COVID Vaccines Offer no Protection. Just ask Pfizer

Pfizer Just released more results from their ongoing vaccine trials.  Yes you read that correctly.  The Vaccine that you lined up to take.  The one that governments and media assure you is 100% safe.  Those vaccines are still in the trial phase.  Anyway, I digress.  The results after 6 months can be seen below.

After 6 months the vaccinated group had far fewer infections but absolutely no fewer deaths.  The problem is there were very few deaths in either group.  In all fairness you can’t use reduction in Mortality as a yardstick for a vaccine against a disease that kills very few people in the first place.  That statement should give everyone a pause for thought.  Why the hell are we vaccinating the entire world for a virus that is so ultimately survivable?

According to this data all the vaccine did was protect you from getting the sniffles for 6 months.  The bad news is that after 6 months without a booster it does not even do that.  100% of the ICU patients in New South Wales Australia have been vaccinated.


The Vaccines do have one lasting effect.  There are now more young people getting seriously ill.  That is progress I guess.  Unfortunately the more things change the more they remain the same.  Chris sky said this more than a year ago.  He is yet to be wrong about anything.  Funny how you don’t need to be a virologist to predict what will happen.

Was he bang on or what?


Time to Take the Truth to the Masses

Ivor Cummins linked a very good essay today.  It is long but worth the read.  The essay is not strictly about COVID, it is about Tyranny.  Scratch that on second thought it is 100% about COVID.  The essay is long but really is worth the read.  His central point is this.  Humans are herd animals.  We go along to get along.  Tyrannical governments (like every single government in Canada) use this to their advantage.  They know most people will not speak out.

That is precisely why it is our responsibility to speak out.  It is not enough to not agree.  You must let others know you do not agree.  I try to do this whenever I can.  So much so that my wife often tells me to be quiet.  She does not agree either but she is very uncomfortable letting anyone else know that.  I have known for a long time the wiring in my brain is different.  I do not seek validation from others.  Data leads me and sets my course.  That is rarely the direction the crowd is headed.

So please read this essay and then, more importantly, speak out.  Try to be respectful but do not back down.  The herd is led by only a few.  Be a leader.  You can find the essay here.

Most of the time I do not think of myself as a leader.  I am just someone who is guided by the truth.  There was a TV show in the 90s called the X Files.  The opening segment of the show always ended with the slogan “the truth is out there”.  No truer words have ever been spoken.  Some people believe the truth lies in religious texts.  I will not argue that moral truths cannot be found in religious texts, but moral truths are not the only truths.

As an Engineer I have always found that the truth is hiding in the data.  It is waiting to be discovered by anyone with an open mind and curiosity.  It is a shame that professional politicians have neither of those qualities.  So please, be curious and open minded, but above all else be loud.  It is time to stand up and be counted.

The Data is Clear, Lockdowns and the Politicians Who use Them, Kill

I found a very interesting article a couple of days ago.  They looked at excess mortality for several countries.

Before I present their data I need to explain excess mortality.  Regular readers of this blog have seen this plot before.

In the 2019/20 winter Canada had about 2% more deaths than the average of the previous 10 winters.  This 2% is not excess deaths.  Excess deaths are deaths over “expected deaths”.  Researchers studying mortalities in large populations do not use yearly average to define “expected deaths”.  They build a composite model that smooths out each cold and flu season.  This gives a number for expected deaths that is much lower than the average actual deaths.

As an Engineer it makes no sense to me why you would expect less than actual average deaths.  When you define average as normal then about half of the years have excess deaths.  When you define normal as expected deaths then almost every year has excess deaths.  It is probably advantageous to show large excess deaths each year if you want to scare research grants out of politicians.

Sorry for the long explanation but I wanted to explain why I show 2% deaths higher than average while the chart below shows 6% excess deaths for Canada.  In the end it does not matter how you define normal as long as you use the same methodology for each country.  The study data is below.

I found it very interesting that several countries had negative excess deaths.  Remember expected deaths are lower than the average so very few years have negative excess deaths.  How is it possible that during the great plague of the 21st century so many countries had unusually low years?  It is almost as if the media was exaggerating the risk.

Another thing that caught my eye was many of the countries with negative excess deaths were countries with very light restrictions.  Every country did different things at different times so researchers tried to assign a stringency index.  This index would change with time as restrictions were added or relaxed.  Below is a plot of a few countries that show how stringency indexes changed with time.

