Are you Ready to Listen?

When the first lockdowns were imposed in March of 2020 I told everyone that we should oppose it.  I said “if we let them do it this time, they will do it again”.  Very few people were willing to listen to that message.  The consensus was that it really was just 2 weeks to flatten the curve.  I hate to say I told you so but we have now been locked down 4 times.  Unvaccinated people are permanently locked down and we are in lock down season (formerly known as cold and flu season).  It is only a matter of time before everyone is locked down again.

Why do we continue to let this happen?  Why will we not stand up?  Is there no line the government cannot cross?  I was reading a blogger this morning lamenting the same thing.  We continue to lose battles without even fighting.  His opinion was that we are losing this war because we have not set any objectives.  We have established no red lines that we are willing to fight over.  His opinion was that you cannot establish a red line or define victory if you do not know yourself.  He used this famous quote form Sun Tzu.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” –Sun Tzu, Art of War

We obviously do not know ourselves or the enemy and that is why we have a perfect record of losing.  Knowing yourself means knowing what you value and what you do not value.  What is worth fighting for and what is not worth fighting for.  People think they know themselves but they do not.  If they did Vaccine passports would have never been accepted.

2 years ago if I said that we will soon need government permission to enter a restaurant, no one would have believed me.  I would have been told there is no damn way anyone would let the government do that.  Now people line up to present their vaccine passport.  The passport is nothing more than a permission slip issued by government.

It is also painfully obvious that we do not know our enemy.  Most people don’t even recognize who our enemy is.  The majority still think the virus is the enemy and government is here to help.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A virus is just one more thing in our environment that we need to be prepared for, no different than a winter storm.  Far from helping, our governments have gone out of their way to make the situation worse.  Our real enemy is government.

I am still mystified how people still don’t understand this.  Seriously, when was the last time government helped with anything?  Can you think of a problem that government did not make worse by their participation?  Can you think of a problem government is trying to solve that they did not cause in the first place?  Incredibly the government has even used this play book before and we still can’t recognize it.

30 years ago governments began using climate change as a weapon in the war on their own citizens.  Only a fool thinks he can control the weather but governments told us that they could.  The solution was increased government control, economic destruction, wealth transfer, and an erosion of civil liberties.  Only a fool thinks he can control the spread and mutations of an airborne virus yet once again governments are telling us they can do the impossible.  All we need to solve the problem is increased government control, economic destruction, wealth transfer, and an erosion of civil liberties.

The only difference between the climate and COVID crises is that Climate change is not manmade but this virus is.  Manmade or not the virus is still a virus and behaves as a virus.  Now that it has been released we cannot control it any more than we can control the weather.  We could have controlled the people who made the virus but since we failed to do that, here we are.

It is a problem that so many people do not understand that the government is our enemy.  Even fewer people understand the true nature of government.  After 2 years of tyranny, how can this be?  It is not like people have not been shouting warnings.  In the summer of 2020 Chris Sky clearly explained our enemy’s game plan.  He did not miss a single thing.  It is about time for more people listen to his message.


We can choose slavery or freedom.  You cannot be both dependent on government and free.  You can also not choose slavery and expect your children to be free.  If you can’t be brave for yourself try to be brave for your children.  This has never been about a virus, it has always been about slavery.


Australia is Sifting Sewage to maintain the COVID Narrative.

In March 2020, when this farce started, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney could not wait to join the tyranny.  Businesses were closed and the entire population was locked down.  The justification of the suspension of the rule of law was the COVID Emergency.  When the Emergency was declared Alberta had 3 confirmed cases.  3 confirmed cases out of 4.5 million people was not an emergency.  Unfortunately we have found that you do not need an actual emergency to declare an emergency.  You just need a sufficient population of Karens.

I thought 3 confirmed cases would forever hold the record as the most fake emergency in history.  Surpassing even our fake climate emergency.  I was wrong.  In the COVID era records for tyranny fall constantly.  There is now a town in Australia locked down with zero COVID cases.

There is not a single sick person but the town is locked down because their waste water had a positive PCR test.  Waste water is a polite name for sewage.  So if a toxin is identified in sewage your community will be locked down.  When does sewage not contain toxins?  In Australia the government no longer needs a reason for a lockdown.  This is not about a virus.

The Best Explanation of COVID Vaccines that I have found.

