The Power of Big Pharma

This video both interesting and disturbing.  I do not know anything about this news station or news anchor.  I have seen her do some very unflattering stories on Justin Trudeau.  She was far more honest and accurate than any Canadian news media has been with respect to the man-child ruining Canada.  In this video she turns her attention to Pfizer.


Most countries have granted vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity.  They can not be sued for any damage their product does.  Even if the Damage was due to negligence.  Pfizer could roll out a toxic batch of vaccine because of an avoidable lab mistake without any repercussions.  This is incredible.  This is like a company selling cars without brakes having no responsibility for the accidents they cause.

Even that is not good enough for Pfizer.  Pfizer is apparently worried that government assurance and laws are not enough.  They want to hold government assets in trust that they can seize if the courts turn against them.

Think about what Pfizer is really saying here.  Pfizer is worried that the problems with their vaccine will be too large to be ignored.  They are worried that the damage will be so large that politicians will be forced to renege on their promises.  They are not exactly confident in their product, are they?

This is not surprising.  I have seen interviews where Pfizer’s president refused to say that the vaccine worked or that it was safe.  In another video he admitted that he has not taken it himself.

“I am 59 years old, I am in good health, I am not in the first line, so for my type it is not recommended to get vaccinated now,” explained the senior executive in an interview with CNBC . “As soon as I can, I will .”

After this interview Pfizer’s PR department realized just how damaging it was.  They issued a press release later stating the president has now been vaccinated.  In related news injuries from flying pigs are causing insurance premiums to rise worldwide.

Politicians all over the world jumped on the “COVID is the end of times” bandwagon.  They did this to improve their personal ratings.  They also found it way easier to govern when people voluntarily surrendered their rights in return for government protection.  All the politicians had to do was stoke fear and keep it alive.

Governments have been too successful at stoking fear.  Their people are now so fearful that they are demanding Vaccines at any cost.  Governments are finding the power they had is now in the Hands of companies like Pfizer.  Fear is a rabid dog.  Politicians used fear to get what they wanted.  They did not look ahead to when that rabid dog would turn and bite them in the ass.

Spring will cure COVID but not COVID Politics

On November 19th I discussed this graph about PCR testing accuracy.

The graph clearly shows that beyond about 27 cycles most of the positives are false positives.  Every cycle doubles the “magnification”.  If you run enough cycles, you can find very small amounts of anything.   For this reason, the inventor of the PCR Technique was adamant that it should not be used as a diagnostic test.  It is meaningless to find out you do not have enough virus to make you sick.

Most Countries use 35 to 45 cycles and just report positive or negative.  They do not disclose how many cycles it took to get a positive so it is not possible to judge how many of these positives could be false positive.  Some researchers used a freedom of information request to get that data from the Rhode Island government.  They just published what they found in this article.

These authors used 28 cycles as a cut off anything beyond 28 cycles was likely false (maybe infectious).  Anything beyond 32 cycles is false (Not infectious).  The results are interesting and are presented below.

58% of all positives in Rhode Island were likely false.  It got even more interesting when they looked at seasonality.

In Mid-April False positives start to show up.  By May, all positives were false positives.

This is very normal for a seasonal virus.  We are entering April within 2 to 4 weeks cases and hospitalizations will start falling.  That is precisely why we do not need to worry about the recent small increase in cases in Alberta.

British Columbia is in the same boat as Alberta.  Not many people have been infected (AB 3%, BC 2%) and cases are trending up.  Spring is going to arrive soon in BC just as it will in Alberta.  Cases will trend down to near zero.  Infectious cases will go to zero.  Yet BC just closed businesses again.

It is possible that John Horgan is too stupid to understand seasons change.  Every Canadian Politician ranks so high on the evil-stupidity scale it is hard to tell if they are morons or evil geniuses.  I doubt that everyone in the BC government is unaware of spring, so my bet is that John Horgan has been advised that cases will soon start falling on their own.  Horgan knows that if he does nothing, he will not be able to take credit for saving people from the virus.  If he closes businesses now, he can take credit for what would have happened without his intervention.  Never let a seasonal virus go to waste.

