The prince of fools is a liar

Just yesterday I posted about how Trudeau’s lies about climate change are finally starting to be challenged.  In that post I stated that Trudeau lies about everything.  If you were not paying attention you might think that statement was a little hyperbolic but sadly it is not.  Justin Trudeau does lie about everything.  The man is simply incapable of telling the truth.

She says she’s mad at herself now for having once thought Trudeau is an “honest and good person, when, in truth, he would so casually lie to the public and then think he could get away with it.”

Last month I posted about how Trudeau continually lies about Canada’s pandemic performance.  It is true that Canada did outperform other countries in the spring of 2020 but that is only because COVID hit Canada so late in March that the first season of COVID was over before it really even started.  From the 2020/21 winter on Canada’s performance was not better than any other country.  We did the same stupid things and got the same horrible result.

So Trudeau lies about climate change and he lied about COVID.  Yesterday in a rare moment of actual journalism the Sun exposed another Trudeau lie.  Canada is not outperforming other nations when it comes to inflation.  Trudeau is just once again lying about what is really going on.

As months pass, Statistics Canada’s reports suggest that food inflation is easing, and prices are gradually stabilizing. However, many consumers are not experiencing this stabilization firsthand. This perceptual discrepancy has raised questions about the accuracy of Statistics Canada’s data on food prices.

For example, the February 2024 list of selected food products released by Statistics Canada last week shows significant differences compared to the prices observed in grocery stores. That list is always released a few weeks after the CPI. When comparing our list of prices with Statistics Canada’s data, we found that the Mean Absolute Error (MAE) between the two lists is 5.59. This means that, on average, prices reported by Statistics Canada deviate from the actual observed values by 5.59 percentage points.

The official government statistics on inflation have been completely fabricated by a man and a government that is incapable of telling the truth.  Even when you consider how incredibly gullible Canadians are it is difficult to understand why he has gotten away with this for as long as he has.  Since 2015 Canadians have not been told the truth once by our federal government.  It hasn’t even happened by accident.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. 

Canadian’s have elected the biggest liar in history 3 times.  What comes after “Shame on me”?