Lets hope the New Year brings Freedom

I found this video in which Dr. Robert Malone is discussing Mass Psychosis.  This video has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with COVID all at the same time.  COVID is the disease caused by the multiple variants of the SARS COV 2 virus.  COVID on its own was really not much of a problem.  The real problem was how governments used COVID fear to drive a mass Psychosis.


Dr.  Malone describes quite clearly how we got here and what we can do to turn this around.  If you are American this video is full of hope and an uplifting end to a very tyrannical year.  There is a very good chance that America can recover from this.  That is not the case for Canadians.  Dr. Malone’s recipe for shaking off this particular mass psychosis will never work in Canada.

Canadians are not Americans in 2 very important ways.

  1. Divisions in Canadian society are much deeper than they are in the US.


The Balkanization of Canada did not begin with Facebook; its origins stretch back decades to the first reign of Trudeau Terror.  Canada’s original Trudeau mistake aggressively promoted multiculturalism, the most destructive liberal policy of all time.  Pierre Trudeau thought that Canada should be nothing other than a hotel that issued passports.  A hotel where some guests were never asked to pay their bill.  Instead their expenses are added to the bills of other guests who are threaten with imprisonment if they refuse to pay.


When I was young I learned in school that the US was a melting Pot and Canada was multicultural.  Off course the left wing ideologues running Canadian Schools would not pass up a propaganda opportunity.  I wasn’t just taught that Canada and the US had a different approach.  I was taught that the melting pot model was inferior.  It was not right to ask immigrants to assimilate and adopt the new country’s culture.  This never made sense to me even as a teen.  I would ask the same unanswered question, why would someone want to immigrate to Canada if they did not want to be Canadian?


An even better question would have been why would Canadians want to admit immigrants that did not want to be Canadian?  Questions like that were never asked because questioning multiculturalism was somehow racist even though culture has nothing to do with race.  Instead we implemented this insane policy which resulted in millions of hyphenated Canadians.


We pursed multiculturalism with such zeal that we were willing to set aside our own laws to facilitate the complete destruction of Canadian Identity.  We now have polygamists complete with child brides in Canada.  Polygamy and statutory rape are illegal for Canadians but not for Hyphenated Canadians.  Hyphenated Canadians are only subject to the laws of the country they fled, even when those laws contradict Canadian law.  That is what 50 years of multiculturalism has brought us, Canada is nothing more than hundreds of separate groups pursuing their own self-interest.  It is simply no longer possible to bring Canadians together under a common cause.


  1. Despite our Charter Canadians have no concept of individual rights

Canadians Have always shown that they are comfortable with Tyranny.  There has been little to no pushback on the criminal behavior of our Premiers.  As mentioned previously I have had conversations over Christmas with people who see no problem with our governments eliminating rights.  One person told me that laws always change, we just need to wait and all these COVID rules will just go away and be replaced with different rules.  Only a person completely ignorant of history would say this.  Laws do change but always in one direction.  Governments only give up power when they are forced to.  This usually takes a civil war so it is always best to not let government overstep in the first place.


It is not surprising that Canadians don’t know history.  It is no longer taught in school.  Instead we have social studies.  Social studies is bastardized history used to promote left wing ideology.  It was in social studies that I learned asking immigrants to assimilate is bad.  Social studies also taught me that there are far more pros than cons when it comes to communism.  Capitalism comes with only drawbacks.  I took social studies for 3 years in high school and I never learned a single thing about history that did not somehow re-inforce those 3 points.


Canadians allowed the lunatic left to take over the public school system 5 decades ago.  Instead of educating children we indoctrinate them.  We have now graduated 2 generations of morons who fervently believe in the divinity of government.  They cannot recognize tyranny even when it forces a muzzle on them while they present their papers to the vaccine police.


The road ahead will be much more difficult in Canada.  In Mass Psychosis facts don’t matter.  When I try to present facts to a hypnotized COVIDiots they generally recoil in terror.  Trying to focus their fear on a common enemy is also problematic.  There is little to no commonality in Canada from coast to coast.  The government is clearly our biggest enemy but few Canadians can see it.  They revere government.  Their indoctrination is just too complete.  I weep for my country.  We are destined to be the last place to shake off COVID Tyranny.


