It is Deja Vu all over Again.

Yesterday the western premiers got together and decided to announce the same restrictions on the same day but, please, don’t mistake this for a conspiracy.  If it was a conspiracy they would have gotten together and decided to announce the same restrictions on the same day.

Surprisingly, now that the cold weather has hit, we are seeing a completely unexpected phenomenon.  People are getting cold and flu during cold and flu season.  Really who could have predicted that?  Obviously something had to happen. So the best minds in government got together and decided to do more of what was already not working.

Canadian premiers have painted themselves in to an uncomfortable corner.  Since they are already restricting unvaccinated the only way they can increase restrictions is to further restrict vaccinated people.  It is getting very difficult to tell people that they need to be vaccinated when they are subject to the same restrictions as unvaxxed.

Vaccine mandates and passports are clearly illegal in Canada so each premier hired an army of lawyers to find a way around the law.  I remember a time when the Premiers job was to up hold rather than subvert the law.  I guess I am really dating myself with that admission.  In Alberta lawyers decided the best way to subvert the law was careful wording.

In Alberta we do not have vaccine passports, rather businesses can opt in to the restriction exemption program.  That is a program that allows businesses to ignore some restrictions as long as they violate the law by forcing their customers to disclose private medical information.  You can ignore rules if you break laws, isn’t that a great message for Albertans?

Jason Kenney, The demonic dwarf premier of Alberta, is quite proud of this program.  Most businesses willingly broke the law so that Jason did not have to.  I will bet these business owners are starting to feel the twinges of regret today.  Yesterday Jason made the restriction exemption program more restrictive.  We are just 2 variants away from the restriction exemption program being as restrictive as everything else.  The only difference between companies participating and those not participating will be all the money wasted on QR code scanners.

After 2 years in with Vaccines and boosters we find ourselves right back at square one.  How much longer will Albertans put up with this?  Isn’t it obvious that we need to change course?

All Lives Matter

I am not sure when this interview took place but it perfectly illustrates the gulf between science and COVIDiots.  One person calmly and rationally explains that COVID vaccine mandates have no public health benefit and that people may have their own reasons for choosing not to be vaccinated.  The COVIDiot’s entire argument is that people died so no one should have rights anymore.  The sheer stupidity is stunning.


It is bizarre that anyone needs to say this but COVID deaths are not more important than other deaths.  People have died from the vaccine and from the lockdowns.  Why don’t those deaths every matter?  Why do COVIDiots see COVID deaths as somehow more tragic?

This incredible illogic has been with us since the beginning of this farce.  When I objected to the first lockdown pro-lockdown people used the argument “if it saves only one life”.  There is no evidence that lockdowns did anything other than increase the death toll yet we are going in to lockdown again in an effort to finally save that one life.  This is truly insane.

The same can be said for the COVID jabs.  Where is the evidence that the jabs have saved a single life?  2021 is on track to be just as deadly as 2020.

Sure officially less people have died of COVID, they are just dying of everything else, or to be more precise they are now dying from the jabs.  The Covidiots are demanding more jabs because in their demented hierarchy, jab deaths are less important than COVID deaths.

To a COVIDiot nothing trumps a COVID death.  The threat of a potential COVID death negates all logic.  Everyone must be jabbed with a vaccine that does not prevent transmission so that we can prevent transmission.

The way these Jabs work they cannot prevent infection or transmission.  They do prevent a lot of unnecessary testing which makes it look like they slow down transmission but they obviously don’t.  When you plot confirmed cases worldwide you cannot see any positive effect from the vaccines.

There is absolutely no public health benefit to a vaccine that does not prevent infection and transmission.  I can’t say it any better than this young writer.

The vaccine helps protect the vaccinated from dying, but it does not protect the vaccinated from either getting or spreading COVID. In other words, it seems clear to many of us that the vaccine is a personal health benefit, not a public health benefit. Therefore, whether to get vaccinated is a profoundly personal decision, not a public health decision. And not everyone is high-risk. There is a more than a thousand-fold difference in the risk of mortality between the old and young. The decision I am making as a healthy 36-year-old is different than the one Joe Biden should make as a 78-year-old. And low-risk Millennials like me comprise the largest generation in the broader U.S. labor force.