Normally I would be worried that the evil Troll would also take the opportunity to close businesses again.  It pleases his dominatrix Denna when he punishes others for no good reason.  This time I think we might be safe.  A private group just published a poll.  42,000 Albertans took part.  70% wanted lockdowns lifted immediately.  The same percentage was unhappy with the evil Troll and his dominatrix.  Fear for his political life might just cause Jason Kenney to do the right thing for once.  Even the Evil Troll can do the right thing when it is politically expedient.  Too bad that does not happen more often.

The Only Lockdowns we Need to Considered are Prison Sentences for Those Who Enforced lockdowns

I have seen papers that claimed lockdowns were effective.  In all cases these papers compared actual post lockdown infections to model projections or pre-lockdown numbers.  There are inherent problems with both approaches.  The models have been so absurdly wrong that anything looks good to them.  Comparing pre and post lockdown numbers ignores that the infection has a natural arc.  It is very difficult to determine if the effects are natural and unrelated to the lockdown.

Lockdowns have perpetuated precisely because it is difficult to evaluate them.  Politician’s also have no incentive to evaluate them.  Politicians do not care about being wrong.  They only care about whether voters know they are wrong.  That is precisely why Politicians spend a lot of time convincing you they are right and no time trying to be right.  The more effort politicians make to prove they are right, the more horribly wrong they are.

Lockdowns are difficult but not impossible to evaluate.  I found this interesting article today.  They took a very simple approach to evaluating lockdown effectiveness.

Not all lockdowns are created equal.  Every place did something different at a different time.  Ironically, this allows us to do the one thing politicians do not want us to do; evaluate if the different approaches resulted in different outcomes.  We do not have to compare to models or before and after numbers.  We can compare lockdown to lockdown.

The authors ranked lockdown severity based on 14 criteria listed below.

  • Requirement to Wear a Face Mask in Public: Double Weight (~8.16 Points)
  • Travel Restrictions: Full Weight (~4.08 Points)
  • Large Gatherings Restrictions: Triple Weight (~12.24 Points)
  • Statewide School Restart: Double Weight (~8.16 Points)
  • Reopening of Restaurants and Bars: Quadruple Weight (~16.33 Points)
  • State Guidance on Customer Health Checks at Restaurants: Full Weight (~4.08 Points)
  • Reopening of Non-Essential Businesses: Double Weight (~8.16 Points)
  • Legislation on Business Immunity from COVID-19 Claims: Double Weight (~8.16 Points)
  • Working from Home Requirements/Recommendations: Double Weight (~8.16 Points)
  • Workplace Temperature Screening: Half Weight (~2.04 Points)
  • Strictness of “Shelter in Place” Order: Triple Weight (~12.24 Points)
  • Presence of Multistate Agreements to Reopen: Full Weight (~4.08 Points)
  • Guidance on Elective Medical Procedures: Half Weight (~2.04 Points)
  • Guidance for Assisted Living Facilities Related to COVID-19: Half Weight (~2.04 Points)

If lockdowns work, there should be some correlation to the severity of the lockdown and the outcome.  The most important outcome is deaths.  After all, we were told incessantly that masks and lockdowns saved lives.  So, did they?  If you are reading this blog, you probably already know the answer to that.

I am not sure why they bothered to color code the 4 groups.  The plot tells the story without shading.  In the US there was absolutely no correlation between lockdown severity and deaths/capita.  A light lockdown produced the same random scatter as a more stringent lockdown.  The virus decided how many people died, not government.

If a heavy hand had the same results as a light touch we need to ask, why did we do anything?  It is easy to say that there is no harm in being cautious but that simply is not true.  There was one firm and completely predictable correlation.  The harsher the lockdown the higher the unemployment.

Governments dismissed the effects of the restrictions.  They felt that if they did not close a business completely there would be no change in employment.  This is something that politicians never seem to understand.  Excessive regulation kills businesses as effectively as high taxes.  With most businesses the first 50 to 70% of the business just covers your costs.  You have not made any profit yet.  The last 30 to 50% of your business is 100% of your profit.

