Only Punishment will stop Them

Cold and Flus season is approaching in the southern hemisphere and you know what that means in our new world order.  It is Vaccine season down under.  This short clip of Victoria, Australia Premier Dan Andrews was posted on twitter yesterday.


Every time Dan Andrews opens his mouth I find myself asking the same question; stupid or evil?  Is he a psychopath or is he really that stupid.  Why on earth would anyone take another shot when he just admitted that people who have already taken 4 shots are not protected?  What is the magic number Dan?  How many shots must you take to finally be protected?

If you have taken multiple shots and you are told that you are still vulnerable I think it is time to consider that the shots might not work.  Or, as Pierre Kory puts it “these vaccines saved no one”.


Dan Andrews is urging people to get a shot that does not work.  Even if it had worked there was no reason for most people to take it 2 years ago and even less now.  Andrews is correct, winter is coming and cases are increasing but moving from almost zero to a bit more than almost zero is hardly a crisis.  The Chart below is from the Australian government COVID website.  It shows clearly COVID deaths are very low and hardly increasing.

COVID was never a problem until government made it a problem.  It is even less of a problem now but these morons/killers will not stop.  In England they have approved COVID vaccines for Children 5 and under.  COVID does not affect Children.  Why the hell would any sane person do this?

Profit, Stupidity, Homicidal tendencies; whatever their motivation clearly they do not intend to ever stop.  Thankfully the average person has had enough.  While no one will admit taking the first jab was a mistake, it is clear the people understand that it was and are not willing to do it again.  Reports are surfacing all over the world about vaccine doses expiring due to low demand.

It is not enough at this point to just say no.  Too many like Dan Andrews still hold the power to mandate vaccinations for imaginary emergencies.  They need to be punished or they will not stop.

The West is led by Morons and Traitors

For those of you who don’t know it yet China is not our friend.  China is emerging as “The” global superpower and preparing to take back Taiwan.  You would think this would be of some concern to Western leaders but China is staying under the radar while western leaders lecture each other on Trans’ rights.

China has been preparing for global domination for a long time and part of the preparations is infiltrating western Countries.  Canada is of particular interest to China not because Canada is important but because the US is.  Canada shares the world’s longest undefended border with The US.  For years China has been placing assets in Canada and now Canada has a disproportionately high number of Chinese spies diplomats.

A comparative analysis of Chinese foreign representatives in Western democracies by CTV News reveals the disproportionate attention China places on Canada. According to some national security experts, the disproportionate numbers could indicate diplomatic influence has tipped over into interference.

I have no doubt that China would have continued to place spies in Canada with Justin Trudeau’s consent but Joe Biden made Canada unimportant by opening the southern border.  The US now has 2 long undefended borders and Chinese nationals are flooding across the Southern border with Mexico.


The Chinese nationals are all military age men.  They fit, affluent, and educated; in short they are not refugees.  Some of these men are spies.  Many more are undoubtedly Chinese Special Forces.  As tensions escalate in Europe with China’s ally Russia, US border officials are letting in thousands of military age Chinese men without a sideways glance.

This is insane and it is only a matter of time before something bad happens.  In fact it appears things are already well underway.  30 tons of fertilizer has been stolen from a train in the US.  Fertilizer can be used to make bombs.  Timothy McVeigh did this in Oklahoma with only 2 tons of fertilizer, parked outside the building.

How much damage do you think trained Special Operatives can do with 30 tones placed in a more optimal location?  Something bad is about to happen and the US government knows it.  My guess is they expect an attack on communication infrastructure.  That would certainly explain why they gave ½ of the senators satellite phones.

I find it curious that only 50% received Satellite phones.  The senate in the US is evenly split republican to Democrat.  What do you want to bet it was the Democrats who received phones?  You might draw different conclusions, but when I see a Democrat administration allow military age men from a hostile nation to enter illegally, and then hand out Sat phones to Democrats, I smell a rat.  Is the Biden administration cooperating or at least allowing the Chinese to attack America from within?

Dr. David Martin has the Receipts

Regular readers of this blog know that I do not think COVID accidentally escaped the lab.  I believe the evidence supports a conclusion the release was intentional.  The lockdowns, masks, and vaccines were not a cascade of errors made out of fear.  It was all part of a well-crafted plan.

