Can you have too much of a good thing?

The COVID 19 Vaccine has been a disaster.  That is strong language and I know many people will not agree with that statement but can you think of any other vaccine that has touched so many lives negatively?


Even 14% of vaccinated people admit they know someone who died of the COVID jabs.  Can you say that about any other vaccine?  The COVID vaccines are definitely an anomaly that has harmed many people but there is still a silver lining.  They have initiated vaccine discussions that we should have had long ago.

Children now receive dozens of vaccinations.  Previously I gave this very little thought.  I did not even realize how much that number had grown with time.  Now that I do know I wonder why?  I am 60.  When I was a child I was given a handful of vaccinations.  That was normal for my generation and we all grew up perfectly healthy.  There does not seem to be a compelling reason to do more but we do.  Children now receive an order of magnitude more injections.  Was there any benefit?  More importantly was there any harm?

Prior to the COVID jabs not many people discussed vaccine injuries.  The assumption was that vaccines were 100% beneficial but as I point out that benefit is hard to see.  People who did not take most of these injections are perfectly fine and rarely suffer from asthma or autism.  So we have seen no obvious benefit to the extra injections and no one has come up with a more convincing explanation for the rise in Asthma and autism than vaccines.

This really should give us pause for thought.  There are some people researching vaccine injuries but they are largely ignored and even censored.  A few days ago I saw a video of a researcher who injected mice with Aluminum sulfate a common vaccine adjuvant.  The injections caused brain damage in the mice.  I forgot to bookmark the video and now I can’t find it.  When I tried to search aluminum sulfates in mice my first hit was a website explaining that aluminum sulfates and other adjuvants are perfectly safe.

Adjuvants have been used safely in vaccines for decades.

Aluminum salts, such as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum potassium sulfate have been used safely in vaccines for more than 70 years.

But a little more searching uncovered this old paper that aluminum sulfate is toxic to mice.

There were no significant differences in the numbers of litters or off-spring between the treated and control mice. Growth was retarded and was dependent on the intake of aluminium, but the effect did not appear in the first generation or in the first litter. The subsequent litters manifested a very marked growth retardation, as did those of the third generation (Fig. I). An analysis of variance (Weber, I964) established that, under the conditions of our experiment, weight variations could be accounted for by aluminium uptake

A digestive system is good at breaking down and eliminating toxins so usually if something is dangerous to ingest it is even more dangerous to inject.  So why do we inject Aluminum sulfate?  It is true that the dose makes the poison.  You can take small amounts of poison with no ill effects but a large amount will kill you.  Is that why taking a handful of vaccines is Okay but dozens is not?  Why are we not asking that simple question?

Finally we are starting to question vaccines and I would encourage everyone to read this long but thoughtful article.  You will find all vaccines carry some risk while others seem to provide no benefit.

One of the common questions I get from readers is “Which vaccines should their kids get?” This is surprisingly difficult to answer because it requires accurately weighing the likelihood of an adverse event from a vaccination vs. the likelihood of suffering a complication from the disease that the vaccine would prevent you from getting, and each of those figures is a fairly complex calculation. If you do however begin to dig into it, you’ll often discover the data necessary to answer this question simply doesn’t exist and instead has been replaced with the blind declaration that each vaccine is “safe and effective.”

  • The COVID-19 vaccine has a significantly greater rate of complications than the disease it prevents.

With vaccines the discussion should always have been risk vs reward.  Had we had those honest conversations the early childhood schedule might be dramatically different than it is now.  Certainly the proper risk reward discussion for the COVID jabs would have ended any discussion of mandates.