To jab or not to jab is a personal decision.  Hopefully when people make that decision they consider the risk/reward ratio.  Many people will not, however, and that is tragic since as Dr. Malone points out that ratio is greater than 1 for almost everyone.


Canada is Screwed if Dr. Stephen Ellis is the Best we have to Offer.

A friend sent me this video.  The video is a brief interview that Dr. Stephen Ellis gave. Dr. Ellis is a Conservative minister of parliament from Nova Scotia.  My friend thought this was very hopeful because of his final question to Canadians; “is this how you want to spend the rest of your life”?

I confess that I do not find this video as hopeful as my friend does.  First Dr. Ellis thinks the only reason we need to learn to live with COVID is that some people have not been vaccinated.  This guy is a medical doctor and he thinks that the SARS COV-2, a virus with several animal hosts, would disappear with 100% vaccination.  Someone please check this man’s medical degree.

His unscientific nonsense is not the main reason why I can’t find hope in this video.  I can’t find the hope because he answers his own question.  He asks “is this how you want to spend the rest of your life” while being a vaccinated, boosted, and masked.  He goes on to state that it would be ludicrous to not obey the government and then chastises the media for standing to close together.  Dr. Ellis has already made his decision.  Quite obviously this is how he wants to spend the rest of his life.

This is exactly why Canada is such a lost cause.  One of the few politicians willing to question the narrative really does not want anything to change.  We are so screwed.

Panic over Omicron is exactly what Government wants, Don’t give it to Them

Omicron is shutting the whole world down right on schedule.  Lockdowns are back and the solution once again is more vaccines.  Haven’t we been to this movie before?  Weren’t the first 2 doses supposed to usher in a disease free world full of unicorns and magic pixie dust?

In a span of only a few months 2 doses has gone from the ticket to freedom and everlasting health to unvaccinated equivalent.  Just watch this video from Ontario’s top doctor.  If you have not been boosted it is not safe to visit your parents and grandparents even if they have been boosted.

2 years in to this farce and I find myself still asking the same question.  Is this man Stupid or is he just evil?  He wants you to believe that the only way your parents and grandparents can live is if you never have any contact with them again.  I wonder what our relative’s answer would be if we asked whether fear induced isolation is actually living.

He did not use the words but what that evil little man really said was that double jabbed should consider themselves unvaccinated.  Isn’t this just an admission that the vaccines don’t work?  How is that a rational argument for taking more of the same thing?

The reality is that omicron is the logical conclusion to vaccinating billions of people with a non-sterilizing vaccine.  It was only a matter of time before a vaccine resistant variant would emerge.  You could get jabbed every other day and omicron would not care.  Just ask every member of the Calgary Flames.

Almost every case of omicron discovered to date is in double or triple vaxxed people.  Omicron is unaffected by the vaccines.  That really is not a problem though because as Dr. Malone points out omicron is a vaccine.


Omicron is the best news we have had in nearly 2 years so why don’t most people see it that way?  Because most people are still in the grips of mass psychosis, that’s why.


Dr. McCullough carefully walks up to the conclusion but does not say the obvious out loud.  All of this was deliberately caused by government.  It is simply too perfect to have been an accident.  COVID restrictions are just a very advanced form of crowd control and the government is not alone in this.  They found a very willing partner in the media.


In March of 2020 western governments enacted a very detailed plan.  The end game is feudalism.  You will own nothing, have no rights, and the government will be very happy indeed.  The only way this can work is for the government to be able to exert total control of where you are and what you are doing.  They could have opted to hold us down and implant an electronic tracking device but if they tried that we would fight like hell.  Instead they convinced us to put the tracking device on our phone and carry it everywhere.  21 months ago we were put in to a funnel that led to cell phone vaccine passports.

Make no mistake the vaccine passport on your phone will be expanded to include everything.  Soon you will need to scan your phone to unlock your car or home.  Of course you will not own that car or home.  The government will and they will rent it back to you.  Rents will be carefully set to leave you no disposable income.

