved in the transaction knew the product was defective there can be no fraud.  The only party that was defrauded was taxpayers and they don’t count.

Pfizer then went on to an adolescent trial which was just as fraudulent because they ignored serious vaccine injuries on their way to claiming the jabs were safe for adolescents.  Now we find that Pfizer’s child trials met the same non rigorous standard as the first 2 fraudulent trials.


Pfizer dropped 3000 children from the trial.  That is 2/3rds of the original participants.  The red flag could not be any larger.  If we were taking bets as too how many children were injured in this trial, I would pick 3000.

Pfizer is 3 for 3.  They have committed fraud 3 times to get 3 approvals.  They even admitted in open court that the first trial was fraudulent.  People have been injured, people have died, and taxpayers were defrauded of billions, yet Pfizer still sells these products in New York.  I guess as long as Pfizer steers clear of real estate they won’t have any problems in New York.

Both the stupidity and the danger are real

How much do you think Justin Trudeau knows about producing heavy crude from the oil sands?  The answer is nothing.  This is what you would expect from a man who failed grade 7 and has never had a real job in his life.  Now how much do you think Justin Trudeau believes he knows about producing heavy crude from the oil sands?  Justin thinks he knows everything about the oil sands.  In fact he is somewhat of an expert and that is how he knows that the oil companies are doing it wrong.


Justin thinks oil companies are blocking innovation. That is a very strange thing to say about a portion of the industry that did not even exist 30 years ago and now accounts for most of Alberta’s oil production.  Apparently that happened without any innovation whatsoever.  It was just some sort of happy accident.

Oil sands production did not happen by accident Justin.  It is the result of 30 years of ongoing innovation.  Justin has no idea what he is talking about but that is par for the course.  Despite not knowing a damn thing about farming, 8 months ago Trudeau told farmers they were using too much fertilizer.

While the reduction target is “ambitious,” it does not “represent a mandatory reduction in fertilizer use” and action will focus on improving nitrogen management

Justin Trudeau is the poster boy for what it means to be liberal.  He does not know anything about anything but that somehow qualifies him as an expert on everything.  There is nothing more dangerous than an idiot who thinks he is a genius.  By that standard Justin Trudeau is the most dangerous man on the planet.

A formula to save lives

Maddie de Garay is a name that every parent should have known before they jabbed their children yet very few did.  Maddie’s parents volunteered her to take part in Pfizer’s mRNA child trials.  Maddie was seriously injured by the Pfizer jab but you would never know that from the trial data because her injuries were completely ignored.  Pfizer and the various regulatory agencies ignored Maddie and so did the main stream media.  Even after 3 years and millions of injuries it is still up to independent media to tell Maddie’s story.


At the end of the interview Maddie’s mom is asked what she thinks her mistake was, to which she answers she trusted government.  Well there is your problem right there.  Never trust government.  Why would you trust organizations full of people like Justin Trudeau who can’t even be honest about his resume?  Really Justin why did you suddenly leave a teaching job, you were never qualified for in the first place, under the shroud of an NDA?  There are criminal organizations far more trustworthy and far less dangerous than modern western governments.

Many parents made the same mistake Maddie’s parents made.  They subjected their children to an experimental treatment for a disease that never would have harmed them in the first place.  Healthy children did not die COVID but healthy children do die from the jabs.  Or, they just live the rest of their life with a chronic medical condition.

The results suggest that a booster dose is associated with increased myocarditis risk in adolescents and young adults. 

When the COVID stupidity began the only justification ever given for the ridiculous restrictions were “what if it could save even a single life”.  The odds of any of the COVID mitigation measures saving a single life were laughable low but I know a guaranteed way to save thousands of children.  Stop giving them mRNA injections.  And, while you are at it, stop trusting government.

Nothing angers the left more than the truth

When I post on social media that there is no evidence the COVID jabs saved a single life the reaction is immediate and most often angry.  People get very upset if you question the jabs even though it is the truth; there is no evidence that they work.  They don’t prevent infection and they did not change the case fatality ratio (CFR).  Therefore they do not work.  It is very simple math that reveals a very simple truth.

I get the same reaction when I post that CO2 is not destroying the planet.  I get angrily rebutted by people who remind me many 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and dangerous.  Frankly I don’t care what scientists say because the data simply does not indicate we have a problem.  The earth has warmed and cooled all on its own without much connection to CO2 multiple times in the past.  How come this dangerous correlation exists now when it never did in the past?

It is true that a lie repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth.  Politicians know this, which is why they pay scientists and other experts to lie.  Lies are far more useful to politicians than truth.  Following the truth will lead to only one outcome and that outcome may not advance a political career.  A lie on the other hand can lead to a predetermined destination of the politician’s choice.

Lies are powerful tools for politicians not because they are 100% malleable but also because the public likes them so much.  Once you can get the public to believe a lie they will defend that lie with anger and even violence.

A Harvard professor said that “all hell broke loose” and he was forced to go out in public with armed security after he published a study that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings. 

After the report was published, Fryer lived under police protection for over a month. He had a seven-day-old daughter at the time and went shopping for diapers.

Identity politics requires victims but not real victims.  Like everything else in politics it is better if the victims are perceived and not real.  Real victims would require concrete action from politicians; something as a group they are loath to do.  Perceived victims require only lip service.  Democrats in the US found it useful to promote black people as police victims.  The data simply did not support this.  Many people have pointed this out in the past but they were ignored and marginalized. A Black Ivy League professor could not be ignored so anger and intimidation ensued.

As always with these politically motivated lies the truth is actually 180 degrees from the narrative.  The COVID jabs did not save people they killed people.  Climate change is not a threat but climate change polices certainly are.  And, ironically blacks are the safest group when it comes to police shootings.