I decided to take a weighted average stringency index for each country and see if it correlated with excess deaths.  If the restrictions worked I should see less deaths with more restrictions.  Previously I tried to plot COVID deaths vs stringency index and all I got was a shot gun blast.  There was no obvious correlation.  The problem is that not every country classified and recorded COVID deaths in the same way.  A good example of that is the comparison of Canada and Sweden below.

Sweden had 2 times as many COVID deaths than Canada yet somehow managed to have 4 times fewer excess deaths.  COVID death totals can be manipulated up or down to fit the prevailing narrative.  It is easy, all you do is change the cause of death of death on the certificate.  Changing the total number of deaths is impossible.  Sooner or later you would have to produce a body to go with the number.  Habeas Corpus is a legal principal for a reason.

So excess deaths is a far more accurate number than COVID deaths.  Using the more accurate excess deaths number I get a very good correlation.  One that does not support the lockdown narrative.

If lockdowns worked that line should have been sloping the opposite direction.  Not only don’t lockdowns work they lead to more deaths.  I grouped the countries in 3 groups low, medium, and high lockdown severity.  The groupings are as follows.

This is what it looks like graphically.

Any Country that reacted sanely did not have much trouble.  COVID amounted to nothing other than a mild flu year.  COVID was only a problem in Countries where politicians made it a problem.  This cannot be stated too many times.  Lockdowns Kill.  That much is clear.  So is it the lethality of lockdowns that makes them so attractive to left wing politicians?

We have been locked down for 17 months now.  It is the middle of summer.  COVID deaths fell to near zero 4 months ago yet we still live under restrictions.  2 days ago Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that mid-August restrictions would be relaxed again.  Alberta would be back to near normal.  This did not sit well with the hard left in Canada.

There is no right in Canada.  There is only left and more left.  Jason Kenney is left wing.  He is just not as left wing as most Canadian Politicians so in Canada he is considered hard right.  The Hard left in Canada includes the majority of politicians and an even larger majority of the media.  Canadian media treats any politician right of Joseph Stalin as hard right and a domestic terrorist.  They are very upset that Jason Kenney might not kill enough Albertans this summer.  It is long past time for us to stop listening to these murderous bastards.


Boris Johnson, The Clown Destroying an Empire

Boris Johnson is destroying the UK one ping at a time

Remember when the “conspiracy theorists” predicted the next step in the communist takeover plan was supply chain disruption?  Well Boris got the UK there faster than anyone else.  Supply chain in the UK is failing because of mandatory quarantines for anyone with a positive PCR test.  There are over 25,000 new cases per day in the UK now.

How could this happen?  After all the UK has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.  Weren’t the vaccines supposed to save us from this great plague?

To any sane person the surge in cases would indicate the vaccines are not working.  Unfortunately for the British Boris is not exactly sane.  True to political form Boris is doubling down on something damaging that does not work.  The solution to vaccines that do not work is to have way more of them.

Mandatory vaccine passports: a shove, not a nudge — Institute of Economic Affairs (

I particularly like this line from the article.

“While liberty is very important” to us Brits, people sometimes need a little bit of coercion”. 

In Great Britain the path to Liberty is paved with government coercion.  I must be stupid.  Until I read this I thought liberty meant something else completely.  I stand corrected.

So are the Vaccines really failing in Britain?  Maybe, but that is not what is causing this problem.  The UK is in the 4th wave of a PCR Pandemic.  Boris is testing 3 times more than anyone else right now.

The UK is doing a ridiculous amount of testing.  The PCR test will lose its emergency authorization in December.  I guess Boris is trying to use up all the surplus stock.  It is summer and COVID is a seasonal disease.  A positive test will be either a false positive or a viral load so low the person will be neither sick nor contagious.  That is precisely why no one in Britain is dying.

Shop shelves in the UK are empty because store clerks and truckers are not allowed to work.  These people are not sick or contagious but they are not allowed to work.  This is to protect the public.  When did forced starvation become public protection?  Once again I must confront my own ignorance.  I thought Stalin starved to death 8 million Ukrainian Kulaks because he was evil.  Now I know it was just for their protection.

I am tempted to say that Boris Johnson is intentionally destroying Great Britain but I know that cannot be true.  Boris is not smart enough to pull this off even by accident.  Boris is, however, stupid enough to go along with whoever is doing this.