None of this can happen if we lose the reason to carry our phones.  That means COVID and booster shots will never end.  It does not matter how mild the virus becomes, the government will remain lethal.  Double dosed people are no longer considered vaccinated.  Soon a triple dose will also be insufficient.  One day your vaccine app will automatically schedule your 6 (or maybe 3) month booster.  If you fail to show up the police will know exactly where you are to come pick you up.

This is exactly how the government wants you to live.  The question is how do you want to live and what are you prepared to do about it?


A Vaccine that does not work to fix a Pandemic that did not Happen.

The latest data out of Scotland shows that since august the vaccines have had absolutely no effect on the most important variable; deaths.

80% of scots are vaccinated and 85% of COVID deaths are people who were fully vaccinated.  The vaccines have made no difference.  Billions of dollars were spent on vaccines that provided limited short term benefits.  This would be a huge problem if this was a real pandemic.  Thankfully, it is not a real pandemic.

I have shown multiple times that in 2020 there was not a significant change in total deaths.  Most countries saw nothing more than they do in a bad flu season.  Some countries did not even see that.  Despite what government and media told you COVID was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu.  Sure COVID had its own distinct signature but in the end it did not produce any more deaths than can be expected from influenzas.  This morning I found another study confirming this yet again.  The researchers tried, but were unable to find the huge mounds of bodies the media told us about.

As with other seasonal flus, COVID hit seniors harder than anyone else.  We often talk about comorbidities with COVID deaths but the most relevant factor was simply age.  That is not surprising since as we age we become more likely to die of almost anything.  Here is a plot I found in a different study that shows the chance of Dying of COVID increases with age but no differently than how aging increases overall mortality.

So age is a significant factor that must be taken in to account when comparing across countries or across time.  That’s what the authors of this study did.  They age adjusted all-cause mortality to see if there was a significant increase in 2020 due to COVID. The plot below is from the study.

There was no significant age adjusted mortality in 2020.  In fact many countries had lower age adjusted mortality than 2015.  During the great COVID plague of 2020 the only thing that increased was the level of Government Tyranny.

Confirming that government and media have been lying is a significant finding but something else falls from this study with profound public health implications.  The countries in Red have much higher age adjusted mortality than the countries in green.  Every year it is the same countries that have high age adjusted mortality.  So what is different about those countries?  You can see clearly from this plot that it is obesity.

The countries with the highest levels of Obesity have the highest age adjusted mortality.  COVID had no discernable impact on age adjusted mortality but obesity has a profound impact.

Clearly obesity is a far larger public health issue than COVID.  So why did we close fitness facilities to try and stop the spread of COVID?  If we really want positive public health outcomes the formula is simple.  Stop vaccinating for a disease that did not increase mortality and spend that money subsidizing fitness facility memberships.  This is so not about a virus or public health.


COVID is far less Deadly than the Cancer of Government.

Omicron is certainly making things interesting.  It seems to be selectively targeting vaccinated people.  As this article points out we now have a “pandemic of the vaccinated”.

If I follow the previous logic for vaccine passports I come to the conclusion that for everyone’s safety vaccinated people should be excluded from public activities.  Restaurants and shops should now insist that you prove you are unvaccinated before gaining entry to their establishments.  This would be karma for all the business owners that supported evil vaccine passports in the first place.

I don’t know how many business owners actually supported vaccine passports, but I bet the ones that did are suffering from buyer’s remorse.  Since implementation of the passports business is down all over the country.

Not to worry though the solution is simple; government subsidies.  There is something truly wrong with Canadians.  Ask the average Canadian how to solve a problem and you get the same answer for every conceivable problem; the solution is always more government intervention.  This is not just stupid it is evil.  How can anyone think that it is right to tax unvaccinated people to support businesses that they are not allowed to use?

The people proposing this solution are morons incapable of simple logic.  Unvaccinated people are not the cause of their loss in business.  The Government COVID restrictions are.  The obvious and inexpensive solution to these problems is to drop the vaccine passports.  Businesses in Canada are struggling because of massive government intrusion in the economy.  More government intrusion will not solve the problem.

