Any Benefit from COVID Vaccines will be gone by Cold and Flu Season

I have done several posts on COVID vaccines.  When the Vaccines first came out I was curious what made an mRNA vaccine different from a regular vaccine.  What I discovered was that mRNA are not vaccines.  A normal vaccine uses a virus to provoke a normal immune response.  A normal immune response produces antibodies which are temporary and T cells which are permanent.

The mRNA treatments do not use a virus. They simply trick your body in to producing spike proteins.  The presence of spike proteins results in a temporary antibody response.  Because there are no infected cells there is no Tcell response.  It is the T cell response that gives complete and lasting immunity.

The temporary incomplete protection from the mRNA treatments never gets discussed.  All we are told is that the Vaccine provides complete protection.  We already know that is not true.  Hundreds of vaccinated people have already been hospitalized with COVID.

So how temporary is the protection?  The first data I have seen was just release by Israel.

The Bar to look at in each grouping is the first blue bar.  This is people who were completely vaccinated in January almost 7 months ago now.  If we look at the first 2 groupings, Infection and symptomatic COVID, the protection level is already down to 16%.  The dashed line is the confidnece interval which goes from 0% to 45%.  After 7 months the protection from mRNA treatments could be gone completely.  So much flor 96% effectiveness.

The data looks better for hospitalizations and severe covid.  According to this study after 7 months you still have 82% and 86% protection.  I don’t know how they came up with these numbers because they are at odds with Hospital admissions data.  On July 12 I posted this data, aslo from Israel.

Being Vaccinated did not prevent any COVID hospitalizations.  This study indicates that at best the mRNA treatments provide some protection for 7 months.  People Vaccinated in Q1 2021 will be completely unprotected by the start of cold and flu season.  We spent billions just to be right back where we started.  Isn’t it time we stop letting government “help”.

Irony is the Latest COVID Fatality


The Canadian Human rights museum is now proudly discriminating.

Can anyone in the Trudeau government even spell Irony?  The Trudeau liberals are truly too stupid for words.

We Must hold People Accountable Before the Next Lockdown

Anthony Fauci was in front of the senate again this week.  Last time Fauci appeared for the senate he lied.  That is not surprising.  Anthony Fauci is one of the least honest people on the planet.  He is another in a long line of bureaucrats who somehow became a multi-millionaire on a government salary.  The surprise this time was someone finally called him out on his lies.

Of course that someone was Rand Paul.  Rand Paul is a political unicorn.  He is smart and may even be honest.  At the very least he is way more honest than Fauci, but that bar is admittedly very low.  Watch their heated exchange in this video.


Notice that Fauci does not answer the question about whether he funded gain of function research.  Instead he tries to convince you that what he funded is unimportant because this virus is natural and not man made.  Fauci points to the single paper supporting natural origins of the virus.  He wants you to believe that this is the “settled” science.

Settling science is the favorite pastime of leftist tyrants.  No real scientist ever settles science.  Science is constantly argued.  Fauci is conveniently ignoring other papers with evidence the virus has no natural origin.  Science is never settled but eventually it becomes accepted, until a better explanation comes along.

Accepted science is not even called science any more it is called Engineering.  From that standpoint I do agree with Dr. Fauci.  Some of the COVID science is defined well enough to become engineering.  Like the part where this virus is definitely engineered.

There is increasing pressure on Fauci.  He might be held accountable for what he has done.  If so, he would be the first real COVID casualty.  This is still not certain.  It seems he is being thrown under the bus but he is still not without support.  Most of the media is still defending him.

This “journalist” is pulling a Fauci himself.  Notice he is not refuting what Rand Paul said.  He is just challenging Rand Paul’s qualifications to say it.  Just as Fauci did in the hearing.  This is a well-worn tactic of the left.  Pretend to have the moral high ground by declaring only people that you approve of are qualified to speak.

The Climate change zealots have been doing this for decades.  Only climatologists are allowed to speak about climate change.  This is not how science works.  William Happer is a Nobel Prize winning physicist and climate change skeptic.  Global warming zealots constantly try to marginalize him by pointing out that he is not a climatologist.  To this he answers he does not need to be a climatologist to point out that they have the physics wrong.

Of course the left slices things even closer than a broad specialization.  Dr. Tim Ball is the first Canadian to receive a PHD in Climatology.  He also does not believe CO2 is a problem so the media ignores him.  He is not the right kind of climatologist in the same way that virologists who claim the virus is manmade are not the right kind of virologist.  Are you sensing a pattern here?