The western world is being “led” right now by a circus of clowns.  Trudeau, Biden, Johnson, Macron, none of these men are smart enough to coordinate this.  Biden apparently can’t coordinate wiping his own ass, but is very happy when someone else does it for him.

We need to find out who is wiping the asses of all these idiots before it is too late.


The CDC Confirms PCR Tests Diagnose Influenza as COVID

The CDC issued this document 6 days ago.  The PCR test, as with the vaccines, has been used under an emergency authorization.  The emergency authorization expires in December.  The CDC is reminding labs to start looking for an alternative.

Don’t you find that a little odd?  How many times have we been told the PCR test was the “gold standard” for COVID tests?  If this test is the best of all the available options, why does it only have temporary emergency approval?  The CDC must be convinced that the PCR test will not get permanent approval, or they would not have published this guidance.

Curious isn’t it?  It is almost as if the CDC knows there is some problem with the PCR test.  The document is short and poorly written.  I had to read it several times to be sure I understood what it said.  The second paragraph is re-produced below.


In preparation for this change, CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test. CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season. Laboratories and testing sites should validate and verify their selected assay within their facility before beginning clinical testing.


The CDC gives a list of acceptable alternatives.  They don’t care which one is used, but they would prefer one that can differentiate between COVID and Influenza.  I thought that was an odd thing to mention.  Shouldn’t all COVID tests just identify COVID?  What good is a test if it can’t tell the difference between COVID and Influenza?  It took me a minute to realize they were speaking government bureaucratese.  I will translate the bolded sentence for you.  “It would be great if the new test did not identify influenza as COVID.  The PCR test did that and people are starting to get suspicious.”

This is as close as a bureaucrat will come to admitting Influenza cases were counted as COVID cases.  We now have confirmation that social distancing and masks did not make Influenza disappear.  The PCR test just turned it in to COVID.  With the PCR test everything was not coming up roses it was coming up COVID.

It always shocked me how easily people accepted the ridiculous explanation of why influenza disappeared.  Influenza viruses are airborne and the same size as the SARs CoV-2 virus.  How could masks and lockdowns stop influenza and not stop COVID?  Do you think your mask is some sort of selective membrane that only allows SARS CoV-2 viruses through?  If it was then why the hell would you use it to prevent COVID?  I mourn the death of logic.

With this simple 2 paragraph document the CDC just admitted that this whole pandemic has been a government contrived lie.  COVID was just another virus in the mix of all the seasonal respiratory viruses.  The official infection totals are grossly overstated.  Forget finding a better test.  Let’s focus our efforts on putting these charlatans in prison.  Maybe we could start with this guy.

The CCP Must be Proud of their Protégé Boris

On May 23rd I discussed how the government did not care if you got vaccinated.  What they want is a reason to force a smartphone app on you.  A cell phone app that must be scanned for admission everywhere is the evolution of the Chinese social credit system.  I thought western governments would be very covert about this.  I thought wrong.  The worst Prime Minister in British History is openly discussing implementation of a Chinese social credit system.

Britain’s most expensive mistake justifies this as a matter of public health.  Well of course he did.  Even Boris is smart enough to learn the lesson of the last 18 months.  He can do anything he wants in the name of public health.  He rolled back 800 years of human rights using the threat of cold and flu season.

Boris is correct, taxpayer funded health care systems have an inherent problem.  When people don’t directly incur the cost of health care they use it indiscriminatingly.  Many people live unhealthy lives and ultimately burden taxpayers with the expense of caring for them.  Improved public health is a worthy goal but that is not Boris’s objective.

If you are reading this blog you understand that this is not about public health.  If it was Boris could have chosen easier options that did not violate people’s rights.  Options like having users pay for some of their healthcare costs.  If you had to pay 10% or 20% of the cost to use the system you might start making better choices.  In Canada under the least left of our recent prime ministers there was a tax credit to enroll children in sports.  That tax credit could apply to anyone of any age.

There are always options that do not involve violating privacy and other human rights.  It is too bad we live in an era when leftist garbage like Boris never choose those options.  This does not end when public fear over COVID subsides.  It only ends when Boris and his ilk are removed from office and punished.  For my children’s sake I hope that day comes soon.

