Governments are furiously spinning COVID data to hide Vaccine Injuries

It truly is stunning how quickly the COVID narrative is changing and how much effort governments are putting in to spinning the data.  With every passing day we get more governments trying to save face by correcting their COVID data.  First we have Ontario admitting that most of the COVID cases in the hospital are not in the Hospital because of COVID.

Then the Wicked Witch of the West admits that they were exaggerating the number of people in the ICU with COVID.


So why the sudden turnaround?  For nearly 2 years governments have not cared about data integrity.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Since March of 2020 I have highlighted dozens of ways that the government was manipulating data.  The people pushing this farce have been using the global warming playbook.  Take data out of context and manipulate when necessary.  For nearly 2 years this has worked swimmingly so why stop now?

The answer is obvious, falsifying the data is now working against their goal of injecting everyone quarterly until they die.  When no one was vaccinated the numbers had to remain high to scare people in to being vaccinated.  Now that almost everyone is vaccinated cases are higher than ever and it is increasingly difficult to blame that on the small minority of unvaccinated people.  Vaccinated people are falling ill in large numbers.  A friend of mine took the time to plot vaccine efficacy in Ontario.


Just as we have seen in Europe vaccine efficacy in Ontario is now negative.  My friend has family in Manitoba so he was also interested in Manitoba.  Manitoba is now also negative but as soon as that happened the Government pulled the vaccine outcome off of their website.  The Manitoba government is hiding data that they do not want their citizens to see.

In Alberta Vaccine efficacy has not turned negative yet but has been effectively zero for 3 weeks but I don’t think the zero effectiveness is what old triple W is worried about.  She is more likely worried about the disturbing trends in hospitalizations.  Currently in Alberta there has been a small increase in non ICU hospitalizations and no increase in ICU admissions for unvaccinated people.

That is not the case for Vaccinated people.  Hospital and ICU admissions are both sharply rising.

Currently in Alberta the vaccines offer no protection against infection and seem to be increasing the severity of the infection.  If Governments continue to falsely increase cases and hospital admissions, the case for vaccination will get weaker by the day.  This is a real problem for government.  Their goal has always been the vaccine passports.  That doesn’t work if you can’t force people to be vaccinated.

It is not at all surprising that we are seeing this now in Canada.  We have already seen it in many other countries.  There was a paper published in November that found 90% of countries would have had fewer infections and deaths if they had not started vaccinations.

Now thanks to Project VERITAS we know why that is.  This is an excerpt from a document that Project VERITAS received from a whistleblower.

Before the Vaccination programs began every Government in the world knew that mRNA vaccines worked poorly and produced the symptoms of the disease.  Remember anyone contracting COVID within 14 days of injection is considered unvaccinated and you do not need a positive test to be considered COVID positive.  The Doctor can confirm COVID from the symptoms.  Every country in the world saw a surge in cases and deaths after the start of vaccinations.  How many of the COVID cases and deaths were actually vaccine adverse events?

Governments are now reversing course and trying to minimize the number of COID cases and Deaths.  As I have warned multiple times for months the vaccines serve 2 purposes.  Provide a justification for vaccine passports and prolong the pandemic.  Governments just did not anticipate that the vaccines would be so embarrassingly good at prolonging the pandemic.

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