I sincerely hope the public sees around these tiresome tactics and Anthony Fauci pays for what he has done, but it cannot end there.  Fauci is not the only one who needs to go to prison.  This will not end until everyone involved is punished.  I am not just talking about the politicians that forced this farce upon us.  What about other bureaucrats like Fauci who actively participated?  Bureaucrats like these English police abusing protestors.

This was from last September but it was not an isolated incident.  There are videos from all over the world of police and health officials overstepping their authority.  Some of these people need prison others need to be fired and lose their pensions.

This will never be over until the people who caused it are removed.  If we leave any of them in place they will do this again.  We will be locked down again next flu season, or anytime the government finds it convenient.  You don’t need to believe me.  Judge for yourself.  Consider the actions of 2 famous pandemic architects.  Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab just became partners in a COVID testing company.

Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab know this is not over.  They probably also know the planned lockdown dates for every country.  Well maybe not every country.  Just the ones rich enough to buy their products.

Lies Divide us

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

― Elena Gorokhova, A Mountain of Crumbs

I have also seen this quote attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, either way it perfectly describes how a communist society works.  Everything is a lie.  Of course Communist governments are not the only governments that lie.  All governments lie.  At this point I am certain that there is not a single government in Canada capable of telling the truth.  Even if only by accident.

Not all governments lie equally.  There is a spectrum.  The sizes and number of lies are both proportional to how left leaning the government is.  Canadian Governments are very far left so the Lies are large and frequent.

The real difference between communists and “free” societies is not that the government lies, it is that everyone lies.  Citizens in communist societies were forced to lie all the time.  They were forced to show outward support for the government.  This way no one could tell if you were an acolyte or a dissenter.  You did not dare let anyone know what side of the line you were really on.  Not even your family and friends.  There was no way of knowing whether they might report you.  Lying was an essential survival skill.

Of course this was by design.  If the government can make everyone lie then you cannot trust anyone.  It is hard to gather in groups to discuss ways of changing your government if there is no trust.  I have discussed this before, the easiest way to control a group is to separate them as individuals.  The 2 best tools for that is to sow fear and doubt.  The video below is the Australian government sowing fear.


Don’t you like her message?  Now is not the time to be human.  This is a familiar message to everyone living under COVID tyranny.  Do not meet and speak to each other.  It could be unsafe, mostly for government.  Every government has their own ministry of fear but to cover all the bases they also have their ministry of doubt.

The ministry of fear produces videos like the one above.  The ministry of doubt produces rules that turn us all in to liars.  Rules like only allowing restaurants to serve family units at the same table.  Many restaurants chose strategic locations near places of employment.  They often pay higher rent for these locations.  Their business model is built around coworkers dining and drinking together.  Any of these restaurants could not re-open without breaking the rules.  The restaurants and their customers were forced to lie about their dining relationships.

I had my own run in with the ministry of doubt yesterday.  I got my hair cut at a Barber Shop in British Columbia.  BC is a place I visit often and I have been to this shop many times.  Under the COVID rules the Barber is obligated to force a mask on me if I am not completely vaccinated.  I was tempted to be a communist.  By that I mean I was tempted to lie.  But if I did, I would be lying to a barber I have known for years.  I chose to be a capitalist and tell the truth.  That is the point of all the senseless rules.  They want us to lie.  Governments would love it if lying became second nature.  Then our slow conversion to communism will be complete.  This is not, and never has been, about a virus.

Good News and Bad News for Britons after their Fake Freedom Day.

Yesterday was “Freedom” day in the United Kingdom.  I am a little confused by that.  Wasn’t freedom day for Britons over 800 years ago?  The Magna Carta was signed June 15th, 1215.  The Magna Carta restricted the ability of the King (the government) to capriciously arrest and persecute the citizenry.  How can July 19th 2021 be freedom day when Brits have been free (at least on paper) for over 800 years?  Obviously Boris Johnson and I have differing opinions.  One of us needs to brush up on history.

800 years ago Europeans began to believe that rules are not just for the little people.  Government actions also need to be constrained by law.  Until 2019 this was seen as an important advancement for human civilization.  COVID changed all of that.  There are no more rules for Government.  In one year 800 years of progress was wiped out.  Our new royal class can once again do whatever they want.  It is shocking how easily we accepted this.