Allowing a business to open at 50% capacity gives them no chance to make a profit.  Especially after you raised their costs with other equally destructive regulations.  Restricting capacities and hours is something so stupid only a government could think of it.

There are clearly no benefits to a lockdown, and they come at a horrible cost.  It is long past time to drop them.  If a private citizen did this much damage, they would find themselves in Prison.  That is the discussion we need to have now.  Who should go to prison over the lockdowns?

COVID is Helping Kill Science

Last fall Donald Trump was trying to find a way to reduce fear.  Trump tried in vain to convince people that while covid was a problem, it did not warrant lockdowns and mask mandates.  Of course this was in the lead up to an election.  An election that the media and bureaucracy desperately wanted Trump to lose.  Fear was their best tool and they had no intentions of letting it go.  The Democrats reached in to the swamp and pulled Robert Redfield out for his 15 minutes of fame.

Robert Redfield is the head of the center for disease control (CDC).  On September 16th he testified before congress about the effectiveness of masks.  You can watch his testimony below.

According to Dr. Redfield you don’t need an immune system you just need a piece of cloth on your face.  He was emphatic about the effectiveness of masks.  That is curious since the CDC only finished studying the effectiveness of masks 2 weeks ago.  6 months after Dr. Redfield assured us he already knew the answer.  You can see the report at this link.

Association of State-Issued Mask Mandates and Allowing On-Premises Restaurant Dining with County-Level COVID-19 Case and Death Growth Rates — United States, March 1–December 31, 2020 (

A panel of PHDs looked at the effectiveness of mask mandates and impacts of restaurant openings.  Here are their conclusions on masks.


Mask mandates were associated with statistically significant decreases in county-level daily COVID-19 case and death growth rates within 20 days of implementation.


That seems to support Dr. Redfield doesn’t it?  No it doesn’t once again the devil is in the details.  The statistically significant reduction in cases after 20 days was 0.5%.  The CDC set out to prove their boss was not an idiot.  What they found was that masks made almost no difference.

Remember in the video Dr. Redfield said all we could bring the virus under control by concealing our identity for 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks.  That is not very specific.  He was very certain masks would work he was just a little foggy on how long it would take.  The study found that after 12 weeks mask mandates were associated with a 1.8% reduction in cases.  There you have it folks.  All it takes to control the virus is to decrease case growth rates by 1.8%

Still a 1.8% reduction is better than nothing right?  It might be if it was real but it is not.  The key word in the study is associated.  They use it several times.  All that means is that the mask mandates happened at the same time as the case reduction rates.  At no time in the study did they try to determine if there was something else that caused the reductions, like maybe spring.  They also carefully avoided using data from counties that saw infections rise after mask mandates as we saw in Edmonton and Calgary.  The study credited masks with the reduction in cases without trying to determine if the masks had anything to do with it.

Their conclusions on impacts of restaurant openings were just as bad.  Here is what the study said.


Allowing on-premises restaurant dining was associated with increases in county-level case and death growth rates within 41–80 days after reopening.


The incubation period is 4 to 5 days.  In severe outcomes death occurs less than 21 days after infection.  Increases in infections and deaths that happen after 41-80 days cannot be blamed on the restaurant re-opening.  To make things worse contact tracing shows very few infections come from restaurants.  You cannot blame the restaurants for a rise in infections when contact tracing clearly shows they did not come from restaurants.

Correlation is not causation.  Just because 2 things happen at the same time does not mean that one is causing the other.  I get out of bed every day and the sun rises every day.  That does not mean I am causing the sun to rise by getting out of bed.  This is the same bullshit “science” we get from the global warming crowd.  The temperature is rising now and we are here now so obviously we must be causing it.

Look at the author list again.  These people are all PHDs.  The only “science” that they are doing is political science.  They set out to back up their Bosses ludicrous statements.  The best lie they could muster is that masks made almost no difference and restaurant food kills, maybe.  We are witnessing the death of science.  The CDC is not even capable of handling a fake emergency.  What would happen if we had a real pandemic?

