The consensus is around Money not Science

There is always a consensus in science right before some maverick comes along and proves everyone wrong.  Science is about upending long held beliefs with better data and better analysis.  Consensus is not science it is politics, which is why we should always be wary of statements like 97% of scientists agree.  In politics the majority rules; in science the truth rules and it only takes one person with the truth.

To a real scientist consensus is meaningless but to a politician scientific consensus is very useful as propaganda and incredibly easy to produce.  You do not actually need all scientists to agree; you just need to silence and misrepresent the ones who don’t.  This is exactly the case with the consensus on climate change.

Everyone has heard the fantastic claim that 97% of scientists agree that CO2 is causing dangerous climate change.  This claim came from a paper written years ago.  The authors of this paper reviewed thousands of other scientific papers and classified them as either supporting or denying climate change.  They claimed that 97% of the papers supported the global warming narrative.  Like everything else from the climate cult this is a lie.

What the authors did was count any paper that dealt with any aspect of climate change as affirmation of the theory.  This was not true.  In fact 99.7% of the papers never said anything about the cause of the climate change.  They only studied the effects of climate change.

They reviewed the actual papers used by Cook and found that only 0.3% of the 11,944 abstracts and 1.6% of the smaller sample that excluded those papers expressing no opinion endorsed man-made global warming as they defined it.

It is true that thousands of scientists study the effects of climate change.  Scientists study climate change for the same reason people rob banks; because that is where the money is.  Research scientists usually don’t produce a product that can be sold.  Their income comes from research grants and most of those come from governments.  So researches are force to go hat in hand to the government asking for money.  These people are not stupid.  They know the odds of receiving funding go up dramatically if they can link their research to climate change.

This is how the funding game works.  Say your objective is to study butterfly reproduction.  Your odds of getting funding will depend on how you word your proposal.  There is a matrix that must be considered.

Proposal wording Chance of funding
Study butterfly reproduction Less than 10% of getting any funding.
Study the effects of climate change on butterfly reproduction 100% chance of getting some funding with a 50% of getting what you ask for.
Study whether climate change could lead to butterfly extinction 100% chance of getting some funding with more than 90% chance of getting everything you ask for
Study how the potential collapse of butterfly populations due to climate change could change entire eco systems 100% chance of getting what you ask for with at least a 50% chance of getting much more than you ask for.
Study how collapsing butterfly populations and changing ecosystems due to climate change can lead to extinction of all life on earth. You will get funding for multiple years and at least one major network will put you on retainer as their climate change expert.


In the end you are just studying butterfly reproduction but how much money you get depends on how much of your soul you are willing to sell.  The scientific consensus around climate change is just an agreement among scientists that getting research funding is better than not getting research funding.  Anyone who does not want to play this game will toll away in obscurity and poverty, unless they make the mistake of pointing out CO2 is not a problem.

We are guaranteeing another Fake Emergency

Apparently the plandemic is over.  Joe Biden will let the emergency declaration lapse on May 11th just days after the WHO cancelled its emergency declaration.   Tedros was quite reflective while cancelling the emergency.  In hindsight Tedros believes next time they will do things differently.  But, don’t get your hopes up.  Tedros does not mean that next time they will not fuel panic and disseminate false information.  No, Tedros was just lamenting that they did not do enough of that and as a result not enough people died.

“One of the greatest tragedies of COVID-19 is that it didn’t have to be this way. We have the tools and technologies to prepare for pandemics better, detect them earlier, respond to them faster, and communicate their impact. But globally, a lack of coordination, a lack of equity, and lack of solidarity meant that those tools were not used as effectively as they could have been,”

Cancelling the emergency declarations does not signal that COVID or COVID tyranny is over; far from it in fact.  The liberal party of Canada proudly declares on their website that they will continue punishing people who will not blindly obey.

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Require that travellers on interprovincial trains, commercial flights, cruise ships, and other federally regulated vessels be vaccinated.

Emergency declarations are being allowed to lapse everywhere simply because they are no longer useful.  Their primary purpose was to coerce people to regularity submit to Pfizer and people simply are not willing to do that any more.

The emergency declarations have lost their impact and are no longer lucrative.  The bottom has fallen out of the COVID market.  The declining profitability of COVID also has many insiders moving on to greener pastures.  The second biggest COVID liar next to Anthony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, has resigned from the CDC.


She even sites the waning profits pandemic as her reason for leaving.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has resigned. The waning of the coronavirus pandemic was cited Friday as the reason for her departure.

