Your Chance of COVID increases exponentially with your Trust in Government

Governments will never let COVID end.  This has been obvious for a very long time that’s why in August of 2021 I wrote this.

Governments are choosing to prolong the pandemic.  With vaccines they are actively working towards making it perpetual.

In 2021 when I wrote that it was considered very tin foil hatish.  But like all things COVID yesterday’s conspiracy theory becomes today’s fact.  In this recent video a Bill gates acolyte explains the COVID will never end and the goal is to inject you with a new untested product every year for the rest of your life.


COVID was and continues to be the largest wealth transfer in history.  Money is being syphoned away from ordinary people and ultimately ends up in the bank accounts of the political elite.  The political elite will keep this farce alive for as long as possible or until the money runs out.  When you own nothing it will be over and you will have no one to blame but yourself.  People like me have been shouting from the rooftops for a very long time now and most people still chose not to listen.

You have to admit this is a brilliant business model.  Develop a vaccine that does not work and then sell it by releasing a virus that does.  People need to wake up.  We have been played for 2 years by people that do not give a damn about your safety.

COVID vaccines are a perpetual money machine.  As long as we keep vaccinating people the pandemic will not end because the most common COVID vaccine injury is a COVID infection.  COVID jabs will cause COVID infections which cause the weak minded among us to run out and get jabbed again for “protection” against COVID.  Like I said, it is a brilliant business model.

We really should have seen this coming.  Publicly available data proves that the jabs are fueling the pandemic.

Currently in Alberta the vaccines offer no protection against infection and seem to be increasing the severity of the infection. 

I wrote that over a year ago and since writing that another 25 million doses have been used in Canada.  From a medical perspective the vaccines have clearly failed yet more than a year later we are still using them.  The reason is very simple, success like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  As far as the political elite are concerned the COVID jabs might be the most successful program they have ever forced on the public.  Again don’t say you were not warned.

From the public’s perspective that is proof that the vaccines have failed but the public perspective is not the government perspective.  As far as governments are concerned the vaccines have been a rip roaring success because they keep the virus circulating and mutating endlessly.

The vaccines don’t just increase your chance of infection they also increase your chance of re-infection.  The following data is from Australia.  Your chance of getting COVID increases with every shot.  If you extrapolate this trend it indicates everyone will get COVID eventually, it is simply a matter of how many shots you have taken.

By destroying innate immunity the COVID jabs increase the number of people susceptible to COVID.  Multiple studies showed that innate immunity to the SARS CoV-2 virus was very high.  80% of people would never get COVID as long as they had the good sense not to take a treatment that destroys innate immunity.  Sadly that did not happen.  Almost everyone took the jab and 100% of people who take the jab are susceptible to COVID.  Not only that but they have a 60% chance of multiple re-occurring infections.  Unvaccinated people by contrast have only a 7% chance of re-infection.  As long as people continue to roll up their sleeves the pandemic will never end.

Not surprisingly almost everyone I know who got COVID got it after they were jabbed.  Most of them would never had gotten COVID had they not been jabbed and now most of them will get COVID again.  I am un-jabbed and in 3 years I have not gotten COVID even though I have not followed a single government COVID regulation.  At this point it looks highly likely that I am one of the 80% that will never get COVID.  Unless, of course I do something incredibly stupid like listening to government.