In the interest of accuracy then, yesterday cannot be called Freedom Day.  Yesterday for Britons was really a temporary reprieve from total tyranny.  That does not roll off the tongue like “Freedom day” so I am open to suggestions.  Whatever it was, it had nothing to do with Freedom.

Even this brief respite almost did not happen.  There was much talk of postponing fake “freedom Day”.  Because of the recent surge in cases.

6 weeks ago cases started surging and Boris the Tyrannical wanted to use this as a reason to continue to kill peasants.  How can this be happening?  Briton has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.  Weren’t Vaccines supposed to end all of this?  The simple answer is, no, they were not.

Remember these treatments are not vaccines.  You will not get immunity.  The COVID “vaccines” only produce a temporary boost in antibodies.  They do not prevent infection they just give you a head start to recovery.  Increase in cases would only be alarming if there was also an increase in deaths.  That is not happening in the UK.

Deaths should have started increasing 4 weeks ago but they did not.  This indicates one or both of the following.

  1. The “cases”, once again, are nothing more than false positives. More PCR pandemic than real pandemic.
  2. The “Vaccines” are working exactly as designed.

The good news is that Briton does not have a problem with COVID.  If you survive getting injected the vaccines might actually work. The bad news is that Boris Johnson is still the Prime Minister.  The really Bad news is that most Britons are ignorant of their own history and the significance of the Magna Carta.


Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.  Winston Churchill.


Tyranny Happens When We are not Watching

In 1966 Milton Mayer wrote “They Thought They Were Free”.  He wanted to understand how Germany, one of the most civilized nations on earth, slid in to Nazism.  Mayor interviewed Germans who were alive during the rise of Nazism.  This video is an excerpt from one of those interviews.


Germans did not wake up one morning and decide to be Nazis.  The socialist conquest of their country happened when no one was watching.  People were so busy with their own lives that no one noticed the multitude of small changes the government was making.  When they did lift their heads the Nazis government always had a scape goat to focus attention on.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?  We have certainly had our fair share of scapegoats recently.  First it was people who would not stay home, then it was people who do not wear masks, now it is people who will not be vaccinated.  The government has kept Karen busy.  So many to hate so little time.

So what else has happened in the “free world” while we were busy hating our neighbors?  According to the media not much.  I tend to disagree.  I think there were a number of things that should concern people.  Below is a partial list of things that I think warranted more attention.

  • Freedom of speech is being slowly eliminated.
  • Property rights were infringed when governments decided who and how many could be in your home.
  • Governments intentionally bankrupted small businesses in support of large business.
  • Independent journalists were imprisoned to prevent them from contradicting government affiliated media.
  • History was re-written to discredit scientists who did not work for government.
  • Christians were jailed.
  • Opposition politicians were jailed.
  • Western politicians concealed that the Chinese communist party engineered and released a virus.
  • This senile old pervert somehow became the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

I must be a little odd because I believe that any one of these items was more important than what the media and public did fixate on.  For 18 months COVID cases was all that mattered.  The collapse of our medical systems was imminent.  Of course, nothing close to that happened.  Our media kept us busy worrying about something that might happen to distract us from things that were happening.

Rights that took thousands of years to attain were eliminated bit by bit in just 18 months.  That should have been a difficult struggle but it was not.   All that was required of most is that they do nothing.


Why do Politicians Speak About Human Rights when they do not Believe in Human Rights?

A few days ago I linked a video of the New Zealand Prime Minister stating the government is the sole source of truth.  That is a little hard to swallow.  I am not sure that any Government has ever been a source of truth, let alone the single source of Truth.  Religious zealots point to their respective books as the single source of truth.  I guess Jacinda Ardern sees herself as a prophet.

In The US, Jen Psaki stopped short of declaring herself the single source of truth.  She was, however, quite open about eliminating any competing source.


Face book and the other Tech giants don’t just cooperate with government.  They are so entwined with government you can’t tell where one stops and the other starts.  There is a constant flow of people back and forth between government and Silicon Valley behemoths.  Tech giant employees leave to work in Government.  Retired politicians leave to join the tech Giants.  The former Danish Prime minister now works for Facebook.  Here she is explaining that Facebook has to censor in order to balance freedom of speech with other human rights.


The UN has a universal declaration of human rights that most countries including Denmark agreed to.  Nowhere in that document is there any discussion about having to balance freedom of speech with other rights.  Freedom of Speech is covered by article 19, that I have reproduced below.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

That seems very clear to me, I would think that Facebook falls under the category of “any media”.