Don’t cry for Dr. Walensky.  I doubt she is facing poverty.  After faithfully playing her part in this farce I am sure she will be rewarded with a high paying low responsibility post somewhere.

The only way to make sure this never happens again is to punish the people who caused it.  Sadly, we are moving in the opposite direction.    Criminals like Fauci, Walensky and Ardern are being allowed to move on to accept their rewards.  We are letting them get away with it, thereby guaranteeing there will be another pandemic, lockdown, and vaccine.  COVID might be gone but the COVID business model is forever.

Pretending to save the planet is unaffordable in more ways than One

Politicians love to spend other people’s money which is why politicians love climate change.  Climate change is a great excuse to spend money.  I mean real money, billions and even trillions.  Justin Trudeau just gave Volkswagen 13 billion for his climate crusade.  According to Justin taking money from profitable enterprises to give to companies producing products that still require further government subsidies, is how you build an economy.

To put it lightly Justin is not much of an economist but that does not keep him from trying.  I am certain that this 13 billion will spur huge economic growth even though we have little to show for the previous billions he has spent.  Justin is willing to flush billions down the climate change rabbit hole but Justin is a piker compared to Joe Biden.  The US is planning to spend 50 trillion dollars without any expectation of changing the temperature.


Senator Kennedy just exposed the biggest absurdity of the climate cult.  The Cultists want to spend trillions to reverse climate change even though they have no idea if it will work.  I have discussed this in previous posts; the science is far from “settled”.  There are no equations that can be used to predict the temperature of the earth based on CO2 concentrations.  Sure there are climate models but every model gives a different answer and none of them reflect what actually happens.  Every single one of them is wrong.

A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie.  There is no evidence that the planet is burning up because you did not spend $70,000 on a Tesla.  In fact there is no evidence that what we are seeing is not natural.  The temperature and rate of change is well within what should be considered normal.


Nothing unusual is going on.  The climate emergency is a fake emergency.  It is even more artificial than COVID.  At least with COVID there was an actual virus, albeit an engineered one that was released to convince us of an emergency.  People need to wake up.  You need to ask yourself if COVID and Climate change were both real emergencies how come these 2 very different situations have the same solution; lockdowns.


The COVID pandemic response had nothing to do with a virus just as climate change policies have nothing to do with climate.  They are both instruments of control and wealth transfer.  Politicians will spend until the public treasury is exhausted.  After that it will not matter because you will be imprisoned in your 15 minute city.  You will have no choice but to work for our new kings and queens in exchange for insects to eat and your prison cell.

COVID policy worked perfectly, just not for COVID

The Surgeon General of the US has just discovered that isolation is not good for public health.  It is so bad that the impact on premature death is comparable to smoking.

 “Lacking connection can increase the risk of premature death to levels comparable to smoking daily,”

Wow this is huge.  The top doctor in the US has re-discovered science that is more than 1000 years old.  It is well documented and ancient science that tells us stress and isolation causes premature death.  So now the US surgeon general is finally questioning whether lockdowns were really a good idea after all.  I guess he is finally conceding that lockdowns were a bad idea but he still has no clue why lockdowns even happened.

But the crisis deeply worsened when COVID-19 spread, prompting schools and workplaces to shut their doors and sending millions of Americans to isolate at home away from relatives or friends.

Apparently it is just another COVID mystery what prompted businesses and schools to close.  I am a little confused by this.  I thought businesses and schools closed because sociopath Politicians and Bureaucrats mandated the closures.  But, I guess I am wrong.  When the political elite get on TV and tell you that if you don’t close you will go to prison you don’t really need to close.   Somehow you would have been allowed to continue operating your business from prison.  It really is odd that anything closed then isn’t it?

Governments knew that lockdowns would not work and would be harmful.  Lockdowns were designed to increase the number of people who died and it worked.  So did medical interference.  Government increased the body count by preventing doctors from re-purposing safe effective drugs.  Ivermectin was banned in many countries.  The excuse was that it had not been approved for off label use.  This is a lie.  Ivermectin already had many off label uses and now that the COVID narrative has collapsed it is suddenly approved for off label use again.

After a 628 day ban for no medical reason, the Australian TGA has decided that our doctors will be allowed to prescribe ivermectin “off label” again, like they did for decades without a problem.

Lockdowns and medical intervention did nothing other than increase the number of people who died.  That was the point of the whole exercise.  This was never about a virus or public health.