Happy new year to all my readers.  To my American readers please keep fighting.  Eventually Canada will be forced to follow you back to freedom.

Ignorance is the Governments Ally in their War against Us

A Friend of mine sent me these 2 posts from the same author.

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (deconstructingconventional.com)

17 More Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (deconstructingconventional.com)

They are a good read but there really is not anything in them that has not already been discussed on my blog and that is the point.  Every sane rational person, regardless of their education, who looks at the data comes to the same conclusions.

  1. COVID is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu. There was no emergency and therefore no reason for almost everything that was done to us.
  2. Governments made this non-emergency worse than it needed to be. They killed people through enforced medical neglect and malpractice.  People healthy enough to escape the virus were damaged directly by the imposition of lockdowns.
  3. Governments have been manipulating the data. Cases and deaths have been wildly over reported while vaccine injuries are systemically under reported.
  4. The vaccines make absolutely no sense. Almost no one needs these vaccines because the disease poses very little risk to any young healthy person.  mRNA vaccines have always failed in the lab and therefore have never been administered to humans.  What is the logic behind using an unproven technology, with a poor test record, to combat a seasonal flu?
  5. Coercing people to take an unnecessary medical treatment is criminal, it clearly violate the Nuremburg code.
  6. There is a consistency and coordination of government action that cannot be ignored.

Everyone who bothers to look comes to the same conclusions.  You don’t even need to look that hard.  You can spend hours reading papers and analyzing data, as some of us do, or you can just look to places that did not succumb to the madness.  Places like Florida.

Florida initially followed the herd in to lockdown.  After 2 weeks when there was no apparent impact on the trajectory of the outbreak, Ron DeSantis decided to behave as a real scientist.  He tested his hypothesis that a lockdown would mitigate the outbreak.  He collected data that showed that was not happening.  Then like a good scientist he abandoned a false hypothesis and moved on.  As a result one of the few leaders in the world behaving like a scientist is constantly dismiss as someone who is not following the “science”.

That is what is so discouraging about this whole mess.  You do not need to spend a lot of time on the data to know that governments are wrong.  You just need to look at places that are doing things differently.  None of those places are having any more problems with the virus than we are.  They just have far fewer problems with Government.  Even a cursory examination of the data shows that martial law is not an antiviral.  Abandoning our human rights has not improved public health.  Eliminating individual rights only benefits government.

What our governments are doing is obviously wrong yet even after 2 years most people do not see it.  They do not see it because they simply have not bothered to look.  Ignorance is bliss.  A return to normal is thwarted at every turn by ignorance.

Over the holidays I had a few conversations with people about COVID.  I am not shy about sharing my conclusions so most people know where I stand.  When I speak to those people they often start by saying “I know you believe”, to which I respond that “it is not about belief”.  “These are my conclusions drawn by analysis of readily available data”.

Often these people will admit that I know a lot more about COVID than they do largely because they have spent absolutely no time on any research.  Still they insist that their beliefs should be given equal considerations to my conclusions.  When I point out that the data shows the exact opposite of what they believe they are unmoved.  Normally they challenge the source of my data.  When I tell them the source of the data they refuse to look while never producing any data to support their belief.  At best they point me to a news article that implanted their opinion for them.

The most bizarre reaction I got to my insistence that the data should guide our conclusions was that the data always changes so we can’t use it.  That statement is a complete denial of reality.  Data never changes.  Our interpretation of data can change with time but the data never changes.  That is how science works.  That’s what makes science so messy and ignorance so attractive.  Ignorance is so certain.  Conclusions drawn from ignorance need never change because ignorance never changes.

For the last 2 years ignorance has been the most important tool in the government kit.  They fuel it with constant misinformation.  Misinformation that cannot stand up to 10 seconds worth of logically analysis but the government need not worry.  Most people will refuse to invest 10 seconds that might challenge their beliefs.  Willful ignorance is making this easy for government.

