Everyone knew it was a bad idea and dangerous

The following video is Dr. Charles Hoffe explaining why the COVID jabs were a very bad idea.


I have discussed Dr. Hoffe on this blog before.  He stated to see problems with his vaccinated patients.  He even went so far as to ask his patients to take D dimer tests before and after vaccination.  He found that 60% developed blood clots after vaccination but when he tried to warn the public health authorities they suspended him.

Dr. Hoffe is correct.  Not many people were aware of the laboratory failures of previous coronavirus vaccines.  This is largely because the government suppressed this information.  But, even though the information was suppressed it was available.  I found it and it was one of the reasons I chose not to be vaccinated.

Every previous attempt at Coronavirus vaccines failed due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  This is a curious phenomenon seen with some viruses where a vaccine causes your own antibodies to help the virus rather than destroy it.  We had every reason to expect it with these treatments and we are now seeing it in the data.

People under 40 who have been jabbed more recently will soon start to exhibit ADE.  This is exactly what they saw in the animal trials so no one should be surprised by this.  There is no way the people behind this did not know the jabs would make things worse.  They did this knowing it would make more people sick.


I wrote that in Sept 2021.  It was obvious that these treatments would cause problems and would not work.  If a layman like me could find and decipher the data our health officials could also.  They knew the jabs were not vaccines and were neither safe nor effective.  Every doctor that spouted the “safe and effective” mantra needs to be stripped of their license.  Every politician and public health official involved in the jab mandates should be in prison.