The Tides are Starting to Turn.

I saw this interesting video on Ivor Cummins twitter feed.  The video explains why it was so easy for politicians to get us to surrender our rights.


The norm for humans is to go along to get along.  Humans are a social animal.  It is uncomfortable even stressful to be rejected by the group.  To gain acceptance individuals will mold their beliefs to conform to the group’s beliefs.

The video makes an effective example of slavery.  Most people now believe that slavery is immoral.  Did everyone agree with slavery before?  The reality is that in the US 1.4% of people were slave owners.  That is a little misleading because ½ of the states had no slave owners and it was the head of the family who was the registered slave owner.  If you consider only where slavery was legal and the % of families that held slaves, the number rises to 20%.  Still, that means that even where slavery was legal 4 out of every 5 people did not participate.

The overwhelming majority of people had nothing to do with slavery yet very few people spoke out against it.  Go along to get along has very deep roots indeed.  Society is like a giant game of whack a mole.  If you keep your head down, you do not get hit.  For centuries people kept their heads down when it came to slavery.

I am sure it was easy to justify silence about slavery.  Most did not participate so it did not affect their lives.  They might have even voiced support just to get along.  Think about when it comes to Covid.  How many of the lockdown supporters have lost income?  The lockdowns do not affect their life.  They have no reason to stick their head above the crowd.

The problem of going with the crowd is that the crowd could be wrong, as it was with slavery.  Remember a small percentage of people who benefited from slavery were able to get the majority to accept slavery.  Think about the very small group of people pushing the “COVID is the end of the world” narrative.  The benefits to them have been enormous.  Politicians have secured their future income with election victories.  Billionaires have stolen wealth from ordinary people.

Historically small groups of people have been able to manipulate the mob by somehow claiming the moral high ground.  Very few people risk opposing them and be branded uncaring or heretical.  Covid regulations are enforced as much by Karen as they are by the government.

History shows that the tides do eventually turn.  Evil once considered righteous eventual is recognized for what it is.  When that happens, the rats will abandon the ship.  After WW2 people who cooperated with the Nazis tried to assume new identities and scatter into the wind.

The media have been the most important Karen of COVID 1984.  The destruction of lives and livelihoods could not have happened without them.  Lately the media has started to deny their involvement.  They are starting to criticize the lockdowns.

This is my favorite line from the article.

The burden of proof rests with those imposing such a dangerous policy, and they haven’t met it. There is still no proof that lockdowns save any lives — let alone enough to compensate for the lives they end.

Not only is the media trying to deny their involvement, but they are also pointing fingers directly at the government.  Apparently, they hope that no one will question their involvement.  They want us to overlook it was their job to demand the proof that was never provided.

The tides are turning; even politicians are starting to notice.

Someone needs to remind Dominatrix Deena and her evil Troll what happens when the tides turn.  People who enforce and support lockdowns do not occupy the moral high ground.  They will soon be recognized as evil.

Lockdown Pushback is Happening Everywhere but Alberta

Rand Paul is at it again.  He is a very curious politician; he has a habit of telling the truth.  It makes me wonder how he ever got elected.


Notice how quiet the show hosts are when Rand Paul points out there is very little evidence to support masks or lock downs.  The hosts of this Fox morning show have been enthusiastic cheerleaders for mask and lockdowns.  They were dumbfounded when confronted with the truth.

Rand Paul is not the only person noticing how ridiculously ineffective the COVID regulations are.  In this video when an airline tries to remove a child for not wearing a mask dozens of people get up and leave.


To me, this is the most joyful video I have seen since the video of children burning masks.  These people put their money where their mouth is.  They all risked forfeiting their airfare to take a stand.  This is the kind of reaction and solidarity we need to end the lockdown.

The passengers on that plane simply got tired of being pushed around by small-minded people overstepping their authority.  This sentiment is rising all over the globe.  This video shows demonstrations that were held on March 20th.