I found this video on Tony Heller’s site.  It is the clearest and most simple explanation I have found about how the COVID vaccines work and why they will always fail.  There is nothing in this video from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi that Byram Bridle has not said but it is way easier to understand.  When Byram Bridle gets an opportunity to speak the science often pours out of him so fast that it is hard for non-scientists to understand.  Dr. Bhakdi does a beautiful job of explain something very complex with very simple language.  Sorry I still have not been able to figure out how to embed videos from NewTube.  You must follow the link to see it.


Dr.  Bhakdi explains that a normal immune reaction produces 2 types of antibodies and lymphocytes (T cells).  The COVID vaccine produces only one of the 3 pieces of a normal immune response and it is the least important one.  By design these vaccines will never prevent infection, transmission, or death.  At best they offer only limited protection that comes at a terrible price.  They will cause blood clots and possibly a host of other health issues.

No one should be forced to take these treatments and the risks/benefit ratio must to be truthfully explained to those that do.  We are doing the exact opposite of that right now and we need to ask why.

Defiance MIGHT lead to our Destruction, Compliance WILL lead to our Destruction. You decide.

It is really odd that during a time when being “woke” has such prominence that so few people are really awake.  We are fast approaching 2 years and the majority still believes this is about a virus and vaccines.  There is a small number of people who know that is not true.  They can be divided in to 3 groups.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies
  2. Government
  3. Independent thinkers

Things are horribly wrong now because of the significant financial interdependence between groups 1 and 2.  Governments take money from pharmaceutical companies and in return they force citizens to use products developed by pharmaceutical companies.  But not just any product.  Only the products that are still under patent with obscene profit margins.  Products with expired patents find themselves mysteriously banned if they compete in any way with a patented product.

Despite their interdependence Pharmaceutical companies and Governments still view this fake pandemic differently.  For the Pharmaceutical companies this is entirely about profit and why wouldn’t it be?  It is really hard to look past $65,000 per minute profit with guaranteed repeat business.

For Pharmaceutical companies virus variants represent centuries of inflated profits.  The virus will never stop mutating so they can constantly tweak the vaccine formulations which keeps them from ever coming off patent.  These vaccines will always be expensive and we will always be forced to use them.  We could have saved ourselves a lot of misery by just allowing Pfizer and Moderna to print money.

To Government this fake pandemic is not about a virus, vaccine, or even profits although I am sure none of them will refuse kickbacks from Pfizer.  For Government this is about vaccine passports, or rather what the vaccine passports will allow them to do.  Once everyone including children are forced to carry a digital ID, the government can start linking that ID to everything.  The Vaccine passports will transform entire financial and societal norms.  Vaccine Passports are the gateway to the great Reset.

I got this interview from another of my growing list of helpers.  Melissa Ciummei discusses ways that vaccine passports will be used to consolidate control and irrevocably transform society.  There really is nothing here that Catherine Austin Fitts has not already said but Melissa does make one very important point.  Our compliance guarantees our destruction.

Small business has been scrambling to comply with all the ridiculous regulations.  They are desperate to please government in order to continue operating.  Melissa’s message to them is simple, stop complying.  What is the worst that can happen?  Yes the government can close your business but that is the end game anyway.  If you stop complying you might lose your business, if you keep complying you will lose your business.  The choice is difficult but simple.  This is a powerful message that everyone needs to hear.  We are going in to lockdown season (formerly known as cold and flu season) difficult future defining decisions need to be made.


Omicron should be the Final Nail in the COVID Narrative

The Omicron Variant has already been identified in multiple European countries.

Politicians are scrambling to close their borders.  I doubt this will have any affect.  We have been to this movie before and we already know how it ends.  Over the next few weeks we will find out that it is already in every country.  It is pointless to try and keep out something that you have already let in.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not advocating for permanently closing borders.  If we did we would still be dealing with Variants just domestic rather than international variants.  What I am advocating for, again, is common sense.

You cannot stop a virus, especially an RNA virus, from mutating.  You also can not eliminate a virus that has animal reservoirs.  Even if we had a vaccine that worked, to eradicate the virus you need to vaccinate or exterminate every possible host animal.  We simply cannot do that.

We need to face facts; let’s start with the most glaring fact that Omicron presents.  All of the cases so far have been identified in people travelling from Africa.  Media has been quick to blame this on how few people in Africa are vaccinated since 94% of Africans are unvaccinated.  The media is just following orders and once again obscuring the truth.  The real story here is that the virus was carried and transmitted by vaccinated people.

