Herding Cattle for the Great Reset

It only took 3 years but now we are finally discussing the obvious, masks do not work.

“There is just no evidence that they” — masks — “make any difference,” he told the journalist Maryanne Demasi. “Full stop.”

The mask discussion was triggered by a paper published last month that found no discernable impact from masks or even respirators.

Wearing N95/P2 respirators probably makes little to no difference in how many people have confirmed flu (5 studies; 8407 people); and may make little to no difference in how many people catch a flu-like illness (5 studies; 8407 people), or respiratory illness (3 studies; 7799 people). 

Multiple studies have come to the same conclusion but for some reason this study hit a nerve and started the conversation.  Readers of this blog were not surprised by any of this.  I have discussed Masks on the blog multiple times and quite simply when it comes to masks the math does not work.  It is impossible for even N95 masks to stop something as small as a virus.

But none of this means that mask mandates did not work.  Mask mandates worked exceptionally well for their intended purpose which was never to impede transmission.  Mask mandates were used to identify and marginalize anyone who would not blindly obey government.

One government insider told me that ‘we are lying when we say masks work. They are a signal, a psyop. And we’ve criminalized not wearing them. Masks also transfer the blame onto individuals for the epidemic spreading. We have people counting the unmasked on public transport, policing each other. It is deeply unethical that we have set people against each other in this way. It allows the creation of an “out group” to blame.’

The Pandemic response was never about a virus.  It was an exercise in population control.  Governments could not syphon off our cash and usher in the great reset without first removing liberty.  Mandatory masking was a good first step.   Not only did the mandates identify and marginalize independent thinkers they also conditioned the sheep for the next step; the vaccines.

This morning I saw these videos.  I don’t know who this woman is but she has an interesting perspective on why the vaccine programs utilized escalating coercion.  Mask mandates were a very crude sorting tool.  People fell in to 2 broad categories; sheep and thinkers.  The vaccine programs were much more surgical.  They were used to judge your level of compliance.



From the vaccine programs government now knows they don’t need to worry about 50% of the population.  Those people will obey without question.  Another 20% can be bought.  Given the right personal incentive they are quite happy to let the government take chances with their lives.  The last 30% will not cooperate without some rational explanation or threat of violence.

It is fitting that Albert Bourla is a vet.  This was an exercise in herding cattle.  Government now has us neatly categorized and unlike the mask mandates they have auditable lists.  The government knows who took the vaccines and when they took them so they know exactly which group your fall in.  This is crucial data for implementing the 15 minute prisons.  They already know who will try to escape.

We still have not asked the most important Question

Woody Harrelson told this joke on Saturday night live.


The very best comedy bites because it is underpinned by an uncomfortable truth and Woody Harrelson just exposed an ugly truth about COVID on national television.  But we live in an age where the truth is the sworn enemy of useful idiots everywhere so the public response was predictable.  Woody Harrelson was quickly attacked on social media.

The Truth can hurt, be funny, or be dangerous.  You can ban it, but it is still the truth.  With respect to COVID the truth is very dangerous for a lot of people because a lot of people made a lot of money by destroying lives.  Too many people have too much to lose if the public ever wakes up to the truth about COVID.  This was never about a virus.  It was always about money, your money.


Censorship was key to COVID success.  As long as people did not know the truth they would follow the false narratives.  For 3 years the media/government alliance was wildly successful with the censorship programs but Woody Harrelson’s joke is a huge blow to the narrative.  The narrative is collapsing on live television.  Even the most taboo of all subjects, the virus origins and the censorship surrounding it, is finally being discussed.

Millions have been spent to suppress any information indicating the SARS COV-2 virus was engineered in a lab.  We were to believe that the virus was just some unfortunate evolutionary accident, but that is a lie.  COVID was not some act of god; it was an act of human Hubris.  It was people playing god.  People with no moral compass brought the world to its knees.

That is why the story of the virus origins was censored so vigorously.  People followed all the ridiculous restrictions because they accepted that this was no one’s fault and we have no other choice.  Their ignorance was key to their compliance.  How happy do you think people would have been with house arrest if they knew none of it had to happen?  Governments knew the truth would cause social unrest and derail their plans so no discussion of the lab origin was allowed.