My conclusions were based on political, logistical, and timing considerations.  Dr. David Martin used a completely different data set and came to exactly the same conclusion.  The pandemic was carefully planned.  The SARs COV-2 virus is a bioweapon.  Several governments coordinated efforts to use the bioweapon against their perceived enemies; their own citizens.


The COVID pandemic was the result of years of careful planning and research.  Nearly 7 million people died from COVID and by some estimates at least that many have now died from the COVID vaccines.  This was murder on an industrial scale.  The entire Pandemic was a conspiracy to commit murder; the largest, deadliest criminal conspiracy in history.

What has happened up until today is beyond terrible yet it is not as bad as what is happening right now.  We are letting them get away with it.  The sociopaths behind this profited from killing millions of people.  They got what they wanted so why wouldn’t they do it again?  We will have another pandemic largely because we did not jail the people who caused this one.

NATO membership was never really on the table, only War

For years there was talk of accepting Ukraine in to NATO.  However, the idea was never seriously considered by NATO because Ukraine never met the criteria for NATO membership.  Specifically Ukraine was far too corrupt to be accepted in to NATO.

You cannot admit a corrupt country in to a military alliance.  Strategies and capabilities must remain secret not sold to the highest bidder.  There is not a single secret that Ukrainian officials would not sell and everyone knows that.  Ukraine’s corruption is not a secret.  Dozens of politically connected families like the Bidens did “business” in the Ukraine; attracted to the corruption like a fly to shit.

Talk of NATO membership was always just a stick to poke Putin with.  Putin was clear Russia would not tolerate a NATO country as large as Ukraine on their border.  Putin’s warnings were never taken seriously because no one took Ukraine’s NATO membership seriously.  Common knowledge was that Ukraine would never be given NATO membership.

Then Joe Biden got installed in the White House and all that changed.  2023 was the date set for Ukraine NATO membership.  This change in policy was not because Ukraine had suddenly reformed and was no longer corrupt.  Ukraine is still the most corrupt country in Europe and would be a dangerous and unreliable ally.  There was only one reason to set 2023 as a date for Ukrainian membership; to provoke a war with Russia no later than 2022.

We can speculate for hours about why political insiders wanted a war in the Ukraine without identifying every reason but one thing is certain; they wanted a war and they got one.  Whatever their objective was initially it seems the war is not turning out the way they had hoped.  The war was provoked by offering NATO membership and now it seems that offer is off the table.  German Chancellor Sholz is now publicly admitting that the Ukraine does not meet the requirements for NATO membership.

At the end of the meeting of G7 nations in Japan, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday that Ukraine currently does not meet the requirements to join the NATO alliance.

Chancellor Sholtz is just admitting the obvious.  The Ukraine will never be part of NATO and there was never a reason for this war.  The narrative on the Ukraine is slowly changing.  It looks like some NATO members want out of this unnecessary war before it escalates.  Pulling their support means pulling their money and unless the US is willing to step up and do this without NATO the war will end quickly.

Zelensky knows this and is on a world tour to shore up support for the war.  But there could be a dual purpose to his world tour.  Travelling the globe is a convenient excuse not to be in the Ukraine when it finally falls to Russia.  The next few months will be very interesting.  NATO could fracture in to pieces and Ukraine fall to Russia.  Or NATO doubles down and we get dragged in to WW3.

COVID Fall Out

When the first lockdown was announced I thought government was taking us down a road that in the end they would rather that we did not travel.  The last thing any government wants is for people to notice and question what they are doing.  COVID stupidity was so over the top it woke up some who normally choose ignorance.  In the long run this great awakening could be disastrous for government.

I have never been among the blissfully ignorant majority.  I have always known the government and media were lying and have always been curious enough to seek out the data to draw my own conclusions.  Despite my natural cynicism, COVID taught me that even I was sleep-walking.  Things were worse than I knew and the lies were more abundant than I ever acknowledged.

Take Vaccines for instance.  Before COVID I did not pay much attention to vaccines.  I accepted the narrative that vaccines were essential and safe.  Then my research in to the COVID vaccines led me to doubt more than the COVID vaccines.

Prior to COVID I never took a yearly flu vaccine.  Not because I did not trust them but because I did not think I needed it so I never made time to get it.  I discovered during COVID that no intermuscular vaccine provides immunity to a reparatory virus and that there is no correlation between how many people take the flu vaccine and how many people wind up admitted to the hospital for influenzas.  The Flu vaccines are a yearly ritual with no positive outcome; they do not work.