Robert Kennedy Jr. reveals why Big Pharma is coming after your Children

For a year now government and their media acolytes have been telling us that the vaccines are safe and our only option.  Anyone who has been paying attention to this farce knows that is not true.  These vaccines are not safe and there are many options including doing nothing.  Unfortunately most people are not paying attention.  Over Christmas I had a relative tell me that it was unthinkable the government would be promoting treatments that were not safe.  I have a couple of questions for all those deluded souls still trusting government.  If the vaccines are safe and effective why are none of them approved?  Why are all of the vaccines still covered under emergency use authorizations?

Seriously it has been a year and billions of people have been jabbed.  Some governments are now mandating the jabs, so why are the jabs not approved?  Does everyone on earth need to take them before they can be approved?  Doesn’t that seem backwards to you?

Before answering those questions we must also consider the governments’ curious obsession with jabbing children.  COVID poses no risk to children.  That has been clear from the very start of this farce.  The SARs COV 2 virus is oddly, highly, selective.  It kills only the very old and the very ill.  It was almost as if this virus was designed in a lab to cull those who no longer contribute economically, but I digress.  What is the logic in wasting medical resources on people who do not need treatment?  We could perform open heart surgery on each child.  Why aren’t we doing that?

We are told that children must be jabbed to protect adults.  Let’s set aside for a minute how incredibly unethical and evil that is for a moment, and ask how does this protect adults?  We are told that it protects others by reducing transmission but that is a lie.  The way the jabs work they cannot prevent infection or transmission the only thing they prevent is testing.  It appears that the Jabs reduce infection because the jabbed are only tested once they show symptoms.  Un-jabbed are routinely tested for the most ridiculous reasons.  We find thousands of asymptomatic un-jabbed but we don’t even look for asymptomatic jabbed people.  This is ironic because the only asymptomatic people capable of transmission are the jabbed.  Asymptomatic vaccinated people are super spreaders, which is why infections always surge after vaccination programs start.  Vaccinating children will just make this worse.

I think we can agree that jabbing Children makes even less sense that forcing vaccination on low risk adults, but what does that have to do with vaccine approvals?  Well I confess I did not connect these dots either, that is why this short interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. hit me like a bolt of lightning.


The manufacturers do not want their products to be approved yet.  Once the vaccines are approved the manufacturers can be sued unless the vaccine is recommended for children.  These vaccines are the deadliest vaccines in history.  Moderna and Pfizer would be bankrupted by lawsuits if the vaccines get approved before the FDA recommends them for children.  Remember the FDA has been playing along with this game.  They could have pulled the emergency approvals long before now so they are complicit in this disgusting and immoral scheme.  The pharma companies are willingly killing children in order to avoid being sued for killing adults.  Have you ever heard of anything more evil?

Thankfully we have people like Robert Kennedy Jr. to bring this truth to light.  Robert Kennedy is emerging as an unlikely hero.  Here he is in another interview dropping COVID truth Bombs.


Before COVID RFK Jr. was the Kennedy the media dismissed and ignored.  Here is how Wikipedia marginalizes him as a tin foil hatter.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is an American environmental lawyer, author, conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine advocate.

Every other Kennedy is treated with reverence by the media. The media couldn’t even find a bad thing about Ted Kennedy.  Ted Kennedy was a selfish drunk who caused the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and the media still fawned over him.  RFK Jr. is worried about vaccine safety and he is a pariah.  Maybe if RFK Jr. would just kill someone while driving drunk the media would warm up to him.

We may have finally found the man capable of leading us out of this madness, even if the media hates him.

The Award for worst Freudian slip of 2021 goes to Tedros Adhanom

So much stupid so little time.  Before we discuss the incredible Freudian slip at the end of his statement I want to talk about how ridiculous the first part of the statement is.  Tedros is of course the Chinese owned corrupt head of the WHO.  It is fitting that the head of the organization is corrupt since the WHO is now almost wholly owned by the gates Foundation.  A corrupt head for a corrupt organization.