Those days are over.  People no longer believe this virus is natural but that does not mean the censorship is over.  In a way even the articles that admit SARS COV-2 was engineered are still censoring important information.  To understand why I say that consider this question.  Why do we call this the lab leak theory rather than the lab origins theory?

Those might seem to be the same but there is a subtle and important distinction.  They both admit the virus came from a lab but one is leading and the other is not.  Lab origins is neutral it says nothing about the next logical question.  Lab leak is leading.  People that use the term lab leak are trying to answer the next question before it is asked.  How the virus originated is not the same question as how did it get out.  By using the phrase lab leak the media is telling you this was still an accident.  Still somehow an act of god.

This was not an accident.  The people who built this virus built it for a reason.  It was released on purpose as part of a larger plan.  Don’t let them call this a lab leak.  It was not a leak it was a controlled targeted release.  When people finally accept that then we can ask the next important question.  Who was involved in this conspiracy?

Intellectual Honesty is a crime in any Totalitarian Country

The title of this post is not mine.  It is a quote from George Orwell.  Orwell, probably more than any other author, tried to warn us about what was coming if we continue down the same path.  We did not listen and now telling the truth is a crime.  In Canada telling the truth is quickly becoming the only criminal offense that carries any punishment.

You don’t even need to go to court to be found guilty.  A BC teacher just lost his job for telling the truth about residential schools.  Residential schools were boarding schools for native children run usually by churches at the request of the Canadian government.  The Canadian government was concerned that the natives were not assimilating and were not sending their children to school.  They rightfully identified this to be a serious future problem and their solution was residential schools.

Residential schools are a political hot button in Canada and as such no one is allowed to tell the truth about residential schools.  Every Canadian is obligated to believe that the government seized any native child they could find and confined them in residential schools where they were abused and eventually killed.

The problem with that narrative is that it is almost completely a lie.  I know this because I did my own research.  When residential schools first hit the news I was working in a remote area of northern BC.  It was a camp job and one of the cooks in the camp was native.  When the media started publishing stories of abuse our cook told me a very different story.

The cook is metis.  Metis is a strange definition in Canada.  Metis are the children of white fur traders and their native brides.  When the treaties were signed people had to declare if they were Native or Metis.  Canada was so woke more than 100 years ago that you got to pick your race.  Anyone who declared themselves to be Metis was not considered native even if they had more native blood than people who declared themselves to be native.

Metis are not covered by the treaties and usually do not live on the reserves.  Metis were not eligible to send their children to residential schools.  The cook told me that she was jealous when all of her friends from the reserve got to go to the residential school when she could not.  This statement was completely at odds with what the media was telling me (go figure).  Why would our cook want to go to the residential school when she saw her friends forcefully seized only to return later in a body bag?  Obviously her friends returned every summer and told her what the schools were like.

This serious disconnect motivated me to do my own research.  I found once again that the media was telling half-truths.  Some children were seized by the government but these were children were removed for neglect.  Most native children attended residential schools because their parents signed consent forms.  I don’t know if this involved coercion or if it was just concerned parents who wanted their children to get an education.

“It is usually known that newspapers do not say the truth, but it is also known that they cannot tell whoppers.”

George Orwell

It is also true that more than 3000 children died in the residential schools.  But this was over 130 years and the BC teacher is absolutely correct, almost all of them died of disease.  The big killer was tuberculosis (TB).  TB was not just a problem in residential schools.  It was endemic and killed children everywhere in Canada during this period.  There is no reason to believe that more children died in the schools than would have died back home on the reserve.

The teacher, Jim McMurtry, was telling the truth and the principal knows that.  He was fired anyway because as a Canadian teacher it is not his job to teach students the truth.

 “Regardless of his intent he left students with the impression some or all of the deaths could be contributed [sic] to ‘natural causes’ and that the deaths could not be called murder or cultural genocide,” the documents said. His comments were “contrary to the school’s message of condolences and reconciliation.”

Canadian public schools are not in the business of education.  Their mandate is indoctrination.  If schools start prioritizing truth Justin Trudeau and his clown car cabinet will never be elected again.