Previously I also dismissed “anti-vaxxers” who linked autism and other childhood maladies to vaccines.  Over the last 2 years I have discovered that their case is much stronger than anyone wants to admit.  Recently I discovered this paper showing a strong correlation between the number of vaccines a child receives and the number of health issue they experience.

A positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and IMRs is detectable in the most highly developed nations but attenuated in the background noise of nations with heterogeneous socioeconomic variables that contribute to high rates of infant mortality, such as malnutrition, poverty, and substandard health care.

Basically vaccines only look good when you compare wealthy nations to third world countries that have far more serious problems than lack of vaccinations.  When wealthy countries are analyzed as a sub group childhood vaccination does not look good.

Government wants me to trust vaccination which I no longer do.  They also want me to trust government.  I never really trusted government before but COVID taught me that I still trusted government far too much.  I thought there were at least some good apples; I was wrong.

Only a handful of politicians in a country of 38 million opposed COVID mandates.  Many of them did not speak out because they were making money off of the mandates.  But not all of them made money off the mandates so why didn’t they speak out?  I have come to realize that even though the corruption is concentrated at the top they all aspire to reach that level of corruption.  No one will speak out because they all want their turn at the trough.  They do not want to upset a system that gives them an opportunity to become rich at taxpayers’ expense.

COVID was a painfully enlightening experience.  It even taught cynics that they were not cynical enough.  I am not sure this was the outcome government anticipated when they placed the entire country under house arrest during cold and flu season.

Net Zero is not possible

Climate Science is not rooted in reality and neither are Climate policies.  Most countries have set a target of net zero by before 2050.  This is an impossible pipe dream and up until now no one has been brave enough to say it.

Exxon disagreed, and said the world is not on a path to achieve net-zero emissions in 2050 as limiting energy production to levels below consumption demand would lead to a spike in energy prices, as observed in Europe following oil sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

The above message from Exxon will no doubt be dismissed because of the source but what Exxon just said is the absolute truth.  Barring some new technologically revolution, there is no way to be net zero by 2050.  We do not have the technology or the money to replace nearly 85% of the worlds energy supply.

Fossil fuels (gas, coal, and oil) make up 77% of the world’s energy.  Biomass which for all purposes is no different than fossil fuels is another 7%.  Solar and wind combined are only 6%.  There is no way windmills and solar panels will every make up the difference by 2050 especially when you consider solar is still currently uneconomic.  Many people are installing solar now because of the available government subsidies but even with the subsidies solar is uneconomic.

The Energy Pay-Back time for roof-top solar generation of electricity is 22 to 24 years for Melbourne, 14 to 15 years for Perth, and 14 years for Alice Springs.

A payout of 14 years is no payout.  Because of inflation, money saved 14 years from now is not worth the same as money spent today to install solar.  When you factor in time value of money solar is uneconomic even with the government subsidies.  It is a sure fire money loser without the subsidies.

Even some politicians are starting to admit that it probably can’t be done.  As part of Canada’s strategy all coal fired generation is supposed to be discontinued by 2035.  Coal currently accounts for 25% of the world’s energy and in the province of Saskatchewan it is 41%.  Saskatchewan is extremely hot in the summer and brutally cold in the winter.  Shutting down these Coal generation stations will actually cause starvation and deaths due to temperature extremes.  Incredibly Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has decided he killed enough people with his COVID policies and he is not willing to kill any more with climate policies.

“I want to be very clear about this. In Saskatchewan, we will not attempt the impossible when it comes to power production in our province. We will not risk plunging our homes, our schools, our hospitals, our special care homes, our businesses into the cold and darkness because of the ideological whims of others. We will not increase power costs for our businesses and for our families to the point they become completely unaffordable. If we were to do that, we wouldn’t grow anything in Saskatchewan. We wouldn’t move anything. We wouldn’t go anywhere. And we’d get awful cold in a hurry. Saskatchewan must have affordable and reliable electricity available on demand.”

Climate science is political science.  CO2 simply cannot increase the earth’s temperature much more than it already has.  And even if CO2 could do the things the climate cult fears, we can’t do anything about it anyway.  Far more people would die from lack of energy than will ever die from hot weather.  So why do government’s insist on dragging us down this destructive path?  For the same reason those sociopaths do anything; money, power, and control.