Tedros starts his statement by taking off his mask to speak demonstrating again that these lunatic know that masks don’t actually work.  Then for more than 2 minutes Tedros sticks very carefully to a well-polished although irrational script.  Step 1 in the COVID playbook is always fear and Tedros does not disappoint.  He points out that the 3.3 million deaths due to COVID should alarm everyone because they were more than 3 other completely unrelated diseases.  I also have it on good authority that COVID kills more people every year than paper cuts.  Here is an inconvenient fact that Tedros leaves out.  Infectious respiratory diseases normally kill that many people every year.  Here is an article from 2010.


11 years ago it was accepted knowledge that more than 4 million people will die every year from infectious respiratory diseases.  Remember in 2021, as with 2020, everything was COVID.  We had no influenzas and pneumonia.  Strictly speaking that is not true, we just gave influenzas and pneumonia patients a PCR test and their illness suddenly became COVID.  This is something I posted on July 27th


And Armstrong Economics reminded us again just yesterday.


So in 2021 we rolled all respiratory illnesses up under the COVID umbrella and we found 3.3 million people died, which is substantially below average.  Tedros wants you to be afraid that we had a very light year for respiratory illnesses but don’t worry the rest of his statement makes even less sense.

Tedros says unless we want to be dealing with COVID again in 12 months we need to cancel all activities now.  Coincidentally this is exactly what he said 12 months ago, but don’t worry it will work this time.  Maybe it will work this time because the virus has mutated and we are now dealing with omicron.  Tedros points out that omicron is in fact very different.  It spreads more quickly and infects vaccinated people.  Of course the solution to this vaccine resistant virus is to give everyone more of the vaccine that does not work on it.  Like I said, Tedros does not disappoint, this is stupid on steroids.

After sticking with the narrative and dispensing pearls of irrationality, Tedros makes his Freudian slip.  He objects to how the vaccines are being rolled out in wealthy countries.  He does not think it is right that wealthy countries are using vaccines to kill children before developing countries have had a chance to finish killing seniors.  Here is the clip you judge for yourself.


When these people stay on script they look stupid; when the slip up and tell the truth they look evil.  How much longer will we put up with the crap?

Following the Money Leads to Jason Kenney’s Office

I have mentioned this before.  The thing that scares me the most right now is that so many politicians are acting as if they know they will never need to face the voters again.  Jason Kenney is a perfect example of that.  Just 2 years ago he romped to victory in Alberta with a huge majority government.  He did this after merging 2 political parties to form the United Conservative Party (UCP).  His COVID policies have made him and his party so unpopular that they will never win another election.  In 2 years he destroyed the party that he help found and his political career.  Like most politicians Jason has never had a real job and has no marketable job skills.  He will be unemployable after the next election and he does not care; why is that?

Jason is acting like he knows that either

  1. There will never be another election. This COVID power grab will be so complete that it will be permanent.  He must believe there are only a few more cards to play before he can proclaim himself emperor.  After that he can confiscate all the wealth he wants and live in luxury for the rest of his life.




  1. He is making so much money off this farce that he will never need to work again.


One of these answers must be correct.  There is no other answer that explains the data.  It does not matter whether it is a) or b) both mean the will of the people no longer matters.  Either Jason makes all the decisions or the people paying Jason make all the decisions.

On the surface b) seems like it could be better for Albertans.  In that case we could still have elections and get rid of the biggest mistake we have ever made.  Unfortunately there is a bit of a fly in that ointment.  If there are people bribing Jason now what would stop those people from simply bribing the next person?

So which is it?  Is Jason a megalomaniac determined to be the first King of Alberta or is he simply a run of the mill, corrupt, politician who accidentally found himself in the right place at the right time?  Well according to the Alberta Lobbying Register answer b) is probably correct.  In the weeks leading up to the March 17th 2020 lockdown Jason met with Pharmaceutical companies 5 times.  Since then he has met with Pharmaceutical reps almost weekly.  You can see the visitor logs documented in the article.


These are not social calls.  Pharmaceutical companies pay lobbyists to meet with government to lobby for laws that make it easier and more profitable to sell drugs.  What could all of these people have to discuss with Jason Kenney?  Most pharmaceuticals in Alberta must be paid for by the individual or by private insurance and Jason is not purchasing the vaccines; the federal government is doing that.  The only thing that Jason can do that can help pharmaceutical profits is to ban cheaper alternatives and enforce vaccine mandates.  Since Jason has done both of those things I would say that the lobbying efforts were highly successful.