Lies about the residential schools are so powerful that even when they are disproven they persist.  A few years ago a group announced that ground penetrating radar had identified a mass grave on the grounds of the former residential school in Kamloops BC.  The media hyped this as proof of genocide.  Archeologists were hired to exhume and identify the bodies so that they could be returned to their families.  When the “grave” was dug up no bodies were found.  The ground penetrating radar operators admitted what they saw was likely tree roots.

This was just another media hyped lie that was quickly glossed over.  The mass grave was fictions yet that did not stop a native activist from invoking it during his criminal contempt trial.  His defense was that he could not be guilty because he helped plant 215 trees to memorialize the 215 fictitious victims of the Kamloops School.  Our collective white guilt was supposed to be so great that we could not convict him of any crime.

I was not surprised that a criminal would lie to avoid punishment.  I was, however, surprised that the judge would not let him get away with it.  The judge cut him off stating that no bodies were found but this is where the story becomes quintessential Canadian.  The media did not know how to cover a case where the truth was told in a Canadian court room.  I would guess that they discussed not covering it at all but in the end they decided to start the story with a disclaimer.

CONTENT WARNING: This story has content about the Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS). Please read with care.

The media warned Canadians that they were about to be exposed to the truth because they know how unsettling the truth can be to most Canadians.

Some abuse undoubtedly occurred in the residential schools.  For 130 years we ran a system were poor children were separated from their parents.  Parents who were unable to check in on them.  A system like this is bound to attract some very undesirable people.  But the abuse was obviously not wide spread or systematic.  If it was Natives would never have signed consent forms.  In the end residential schools were probably the wrong thing done for the right reasons but we are not allowed to have an honest conversation about that.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.

George Orwell

We are not allowed to have honest conversation about anything in Canada.  Canada is a tower of lies.  Justin Trudeau’s Canada takes lies to a ridiculously extent.  We now live in a country where teachers are fired for telling the truth and disclaimers have to be put on any accidental truthful disclosures by judiciary.  2 plus 2 will always equal 4 but in Canada it is illegal to say that.  Canada is no longer free.  Canadians have been imprisoned by lies and our captor is the king lies.

Your Chance of COVID increases exponentially with your Trust in Government

Governments will never let COVID end.  This has been obvious for a very long time that’s why in August of 2021 I wrote this.

Governments are choosing to prolong the pandemic.  With vaccines they are actively working towards making it perpetual.

In 2021 when I wrote that it was considered very tin foil hatish.  But like all things COVID yesterday’s conspiracy theory becomes today’s fact.  In this recent video a Bill gates acolyte explains the COVID will never end and the goal is to inject you with a new untested product every year for the rest of your life.


COVID was and continues to be the largest wealth transfer in history.  Money is being syphoned away from ordinary people and ultimately ends up in the bank accounts of the political elite.  The political elite will keep this farce alive for as long as possible or until the money runs out.  When you own nothing it will be over and you will have no one to blame but yourself.  People like me have been shouting from the rooftops for a very long time now and most people still chose not to listen.

You have to admit this is a brilliant business model.  Develop a vaccine that does not work and then sell it by releasing a virus that does.  People need to wake up.  We have been played for 2 years by people that do not give a damn about your safety.

COVID vaccines are a perpetual money machine.  As long as we keep vaccinating people the pandemic will not end because the most common COVID vaccine injury is a COVID infection.  COVID jabs will cause COVID infections which cause the weak minded among us to run out and get jabbed again for “protection” against COVID.  Like I said, it is a brilliant business model.

We really should have seen this coming.  Publicly available data proves that the jabs are fueling the pandemic.

Currently in Alberta the vaccines offer no protection against infection and seem to be increasing the severity of the infection. 

I wrote that over a year ago and since writing that another 25 million doses have been used in Canada.  From a medical perspective the vaccines have clearly failed yet more than a year later we are still using them.  The reason is very simple, success like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  As far as the political elite are concerned the COVID jabs might be the most successful program they have ever forced on the public.  Again don’t say you were not warned.

