Australia is Sifting Sewage to maintain the COVID Narrative.

In March 2020, when this farce started, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney could not wait to join the tyranny.  Businesses were closed and the entire population was locked down.  The justification of the suspension of the rule of law was the COVID Emergency.  When the Emergency was declared Alberta had 3 confirmed cases.  3 confirmed cases out of 4.5 million people was not an emergency.  Unfortunately we have found that you do not need an actual emergency to declare an emergency.  You just need a sufficient population of Karens.

I thought 3 confirmed cases would forever hold the record as the most fake emergency in history.  Surpassing even our fake climate emergency.  I was wrong.  In the COVID era records for tyranny fall constantly.  There is now a town in Australia locked down with zero COVID cases.

There is not a single sick person but the town is locked down because their waste water had a positive PCR test.  Waste water is a polite name for sewage.  So if a toxin is identified in sewage your community will be locked down.  When does sewage not contain toxins?  In Australia the government no longer needs a reason for a lockdown.  This is not about a virus.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    This is getting nuttier by the day. Who thinks up this shit? (Pun intended).
    How much more insane can they get? IS there anything more insane?
    What is wrong with people that they can’t see what these evil devils are doing to our civilization? How can they be allowed to destroy in 24 months what it took 1000 years to build?

    Wake up!

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