The Pharmaceutical companies obviously got what they wanted, so why all of the repeat visits?  Are the Pharmaceutical companies worried Jason might waver?  Do they think he needs constant encouragement or are the meeting simply necessary to delivery payments?  Once again, my money is on the money.  They do not need to worry about Jason wavering.  Jason has never indicated that he is uncomfortable with evil and is incapable of thinking for himself, which is evident in the short interview at the start of the article.

The article starts with a clip of an interview Danielle Smith conducted in November 2020.  I confess I did not listen to the interview at the time.  Danielle Smith’s political blunder that handed the province to Rachel Notley for 4 years had tarnished her reputation for me.  It is not really fair to lay that entirely at her feet and in the years since she has established herself as possibly the only honest journalist in the Province.

To me the most interesting piece of this article was that interview clip.  I did not need the interview logs to know that money must be changing hands.  People, especially politicians, do things primarily out of self-interest.  Unlike many other politicians, Jason’s COVID policies never helping him in the polls; there was obviously some other consideration.  I find the clip interesting because in less than 5 minutes Danielle very politely exposed how remarkably stupid Jason Kenney is.

I have long accepted that Jason Kenney is evil but it seems I gave him too much credit for being intelligent.  Boy, was I wrong.  The stammering idiot in the interview has dispelled that notion.  Jason admits he knows the PCR test is unreliable but we still use it because he does not want to upset people he considers to be smarter than him, and the list of people smarter than Jason is very long indeed.

Jason is quick enough to realize that Danielle Smith knows way more about COVID than he does so to salvage his reputation he claims that he reads a lot about COVID on the weekends.  All of that reading does not seemed to have help but it does give me rise to other questions.  Why is he doing all the reading on the weekend?  What could he possibly be doing all week?

Anyone with even an average intelligence understands that the most important thing facing Albertans right now is our failed response to COVID.  There is no other issue that even comes close.  COVID restrictions have devastated our economy, destroyed rule of law, and impacted every Albertans’ lives.  What the hell is he doing with his time if he is not focused on COVID?

Smart people can ignore all of the noise and quickly get to the root of the problem.  Jason Kenney is obviously not smart.  Jason Kenney is unfit to lead this province.  He is stupid, evil, and quite likely corrupt.

Masks the Enduring Lie.

I have previously posted about the strength of lies.  One of the most persistent lies during this farce has been masks.  Masks have been tested and studied to death.  The data is very clear masks are ineffective against airborne respiratory viruses yet somehow they have become the primary tool during the pandemic.  I am posting about masks again because recently I have had several conversations about masks with people who were adamant that we need to use them.

These are the reasons I have been given in the last 3 weeks as to why people should be wearing masks.

  1. Omicron is spreading so quickly.
  2. I need to wear a mask to make other people more comfortable.
  3. If masks don’t work why do doctors wear them during surgery?
  4. For every study that says masks don’t work there is one that says they do. Since we don’t know for sure everyone should wear a mask.

I want to take the time to address each of the pro-mask arguments separately.


  1. Omicron is spreading so quickly.


This point would only be pertinent if omicron was spreading less quickly where masks are being used.  That is not the case.  Direct comparison of neighboring counties with different mask rules shows no difference in the rate of spread between mask and non-mask wearing counties.  Even if Omicron was more deadly than Ebola we still have no reason to believe masks would make any difference.


  1. I need to wear a mask to make other people more comfortable.


This sounds like a compassionate argument for wearing a mask.  What is wrong with putting people at ease?  I would argue that from a psychological perspective putting people at ease by wearing a mask is very harmful to their long term health.  Feeding their irrational paranoia is not a good thing.


The government knows that masks do not work.  That is not why they want us to wear them.  The primary purpose of masks is to keep fear levels high by constantly reminded us that we are in an emergency.  Governments want you to believe your life is at risk anytime you are around another person.  Fear causes a flight of fight reaction.  People in a heightened state of fear are not thinking they are just reacting.  This allows Government to do the thinking for them and lead them anywhere the government wishes.