From the public’s perspective that is proof that the vaccines have failed but the public perspective is not the government perspective.  As far as governments are concerned the vaccines have been a rip roaring success because they keep the virus circulating and mutating endlessly.

The vaccines don’t just increase your chance of infection they also increase your chance of re-infection.  The following data is from Australia.  Your chance of getting COVID increases with every shot.  If you extrapolate this trend it indicates everyone will get COVID eventually, it is simply a matter of how many shots you have taken.

By destroying innate immunity the COVID jabs increase the number of people susceptible to COVID.  Multiple studies showed that innate immunity to the SARS CoV-2 virus was very high.  80% of people would never get COVID as long as they had the good sense not to take a treatment that destroys innate immunity.  Sadly that did not happen.  Almost everyone took the jab and 100% of people who take the jab are susceptible to COVID.  Not only that but they have a 60% chance of multiple re-occurring infections.  Unvaccinated people by contrast have only a 7% chance of re-infection.  As long as people continue to roll up their sleeves the pandemic will never end.

Not surprisingly almost everyone I know who got COVID got it after they were jabbed.  Most of them would never had gotten COVID had they not been jabbed and now most of them will get COVID again.  I am un-jabbed and in 3 years I have not gotten COVID even though I have not followed a single government COVID regulation.  At this point it looks highly likely that I am one of the 80% that will never get COVID.  Unless, of course I do something incredibly stupid like listening to government.

The Freedom Convoy could still result in Freedom

In the great tradition of third world communist dictators everywhere, Justin Trudeau appointed a family member to exonerate him of his crimes.  If Canada had completed the transition to communism this would have been the last word on the subject.  Thankfully we are not quite there yet.

There are several legal challenges to Trudeau’s clearly illegal use of the emergencies act working their way through Canadian courts.  Unfortunately the odds are still in Justin’s favor.  Justin did break the law but whether or not you break the law is rarely at issue in a Canadian courtroom.  Corruption in Canadian judiciary is so entrenched that laws are almost never rationally applied.

It is routine for Canadian Judges to ignore the law in favor of political activism but it is not always the case.  There are still some jurists who will follow the law.  The odds of justice in Canada are low but not zero.  That is why Justin is not willing to take any chances.  One year later, he has almost apologized for demonizing people he did not know and refused to even meet.


Justin has reason to be worried.  As I said his invocation of the emergencies act was illegal.  You don’t need to be a lawyer to know that; you just need to read the first couple paragraphs of the emergencies act.  It was clear a protest involving hot tubs and bouncy castles cleared none of the hurdles required by the act.  But, Justin is not worried that he broke the law; he does that all the time.  What worries Justin is that Canadians might start to think.

Again this is long odds.  It is exceptionally difficult to get Canadians to think but if it happens the results would be disastrous for Justin.  Up until now Justin has controlled the Freedom Convoy narrative quite well.  The average Canadian thinks the Freedom convoy was a bunch of right wing extremists in clad in Carhartt.  If Canadians ever achieve a full understanding of the protest they will be pissed at the outcome.

The Freedom convoy protesters wore work clothes because they were largely skilled blue collar workers.  They were truckers, tradesman, and laborers.  These people are the very definition of essential workers.  They are the salt of the earth and Canada cannot exist without them.  The protesters were opposed by a completely different class of people; politicians and government bureaucrats.  Politicians as a group have no skills of any economic value.  This was a clash between people a country needs (the truckers) and people a country is better off without (politicians).

The protesters went to Ottawa for a discussion.  They even brought medical experts with them hoping to debate pandemic policy.  The government was in no mood for a debate they could not win.  Instead they brutally and illegally ended the protest.  This is a stain on Canada’s reputation and it is not just Trudeau on the hot seat.  Every Provincial premier who was part of this planedemic is also worried.

The Premier’s did not break the law the way Trudeau did.  That is not because their behavior was any less disgusting than Trudeau’s.  It is simply because, unlike the federal emergencies act, provincial public health regulations can be applied without any justification.  Provincial premiers can suspend rights, essential declare martial law, any time they like.  All they must do is tell citizens they think too many people have the sniffles.

