Never believe government on matters of morality

I have written before about how the government’s obvious lies about the COVID vaccines caused me to uncover information about other vaccines.  I learned that all vaccines are not created equal and the case for vaccines has been greatly exaggerated.  Vaccines may have had little to do with eradicating diseases.  I was thinking about all of this when I found this video about a mumps outbreak.


For this woman the takeaway from her experience was “don’t judge”.  She was doing the right thing but it just did not work.  My takeaway was a little different.  My first thought was that yes we should not judge but we really should question.  We should question whether the MMR vaccine even works and more importantly we should question who gets to tell us what “the right thing” is.

Everyone who got the mumps had been vaccinated.  Some were even boosted.  In her particular case tests indicated she was immune to the mumps UNTIL SHE TOOK THE VACCINE.  Either the test was wrong or the vaccine actually destroyed the immunity she had.  The MMR vaccine is on the list of early childhood vaccinations and it might not even work.  It might actually make thing worse.

That brings me to my second more important takeaway.  How can taking a vaccine that may not even work be considered doing the right thing?  How do we define the right thing?  I think if you ask the average person they would not be able to answer that question.  At best you would likely be told that everybody knows what the right thing is.  Everybody knows vaccines protect us therefore taking them is the right thing to do.

But how do we know this?  Ultimately we “know” this because the government told us so.  Government run public schools teach us that vaccines are essential so we believe vaccines are essential.  Sadly this might not be true but few people are brave enough to do the research to find out.

This is not a post about vaccines.  It is about the folly of letting politicians define right and wrong.  We have let the most amoral group of people on the planet define morality.  That is incredibly stupid.  This goes way beyond vaccines.  We pay carbon taxes because the government tells us carbon taxes are right and using energy is wrong.  Now the cash strapped and corrupt Canadian government is telling us that it is wrong for the constitution to limit how they spend our money.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says she thinks unhappy premiers will come around on measures in the federal budget that touch on provincial legislation, even as they push back.

Morally there is a right and a wrong but no one in government will ever choose right over wrong if it does not suit their agenda.  We cannot continue to allow government to set the agenda by defining right and wrong.  If we let that happen we will continue to do the wrong thing at every turn.