I bet you did not know about these demonstrations.  If there was such thing as honest journalism, it would have been front page news.  Even 10 minutes of honest Journalism would have had Anthony Fauci fired months ago.  Instead, the little weasel is still spouting gibberish that is lapped up by the media.  Here he is warning Ireland that they need to be concerned about the lack of covid cases.

According to St Fauci you need to be masked up and Locked Down when you have COVID.  You also need to be masked up and locked down when you do not have COVID.  It makes me wonder what difference COVID makes to that equation.

People are finally starting to demand an end to the lockdowns.  So, what can we expect when the lockdowns are lifted?  If we use Iowa as an example the answer is not much.  Iowa was in full lockdown and then their governor saw the light.  She lifted all restrictions 7 weeks ago on February 5th.  Below is what happened.  The red lines indicate the date lockdowns were lifted.

Lifting the lockdowns was a complete nonevent.  Cases and deaths have continued to drop.  7 weeks ago, the media criticized Governor Kim Reynolds for lifting the lockdown while the threat of new variants loomed.  Apparently new variants only affect you if you believe in Lockdowns.

It is not surprising that lifting lockdowns made no difference because instituting them also made no difference.  There is a lot of debate over the effectiveness of a lockdown.  There were papers published after the first season that concluded lockdowns worked.  After season 2 now we are seeing more papers concluding the opposite.  So, which is true?

I am an Engineer.  I work with real life problems every day.  One thing I find useful is finding the exceptions.  This is very difficult to do with Covid Lockdowns.  There seems to have been some collusion between countries over lockdowns.  Almost everyone locked down early on, so everyone looks the same.  There is one interesting test case, however.  Singapore delayed a little and I find the results very interesting.

Singapore saw cases earlier and locked down later that Europe.  That is not the only difference.  You may have remembered in March how the media constantly described how cases were growing exponentially.  This was language designed to frighten you and in almost every case it was false.  Exponential growth is a straight line on a semi log plot.  Singapore was one of the few countries that experienced exponential growth.  The orange line is a logarithmic scale, and you can see by the green line Singapore saw cases grow exponentially for 2 months.

This predictable exponential growth makes Singapore a great test.  Any Covid measure that worked should knock you below the line in 4 to 5 days (the incubation period for the virus).  Singapore closed their borders but initially took no internal measures.  On March 27th they instituted social distancing measures.  By March 27th almost every other country in the world was already locked down.

If social distancing worked, Singapore should have fallen below exponential growth within 4 to 5 days.  They did not.  Singapore found something that did not work so in typical government fashion 11 days later they did more of it.  On April 7th Singapore locked down.  About a month after most of Europe.

Cases in Singapore continued to rise exponentially for another 3 weeks.  The lockdown changed nothing.  Measures that failed to prevent the spread of the virus will not suddenly cause an outbreak when they are lifted.  This will come as a shock to all the lefties, but the virus is unaware of which regulations it is to follow.

Right now, cases are rising slightly in Alberta.  Neither lifting nor maintaining the lockdowns will have any effect on that.  Frankly, cases are rising in Alberta because not enough of us have been exposed to the virus.  Only about 3% of Albertans have tested positive.  Half of the countries in the world are already higher than that.  Herd immunity not lockdowns stop an outbreak, and we are probably not there yet.

Lockdowns are a Deal with the Devil and the Devil Always Wins.

Chris Sky called it.  The evil Troll loves the lockdowns too much to give them up.

Once again Jason Kenney and his merry band of UCP Idiots could not stick to a plan.  This time the restrictions were to be lifted when hospitalizations fell below certain benchmarks.  As always just when we thought it might be over the goal posts were moved.

The only constant through this whole farce is the constantly moving goal posts.  When this started, saving hospitals by flattening the curve was the goal.  We quite quickly learned the hospitals were never in danger of being overwhelmed.  The only epidemic hospital staff had to deal with was an epidemic of boredom.  Thank goodness for Tik Tok.  There is no telling how many health care workers would have been lost if they could not have danced their way through the end of the world.