The court challenges Trudeau faces have the potential to expose the criminal activities of Canada’s entire political elite.  If People realize the freedom Convoy was not an emergency they may question the 13 other emergency declarations that were used to impoverish and abuse them.  Trudeau’s arrogance might ultimately upend a carefully stacked apple cart.  Canadians just might wake up and smell the tyranny.

This could imperil Trudeau’s “just transition” to communism which would be very bad news for his provincial henchmen.  They have followed Justin and gone all in on communism.  Going all in on communism is dangerous because if the revolution fails, it can end very badly for the revolution leaders.  God I hope that happens in Canada.  All we need for the dominos to start falling is one honest judge.  After that we can let the freedom convoy tradesmen build the prisons for Trudeau and the premiers.  Just one more essential service they can provide for Canadians.


Communism is not the Solution to Climate Change

I found this article yesterday.  A group of UK academics has come forward to save the planet from climate change.  They have a fool proof plan; all we must do is ration food and clothing.  If we can just make people cold enough and hungry enough the oceans will recede so quickly Al Gore’s beach front properties will no longer be in peril.  Immediately after reading the details of this clever solution to a nonexistent problem I went outside to shovel the driveway for the 3rd time in 24 hours.

I had time to think while I shoveled.  Or it might have been hallucinate since it was -25 C (-13 F) and I might have been hypothermic.  But, no matter how long I shoveled and thought I just could not agree with the academics’ conclusions. In fact I could not even understand why anyone would think a warmer earth would be a bad thing.

Fresh off saving the world from COVID by killing people with vaccines, academics and government have renewed their efforts to save us from climate change.  I wonder, how many people they will kill this time?  Make no mistake about it, climate change policies are deadly.  Far more deadly than warm weather.

It is not just the absurdity of ambulances trying to navigate around 15 minute prison bollards.


This is just routine government stupidity.  Routine government stupidity is deadly but usually only kills dozens.  The people at the top are never satisfied with dozens of deaths.  Their homicidal tendencies reach much higher than dozens of deaths.  Justin Trudeau has so much fun killing thousands of Canadians with COVID policies that he is ready to ramp up his game.  He wants to revive the largest killing apparatus of all time, communism.

Justin Trudeau is not fooling anyone.  His Just transition is just another name for central planning.  He is using the phony threat of Climate change to unjustly transition us to the Soviet economic system; a system that produced poverty, mass incarceration, and mass murder.

“This has been studied and studied and studied by an enormous number of people for a very long period of time. And the record of central planning has been miserable.”

Lee adds that “centralized planning collapses under its own weight” and needs an enormous amount of information and a “massive bureaucracy” to function, all while stifling innovation and healthy market forces.

Communism is not a solution for climate change.  Climate change has no, and requires no solution.  Scientists agree that CO2 has warmed the planet by 4 to 5 Celsius degrees already.  It did this by capturing about 80% of the available radiant energy.  Simple math tells me capturing the remaining energy will result in only about 1 degree of future warming.  When real scientists, rather than fake media experts, study climate they find we can expect 1 to 2 degrees of warming.  1 to 2 degrees of warming will be highly beneficial to humans; certainly far more beneficial than communism ever has been.

COVID was a small problem turned in to a disaster through government intervention.  CO2 induced global warming isn’t even a problem.  It is actually beneficial.  You must be a complete moron to believe that longer growing seasons and higher crop yields are something to be avoided.  The only reason we even speak about climate change is the unusually high concentration of morons infesting government, academia, and media.  Take this woman for instance.  She doesn’t just want to ration energy she wants to steal it back.


She believes the energy you paid for to charge your electric car actually belongs to her.  You were just storing it for when she might need it.  It is very convenient for her that you were storing it in the battery of the electric car that she forced you to buy.  Idiots who think they are geniuses are dangerous.  When they control governments like Justin Trudeau they are extremely dangerous.

During COVID we dutifully wore our masks, stood on the dots and followed the arrows on the floor.  Trudeau watched with joy and utter amazement for 2 years.  Our complete and unwavering compliance to the most ridiculous conditions ever imposed on a “free” society emboldened him to issue vaccine mandates.  Almost everyone lined up to take a treatment they did not need that they knew nothing about.  We proved to Justin that he can do anything he wants and what he wants is communism.  He has been very clear about that.

