Plundering the Public Purse

Canada has a housing crisis.  Vancouver and Toronto have tried to fix the problem by forcing vacant property owners to rent their properties.  This is typical of government, cause a problem and then force private citizens to bear the costs of fixing the problem.  Make no mistake about it the Canadian housing crisis was caused by the Canadian government.  The housing crisis is just one of the many problems from suddenly quadrupling immigration.

The Trudeau Liberals doubled immigration in 2021/22 and have announced plans to double it again.  They have done this for 2 reasons neither of which are good for Canadian citizens; skew voter demographics and create a housing crisis.

The federal liberals are a declining brand.  Even before the idiotic Trudeau administration public support was gradually falling.  Instead of producing policies that might benefit Canadians and therefore win their vote, Trudeau as per usual, is taking the easy route.  Immigrants tend to vote for the party that let them in.  Trudeau is desperately fast tracking immigrants to shore up support before the next federal election.  Canadian immigration policies are blatant election tampering.

Skewing voter demographics is for political gain while the housing crisis is for financial gain.  It is hardly surprising that when parliament is full of landlords that they implement policies designed to increase rental income.

While it isn’t inherently wrong to invest in real estate, it’s a worry that one-of-three Ottawa cabinet ministers — the people making absolutely crucial decisions impacting the cost of owning and renting — bring in significant personal wealth from housing.

Roughly speaking, Canada’s federal and provincial politicians are invested, if not speculating, in property at more than double the rate of everyone else.

Not a single politician in Canada has pushed back on what are now unsustainable immigration rates because too many of them are making windfall profits from it.  This is the same reason no politician has said anything negative about the vaccines or the vaccine mandates; most of them make money from it.  Modern politics is about personal profit.  Politicians become millionaires by enforcing policies that transfer money from your bank account to theirs.

In Feudal times if you were not born in to royalty your only way to become wealthy was to start a business and earn your wealth.  Today you do not need to be born in to royalty; you can be elected into it.  Professional politicians have learned that it is far easier to get elected and plunder the wealth of others than it is to actually create wealth.  The scourge of modern society is professional politicians; the world would be infinitely better off without them.