Ivory Tower Tyranny

If you go to a climate protest and mingle with the climate alarmists you will find the crowd is not very diverse.  Everyone at the protest will fall in one of only 2 groups.

  1. Affluent, college educated people who live in large urban areas.


  1. The children of affluent, college educated people who live in large urban areas.

The people in these groups have a unique perspective on life because to put it simply they are clueless.  Their nonsensical degrees have taught them nothing about how anything really works.  They don’t understand the first thing about how energy is produced or used.  The people who do know how things work tend to live in rural areas that the urban elite look down their noses at.

We’ve also noticed that city dwellers have a tendency to use stereotypes as a crutch to disguise the fact that they know very little about how different people live their lives.

The urban elite are so clueless about anything outside of their bubble that even when they “study” the great unwashed in rural areas they still can’t come to the proper conclusions.  2 ivory tower academics in the US tried to explain why rural voters are not concerned with the boutique issues that top the list of concerns for the urban elite.  All they could come up with is that everyone outside the liberal bubble is just a terrible person.

In 255 pages, the authors chart the racism, homophobia, xenophobia, violent predilections, and vulnerability to authoritarianism that they claim make white rural voters a unique “threat to American democracy.”

Of course they came to these sweeping conclusions without ever leaving their university offices which has led some people to question the validity of the research.

It has also kindled an academic controversy. In the weeks since its publication, a trio of reviews by political scientists have accused Schaller and Waldman of committing what amounts to academic malpractice,

The urban elite are convinced of their own moral superiority.  To them the people who don’t care about climate change or other such woke causes are beneath them.  They are indifferent to the plight of others and they go out of their way to demonstrate it.

It was like a case study in indifference. There was privileged Gen Zer Greta Thunberg and other Euro eco-brats smiling and flicking peace signs as they called on the Dutch government to stop subsidising fossil-fuel companies. Meanwhile, the Dutch people, very few of whom are the offspring of opera singers with the ear of the world media, are suffering one of the largest spikes in energy prices in all of Europe. Their bills are through the roof.

The problem for ordinary people is not that the urban elite are clueless.  The problem is that governments and courts are full of these over educated under skilled idiots who are divorced from reality.  They hold all the power and they use it to force ever increasing levels of stupidity on a very weary public.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has delivered a landmark judgement, effectively ruling that governments have a duty to protect people from climate change.

Thank goodness a court has finally recognized my right to be safe from climate change.  The government has a duty to protect me from climate change.  I sure hope that means the government must shovel the snow out of my driveway every time the climate changes and starts snowing.  Seriously how do you become a judge and be so clueless that you think that governments have the same power to control the climate that god has?

For decades the lives of ordinary people have been made worse by these ivory tower idiots but there is reason for hope.  COVID pulled back the curtain.  The public found out that the decision makers really are as stupid as they appear to be.  They have lost all trust and people are more willing to question their decisions.  People no longer believe the climate narrative and it is only a matter of time before they discover they have been lied to.

When the public finally understands how they have been duped by climate alarm, there will be plenty that conservative politicians can do to rescue Canada from one of the greatest mass delusions ever. Meanwhile, grassroots conservatives must insist their leaders stop promoting climate alarmism through careless language and misguided policy recommendations.

Climate skepticism cannot come a moment too soon.  We need to stop letting the least capable people in our societies dictate climate policy or any policy for that matter.  The urban elite have never had anything to offer.  They should have never been given control over things they do not understand.