Compliance never leads to less tyranny.  You have a choice to make.  You can surrender everything to the government or you can push back.  If you want my advice don’t wait for the bollards to go up before you push back.


The New Normal

From day one of the plandemic politicians were adamant.  Things would never be the same again.  There would be a new normal.  The latest report out of Europe shows how true that prediction turned out to be.

The new normal is more deaths every year.  The jabs have killed and are continuing to kill Europeans even though not many Europeans are taking them anymore.  Vaccine uptake fell dramatically 1 year ago yet excess deaths continue to climb.

It appears that the damage has been done and there is no turning back.  This is what I feared and have previously discussed.  No one knows if the excess deaths will stop when we stop jabbing people; so far that does not seem to be the case.


It only took millions of unnecessary deaths and finally people are starting to question the COVID vaccines, but don’t expect governments to be forthcoming with information.  In Canada members of parliament can’t even see un-redacted versions of the vaccine contracts without signing an NDA.  So elected members of parliament will be allowed to see the contracts Trudeau signed but they won’t be able to tell anyone what they have seen.  The reason given for the secrecy would be laughable if it was not so tragic.

“It’s because these documents were signed at the beginning of a pandemic when everybody was desperate for vaccines, when companies were being told to rush vaccine production, do testing in an unprecedented way, in a way they normally don’t do it,” he said.

He added that the companies were exposed to “way higher liability” for rushing the products to market, skipping the testing that in a normal scenario would take years to complete.

They just admitted that everyone involved knew that this was not safe but they did it anyway. That is exactly why, as Dr. Campbell points out, no one wants to discuss all the excess deaths or vaccine injuries.  There is simply no way to discuss what is happening without drawing the obvious conclusions.  Western governments entered in to contracts to buy products they knew were deadly.  Then they forced everyone to take them.

Could the Money Train derail in Texas?

Things are about to get quite interesting in Texas next week.  Next week the Pfizer whistleblower lawsuit has its first day in court.  The whistleblower is Brook Jackson.  Brook was a clinical trials supervisor for a company Pfizer hired to participate in their vaccine trials.  Brook saw that Pfizer was not following any established scientific protocols. Everything you should not do in a legitimate drug trial Pfizer was doing; no standardized testing, dropping subjects with adverse events, un-blinding, etc.

The Fraud was obvious and Brook reported it to the FDA who just ignored her.  When the FDA declined to act Brook filed a civil lawsuit against Pfizer.  Incredibly Pfizer’s initial statement of defense was that the suit is frivolous because everyone was aware of the fraud therefor it was not fraud.  Apparently there is some magic number of co-conspirators that transforms fraud in to legitimate science.

This is the same approach used by the global warming cult but as a science nerd I cannot agree.  Paying off regulators and enlisting an army of useful idiots does not turn a lie in to the truth.  It just makes the lie bigger and spread the guilt further.  With the COVID vaccine fraud there are so many guilty people it is hard to know where to start so Brook chose to start at the epicenter of the lies; Pfizer’s corporate head office.


Pfizer spent a lot of money trying to avoid court which is not easy when you are obviously guilty as sin.  Pfizer still has an ace in the hole however.  With court looming Pfizer has turned to a powerful and dangerous ally; the US government.

“It is not unprecedented for the Government to file statements of interest supporting plaintiffs in declined qui tam actions. But the Statement of Interest here is entirely different. It sides with the defendant, Pfizer, and the other defendants, and urges the Court to dismiss Relator’s lawsuit because it fails to identify any ‘false or misleading’ claims, its allegations are ‘implausible,’ and the United States continues to have ‘full confidence’ in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.”

Incredibly the US government is siding with Pfizer and still clinging to the safe and effective argument although safe and effective is now “full confidence”.  So what is full confidence?  I can guarantee they are not confident that the jabs are safe or effective.  If they were they would have said so.  The declaration of confidence was intentionally vague for a reason but I doubt they are fooling anyone.  The only thing they are confident about is profits.  If they can get past this lawsuit everyone will continue to make a lot of money.  This was never about a virus, it was always about money.