Public paranoia and fear is very advantageous for government but it not good for the individual.  Constant elevated stress levels from fear is detrimental to long term health.  The countries that imposed the harshest restrictions saw the highest excess deaths.  People died from the stress caused by the lockdowns and the accompanying fear.  You are not being kind by wearing a mask and feeding this paranoia.  You are literally killing people.


  1. If masks don’t work why do doctors wear them during surgery?


The most common post-operative infections are bacterial.  Bacterial are more than 10 times larger than viruses.  They are less likely to be airborne and more likely to transmit by droplets.  Surgical masks can stop droplets from falling in to an open wound as long as they are changed hourly.  During surgery nurses are paid to help the surgeons regularly change their masks.


So surgical masks were designed to stop bacteria laden droplets.  They can do so as long as they are changed hourly.  They are not designed to stop viruses so what makes us think that we can use them for that?  Worse yet what makes us think a cloth mask with a weave opening far larger than the surgical mask can stop a virus?


  1. For every study that says masks don’t work there is one that says they do. Since we don’t know for sure everyone should wear a mask.


This statement is partially true there are studies that show masks work.  The problem is that their findings have either been taken out of context or are completely fraudulent.


I posted a study months ago that showed a clean surgical mask can reduce viral load in exhaled breath by 50%.  Governments seized this study and used it for propaganda.  They claimed that masks, any mask, could reduce transmission by 50%.  Notice that was not what the study said.  The study was specific to surgical masks and it did not conclude that transmission would be reduced by 50%.  The study did not look at whether reducing viral load in exhaled breath would have any effect on transmission.  There is no reason to believe that it would especially when you consider the mask is only effective for about an hour.  The study showed that after 2 hours the mask was saturated and made absolutely no difference after that.


Then there is this fraudulent study on the effectiveness of forcing masks on school children.  In the US the CDC used this study to recommend masks in schools.  The study compared infection rates in schools with and without masks.  They concluded that makes made a significant difference.  Unfortunately a closer look at their methodology shows they were comparing apples to oranges.




This study was intentionally flawed.  They started from the answer they wanted and worked backwards.  The unmasked schools were in school for a longer period and had stricter testing policies.  They found more cases because they had more time and looked harder for them.  The only science practiced by these researchers is political science.


Politics has bastardized science.  It is 100% true that 97% of scientist agree with whoever is funding them.  Often the conclusions drawn cannot be supported by the data gathered in the study.  This is something that Dr. Byram Bridle laments about during his presentation.


As Dr. Bridle points out it is no longer wise to only read the conclusions.  You need to check the data for yourself to verify that it actually supports the conclusions.  Often it is the direct opposite.  The conclusions were just to produce a sound bite for the evening news.  Unfortunately in our post COVID world many scientists have become nothing more than professional wrestlers.  They are told the outcome in advance and paid to make it believable.


Thankfully there are still a few scientist like Dr. Bridle that cling to integrity rather than a paycheck.  The following article has a summary of, and links to, a lot of good science on masks.




If, after reading that lengthy and detailed article, you are still not convinced that masks are useless stop for a minute to consider this simple piece of logic.  Let’s assume for a minute that masks do work.  That means they effectively block viruses from either coming in or going out.  So at the end of the day your mask would be saturated with a lethal pathogen.  It would be a hazardous waste.  You would need to place it in a sealed container and take it to an approved facility for incineration.


How many of you seal up and deliver your masks to a hazardous waste station at the end of each day?  If your mask actually worked, it would not be safe to put it in to your pocket and re-use the next time you go to the store.  It wouldn’t even be safe to touch without gloves after wearing it for an hour.  Can we finally get past the notion that cloth has magically properties that make it an impenetrable virus barrier?


Give yourself a late Christmas present.  Stop wearing your damn mask. It will be the best gift you can give yourself and the rest of society.  The sooner the irrational paranoia disappears the sooner we get finished with this farce.



We need to stop Vaccinating before our Luck runs out.

