It is only a mystery to those who want it to be a mystery

Another paper has been published showing vaccine ingredients can cause cancer.


The cancer causing agents are the chemicals in the mRNA vaccines that suppress immunity.  Immune suppression is baked in to the design of mRNA treatments.  They do not work properly without immune suppression.  The mRNA needs time to work which would not happen if your immune system was strong.  Your body would identify the RNA as foreign and attack it.  So in order to protect you from COVID a treatment was used that makes you susceptible to everything else including cancer.

Cancer rates are rising.  Rates only began rising after nearly everyone was injected with an experimental treatment.  Still vaccine advocates want you to understand that it is just some terrible coincidence. Truthfully it could be just a coincidence but when multiple papers have identified multiple mechanisms by which this could happen, we should pay attention.

There is of course an easy way to either confirm or eliminate the COVID vaccine as the culprit.  We only need ask one simple question.  Are cancer rates in unvaccinated people also rising?  I think everyone knows the answer to that question and that is exactly why the vax advocates won’t ask it.