Concealing Truth is always the top priority of Government

Yesterday I came across this study.  Researchers developed a nasal spray that reduced COVID transmission by 62%.  Immediately there were 2 things that struck me about this study.

  1. The study obviously was not done by Pfizer since none of the participants were killed by the treatment.
  2. The researchers finished the study nearly 2 years ago yet the study was only recently published.

Information about a simple nasal spray that did not harm anyone and actually worked was suppressed for nearly 2 years.   Our governments made a choice.  They could approve a treatment that lessened the impact of the pandemic or they could mandate a treatment that kills children at football practice.

For government this was a no brainer.  There is far more money to be made killing children than there is saving seniors.  From the government perspective vaccine injuries are no reason to allow inexpensive effective treatments.  That would stop the money train in its tracks.  Nothing stops the money train not even the truth; just as long as you can rabbit hole the truth.

Government places no value on your life.  It is not your friend and it does not protect you.  Politicians constantly place citizens in harm’s way while pursuing personal gain.  When someone is harmed by their malfeasance their only concern is concealing guilt.

Canadian corruption starts in China

I had written off the main stream Canadian Media decades ago.  Even media outlets that purport to be “right wing” like the Sun Media chain are infested with left wing lunatics eager to do the governments bidding.  I was pleasantly surprised then when I read Jamie Sarkonak for the first time two weeks ago.  Because I am  not used to anyone in a major Canadian media company telling the truth, I assumed it was just a mistake and nothing like that will ever get past her editor again.  I was wrong.

Yesterday Jamie wrote another excellent piece on Judge Rouleau’s exoneration of Justin Trudeau.  As I have previously discussed the emergency declaration was clearly illegal.  The act cannot be invoked unless 3 hurdles are met.

  1. Risk of large loss of life
  2. Threat to Canadian Sovereignty
  3. Existing rules are insufficient to manage the circumstance

Judge Rouleau did not even touch the first 2 conditions which were clearly not met.  Instead he based his ruling on the third.  Even though every witness freely admitted the existing rules were sufficient, judge Rouleau ruled the emergency declaration was legal.  His reasoning was that none of the government agencies involved were able to use the existing rules properly.  In effect the government’s justification for declaring an emergency was that they were too incompetent to do anything else.  Jamie correctly points out what a dangerous precedent this is.

One big reason the commission supported the use of emergency measures was the government’s incompetent response to the convoy. 

Incompetence as an excuse for emergency powers is a terrible precedent to set. In a twisted way, it means that government competence is a liability — if you manage the country poorly enough, you can more easily freeze the bank accounts of your opponents.

What Judge Rouleau did is a threat to democracy and few others in the Canadian media have the courage to say so.  Jamie Sarkonak had that courage and even she stopped short of saying exactly how bad this really was.  Jamie did not mention that Judge Rouleau had no business being part of this inquiry.  Not only is he a partisan political insider, something that should have disqualified him from every being a judge, he is related by marriage to Justin Trudeau.  Rouleau’s brother is married to Justin Trudeau’s Aunt.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada the corruption runs so deep Justin is allowed to appoint his own family to investigate his actions.  Canada is without a doubt the coldest banana republic on earth.  Thankfully there are still some Canadians unwilling to accept that; many of them showed up in Ottawa to again demand Trudeau’s resignation.


These protests unfortunately won’t result in much other than more protesters being arrested.  That is what happens in banana republics after all.  Despite their futility the nerd in me finds these protests quite interesting.  Did you notice the number of Canadian flags?  There is a curious inverse correlation in Canada.  The more you love Canada the more you hate Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau himself follows the correlation.  Justin loves himself and he hates Canada.  He much prefers China.


And really, why wouldn’t Justin love the China?  He wouldn’t be Prime minister without the Communist Party of China interfering in elections on his behalf.


The Canadian prime Minister is a Communist China operative.  It is right out in the open and the Canadian media ignore this inconvenient fact.  But what is even worse is that the average Canadian just does not care.