Lets Play Spot the Expert

In 1983 Kary Mullis invented the PCR technique.  He won the noble prize for it.  He developed it as a manufacturing process.  His technique allowed a researcher to take a very small sample of DNA and replicate it so that they could study it.  Mullis was very critical when researchers started to use the PCR as a diagnostic test.  Mullis maintained that PCR should not be used as a diagnostic test.

One of the people using the PCR inappropriately was Anthony Fauci.  Mullis did not have a high opinion of St. Fauci.  Here he is in his own words.


I do not know when this was filmed but it is pre-covid since Mullis died in August of 2019.  The press thinks St. Fauci is a world-renowned expert.  Real experts like Mullis had only contempt for Fauci.  Mullis thought St. Fauci was the village idiot.

A real expert would be right more times than they are wrong.  Fauci is the opposite.  If there was a scale starting from village idiot and rising to expert, Fauci would be closer to the village idiot end.  Every COVID prediction Fauci has made was wildly inaccurate.

Here is a guy who was bang on with his predictions.


That video was right after the first lockdown.  He did not miss a point.  Chris sky is not a medical doctor or researcher, yet he knew exactly how this “pandemic” would progress.  A cynical person might think this has had nothing to do with a virus.

The evil Troll is to have a press conference today.  Get ready to learn about dangerous variants and all the reasons to maintain the lockdown.  How do I know the evil troll will extend the lockdown?  Chris Sky has not been wrong yet.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Well Chris was right again! The evil little troll has said we need to remain locked down. Who’s ready to riot?

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Kary Mullis died in August 2019 healthy, just before event 201 of their plandemic discussions. He probably would’ve been a major thorn in the side during all this. Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell who had detailed information on any and all of the pedophiles like the Clintons and the Gates etc. etc. Who had visited his rapist island. Then in December, Brady Vaughan One of the strongest anti-vaccination activists committed suicide in her home. She had written letters to people close to her saying she would never commit suicide and if that was ever claimed she was murdered.

    So yes I am that cynical person. Our evil little troll has been paid off some how. He will do whatever he is told.

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