A Mostly Peaceful Protest in Poitiers France

Your feel good video of the day courtesy of the people of Poitiers France.

During a vaccine passport demonstration the town hall was occupied.  The protestors pulled a portrait of French President Emmanuel Macron off the wall.  They stomped on it, tore it to pieces, and threw it down to the cheering crowd.  Macron might be influencing people but he is definitely not winning friends.

Occupying and vandalizing government buildings is not unique to French culture.  It was a popular pass time in the US in 2020.  On January 6th 2021, in the spirit of this new but quaint tradition, disgruntled Americans briefly occupied the capital building.  They tore down no portraits and caused little damage they did not clean up on their own.  This lack of barbaric behavior turned out to be their downfall.  There was simply not enough violence to qualify for the “mostly peaceful protest” exemption.

Dozens of protesters have been in Prison since January 6th and Pervert Joe is using the FBI to hunt down the rest.  This is a very simple task for the FBI since they were intricately involved in planning the protest.  They probably have the passenger lists from the free buses FBI informants provided.

I am sure Macron is very envious of creepy Joe right now.  He would love to send the police out searching for the Poitier protestors.  Thankfully the dwarf tyrant might not have that option.  It is being reported that Macron’s security police have resigned en-masse.

God I hope this is true.  Leftist Tyrants like Macron have been violating basic human rights with impunity for almost 2 years now.  They have gotten away with it because the police have forgotten their oaths to serve and protect.  If the Police turn their backs on tyrants like Macron they are done.

I have a friend who loves history even more than I do.  Since the beginning of this farce he has been warning that politicians have been playing with fire.  History is full examples of how quickly public sentiment can turn.  When these sharp U turns occur they often lead to violence.  I hope Macron is scared senseless and hiding in a closet right now.


A Tale of 2 COVID Strategies

Countries with High vaccination rates are discussing new mask mandates and a return to lockdowns.  The policy makers in these countries are morons.  If masks and lockdowns worked why did you need vaccines?  If vaccines work why do you need lockdowns and masks?  The data below is readily available to anyone with an internet connection and an ounce of curiosity.

The UK, Spain, and France relied on lockdowns, masks, and vaccines.  Mexico, Indonesia, and India relied on Ivermectin.  The first step in Science is to develop a theory that fits the data.  This data is very clear.  How can you hold on to the theory that the only solution is mandatory vaccination?  That theory is obviously wrong.  Seriously after all the talk of following the science, don’t you think it is time to actually do it?

It is time for some common sense.  We do not need to go back to strategies that don’t work or invent new ones.  The road map already exists.  Why the hell can’t we use it?

The Indian Variant by any Other Name is still Harmless, Until Government gets Involved

Australia is in lockdown again over the Delta Variant.  This lockdown is not going as smoothly for the government as the last one.  It appears Australians are fed up with lockdowns.  This is a video of a Australians protesting the latest Government tyranny.  According to the news it was dozens of people attended.  The police admit to 3,500.  You can see for yourself It was way larger than that.


What a difference a name makes.  You remember the delta variant right?  That is the dreaded Indian Variant that could not stand up to Ivermectin in India.

The smart thing to do would be to distribute Ivermectin but when do left wing governments ever do the smart thing?  Left wing governments are very good at dishonesty, however.  So, of course, the only solution for handling a variant easily controlled by Ivermectin is to rename it and ban Ivermectin.

The 2 key ingredients that make Lockdowns possible are dishonesty and Stupidity.  Leftist western governments have an abundant supply of both.



Thanks to COVID Mass Murder is OK, Saving lives is not.

Ivermectin was widely available in Indonesia thanks to a wealthy philanthropist named Haryoseno.  He used his own money to make it available to everyone.  If you could not pay it was free.  On June 12th the government threatened him with 10 years in prison if he did not stop.  Cases skyrocketed until July 15th.  The government reversed their position allowing him to resume distribution.  The results were immediate.  Cases are plummeting.

Imagine that.  A private citizen was threatened with 10 years in prison.  His crime was using his own money to save thousands of people.  Contrast that with this waste of Human flesh.

Andrew Cuomo used taxpayer money and the power of the state to kill thousands of elderly patients.  He was motivated by politics and his pathological need for attention.  According to the DOJ this mass murder does not warrant an investigation.

This is the world we live in now.  Mass murder is OK.  Saving lives without government approval is not.