Of course the government will jump at this proposed “solution”.  This is how government grows, piling “solutions” on “solutions”.  Governments bring in regulations to deal with some imaginary problem they use the media to create.  Then they hire an army of bureaucrats to enforce the regulations.  When the regulations cause a real problem the government creates more regulations to combat the problem that they created with the first regulations.  Of course the new regulation require their own army of bureaucrats to enforce.

This is how Government in Canada has become such a suffocating behemoth.  Government spreads like a virus but its effects are more cancerous than viral.  Viruses eventually fade, something that has been completely forgotten in the past 2 years.  Government will never fade, like any cancer it will grow and if left untreated will kill us.  It is time for us to cut the cancer out.


It is Time for Canadian Men to be Men

Canadian Men used to be fierce warriors.  A Canadian General in WW1, Arthur Currie, is recognized as the father of modern warfare.  In WW2 the Germans tracked the locations of Canadian Troops because they knew most attacks started with Canadians in the first wave.  That was then this is now.  Canadian men are now cowards.

A recent poll shows the highest support for vaccinating children is males ages 55 and over.  I may fall in that demographic but I do not agree with those feckless cowards.  This might seem old fashioned but I still believe that men have a responsibility to protect those more vulnerable.  This never used to be controversial in Canada.  Canadian men twice went to Europe to defend people they did not even know.  Now they won’t even defend their own children and grandchildren.

I am sure these cowards rationalize this by convincing themselves the vaccines are protecting children.  Anyone using this argument is willfully ignorant.  Children do not need to be vaccinated against a disease that does not affect them.  What is next?  Do we force children to take the shingles vaccine?  Men supporting vaccinating children are not thinking about the child’s safety.  They are driven by their own self-interest.  They think their own safety and rights will be restored if we force vaccinate everyone including children.  I don’t know how you can be more selfish.

Canadian men who support the regulations and vaccine mandates need to know what they are doing to children.

What will you say when this happens to your Grandchild?  Will you look your child in the eye and tell them that the death of their child has made everyone safer?

What about children that do not die, but are left unable to succeed in life?  This study shows that children born during the “pandemic” have dramatically reduced IQ from lack of social interaction caused by government restrictions.

Babies born during the pandemic have an average IQ of 78.  The US military will not accept recruits with an IQ below 85 because they find them too difficult to train.  It is incredibly difficult to function in a modern society with an IQ this low.  These babies will have a difficult time succeeding in life.  The government did this to them and we let it happen.  The damage caused by our governments will be felt for a very long time.

Government’s capacity to do harm is limitless.  Governments Kill indiscriminately.  They do not care whether they kill seniors, babies or futures.  As Elon Musk points out governments have a virtual monopoly on violence.  It is up to free men to curb the homicidal tendencies of government by standing up and saying no.  It is time for Canadian men to grow a pair.


Just say NO to Jason Kenney

I just watched Jason Kenney on TV.  Jason Kenney for those that do not know is the demonic dwarf currently occupying the Premier’s seat in the province of Alberta.  The news conference was held so that Jason could tell us booster shots are now available and there would be no new restrictions before Christmas.

“Journalists” do not get invited to these news conferences unless they are a staunch COVIDiots.  That makes it very easy to anticipate the questions.  Instead of asking why there are any restrictions since omicron is so mild, each “journalist” wanted to know why Albertans were not locked down completely for Christmas.  Jason’s answer was very revealing.  His primary reason for not increasing the restrictions was that he did not think Albertans would tolerate more restrictions.  He mused that tighter restrictions would just lead to open noncompliance.

On national Television Jason Kenney just admitted that the COVID restrictions are not driven by the virus or by science.  He just arbitrarily sets rules based on how far he thinks he can push us.  Jason Kenney just inadvertently told Albertans what they need to do to bring this whole charade crashing down.  If the rules are set based on what we will accept then we must not accept any rules.  The Demonic Dwarf is only doing what we are letting him do.  It is time to shut that evil little man down and ship him back to Ottawa where he belongs.  Do Not Comply with anything.



Science died First the Seniors died Later.

The Truth has a way of finding its way through the cracks.  In this case the truth should lead to multiple charges of mass murder.

