Who Wielded the Weapon?

Below is a plot of selected Western European countries.  The plot shows daily covid deaths expressed as deaths/million population/day.  I picked Sweden and 6 other countries that had similar deaths/million as Sweden.  The countries their populations and deaths/million can be seen in this table.

And here is how the “pandemic” played out in each country

The time scale has been normalized so that day one for each country is the day that country exceeded 1 death/million on a cumulative basis.   All of the countries except Sweden had extended lockdowns.  Most of the countries except Sweden had mandatory masks at some point.  From this plot it is apparent that Lockdowns killed people more quickly than the virus would have if left to its own devices.  Lockdowns were originally designed to flatten the curve and they actually had the opposite effect.  Panicking people and making them afraid to go to the hospital had a remarkable deadly outcome.

Now that fall has arrived bringing with it a new cold and flu season all of the countries that employed lockdowns are seeing rising Covid deaths.  All of these countries except France already have more deaths than Sweden and they all have rising deaths while no one in Sweden is dying of Covid anymore.  If present trends continue France will pass Sweden in Deaths/million in the next 2 weeks.  The right thing to do was to encourage health people to go back to normal and spend time together outdoors during the summer.  Ultra violet light destroys viruses and increases Vitamin D production.  Warm weather also strengthens our immune systems.  Being exposed to the virus in the summer is almost like getting vaccinated.  You are likely to be exposed to a small viral load at a time when your immune system is at its peak.  Every government in the northern Hemisphere should have encouraged their population to go back to normal over the summer.  Only Sweden did and we are now seeing the results.

Lockdowns did not “flatten the curve” they made it sharper.  Restricting the movement of people during the summer only served to give the virus less healthy hosts in the winter.  Our governments adopted policies that had the opposite of the intended effects and increased the death total.  This does not even account for non-covid deaths that we know occurred because of the lockdown.  In the US deaths due to Heart attacks, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s peaked during the lockdowns.  Suicides peaked and the unemployment that was caused will lead to future premature deaths.  Lockdowns on this scale had never happened before.  It was easy to predict that they would lead to deaths and it was highly uncertain that they would prevent a single covid death yet we did them anyway.  We knew the therapy could have deadly side effects and we used it without any evidence that it would be in any way beneficial.  What the hell ever happened to “first do no harm”?

There has been a lot of talk about this virus being manmade and a weapon.  There is some evidence that the NIH may have paid the Chinese to develop this virus. The original intent could have been to weaponize it but it is an odd weapon that that kills only Octogenarians managing long term health problems.  These people are not contributing to the military or the economy.  Quite the opposite; in the modern welfare state elderly people in ill health take out far more than they put in.  Does that mean they have no value?  Of course not, but the world cannot be brought to its knees because of their deaths.  Yet here we are on our knees.

The weapon is not the virus, Panic and lockdowns are the weapon.  The Chinese may have wielded the virus but they had no control over the panic and the lockdowns.  So who wielded the weapon that brought then entire western world to their knees?  Here is a partial list;

Jason Kenney

John Horgan

Justin Trudeau

Nancy Pelosi

Anthony Fauci

Deborah Birx

Neil Ferguson

Theresa Tam

Deena Hinshaw

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Robert Redfield

Boris Johnson

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

Boris Johnson

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron

With but a few exceptions, every journalist in the world.

Every “civil servant” or bureaucrat hat took part in crafting or enforcing Covid restrictions.

Everyone on this list has blood on their hands.  The list is far longer than I have presented here and it needs to be fleshed out completely because everyone on it needs to be held to account.  What has taken place is nothing short of a crime against humanity.  8 months ago I thought these people just needed to be fired for incompetence but 8 months later we are beyond that.  All of them need to face criminal charges.  If the Covid virus results in the elimination of professional politicians, career bureaucrats, and dishonest journalists the pain we have endured will be worth it.  If these people all sail in to the sunset with their pensions, historians will look back at 2020 as the start of the second dark ages.

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