We are told that lockdowns are a necessary medical intervention.  With any medical intervention there are potential side effects.  These side effects can be deadly as Dr. Scott Atlas points out very clearly.


Canadians have shoved their heads in the sand and refused to acknowledge that lockdowns come with a horrible cost.  We want to believe that we are saving lives.  It is not easy to show that we have saved any lives.  To make it worse, now we know any benefits have come with an equal or greater cost in human lives.  We are not saving lives we are trading lives.  As a society we have decided to sacrifice young people to save seniors.

Lockdowns are the first medical intervention in History where the side effects afflict someone else.  They are a deal with the devil.  We have chosen souls that we wish to save.  In return we agree to let the devil take as many other souls as he desires.  Dominatrix Deena and her evil Troll love this bargain.

I have watched enough movies to know that once you are in league with the devil you cannot walk away.  In the movies no matter what you try the devil has you for life.  That is the first thing I thought of when I came across this disturbing interview with Dr. Knut Wittkowski.

Lockdowns breed more lockdowns.  The devil makes every deal for eternity.  Here are some points from the interview.

Because otherwise, we need that [restrictions breeding variants] urgently, because otherwise we run the risk that there will be no new epidemic in a few months [sarcasm]. Because the lockdowns are essential for the virus to develop new strains.

“because of the lockdowns giving the virus enough time to mutate, we had escape mutations that started the wave in November. So, we are currently experiencing the result of the lockdowns. Without lockdowns, we would not have any COVID right now.”

Our immune system develops typically something like five or six different types of antibodies to protect us from mutations that might happen while we are infected to make sure that even if there is a mutation in one of the epitopes, the targets of the antibodies, if there is a mutation, then there should be other antibodies that still are sufficient to prevent the virus from being replicated and from spreading.

However, if you give the long enough and the virus mutates at a rate of one or two mutations a month. So if you give it three months, there’s a good chance that there will be six consecutive mutations, one for each of these antibodies.

And at the end, the human immunity does not capture the virus anymore. And the virus can spread.

We have, even though it’s technically mostly the same virus, but experience as if it were a totally new virus. And this is what we’re seeing right now.


Even If a lockdown works; it does not work.  You might extend the life of a few seniors by months.  In return you steal decades from someone else.  I do not mean to be crass or dismiss the value of seniors lives but how is this trade moral?  Worse still is the possibility that you are enabling mutations that could kill more seniors.  We may have sacrificed the young only to kill more seniors.  We should have been tougher with Satan when we negotiated this deal.

Any new virus will come with Tragedy.  People will die.  The victims will invariable the old and the frail.  Lockdowns did not save these people.  All they did was escalated the damage and misery. Politicians are narcists so full of hubris that they believed they could regulate a virus.  I can’t say it any better than Dr. Wittkowski did.

Politicians think they know everything better, everything better than nature. And they can control a virus like the tide. We cannot control the tide and we cannot control a virus. We can only make it worse.


Politicians blundered in and made things worse.  What they did makes no sense until you surrender that this is not about a virus.


Makes perfect sense now doesn’t it?

Lets Play Spot the Expert

In 1983 Kary Mullis invented the PCR technique.  He won the noble prize for it.  He developed it as a manufacturing process.  His technique allowed a researcher to take a very small sample of DNA and replicate it so that they could study it.  Mullis was very critical when researchers started to use the PCR as a diagnostic test.  Mullis maintained that PCR should not be used as a diagnostic test.

One of the people using the PCR inappropriately was Anthony Fauci.  Mullis did not have a high opinion of St. Fauci.  Here he is in his own words.


I do not know when this was filmed but it is pre-covid since Mullis died in August of 2019.  The press thinks St. Fauci is a world-renowned expert.  Real experts like Mullis had only contempt for Fauci.  Mullis thought St. Fauci was the village idiot.

A real expert would be right more times than they are wrong.  Fauci is the opposite.  If there was a scale starting from village idiot and rising to expert, Fauci would be closer to the village idiot end.  Every COVID prediction Fauci has made was wildly inaccurate.