100% of the people with Omicron have been double vaccinated.  This is not surprising since you cannot travel internationally without being vaccinated or tested.  Unvaccinated, tested people are the only ones that we can confirm are not infected.  By closing our borders we are admitting that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission.  Closing our borders proves vaccine passports and mandates have nothing to do with stopping the spread.

These are the facts that we finally must consider.

  1. Very few people are at risk from this virus. If you are under 70 and not managing a serious health condition Influenzas poses a bigger risk to you than COVID.
  2. The Vaccines do not prevent infection, transmission, disease, or death. They do afford some temporary protection that will require regular boosters.  This means that there are no public health benefits to the vaccines.  Your vaccine does not protect anyone else.  It barely protects you.
  3. Viruses mutate. It is only a matter of time before one of these mutations will be completely unaffected by the vaccines.  The virus can mutate faster than new vaccination can be formulated.  This is a race the virus will always win.  There is a reason why there has never been a successful vaccine for any RNA virus.
  4. This virus is very treatable and the treatments have proven to be quite robust. Unlike the vaccines, treatment Protocols like the McCullough protocol have been extremely effective against every variant encounter to date.
  5. Like every other respiratory virus the SARS CoV-2 virus is airborne. I have been harping about this since March of 2020.  Canadian health authorities still won’t discuss this but almost all of the transmission is due to aerosols.  There is simply no way a virus transmitted by droplets could spread this quickly or broadly.  Airborne viruses are not affected by partial lockdowns, masks, or social distancing.  That is why none of those measures has worked anywhere.

We need to take these facts and consider the following to develop an effective pandemic strategy.

  • Since there is no public health benefit to vaccines they should be offered but not coerced. Let each individual do their own risk assessment.
  • With an airborne virus the only effective measure is better building ventilation. The government should offer incentives to improve building ventilation in public buildings.
  • Carbon taxes on heating fuels and electricity should be dropped. It is impossible to increase building ventilation without increasing heating and cooling costs.  We should not punish building owners for doing the right thing.
  • Secure supplies of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and antihistamines. Make sure that hospitals are kept apprised of the proper application protocols and any other promising developments.

You can distill this strategy down to 4 simple principles.

  1. Personal responsibility
  2. Proper building ventilation
  3. Do not tax responsible behavior.
  4. Prepare hospitals and circulate TRUTHFUL INFORMATION.


We had all the information we needed to build this plan in March 2020 yet we chose a path 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  We are closing in on 2 years and we still have not done any of these things.  It is way past time to start asking why, and while we are at it we need to ask why we are still listening to this monster.

The Variant Name Game, Moronic by any other name is just as Stupid

Variants for viruses, especially RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2 are normal.  Viruses always mutate because they replicate inside millions of bodies and the replication is not always perfect.  That is what made the strategy of scaring people with variants so easy.  You are 100% guaranteed to constantly have new variants.

When this strategy was first hatched the decision was made to label the variant after the country it was first identified in.  I guess they thought it made the variant seem exotic and somehow more dangerous.  Unfortunately the architects of the psy-op did not see the 2 problems with this nomenclature protocol.

  1. It would make it impossible to stop calling the original strain the Chinese virus. This made it difficult to avoid uncomfortable questions about the artificial origins of this virus.  This really pissed off the Chinese communist party (CCP).  Since the CCP owns most of the influential politicians in the world you knew this could not last.
  2. Using the country of origin made it too easy to check what happened in that country. This is why the Indian Variant became the delta variant.  India controlled the “Indian” variant far too easily with Ivermectin.  The name Indian Variant was no longer scary, it had lost brand power and recognition.

The change from country of origin to the Greek alphabet also had limitations.  Delta had a successful marketing campaign but the next in line was gamma.  Gamma just isn’t that scary because popular culture uses gamma to describe a wannabe Alpha male.

Obviously a new nomenclature was needed.  After consulting marketing professionals the decision was made to make variant names sound like transformers.  That’s what brings us to Omicron.  I am shocked that they did not use Omicron Prime.  Either way I think they should get their money back from the marketing company.

How long will we continue to fall for this ruse?  Viruses always mutate.  There will always be another variant.  This is normal.  It is also normal that new variant will be more transmissible and less lethal.  This has been well document for other viruses.  If governments sat back and did nothing COVID would with time become just another cold.  For most people it already is.

