We made him cry, is that it?

Anthony Fauci’s testimony has created a little bit of a buzz in the media.  Many media organizations are exclaiming shock that Anthony, “I am science”, Fauci was not really following any science.

By denying there was any basis to the six-foot recommendation, Fauci is trying to avoid discomfiting questions about one of the biggest scientific failures of the pandemic response – namely, the failure to take into account that Covid could be spread by airborne transmission, and not just by droplets.

It should never have taken congressional hearings held 4 years after the fact to figure any of this out.  It was obvious from day one that this virus was airborne.  There is no way it could have spread as quickly as it did if it was not airborne.  It was equally obvious that the mitigation measures designed for droplet transmission would not work for an airborne virus.

There is no way the people in charge did not know this but publicly they said very different things.  They were lying and not just about how the virus transmitted.  Anyone using logic and some very basic science could tell they were lying about everything.  That is why I wrote this nearly 4 years ago.

While politicians were following disastrous advice that had no basis in science they were carefully avoiding anyone that might point out actual science that could have been useful.  Things like

  • This virus is airborne as well as close contact
  • Social distancing rules have no chance of flattening the curve of an airborne virus.
  • Masks are ineffective against airborne viruses and increase the chance of bacterial infections for the wearer.
  • Young people are not at risk and should not be locked down
  • Asymptomatic transmission is so rare it is not a factor and has never been a factor in any viral outbreak.
  • Herd immunity is the only thing that stops a viral outbreak; you can hide in your house all you want the virus is not going anywhere.

We have not been following the science.  We have been following people in authority who most definitely have not been following the science.

This blog is becoming one giant “I told you so” not because I have any expertise in pandemics, because I don’t have pandemic expertise.  All I have is a good understanding of basic science and a well-tuned bullshit detector.  It was obvious to anyone who did not succumb to fear that the government was lying.  But that is why they worked so hard to stoke fear, isn’t it?

From day one of the lockdowns everyone involved was lying.  It is great to see Fauci weeping on the stand but if that is all that comes of this, we have learned nothing.  Unless we send Fauci and all the other coconspirators to prison they will do it again.  Are you ready for bird flu lockdowns?  A better question is will you accept bird flu lockdowns?  Will you let them do it again?

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