Dr. Andrew Hill is a researcher who on Jan 6th 2021 gave testimony to the NIH about the effectiveness of Ivermectin.  His testimony was based on research he was about to publish.  This of course did not sit well with Anthony Fauci.  The COVID vaccines had only recently been granted emergency use authorization.  One of the conditions necessary for an emergency approval is that there are no alternate treatments.  A paper showing Ivermectin reduces deaths by 80% would have stopped the vaccine gravy train in its tracks.

This was a serious problem for Pfizer and Moderna but then a funny thing happened between Jan 6th and when the paper was finally published.  The conclusions changed completely.  Suddenly Ivermectin did not work.  All the data in the paper still said that it did work but the conclusions now were that we need more time to study it.

So what happened to change the conclusions?  Bill Gates happened.  The conclusions changed and Dr. Hill received a $40,000,000 research grant from Unitaid, an arm of the Gates foundation.  How do we know this?  Dr. Tess Lawrie, a colleague of Dr. Hill, taped a zoom call she made to him.  She tried with no avail to get Dr. Hill to be honest.  Millions of lives held in the balance but the only life that concerned Dr. Hill was his own.  Incredibly he admitted that the new conclusions were actually written by Unitaid.  This is from the transcripts.

Hill: Unitaid has a say in the conclusions of the paper. Yeah.

Tell me again that this is not a conspiracy.  These conclusions were bought and paid for.  Fauci and Gates knew that Ivermectin worked, they just needed time to hire other corrupt scientists to design an Ivermectin trial that would fail.  These greedy bastards killed millions of people by denying treatment and promoting toxic vaccines.  There is no way this could have happened if there was even one honest world leader.  How many more people need to die before someone is held accountable?


It is Time for Canadians to Stand Up and the Police to Stand Down

On November 23rd I wrote that we are on the cusp of normal seasonal re-occurrence of COVID and that we would need to choose whether we would accept another lockdown.  Well it took longer than I expected but it has begun.  COVID cases in Eastern Canada are rising rapidly and the province of New Brunswick has announced another lockdown.

New Brunswick has always erred on the side of COVID tyranny so their latest lockdown is not a surprise.  Also not surprising is that New Brunswick did not have much of a problem until they started vaccinating.

Nearly 90% of people eligible for vaccination have been vaccinated and the province is locked down again.  How much longer will people put up with this?

Since we are obviously back in Lock down season (formerly known as cold and flu season) it might be worth reminding people how ineffective lockdowns have been.

Unfortunately Lockdowns are not just ineffective they are deadly.  I have shown this plot before.  I took 2020 excess deaths and plotted them against average lockdown stringency over the same period.  The countries that used the harshest lockdowns produced the most deaths.

Lockdowns may slow the spread but the cost is unacceptable.  Every COVID death avoided costs more than 1 lockdown death.  COVID deaths are not more important than other deaths.  Lockdowns are evil and should not be used under any circumstance.

Unfortunately the same is true for the COVID vaccines.  The data is clear.  Mass vaccinations will result in more deaths than just letting the virus run its course.  The data below is from Steve Kirsch.  It was from a presentation he gave to the FDA in September.

Steve Kirsch showed that, no matter what data source you use, the vaccines kill more than one person for every COVID death they prevent.  If you use the horribly deficient VAERS data base you get the best case scenario.  The vaccines will kill 2 people for every COVID death they prevent.  Pfizer’s own test data shows each COVID fatality prevented comes at a cost of 5 lives.  How does this make any sense?  How is it not murder?

You can listen to his presentation here.


It is time for Canadians to Choose.  We can stay in this deadly cycle of injections and lockdowns or we can choose voluntary restrictions and proper patient care.  Countries that have chosen the later are far outperforming those using our approach.

We can choose tyranny or we can choose freedom but be aware, freedom always comes at a cost.  The petty tyrants running our country will not accept opposition.  If we do not obey they will sick the police on us.  That means police in Canada also have a choice to make.  Bust heads in support of murder and tyranny or support freedom by simply standing down.  Our children’s future will be determined by either their action or inaction.