Curing COVID is Easy, Curing Covid Delusional Syndrome might be Impossible

In yesterday’s post I stated my optimism that the tide might be turning.  I am hopeful that is the case but the road ahead is still long and hard.  So many people have bought in to the narrative so completely.  It will be difficult, maybe impossible to bring them back to logic.  Take this man for instance.

I don’t know who Rich Preston is but this level of delusion suggests that he is Canadian.  Getting infected after taking all the government mandated precautions is not proof of how transmissible this virus is.  It is, however, iron clad proof that nothing you have done worked and that your government lied to you.  The fact that Rich still can’t see this leads me to believe he will be first in line for his fourth shot.  Rich is obviously a product of the government indoctrination centers that we call public schools.

It is unlikely we can save Rich or this CNBC reporter.

Below is some COVID wisdom he dispensed to the gullible public.

“At this point I think we need to accept that there’s a lot of breakthrough infections happening, particularly people who are out a significant portion of time from their original vaccination,” Gottlieb said. “There’s going to be retrospective studies that identify this, but we’re not doing a good job of tracking this in real time. And this is the argument for people to go out and get boosters,”

The massive numbers of “breakthrough” infections is not an argument for boosters.  The sheer number of “breakthrough” infections is proof that the vaccines do not work.  How can you possibly make a rational argument for using a medication that does not work?

It is hard to explain the level of delusion we see right now any better than this.


Are People Finally Waking Up?

My track record for predictions has been very good during the Pandemic.  Despite all the breathless reporting about some surprising new development most of what we have seen is entirely predictable.  Take this report for instance.

Heart attacks are up 25% in Scotland but the reporter wants you to think the cause is a complete mystery.  This is not a mystery it was one of the most predictable occurrences imaginable.

We took an experimental treatment, never before used on humans, and forced everyone to take it.  This is a treatment that failed 100% of the time in all previous trials often causing serious health problems with the test animals.  During the abbreviated human testing myocarditis, pericarditis, and other circulatory problems were identified as side effects.  Then shortly after mass vaccination began we discovered that 60% of recipients had blood clots.

We know that blood clots and heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis) cause heart attacks so why the f&%k are we surprised about increased heart attacks?  Like I said, this was as predictable as lockdown and mask failure.  The science was very clear but we are constantly asked to believe that science does not apply to this virus or vaccine.

Predicting virus and vaccine effects has not been that difficult.  We have a lot of science to guide us.  Predicting human behavior is very difficult.  The science is far less clear.  That is probably why my predictions about our response to the virus have not been nearly as accurate.  Despite my cynicism I find that I still underestimate 2 things.

  • Politicians’ capacity for evil.
  • How willing the average person is to accept that evil.

Every time I have predicted that people are waking up and will push back I have been wrong.  It makes me reluctant to even make those predictions anymore.  Despite my perfect track record of failure in this regard, here I go again.  I think the tide is finally turning.  People are fed up, except of course in Canada.  Canadians are still quite comfortable with tyranny.

So what makes me want to go out on a limb again on something I have been so fabulously wrong on in the past?  Well 2 things happened recently that really got my hopes up.  Yesterday there was this.


The people of the Solomon Islands burned down their parliament buildings.  The news was quick to label this as anti-Chinese racism but they did not burn down the Chinese embassy they burned down their own parliament.  The people are furious and their anger is directed at their government.  Gee I wonder why?  Maybe it has something to do with the COVID curfew that they were violating when they took to the streets to protest/riot?

Sorry in 2021 I don’t even know what to call burning down government buildings.  The American media has so bastardized both of those words I don’t know if either has a meaning any more.  While the media has deprived me of a word to describe this, I am still certain that burning down government buildings means you are angry with the government.  Typically you get angry with the government over something that they have done, and what have they done in the last 2 years that was not COVID?

The next example comes from the UK.  Chris Whitty was giving a presentation that was interrupted by angry protesters.  Chris Whitty is the UK’s version of Anthony Fauci.  Like Fauci he is a serial killer.  There is no word as to whether he also tortures animals but once you graduate to killing people that point is moot.  A few months ago not many people were willing to label these lab coated monsters as serial killers but that has definitely changed.


Finally the natives are truly getting restless.  They are now even discussing on the news that history will not be on the side of the vaccines Nazis.


