Variants are a Terror Tactic

The little weasel was at it again yesterday.  Watch as he spars with Senator Rand Paul on masks.


Rand Paul only asks one question.  Where is the science that says vaccinated or recovered people can be re-infected?  St. Fauci refuses to answer the only question put to him.  Instead, he wants to make sure we understand that even if we are vaccinated, we are still at risk from the variants.

Variants are the new COVID boogie man.  There will always be new variants.  St. Fauci thinks this is great because it means we need to be afraid forever.  Better yet it means he keeps getting invited on talk shows and keeps getting richer.  If Variants did not exist, he would have invented them.

Variants are the new reason we can never have our rights back so today let’s talk variants.  To start I have to say I do not really understand how we even know there are variants.  If no one has ever purified a sample of the original virus, how do we know we have something different?  I have never investigated this so I will take them at their word.  Somehow, we have identified dozens of variants of a virus that we have never described fully in the first place.

I have never bothered to educate myself on how they identify variants for one simple reason.  Identifying variants is a technical exercise that does not change the situation on the ground.  I will explain that as we go along.


Masks and Lockdowns.

Masks and lockdowns did not prevent the spread of the original virus so, why do we think they will be effective against the variants?  These measures did not work because SARS CoV2 is a small (0.1 micron) airborne virus.  It stays airborne indefinitely and sails straight through anything less than an N95 mask.  The only way masks and lockdowns could be effective against the variants is if they were significantly larger and not airborne.

If the Variants are not airborne, we would not even be talking about them.  They would be scarce and hard to find.  The only way they could spread is if you stand directly in front of someone coughing or sneezing.  Or, if you touch things that someone coughed or sneezed all over.  People who behave like this do not need to be locked down they need to be locked up.  They are lunatics.  Lunatics who likely voted for Justin Trudeau, multiple times, in the same election.

Variants matter but they do not matter.  They do not matter because they do not change anything.  We cannot prevent them from spreading.  All we can do is treat the people who become ill.  How is this any different than where we are now?


Vaccinations and Cross T cell immunity

Denmark just released this very interesting data on variants.

This is a very busy plot.  Each color is a different variant and on the left axis is the percentage of all cases due to variants.  In October there were 9 different variants that made up just over half of all cases.  So, at the start of the season the original virus already made up less than 50% of all cases.  Sometime in December the B.1.1.7 variant (in orange) appeared and quickly became the dominant variant.  By March almost 100% of all cases are due to Variants.  The original virus has disappeared.

The dotted black line shows hospitalizations which have been dropping since January.  The solid black line is gene therapy vaccinations.  By march just over 14 doses per 100 people had been administered.  Since it is a 2-dose gene therapy that means approximately 7.5% of people have completed their Therapy.  Note that even though the government has yet to experiment on 92.5% of the population, hospitalizations continue to drop.

Taken in context with the little weasel’s testimony this chart is very interesting.  St. Fauci says you still need to wear a mask because we do not know if the vaccine is effective on the Variants.  If the gene therapy Vaccine is not effective on variants, why would anyone in Denmark bother taking it?  The original virus no longer exists.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend at work.  She was recently at the doctor with her son.  They were offered Flu vaccines.  Her response was priceless.  “You guys tell me there is no flu in Canada right now.  Why would I take a vaccine for something that does not exist?”  That tiny bit of logic left the nurse speechless.

If a recovered or vaccinated person can be infected by one of the variants, then it means cross T cell immunity does not exist.  If cross T cell immunity does not exist why did hospitalizations continue to drop in Denmark even as variant prevalence rose?  For that matter, if cross T cell immunity does not exist why hasn’t the entire world tested positive by now?  As Rand Paul points out it is exceptional rare for someone to be re-infected after recovering.  If the variants are now so common how come re-infection is incredibly uncommon?


The Media and government want us to fixate on Variants.  They want us to be afraid.  Fearful people are poor decision makers.  If people remain afraid, they can be locked down indefinitely.  They will beg for it.  They will demand a vaccine that according to St. Fauci probably cannot work anymore.

The evil Troll Jason and his dominatrix Deena have been dropping hints about Variant prevalence in Alberta all week.  They are setting the stage to extend the lockdown on Monday.  We have the wrong people in charge right now.  The bureaucrats and politicians are drunk on the power we gave them.  It is time to take that power back.  Once we take the power back we need to make sure those evil bastards never get it again.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    It brings to mind the saying…
    “ Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

    Except it’s rotten everywhere now.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    I think I speak for many many people when I say I voted for Kenney in the last election but that’ll be the LAST vote that little sawed off runt ever gets from me. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Albertan’s will always vote further right unless of course you’re one of the union sheep.

  3. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Yep not much difference having the conservatives, ndp or liberals. They all support or cower to the left. They all abandoned truth for virtual signaling on everything from Covid, Climate Change, or social issues that are now not debatable? How bad will it need to get before people wake up?

  4. Tim
    Tim says:

    Does anyone remember when we thought who’s stupid enough to need a label on their Macdonalds coffee that said “ Caution, contents may be hot”. Look how far it’s gone.

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