Governments have convinced people that climate change is a problem and taxes are the solution.  These taxes are quite lucrative.  In Canada the Trudeau liberals increase the carbon tax each year and in some provinces the Carbon tax alone increases the cost of a liter of gas by $0.61 ($2.30/gallon).  This plus taxes on home heating syphons thousands per year out of each family’s resources.

When the analysis of the two reports is combined, a middle-income family in Ontario will be paying $1,771 per year more due to both charges by 2030. In Manitoba, that combined tax increase amounts to $1,130, while in Saskatchewan it works out to $1,213 annually and $1,859 in Alberta.

With carbon taxes Trudeau will eventually reduce every family’s net income to zero.  That is the real purpose of this climate charade; to transfer all of your money to the government.  It is wealth transfer plain and simple.  COVID was not about a virus and climate policy is not about the climate.  Are you starting to get the picture yet?

If you like being poor sit back and say nothing.  If not you better speak up now because no one is coming to help.  In Canada our completely corrupt courts have already ruled that they are firmly in the government’s corner.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Ottawa had the authority to do that because climate change was a serious threat and emissions did not respect provincial borders.

This is another reason government will never give up on this climate scam.  Since CO2 does not respect borders government doesn’t have to either.  There will always be a bureaucrat claiming they have jurisdiction over everything because CO2 is everywhere.  These sociopaths will continue to use plant food as a reason to take more money and more power for as long as we let them.  How about we start saying no?

The size of the Pie Changes

The province of Alberta is headed to an election.  There are multiple parties but really it is a competition between the 2 main parties.  The NDP led by Rachel Notley and the UCP led By Dannielle Smith.  I doubt either woman is the right person for the job but I do know without a shadow of a doubt that Smith will be far less destructive than Notley.  I can say this confidently for 2 reason.  Rachel Notley was already Premier 4 years ago and she was a disaster.  She hired an army of bureaucrats, ran the province in to debt, and cooperated with every stupid thing Prime Minister Trudeau wanted to implement.

The other reason is the Notley is a dyed in the wool communist.  Like all communists Notley believes in government control of everything including people’s lives.  Also, like every other communist in history, Notley has no understanding of economics.

Of course Rachel Notely does not openly admit to being a communists even though many of her party’s candidates do.  Rachel is smart enough to know that being branded a communist will not work in the province of Alberta; the last holdout against communism in Canada.  Notley knows she must get elected first before she can go full on red army communist.  Since she can’t speak openly about the wonderful communism she has in store, her campaign focuses on bribery.  Rachel promises to be everything to everybody.  She is going to increase government spending to make sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.

Notley’s promises are very expensive and when asked how she will pay for it, her solution is to raise business taxes from 8% to 11%.  According to her math that will raise another 2.3 billion dollars.  Not surprisingly real economists don’t agree with the contrived economics of communism.

In reality, higher taxes limit investment and decrease the overall tax base. Instead of a $2.3-billion increase in revenue, Tombe estimates it will be closer to $1 billion

This is the fundamental problem with socialist ideology.  Communists believe the size of the pie does not change.  In their twisted minds the only way for people to get more is to slice the pie differently by confiscating and re-distributing wealth.  But that assumption is economically moronic.  Economists will tell you the size of the pie (the overall size of the economy) does change and is heavily affected by taxation.

Let’s work the numbers back ward.  If 11% is $2.3 billion more than 8% then the taxable income is $76.7 billion.  The only way increasing taxes to 11% nets only $1 billion more is for the taxable income to shrink by 15% to $64.8 Billion.  Increasing taxation gives government a bigger slice of a smaller pie.  This is hardly surprising.  If taking more from business (or individuals for that matter) does not impact the size of the economy why not take 100%?

Of course anyone with a functioning intellect knows if you took 100% the economy would collapse.  No one would build a business or go to work if they could not profit from it.  Unfortunately communists do not have functioning intellects.  If they did, they would have abandoned an ideology that has always produced poverty and mass murder long ago.

Higher taxation shrinks the economy causing higher unemployment.  The extra $1 billion Rachel does confiscate from business will be completely consumed by supporting more unemployed people.  No one will benefit from this except people in government but that really is the point of communism isn’t it?

A better solution is always to reduce taxation.  Ronald Reagan did this and the American economy grew quickly.  Reagan’s critics said the government could not function with less taxation revenue but lowering taxes did not result in less overall revenue.  The government actually collected more taxes at the lower tax rate because of the economic growth.  Reagan increased tax revenue by taking a smaller share of a much larger pie.