You know people are no longer afraid when they start to mock the tyrants.



Australian Aboriginals are the test case for complete Global Tyranny

Here are two short but important videos out of Australia.



Blacks in the US and Aboriginals in Australia have seen more than their fair share of government maleficence.  It is not surprising they do not trust government supplied vaccines since they have no reason to trust their government.  Governments also have a history of using force against blacks and aboriginals when they step out of line, which is what we are seeing again in Australia.

The gentleman in the second video is quite right when he says that this will not stop at aboriginal communities.  The government is just running another experiment to see how far they can take the tyranny.  If the Australian government gets away with this it will spread.  Other governments will do this to their citizens.  This will not stop with aboriginals and it will not stop with the unvaccinated.  This is not about a vaccine and it is not about a virus.

To me the most disturbing part of either video is the allegation of foreign troops and police on Australian soil acting as storm troopers.  Tyrants have known for years that troops and police are reluctant to use violence on people from their own ethnic groups.  In AD9 the Romans sent troops to Germany to put down a rebellion.  One of the officers, Arminian, was a Germany who was taken to Rome as a young boy.  He joined the military and by all accounts was a good officer right up until the day he was asked to kill other Germans.  Arminius defected and led the Germans to a resounding victory over the Romans in the Teutoburg forest.

Ethnic and tribal ties are extremely strong, that is why it is a common tactic to bring in foreign troops to do things your own troops might refuse to do.  To put down the Tiananmen Square uprising the Chinese flew in troops from the other side of the country.  They knew the local troops would not obey an order to shoot at their friends and family.

That is also why there is such a strong push from Emanuel Macron to develop a European army.

Macron has been pushing this idea for years.  You would almost think he was planning to do something to French people that French military might object to.  It is way easier for him to get what he wants if he allows Germans to shoot Frenchmen again.

If true, the use of foreign military and police against Australian Aboriginals is proof of a global conspiracy.  Governments are cooperating in the destruction of democracy and human rights.  This needs to be exposed and it needs to be stopped by any means necessary.


“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956


How can you argue the COVID Jabs are not a Bioweapon?

A few days ago I posted an interview with Dr. Byram Bridle.  It was an impromptu interview done on the street in front of interested bystanders.  At one point in the interview a spectator asked if the vaccines alter your DNA.  Dr. Bridle answered that it was theoretically possible but the he did not personally believe that it did.  We now have evidence that the vaccines do alter DNA just not directly.  Listen to this researcher explain that the spike proteins prevent your body from repairing damaged DNA.


The list of ways these vaccines damage your health and immune system seems to be endless.  With every passing day new damage mechanisms are discovered.  The only thing we know with certainty that the vaccines do not do, is prevent COVID.

All of the damage mechanisms identified to date lead back to the spike protein.  The story we are to believe is that the spike protein was used as the vaccine because it was thought to be harmless.  Hindsight says that story was a lie.  None of the studies about the spike protein effects started until after the vaccines were already in use.  When this started we may not have known that the spike protein was toxic but we also did not know that it was not toxic.  Don’t you think that is something that we should have determined before giving it to everyone?

Millions of people have already been adversely affected by these treatments and the data suggests the jabs are not done causing damage.  The damage mechanisms being discovered now like preventing DNA from being repaired and suppression of T cells will result in serious future problems and deaths.  We did all of this to fight a virus that does not kill anyone who gets early treatment.

mRNA vaccines have been a lot longer than you think.  They have just never been used on humans before and there is a good reason for that.  The animal trials were always disastrous.  The vaccine always caused more damage than the virus.  So they chose to take this failed technology and use it to reprogram your body to produce a toxin.

That alone is disturbing but with COVID the story is always worse than you can imagine.  Do you know how they were able to tailor this deadly technology to produce the spike protein?  They got the genetic sequence for the spike protein from the Chinese Communist party.

Let’s break this down to the bare facts.  The world was faced with a problem.  We had a new, probably man made virus that was infecting a lot of people.  Thankfully, within months doctors determined how to treat patients and found early treatment has 100% success.  So faced with those facts what was the government response?  They banned doctors from employing proven treatments and forced people to be vaccinated.  To produce the vaccine they took a failed technology and tailored it to the specifications of the Chinese Communist Party.  How is this not mass murder?

Our Governments are at war with their own citizens and they apparently have an alliance with the Chinese Communist Party.