There is really only one unanswered question about the COVID pandemic; will you let them get away with this?

Plundering the Public Purse

Canada has a housing crisis.  Vancouver and Toronto have tried to fix the problem by forcing vacant property owners to rent their properties.  This is typical of government, cause a problem and then force private citizens to bear the costs of fixing the problem.  Make no mistake about it the Canadian housing crisis was caused by the Canadian government.  The housing crisis is just one of the many problems from suddenly quadrupling immigration.

The Trudeau Liberals doubled immigration in 2021/22 and have announced plans to double it again.  They have done this for 2 reasons neither of which are good for Canadian citizens; skew voter demographics and create a housing crisis.

The federal liberals are a declining brand.  Even before the idiotic Trudeau administration public support was gradually falling.  Instead of producing policies that might benefit Canadians and therefore win their vote, Trudeau as per usual, is taking the easy route.  Immigrants tend to vote for the party that let them in.  Trudeau is desperately fast tracking immigrants to shore up support before the next federal election.  Canadian immigration policies are blatant election tampering.

Skewing voter demographics is for political gain while the housing crisis is for financial gain.  It is hardly surprising that when parliament is full of landlords that they implement policies designed to increase rental income.

While it isn’t inherently wrong to invest in real estate, it’s a worry that one-of-three Ottawa cabinet ministers — the people making absolutely crucial decisions impacting the cost of owning and renting — bring in significant personal wealth from housing.

Roughly speaking, Canada’s federal and provincial politicians are invested, if not speculating, in property at more than double the rate of everyone else.

Not a single politician in Canada has pushed back on what are now unsustainable immigration rates because too many of them are making windfall profits from it.  This is the same reason no politician has said anything negative about the vaccines or the vaccine mandates; most of them make money from it.  Modern politics is about personal profit.  Politicians become millionaires by enforcing policies that transfer money from your bank account to theirs.

In Feudal times if you were not born in to royalty your only way to become wealthy was to start a business and earn your wealth.  Today you do not need to be born in to royalty; you can be elected into it.  Professional politicians have learned that it is far easier to get elected and plunder the wealth of others than it is to actually create wealth.  The scourge of modern society is professional politicians; the world would be infinitely better off without them.

The New Normal incudes dangerous Precedents

In the spring of 2020 we were put in to a funnel that ended with forced vaccination.  Some like Justin Trudeau are trying to re-write history claiming that no one was forced to be vaccinated but that is simply not true.  Refusing the vaccine would result in unemployment and travel restrictions.  How many people do you know are financially independent and don’t need to work?  How many people do you know that have commitments that necessitate travel?  The people that tell Justin what to say knew that 80 to 90% of the population would have no choice but to get vaccinated.  They were not forced they just had no other option.

Under some circumstances forcing someone to take a proven vaccine can be justified but these things were not proven; they were not even vaccines.  That was the point of the whole exercise.  With COVID government established two very dangerous precedents.  First, that you can be forced to take any treatment the government chooses.  And second, that new drugs no longer need to be rigorously tested.  Anything Pfizer wants to sell will be approved by a handful of shareholders dissecting a few dozen rodents.

It is no wonder that Albert Bourla is giddy about the future of his Pfizer shares.


This is the dawn of a new age.  If you thought pharmaceutical profits were high before you ain’t seen nothing yet.  The new normal is exaggerated viral threats, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, wealth transfer, and obscene profits for the ruling class.  I bet you missed the part when they explained the end point of 2 weeks to flatten the curve.  I didn’t, it was there you just had to read in between the lines.  You never get back power you allow government to take.

Pfizer and government have achieved all their goals.  Not only have they set new precedents many people agree with them.  Many people don’t even need to be forced to accept new treatments.  The media managed to convince them the new treatment saved their life in particular even though there is no evidence any lives were saved.   Such is the power of marketing.

It is disturbing so many people were willing to accept everything without question.  That means this can all easily happen again.  There will be a new virus, a new threat, and a new mRNA injection.  It is not a matter of if, it is when and the answer to that is soon.  They are already planning the next one just as the planned COVID.


It was no accident that the funnel ended at forced vaccination.  This was all planned and part of the planning was to eliminate all known medical remedies.  Why else would the French have decided to make HCQ unattainable mere months before declaring a pandemic?  Do you really think that was a coincidence?  Nothing about COVID was natural.  The virus was engineered and intentionally released.  Then a carefully rehearsed plan was enacted.  It was always about profits and was never about a virus.