When Will We Start Following the Science?

A work colleague told me an interesting story about step mom.  His step mom works in a bank in a small rural community.  The Bank’s policy was that employees must wear masks at all time.  His step mom developed a bacterial infection in her eyes; the result of her breath always escaping the top of the mask and blowing up under her eyelids.  Incredibly the doctor told her he had already treated 18 people that week with the exact same malady.  That is 2% of the people who live in the area.

Covid has been a real non-event in Alberta, in 8 months 0.6% of the population has tested positive and most of them are in the Edmonton and Calgary.  Alberta does not have any excess deaths due to this end of the world Pandemic.  It is unlikely the small community this poor woman worked in has had a single case of Covid.  2% of that community fell ill in one week by wearing a mask to prevent a disease that no one in the area has ever had.  Ironic or tragic, you be the judge.

This is how we follow the science; we mandate masks to prevent the release of a virus.  Her mask did not prevent her from releasing a bacteria but it is an iron clad guarantee against the release of a virus.  I suppose it might be impolite to point out that even the smallest Bacteria are 7 times larger than the Covid 19 Virus.  Is that impolite or unscientific?  Another good question in this time of Covid; which one do you think will cause the mask wearing covidiots to scream at me less?

Of course the Bank mandated masks and put their employees at risk because they were following the science, or so they thought.  When People say they are following the science what they are really doing is following rules and advice from people in authority.  We assume they are scientists but usually they are not.  Joe Biden has a plan to eradicate Covid from the US.  The closest Joe has ever got to science is by being a very public test case for the effects of dementia on aging politicians.

Bill Gates is another often quoted source of Covid advice.  Bill Gates does not have a science degree.  Bill has never earned a degree in anything; he does have a 1998 conviction of violating US anti-trust laws though.  In Canada the corrupt business dealings of the Chretien and Trudeau governments are somehow proof of their patriotism and concern for the average Canadian.  In the US the corrupt business dealings of Joe Biden and Bill Gates make them uniquely qualified in pandemic response.  What a difference the 49th parallel makes.  See borders really do matter.

Of course the hope is that authorities are following the science.  It is awfully naïve to think that people who have trouble spelling science could actually follow it.  If they could this farce would be over already.  No one would have been locked down or lost their income.  The policies we have followed have had absolutely no basis in science.

  • The idea of locking down and hiding from a virus came from a high school science project.  I guess they saw the word “science” in “high school science” and automatically assumed the policy was written on the third missing tablet that God gave to Moses.
  • There is no science to support mandatory masks for the general population
  • There is no science that shows how many people it is safe to allow inside a business or building
  • There is no science that determined what the safe distance to stand from another person is; especially a person that is not infected.
  • There is no science that says wrapping yellow warning tape around playground equipment makes anyone safe from a virus.

While politicians were following disastrous advice that had no basis in science they were carefully avoiding anyone that might point out actual science that could have been useful.  Things like

  • This virus is airborne as well as close contact
  • Social distancing rules have no chance of flattening the curve of an airborne virus.
  • Masks are ineffective against airborne viruses and increase the chance of bacterial infections for the wearer.
  • Young people are not at risk and should not be locked down
  • Asymptomatic transmission is so rare it is not a factor and has never been a factor in any viral outbreak.
  • Herd immunity is the only thing that stops a viral outbreak; you can hide in your house all you want the virus is not going anywhere.

We have not been following the science.  We have been following people in authority who most definitely have not been following the science.  We have also been very selective as to which authorities we follow and when.  Dr. Scott Atlas is on the US coronavirus task force but the media is adamant that you should not follow him.  The WHO was the ultimate authority on Coronavirus until last week when they advised against lockdowns; the WHO is now lumped in with Scott Atlas as cranks that should not be listened to.

We need to collectively wake up and take control.  We are not following science, scientists, or even people who follow science or scientists.  What is happening now is ignorance and superstition.  We are following incompetent, corrupt, plain evil people.  We are acting like primitive people sacrificing virgins to appease angry pandemic gods.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Everyone needs to forward this website and this article to every person they know. It’s time we told politicians we’ve had enough of this scam. Oh they’ll try to push back but we must not back down!

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