Jacinda Ardern, Jen Psaki, and Helle Thorning Schmidt like to talk about human rights but none of them believe in human rights.  They don’t even know what human rights are.  These women are at the highest levels of government and they are not the exception.  They are the rule.  Very few politicians in the western world believe in Human rights.  If they did we would not be talking about vaccine passports.

Irrefutable Proof of Long COVID

Welcome Back.  I apologize for my brief outage.  It was entirely my fault.  The Hosting service that I use demands an annual payment which I missed.  It completely slipped my mind that I have been doing this for a year now.

I would like discuss what a difference a year has made but with COVID every day is ground hog day.  Almost nothing has changed.  I went to the grocery store today.  Everyone was wearing masks even though mask mandates were removed 2.5 weeks ago.  After the Mask mandates were ended signs came down and people went barefaced.  2 weeks later new signs are up declaring that masks are recommended and almost everyone is wearing masks again.

We are definitely all suffering from Long COVID.  The most common symptom is a permanent, debilitating, loss of intelligence.

Do Not Trust Government with Vaccines, or Anything Else

2 days ago, Emmanuel Macron announced that unvaccinated people would not be allowed to take part in Life.  They would be shunned and ostracized until they submit.  Today I am finding videos all over the internet of French citizen protesting this tyranny.

At first, I was confused.  The government and their media lap dog have been telling us for weeks that everyone was getting vaccinated.  There were only a few crazed antivaxxers putting the entire world at risk with their selfishness.  If this is true, how did they find enough people to form a protest?

I decided to check just how many Frenchmen were not vaccinated.  To my surprise I found that it was less than 50%.

Most countries are still under 50% and vaccine hesitancy has definitely set in.  Most countries are now vaccinating fewer and fewer people each day.

Governments are being heavy handed because it is not working.  Too many people are choosing not to be vaccinated.  Some countries like France have decided to use the force of law to compel compliance.  Other countries are still content to let the media do the dirty work.  Recently the British media interviewed 2 young men from their hospital beds.  Both men lamented that they should have taken the vaccine when it was offered.  This might have been very convincing if both men were not paid actors.

I do not know what is worse, the overt regulatory pressure or the intentional deception.  Do you still trust Government?  I do not but according to New Zealand’s Prime minister I am wrong.  According to her Government is so trustworthy they should be your single source of Truth.

The people who have not spoken the truth once in the last 17 months now assure us that they are the only source of truth.  Next, they will want us to believe shutting the world down for cold and flu season is the only reasonable thing to do.

Norway Bans a Vaccine they do not Need Anyway

Norway has banned AstraZeneca COVID Vaccines and is advising young people not to get Vaccinated.

Finally, some sanity.  Norway recognizes that the virus is less risk than the vaccine for young people.  COVID was a complete nonevent in Norway.  Officially Norway has had 146 COVID deaths per million.  The 3rd lowest in All of Europe.  Norway did not have a single excess death from COVID.  The plot below is from Euro Momo.  You can clearly see the spring 2020 and winter 2020/21 covid spikes in the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.  There are no COVID spikes in Norway.

So how did Norway have such great success?  For more than a year we were told the only way to stay safe until a vaccine comes is to lockdown.  To achieve this kind of success Norway’s lockdown must have been brutal, right?  The reality is that Norway did even less than Sweden.

I have no doubt that less restrictions are better, but Norway does not owe their Success to the absence of lockdown.  Their success is due to Vitamin D.  In 2019 these researchers found Norway had the highest average vitamin D level of any country that participated in the study.

Average Vitamin D Levels by Location among GrassrootsHealth Participants – GrassrootsHealth

Norway was 15% higher than the next highest country.  That is a little odd, don’t you think?  Vitamin D is the sunshine Vitamin.  How does a northern country like Norway have such high vitamin D levels?  Well, another good source of vitamin D is fish oil and Norwegians eat a lot of fish.  Iceland is the only country in Europe that eats more fish that Norway.  Iceland had 87 COVID deaths/million, the lowest in Europe.

In Europe there is a very strong correlation between fish consumption and COVID deaths.

The importance of vitamin D was discovered very early in the pandemic.  As time goes on the evidence gets even stronger.  What our governments did with respect to this information was criminal.  We all could have been Norway.  COVID would have been a nonevent everywhere.  All it would have taken is a single honest person in government.  Is that too much to ask for?