The study found that police were more than twice as likely to manhandle, beat or use some other kind of nonfatal force against blacks and Hispanics than against people of other races. However, the data also determined that officers were 23.8 percent less likely to shoot at blacks and 8.5 percent less likely to shoot at Hispanics than they were to shoot at whites.

The study concluded that there was no racial bias behind police shootings; except that is not true.  The data clearly shows, and has for quite some time, that police are more likely to shoot white people.  I will bet you have never seen that truth on the evening news, have you?

Yes, I know this post will get an angry response.  The truth always does.

In time all lies collapse

2 weeks ago, I posted this on social media.

The science is actually quite clear.  CO2 on its own can’t cause any more significant warming and the imagined positive feed back loops can’t be found.  It is incredible that we have wasted so much money on this obvious fraud.

I was immediately rebutted by a helpful fact checker who sent me this plot.

Well, that settles it doesn’t it?  I mean how can you argue with that plot?  It is obvious temperature rises in lockstep with increasing CO2 concentrations.  Thank God the science is finally settled.

I was about to move on and deal with things more important than the settled science of climate change but then I noticed a problem with the chart.  The temperature record is completely fabricated.

The theory says that adding CO2 will always result in increased temperatures but in the real world that has never happened.  Temperatures can fall for decades while CO2 increases.  This is a real problem for the alarmists which they solve by adjusting the temperature records.  After their adjustments there is a perfect correlation and why wouldn’t there be?  That was the sole purpose of the adjustments.

I have said many times on this blog that climate alarmism is based on fraud, but few people are aware of just how large the fraud is.  Tony Heller has run a blog for years on climate change for years.  He constantly points out that climate scientists either ignore data that does not fit the narrative or adjust it until it does.  The adjustments are not trivial.


A good rule of thumb is that if the trend only appears after the adjustments, then the trend is caused by the adjustment. Without the adjustments there is no correlation and no emergency.  If there is no emergency there is no reason to spend money trying to solve it and that is exactly what we are finally seeing.

The biggest climate bullies on the planet just got a bit smaller. There are two monster climate banker clubs in the world, and yesterday, one of them, the “Climate Action 100+” lost three of the six largest asset management funds in the world, namely JP Morgan Chase, State Street and BlackRock.

Money talks and bullshit walks but in this case even the money is walking and making a loud statement while doing so.  The con is falling apart.  The green transition is no longer profitable for investment companies.  Too many people are starting to realize the climate narrative has been nothing more than 3 decades of lies.  Lies that have already cost trillions of dollars.  Thankfully the financial bleeding is starting to slow.  The patient might just survive.


Imbeciles don’t solve problems the cause them

Ches Crosbie is the former leader of the Newfoundland conservative party.  He was testifying at some sort of meaningless communist inquisition when he had the temerity to say this.


Several Liberal Cabinet ministers were so offended by this that they reposted it to twitter/X as a demand that that Pierre Poilievre denounce this dangerous climate denier.  Such is the arrogance of these clowns.  Not only do they claim a unilateral right to determine truth; they also believe they have the right to tell others what to say or do.

It is hard to sum up the idiocy and evil that emanates from the Trudeau liberals but it manifests as arrogance.  They don’t lead or listen.  Why would they?  They possess divine knowledge that must be preached from every pulpit.

Polling suggests that one of the main criticisms of Trudeau’s Liberals is that they preach more than they listen.

Guilbeault is the prime example of a government dominated by activists turned politicians who see themselves in a special state of grace, holding views on a morally higher plane, while their opponents are not only wrong, but unworthy.

The essence of progressiveness is to believe no one is smarter than you so you don’t need to listen.  The Trudeau liberals are the pinnacle of progressiveness.  They don’t listen, they don’t learn, and they don’t care.  They are irredeemable stupid and willfully ignorant.  There is nothing more dangerous than an idiot who thinks he is a genius and Trudeau’s cabinet is full of them.  You will not find a larger group of deluded idiots and as a group they are incredibly dangerous.

Everything the Trudeau liberals have told you about CO2 is a lie.  Although none of them are smart enough to know they are lying.  The planet has been warmer both warmer and colder than now with little to no correlation to CO2.  Storms are not getting more frequent and cow farts are not destroying the planet.  In fact we could really use more cows.

Cow manure rebuilds soils destroyed by synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals, nurturing microbial life that feeds on methane. Robust natural soils sequester more carbon dioxide than forests, yet bovines are denied any carbon credit. 

There used to be far more Bison on earth than Cows.  The Bison never destroyed the planet so common sense says cows won’t either.  Common sense also says we should not be paying Bill Gates to release chemicals when we fine industry if they do.

Bill Gates’s radical plan to “save the planet” from “climate change” by blocking out the Sun has officially launched as scientists began pumping chemicals into the sky this week.

The liberal cabinet ministers who reposted the Ches Crosbie clip thought they were scoring political points on Poilievre.  What they really did was expose otherwise indoctrinated Canadians to a little snippet of truth.  CO2 is not dangerous.  We do not need to limit CO2.  The things we are doing to limit CO2 are far more dangerous than CO2 could ever be.  Trudeau’s merry band of morons is not saving the planet from the imaginary problem of climate change.  They are just causing real problems that will need to be addressed someday.

With some luck these very real, Trudeau induced, problems don’t kill us before we get a chance to fix them.  Canada and the earth are not threatened by CO2.  It is Arrogance and stupidity that are the real threats we face.  Thankfully the problem is a geographically concentrated.  Ottawa is the epicenter.