Here is a guy who was bang on with his predictions.


That video was right after the first lockdown.  He did not miss a point.  Chris sky is not a medical doctor or researcher, yet he knew exactly how this “pandemic” would progress.  A cynical person might think this has had nothing to do with a virus.

The evil Troll is to have a press conference today.  Get ready to learn about dangerous variants and all the reasons to maintain the lockdown.  How do I know the evil troll will extend the lockdown?  Chris Sky has not been wrong yet.

Variants are a Terror Tactic

The little weasel was at it again yesterday.  Watch as he spars with Senator Rand Paul on masks.


Rand Paul only asks one question.  Where is the science that says vaccinated or recovered people can be re-infected?  St. Fauci refuses to answer the only question put to him.  Instead, he wants to make sure we understand that even if we are vaccinated, we are still at risk from the variants.

Variants are the new COVID boogie man.  There will always be new variants.  St. Fauci thinks this is great because it means we need to be afraid forever.  Better yet it means he keeps getting invited on talk shows and keeps getting richer.  If Variants did not exist, he would have invented them.

Variants are the new reason we can never have our rights back so today let’s talk variants.  To start I have to say I do not really understand how we even know there are variants.  If no one has ever purified a sample of the original virus, how do we know we have something different?  I have never investigated this so I will take them at their word.  Somehow, we have identified dozens of variants of a virus that we have never described fully in the first place.

I have never bothered to educate myself on how they identify variants for one simple reason.  Identifying variants is a technical exercise that does not change the situation on the ground.  I will explain that as we go along.


Masks and Lockdowns.

Masks and lockdowns did not prevent the spread of the original virus so, why do we think they will be effective against the variants?  These measures did not work because SARS CoV2 is a small (0.1 micron) airborne virus.  It stays airborne indefinitely and sails straight through anything less than an N95 mask.  The only way masks and lockdowns could be effective against the variants is if they were significantly larger and not airborne.

If the Variants are not airborne, we would not even be talking about them.  They would be scarce and hard to find.  The only way they could spread is if you stand directly in front of someone coughing or sneezing.  Or, if you touch things that someone coughed or sneezed all over.  People who behave like this do not need to be locked down they need to be locked up.  They are lunatics.  Lunatics who likely voted for Justin Trudeau, multiple times, in the same election.

Variants matter but they do not matter.  They do not matter because they do not change anything.  We cannot prevent them from spreading.  All we can do is treat the people who become ill.  How is this any different than where we are now?


Vaccinations and Cross T cell immunity

Denmark just released this very interesting data on variants.

This is a very busy plot.  Each color is a different variant and on the left axis is the percentage of all cases due to variants.  In October there were 9 different variants that made up just over half of all cases.  So, at the start of the season the original virus already made up less than 50% of all cases.  Sometime in December the B.1.1.7 variant (in orange) appeared and quickly became the dominant variant.  By March almost 100% of all cases are due to Variants.  The original virus has disappeared.

The dotted black line shows hospitalizations which have been dropping since January.  The solid black line is gene therapy vaccinations.  By march just over 14 doses per 100 people had been administered.  Since it is a 2-dose gene therapy that means approximately 7.5% of people have completed their Therapy.  Note that even though the government has yet to experiment on 92.5% of the population, hospitalizations continue to drop.

Taken in context with the little weasel’s testimony this chart is very interesting.  St. Fauci says you still need to wear a mask because we do not know if the vaccine is effective on the Variants.  If the gene therapy Vaccine is not effective on variants, why would anyone in Denmark bother taking it?  The original virus no longer exists.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend at work.  She was recently at the doctor with her son.  They were offered Flu vaccines.  Her response was priceless.  “You guys tell me there is no flu in Canada right now.  Why would I take a vaccine for something that does not exist?”  That tiny bit of logic left the nurse speechless.

If a recovered or vaccinated person can be infected by one of the variants, then it means cross T cell immunity does not exist.  If cross T cell immunity does not exist why did hospitalizations continue to drop in Denmark even as variant prevalence rose?  For that matter, if cross T cell immunity does not exist why hasn’t the entire world tested positive by now?  As Rand Paul points out it is exceptional rare for someone to be re-infected after recovering.  If the variants are now so common how come re-infection is incredibly uncommon?