Communism does not work because it cannot work.  It always shrinks the economy and retards growth.  Communism makes everyone equal by making everyone equally poor.  This is a lesson I hope Albertans learn in the next 7 days or they will find out the hard way for the next 4 years and beyond.


When don’t Citizens matter?

Theoretically a government has an obligation to their citizens.  That obligation is very simple, enact policies that benefit the largest number of citizens possible.  There is great debate about what those policies might be.  Should the government re-distribute wealth or should they stay out of the way and allow people to create their own wealth.  It is an ideological debate with the same end point; benefiting citizens.

That is the theory, here is the reality.  Very few modern politicians believe they have any obligation to the citizens of their country.  For them the world is inverted.  Modern politicians believe their obligation is to the citizens of other countries.  Why else would they allow unrestricted illegal migration?

There is a deluge of people pouring over the American southern border.  Instead of treating these people for what they are, intruders, the US government is treating them as invited guests.  Taxpayers are paying to house these intruders in hotels all over the country and there are hundreds of thousands of them.  In New York alone 50% of the hotel rooms are occupied by migrants.

In 2019 there were 138,000 hotel rooms in New York City.  69,000 rooms with multiple people in each room means that in New York alone there are likely more than 200,000 intruders living off taxpayers.  Has anyone stopped to think about what this is costing?  There is of course the obvious cost of the hotel rooms but has anyone considered how many jobs will be lost due to this?

There are a lot of hotel rooms in NYC because normally a lot of people travel to NYC.  Hotel owners have no problem filling their rooms without freeloading invaders.  Normally these rooms are full of tourists and business people.  People who stay a short time.  The rooms get turned over regularly which requires and army of maids, laundry staff, bell hops, etc.  Not only do the normal occupants stay for a short period but they move around NYC spending a lot of money in restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, and theatres.  Those days of supporting thousands of jobs are over.

The rooms are now full of long term residents who do not go to restaurants or the theaters.  How long do you think it will be before these businesses start laying off staff?  This is not different than the lockdowns.  Wealthy political elite are pursuing their own selfish agenda.  Their agenda will be paid for by people with less than them.

Anything they do not get punished for they will do again.  In 2020 we allowed these sociopaths to classify waiters, maids, and bartenders as non-essential and force them in to unemployment.  For the greater good the lowest rung of the productive economic ladder were deemed expendable.  Here we are in 2023 and they are doing it again.  Gaining what they want at the expense of people who can afford it the least.  How many times will we allow them to do this before we say no?

Built Better for Whom?

Prior to Justin’s step father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau (PET) immigrants to Canada quickly assimilated and became Canadian.  Canada was a melting pot.  PET did not like that and he began to aggressively pursue multiculturalism.  New Canadians were encouraged to hold on to their culture and not assimilate because assimilation and getting along with others was now somehow bad.

Public Schools were enlisted to teach that the United States was a melting pot and Canada was multicultural.  I was of course taught that the Canadian approach was superior to the American though I could see no obvious advantages to multiculturalism.  It never made sense to me why someone would immigrate to Canada if they did not want to be Canadian.

Now that I am older multiculturalism makes sense.  I still have not found any inherent value in multiculturalism but I have come to understand the motivation behind it.  Politicians use multiculturalism as a weapon.

Western governments are also using multiculturalism to destroy our societies.  Prior to COVID multiculturalism was the most effective weapons governments wielded.  This is not about race it is about culture.  You can have a multi-racial society you just cannot have a multicultural society.  Culture is many things.  One of them is a common set of ideals and morals.  There is mutual agreement about what is right and what is wrong.

The political elite want to fundamentally change our societies but you can’t build something new before destroying the old.  History is very clear on how this can be done.  The best way to destroy a society that has persevered for centuries is to adopt multiculturalism.

The incentives for individuals to integrate themselves as Romans were also clear. A Gaul or a Spaniard did not get ahead by being a Gaul or a Spaniard but by becoming Roman. 

So why did Rome finally “fall?” In Der Fall Roms, Alexander Demandt famously provides 210 reasons. We will only consider one of the key reasons here: Rome’s shift from a “melting pot” to a “multicultural” system of managing its ethnic diversity. 

In a melting pot individuals get ahead by contributing to society.  In multiculturalism groups get ahead by taking from society.  Once each group claims their piece the society is gone; fragmented in to various ethnic and cultural enclaves.

