The only thing Orwell got wrong was the timing

“Canada is becoming irrelevant,” the premier reports, matter-of-factly. “We have the ability to supply the world with everything they need, and we really could be a leader. But we have a federal government that chooses not to, that chooses to work against the national interest rather than advance it.”

That incredibly accurate statement was made by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.  Smith has only recently become premier and has dabbled in politics for far fewer years than the average Canadian politician.  Certainly by Canadian standards her inexperience shows.  She obviously struggles to follow the guidebook given to every Canadian politician; “how to destroy a country with idiotic policy”.  Which coincidentally is the same guidebook used by American politicians.


The guidebook is actually a reprint and update of a much earlier manuscript published in 1949.  In 1949 however, the novel 1984 was meant to be a cautionary tale not a blueprint.  In the novel there were 4 main government ministries; The Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Love, and the Ministry of Plenty.  The Trudeau liberals have mimicked these ministries perfectly while applying slightly different nomenclature.

Canada has yet to name its ministry of truth because it is only now being formed.

The Online Harms Act, expected to be introduced by the federal government on Monday, will include the creation of a new regulator that would hold online platforms accountable for harmful content they host

Remember this institutionalized censorship will be for your safety.  I would bet the new ministry will have safety in the name somewhere.  I would also wager that beatings will be administered to keep you safe.

The 1984 ministry of peace is tasked with maintaining war.  In Canada that task falls to the foreign affairs department who choose select wars to fund indefinitely.

The $3.02-billion funding commitment from Canada is for the current year. How much will be committed over the 10-year lifetime of the agreement is unclear.

It must be a lot of fun being in the Ministry of peace.  You get to fly first class around the world handing out bank cheques to anyone who promises to keep killing people.  These killers are often more than willing to hand some of the cash back to cover your expensive through to and including retirement.

Thought criminals in 1984 are re-educated by the ministry of love.  In Trudeau’s Canada those functions are split between two ministries.  The ministry of public safety identifies dangerous criminals like responsible parents.

Thus, the recent revelation that CSIS and Canada’s Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (ITAC) believe that the growing parental rights movement is a “violent threat” to Canada and that the supporters of “parental rights” and the “anti-gender movement” are likely connected to neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups is unsurprising.

Completing the ministry of love is the ministry of Justice that reeducates dangerous thought criminals like parents, preachers, and protesters.  Their reeducation usually consists of long detentions without trial or freezing bank accounts.  In rare cases when Trudeau is in need of entertainment, trampling with horses is also used.

Finally we get to the ministry of plenty tasked in the novel with producing chronic shortages.  The Canadian equivalent is the department of environment and climate change.  This department is headed by a convicted criminal.  His conviction did not involve any re-education though because it predated the Justice department being rolled in to the ministry of love.  The point would have been moot anyway.  He required no reeducation and is perfectly suited to his job.  No regulation is too stupid.  If it is available and useful he will happily ban it.

Health Canada has added portable electric heaters to Table 2 of the General Prohibitions process. Table 2 lists hazards associated with classes of consumer products for which Health Canada has conducted a danger to human health or safety assessment.


This week, the enlightened minister announced that the Government of Canada would no longer be building any roads. For those who care to look, it is clear this is another slip on the slope to Guilbeault’s real desire for deindustrialization, the path to which he has now laid out for all Canadians to see.

The problem with Canada is that Canadians do not see, even when our noses are rubbed in it.  Trudeau has modelled Canada after a dystopian novel written 75 years ago.  The media calls these 75 year old ideas progressive and Canadians give it tacit approval.  Canada is broken.  Trudeau broke it while Canadians often even cheered.  You cannot fix a country full of Canadians.  We asked for this.