The phrase going to the well too often is meant to be a warning about depleting a precious resource.  It is also used to warn against relying on luck.  After all luck is a very scarce commodity.  Counting on it is foolish.  We got lucky with Omicron, it is a very mild vaccine resistant strain.  It could have been much worse.  We need to stop going to the vaccine well.  The next time we might not be so lucky.

First, I need to start this discussion with a disclaimer.  I am not a vaccinologist or virologist.  I am an engineer trained in a completely unrelated field.  So I am not an expert but I can use logic and what follows is my logical analysis of our incredibly good luck with omicron and why we should not look for a vaccine for it.

Viruses always mutate.  Each replication is not perfect.  The mutation that becomes the most successful depends on how transmissible it is and how deadly it is.  The two attributes go hand in hand.  Deadly viruses don’t tend to spread very far.  If people become too sick to move around the virus cannot spread.  So the evolutionary pressure on a virus is for it to become more transmissible and less deadly.  The only way to screw this up is by overusing a non-sterilizing vaccine.

The COVID vaccines are non-sterilizing vaccines.  By design they cannot prevent infection.  Infection starts in the airways and the antibodies are in your blood stream.  The infection is already going before the antibodies see it.  The vaccines add another highly unpredictable variable to the evolutionary mix.

It is no longer the most transmissible and least deadly virus that wins the race.  The mutation that wins is the one that the vaccine affects the least.  It is not necessarily less deadly, we simply got lucky that omicron is less deadly.  We should stop relying on luck.  If we keep reformulating the vaccines for each new variant it is only a matter of time before we produce an extremely lethal vaccine resistant mutation.

We need to count our omicron blessings and stop this madness now before we create a monster.

We already know Boosters are not the Answer.

Before Christmas 3 people who know a lot of vaccines and viruses issued stark warnings about the COVID Vaccines.

First we have the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone.  Sorry, I misfiled the copy I had that could be embedded.  This is the only other one I have found and you will need to follow the link.


Next Geert Vandenbosche.


And finally, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.


These men all point out the vaccines are making the situation worse not better.  People who are not killed outright survive with a weakened immune system that leaves them more vulnerable to everything including COVID.

The warnings from these men are getting louder because we keep ignoring them.  Instead we have placed our faith in Government who tell us boosters are the answer.  You really need to be a moron to believe that a third or fourth shot will work when the first 2 did not, or that it would somehow cause less damage than the first 2.  Unfortunately the world is full of morons and most of them work for government.

At best these treatments offer only temporary protection.  There is ample data supporting that.  Data that also went largely ignored.  In Canada, due to the Trudeau Liberals incompetence, the second doses were rolled out in the summer.  I warned months ago that the timing would be problematic.  Canadian’s protection would wane during the peak of Cold and Flu season.  Once again I wish I was wrong but simple logic does tend to lead you to the correct answer more often than naught.  This is what happened in Ontario this week.

Fully Vaccinated Ontarians now have no protection against COVID and they are not alone.  We see the same in Alberta.

This could be the vaccine waning at the worst possible time or it could be Omicron.  Omicron is very vaccine resistant but since that was caused by the vaccine the point is moot.  The vaccines are no longer effective in Canada and this developed quickly in a matter of only a few weeks.

This rapid turnaround in Canada will cause government to rabidly push for boosters because they are both stupid and desperate to recover the vaccine narrative.

Canadian’s are about to learn the hard way that boosters are not the answer.  The latest study out of Denmark shows that the booster shots provide less than 2 months protection.  Worse than that after 3 months they turn negative; you are more likely to get COVID.


It should be noted that this study was not done by skeptics, it was done by hard core COVIDiots who wanted to prove that boosters will work on Omicron.  In fact that was their conclusion.  They were happy that the vaccine worked for 2 months and not at all phased that after 3 months the vaccine effectiveness was highly negative.  This plot is from their paper.  Delta effectiveness are the top points, the bottom points with the large confidence intervals are omicron.

With Pfizer protection is near zero at 61 to 90 days (circled in orange) and highly negative after that (circled in red).  Moderna has highly uncertain confidence intervals and could be negative from day one.

