Any Benefit from COVID Vaccines will be gone by Cold and Flu Season

I have done several posts on COVID vaccines.  When the Vaccines first came out I was curious what made an mRNA vaccine different from a regular vaccine.  What I discovered was that mRNA are not vaccines.  A normal vaccine uses a virus to provoke a normal immune response.  A normal immune response produces antibodies which are temporary and T cells which are permanent.

The mRNA treatments do not use a virus. They simply trick your body in to producing spike proteins.  The presence of spike proteins results in a temporary antibody response.  Because there are no infected cells there is no Tcell response.  It is the T cell response that gives complete and lasting immunity.

The temporary incomplete protection from the mRNA treatments never gets discussed.  All we are told is that the Vaccine provides complete protection.  We already know that is not true.  Hundreds of vaccinated people have already been hospitalized with COVID.

So how temporary is the protection?  The first data I have seen was just release by Israel.

The Bar to look at in each grouping is the first blue bar.  This is people who were completely vaccinated in January almost 7 months ago now.  If we look at the first 2 groupings, Infection and symptomatic COVID, the protection level is already down to 16%.  The dashed line is the confidnece interval which goes from 0% to 45%.  After 7 months the protection from mRNA treatments could be gone completely.  So much flor 96% effectiveness.

The data looks better for hospitalizations and severe covid.  According to this study after 7 months you still have 82% and 86% protection.  I don’t know how they came up with these numbers because they are at odds with Hospital admissions data.  On July 12 I posted this data, aslo from Israel.

Being Vaccinated did not prevent any COVID hospitalizations.  This study indicates that at best the mRNA treatments provide some protection for 7 months.  People Vaccinated in Q1 2021 will be completely unprotected by the start of cold and flu season.  We spent billions just to be right back where we started.  Isn’t it time we stop letting government “help”.