The Best Explanation of COVID Vaccines that I have found.

I found this video on Tony Heller’s site.  It is the clearest and most simple explanation I have found about how the COVID vaccines work and why they will always fail.  There is nothing in this video from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi that Byram Bridle has not said but it is way easier to understand.  When Byram Bridle gets an opportunity to speak the science often pours out of him so fast that it is hard for non-scientists to understand.  Dr. Bhakdi does a beautiful job of explain something very complex with very simple language.  Sorry I still have not been able to figure out how to embed videos from NewTube.  You must follow the link to see it.


Dr.  Bhakdi explains that a normal immune reaction produces 2 types of antibodies and lymphocytes (T cells).  The COVID vaccine produces only one of the 3 pieces of a normal immune response and it is the least important one.  By design these vaccines will never prevent infection, transmission, or death.  At best they offer only limited protection that comes at a terrible price.  They will cause blood clots and possibly a host of other health issues.

No one should be forced to take these treatments and the risks/benefit ratio must to be truthfully explained to those that do.  We are doing the exact opposite of that right now and we need to ask why.