PET may have acted sooner than most but Canada is certainly not alone on this destructive path.  Every multicultural society is seeing the destructive nature of multiculturalism.  Different Ethnic groups are carving out their enclaves with violence and fraud.  The balkanization of western society at this point likely cannot be stopped.

Multiculturalism, COVID and Climate Change are all part of the same plan.  The elite are tearing down societies that took centuries to build in order to build back better for their own interests.  They are not just fiddling while Rome burns.  They lit the fire and every day they pour fuel on it.

Don’t follow the Hype, follow the Math

For some reason the ridiculous claim that COVID vaccinations saved 19 million lives is circulating again on twitter.  The claim was made last year in the medical journal Lancet.  The claim was based on extrapolating increasing COVID deaths essentially forever.  The fact that the pandemic did not continue to rage was taken as proof the vaccines worked.  It was politically motivated junk science that should have never been published.

The first thing any scientist must consider is whether something else could explain the phenomena you are studying.  No pandemic or infectious outbreak has ever lasted forever.  They all peak and fall off naturally so how do you now the decline in COVID deaths was not natural?  The authors of the lancet paper basically discarded everything we know about pandemics and declared COVID would never have ended without the vaccines.  There conclusions are bullshit.

Since the paper was published many people have done rather detailed math and concluded the vaccines likely save no one.

Moreover, 30% to 40% is not necessarily the true effectiveness. We have clear evidence of ‘healthy vaccinee bias‘, a type of confounding bias, in both the U.S. and the U.K.. People of the same age who were vaccinated against Covid were healthier, on average, than their unvaccinated counterparts, as evident by lower non-Covid mortality. Therefore, the unbiased VE should be smaller. For example, a modest bias correction factor around 1.5 would drive VE of 40% close to zero.

Billions have been vaccinated under the slogan”safe and effective’.

It was neither.

I don’t know why they bothered.  The math is really quite simple something I pointed out in October of last year.  You only need to consider 2 things.  First by their design it is impossible for the COVID jabs to prevent a single infection.

When the mRNA vaccines were introduced we were told that they were +95% effective at preventing infection.  Anthony Fauci and other hoaxers went on television to claim the vaccines would stop the virus in its tracks.  This was a lie.  It is impossible for any intramuscular injection to produce immunity to airborne viruses.  These charlatans know that to be true, this is why pharmaceutical companies are working on nasal spray flu vaccines.  For immunity against airborne viruses you must produce an antibody response at the point of infection which is the airways.

And that the ratio of deaths to infection did not change after vaccinating 90% of the population.

If the vaccines don’t prevent infection but do prevent serious infection then infections may not go down but deaths should.  The ratio of deaths per infection should go down dramatically after vaccination programs start.  So did that happen?  No it did not

Here is how that math works.  Let’s assume that over a set period of time 1% of people will get infected and die from COVID.  If no one gets jabbed then everyone is in the same boat and in a group of 10,000 people 100 will die.  Now we jab 90% of the people.  The jabs cannot prevent infection so the same number of people gets infected but the Jabs save 50% of the people.  Remember that is the claim the jabs do not prevent infection but they do prevent severe infection and death.

So without the jab 1% die but with the Jab only 50% of the 1% die.  The ratio of deaths to infection for the jabbed is 0.5% while the un-jabbed remain the same at 1%.  With that we get the following numbers.

  • In an un-jabbed world 1% of 10,000 people die so total deaths are 100.
  • With 90% jabbed and the jabs work 50% of the time we have 0.5% of 9,000 dying and 1% of 1,000 people dying. 45 jabbed people and 10 un-jabbed people die for total deaths of 55 people out of 10,000; a ratio of 0.55%.

Using that quick math we can see that a 50% effective treatment would have caused the infection fatality ratio to drop from 1% to 0.55% and that did not happen.  The only way the jabs could work without changing the death to infection ratio would have been if the virus suddenly became far more deadly to un-jabbed.  The 45 deaths prevented in the jabbed group would have to occur in the un-jabbed group so total deaths in the un-jabbed would be 55 out of 1000 or 5.5%.  Do you really think a virus would sudden become 5.5 times more dangerous?

The only reason I can think of for these ridiculous claims to re-surface is that the government is planning a new vaccination program.  They are priming people to believe the vaccines saved them last time so this winter, when there is a new variant or a brand new virus, you will line up for the new “vaccine”.  Don’t fall for this again.  MRNA injections are not vaccines and they did not work.