The Media and government want us to fixate on Variants.  They want us to be afraid.  Fearful people are poor decision makers.  If people remain afraid, they can be locked down indefinitely.  They will beg for it.  They will demand a vaccine that according to St. Fauci probably cannot work anymore.

The evil Troll Jason and his dominatrix Deena have been dropping hints about Variant prevalence in Alberta all week.  They are setting the stage to extend the lockdown on Monday.  We have the wrong people in charge right now.  The bureaucrats and politicians are drunk on the power we gave them.  It is time to take that power back.  Once we take the power back we need to make sure those evil bastards never get it again.

A Hard Truth Based on Facts

When this whole COVID 1984 farce started we were told 3 things.

  1. This virus was the most infectious virus we have seen in Decades.
  2. This Virus was far more deadly than influenza.
  3. The only way to stymy the spread of the virus was to turn our economies off.

Of course, we now know that none of these statements are true.

At the time that these bold statements were made there was only data to support the first one.  In the lab the Sars CoV-2 virus seemed to be very contagious.  Not having data to support the last 2 did not stop politicians from repeating them.  It is not unusual for politicians to say things that are factually incorrect.  Most Politicians are incapable of telling the truth.  Incredibly, they do not even define truth the same way everyone else does.


To a politician it is possible to be truthful even if those pesky facts contradict your “truth”.

If you watch the news at all you might be surprised that I say the first statement is not true.  After all every night you are told of hundreds of new cases.  The pesky truthful fact is that only 2 countries have positive cases exceeding 10% of their population.  Right now, Canada sits at 2.4%.  This is after 2 full seasons of COVID.

So, in the lab COVID is very infectious but in a real system (the world) COVID only infects 1.2% to 5% per year.  Politicians will be quick to tell you that proves the 3rd statement is also true.  That would just be another “political truth” which in layman’s terms is a lie.  Not every country used harsh lockdowns.  After 2 seasons even places that did not use harsh lockdowns also have very low total infections.  Those that had a light touch (Finland, Sweden, Florida) range from 1.2% – 9.2% (0.6% and 4.6% yearly).  Those that did nothing (Belarus, South Dakota) range from 3.2% – 12.9% (1.6% and 6.45% yearly).

So why doesn’t the lab agree with the real world?  As an Engineer I regularly work with data from a real system that does not seem to match the theory.  Young engineers often tell me that is because the book is wrong.  I tell them the same thing every time.  If you are not using the book you are doing it wrong.  If you are getting results that you cannot explain it is because there is something about your system that you do not understand.

The misunderstanding often leads to a false assumption.  With COVID models the false assumption is that we are all susceptible to the virus.  The data would indicate that the majority will never get Covid.  By now this should be obvious and not all that surprising.  It is not unusual for some people to be more resistant than others.

Despite the precedent and the evidence our medical bureaucracies stubbornly refuse to accept that some sort of natural immunity exists.  This could be stupidity or simply that they have too much invested in their predictions to admit their mistake.  If you are not part of this clique it is not hard to see the truth through all those pesky facts.  This statistician notes that the models only work if you dramatically reduce the number of susceptible people.

To make the models work he had to assume up to 80% natural immunity.  This is not that farfetched.  Remember 83% of the people quarantined on the Diamond Princess did not get sick.  Also contact tracing shows 82% of people living in the same home as an infected person do not get sick.

As far as I know no one has tried to establish what the level of natural immunity to Sars CoV-2 is.  The data would indicate that it is quite high.  And now of course we suspect that it is largely due to cross T cell immunity and vitamin D sufficiency.  Here is another article discussing that.

contrary to what Joe Biden thinks you cannot have truth over facts.  Facts are the foundation of truth.  With the facts that are readily available to everyone you can define this truth.  Politicians destroyed lives and spent billions foolishly “fighting” a virus most of us will never get.