I am not COVIDiot so when I look at this data I do not see an argument for boosters.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The first 2 shots give you 6 months of protection.  The third only 2 months.  How long will the 4th shot last?  How many shots can you take before the protection will be measured in hours?  At what point will you need to walk around with a vaccine pump that continually injects you?

There are obviously diminishing returns with each booster and they come at a high cost.  As the good doctors all point out each time you are injected you incur further immune system damage.  It is time to stop the madness.  Do not show up for your booster.  Going to a restaurant is just not worth the risk you are taking.

Reasons for Hope this Christmas.

Christmas has always been about hope.  A time to celebrate with family.  I must admit last Christmas was not very hopeful.  The evil people in government were doing their best to destroy all hope and last year they largely succeeded.  This year it feels different.  Government is still up to their old tricks but fewer people are listening and the vocal minority is finally making progress.

There are sure signs of hope everywhere like this embarrassing reversal from Alberta’s Demonic Dwarf.

The best minds in the United Conservative Party (UCP) have just figured out that firing thousands of workers before cold and flu season was not a good idea.  It really is difficult to underestimate the intelligence of this group.

Of course the memo still contains a lot of tough talk.  Returning workers must be tested at their own expense.  These moron’s still think they are in the driver’s seat right after admitting that they are not.  I suspect the tests will be paid for by taxpayers or dropped completely.  This announcement will make the New Year very interesting.  How do you impose vaccines on everyone else when health care workers are exempt?

Although I find the political damage to one of the most disgusting people in the country (Premier Jason Kenney) to be highly entertaining it is not my only reason to hope.  What I find most hopeful is how willing people are to make fun of politicians and their ridiculous edicts this Christmas.  A Tyrants power comes from the fear that they can instill.  When the public start to mock them they lose all power.  The following videos are the best Christmas gift possible in 2021.  Enjoy and have a merry Christmas.




Omicron Fear is Waning faster than the Vaccines

Once again the SARS COV 2 virus has refused to cooperate with government.  The plan was to have a final dangerous new variant for Christmas to justify complete lockdowns and usher in the great reset.  Unfortunately the tyrants are finding out that Omicron is simply not that variant.

With each passing day it becomes clearer that omicron is nothing to worry about.  Sure it is highly transmissible and has driven infection levels to record highs in some countries.

But what Omicron has not done is make people very sick.  Below is the ICU admissions for the same 3 European countries.  They have record levels of infection but do not have record levels of ICU admissions.  The only country that even got close was Germany and it is already over in Germany.  ICU admissions have peaked and are falling rapidly.

This does not even give a complete picture of how mild Omicron is.  As Paul Joseph Watson points out 40% of the people in hospital with COVID are not in the hospital because of COVID.  They only found out they had COVID when the hospital tested them for COVID.


Governments really wanted a plague.  It would have made their plan easier to implement.  They did not get a plague so they needed to manufacture the fear a plague would have provided.  Once again governments have turned to the media for help.  In the US the media tried to ramp up fear by announcing Omicron’s first death in Texas.  The problem is that the patient did not die of COVID.


The media in the UK is using a different tactic.  They don’t have the data so they are falling back on irrational guilt.  Here is the front page of the Daily Express.

According to the media the threat of Omicron is so high that getting vaccinated is the best Christmas gift you can give to everyone.  There is of course a slight problem with that and I am not talking about the fact that you cannot protect anyone else with your own vaccine.  The problem is that the vaccines increase your chance of getting Omicron.


Being double jabbed makes you 230% more likely to get Omicron.  Triple jabbed is even worse at 450%.

The media is once again working overtime to support the great reset agenda.  They are resorting to all of the tactics that have worked before.  Every death is a COVID death and you should feel very guilty about that, especially if you do not obey government.  Thankfully, misinformation is a non-sterilizing vaccine.  Suppressing the truth does not kill the truth, eventually the truth finds a way around the suppression.  We seem to have reached the point where the media misinformation vaccine is losing its effectiveness.


Even Canadians are waking up.  This is not good for the COVID narrative.  When the most irrational and complaint population on the planet starts to ignore the fear you know it is over.  Shaking off the yoke of fear truly is the best Christmas gift ever.  When governments lose fear they lose control.  It is time for the people to take back control.