Amish, the once invisible control group

Prior to COVID you could describe me as pro-vaccine or at least ambivalent.  I did not take flu vaccines but when I travelled to Peru I had no issues taking the yellow fever and other prescribed vaccines.  COVID changed all of that.  Now I am not sure I will ever take another vaccine.  I have not changed my attitude as a result of the COVID vaccines because I understand that they are not in fact vaccines.  It is everything else.

COVID testing to me was very enlightening; in an odd way it diminished the importance of vaccines.  More than 90% of people who tested positive for the virus had no symptoms.  The presence of the virus did not seem to be all that important.  Staying healthy was far more important and I can do that without a vaccine.

This relative unimportance of vaccines was only re-enforced when I started researching vaccines, something I would never had done if the government was not threatening to vaccinate me at gun point.  I always knew that plumbers and sanitation workers had a bigger effect on public health than modern medicine but I was shocked to find out the impact of vaccines was so small in comparison you could not even see it in the data.  A healthy society depends on good nutrition and hygiene but not necessarily vaccines.

My vaccine research also led me to the work of Christine Stabell Benn who showed not all vaccines are created equal.  Some very commonly used vaccines have overall negative health effects which could explain why Amish children don’t suffer from some of the chronic conditions others do.


To be clear there are other differences between the AMISH and non-Amish so this may or may not be the result of vaccines but why isn’t someone studying this stark contrast?  Most research is funded by the government so I must conclude government does not want to know this answer.  Or perhaps, already knows the answer. This leads me to my final reason for doubting all vaccines.  The level of collusion between government and big Pharma is off the charts.  Big pharma is second only to the communist party of China when it comes to buying politicians.

Big pharma and government have a very cozy relationship but they have overplayed their hand with COVID jabs.  For decades they have successfully ignored the Amish but not anymore.  They are losing the control of the narrative; so much so that the world’s most prominent vaccine critic is now a leading candidate for the democratic nomination.  COVID tyranny has opened a box that governments successfully kept close for decades.  I can’t wait to see what comes out next.

What if it is more than Greed?

There was never any logic to COVID vaccine mandates.  By their design the jabs cannot prevent infection and therefore transmission.  There is then no public health benefit derived from injecting everyone.  The virus will still circulate.  COVID would not be over until everyone, both jabbed and un-jabbed, were exposed to the virus.

If the jabs had worked they would have provided a personal rather than a public health benefit.  Jabs could have been made optional to anyone who believed in the benefits but then very few people would have taken them because COVID posed very little risk to anyone under 70 who was in good health.  So the purpose of the mandates then was to force everyone to take a treatment that they did not need and would not stop the pandemic.  Why was this done?  Was it just greed?

There is a disturbing new study out that postulates there was something more sinister at work than just greed.  From the very beginning of the vaccination programs it was apparent that most of the adverse reactions came from a small percentage of the vaccine lots.  Most researchers have postulated that this is evidence of poor quality control.  This new paper finds the exact opposite.  The deadly batches were the result of very good quality control.

The researchers found that the vaccine lots could easily be put in to 3 distinct groups based on the number of adverse events per lot.  Extremely high (Blue), higher than normally accepted for vaccines (green), and no adverse events (yellow).  At face value this does not seem that suspicious but here is the kicker.  Blue and Green groups received extensive quality control while the yellow group, which accounted for 1/3 of all vaccinations, received almost no quality control.

Dyker and Matysik found that the PEI had tested and approved for release all the very bad ‘blue’ batches, the overwhelming majority of the not-so-bad ‘green’ batches, but almost none of the harmless ‘yellow’ batches – as if the PEI knew in advance that these batches were unproblematic.

Isn’t this the exact opposite of what you would expect given the results?  The researchers could not help but notice that regulators knew the yellow batches were not worth testing because they were harmless.  How could you know they were harmless unless you knew which lots were just placebos?

Or, in short, to paraphrase the German scientists’ findings on the variability of the Pfizer-BioNTech batches, it would appear that the good was bad, the bad was very bad, and the very good was saline solution.

Many people point out that the vaccine mandates were part of a giant experiment and this data supports that.  I mean if you were doing an experiment what would you have done any differently?  This data certainly makes it look like they were testing 2 different Jab formulations against a placebo.

As Dyker puts it, “malicious” observers might note that “this is how placebos would look”.

Fortunes were made from the COVID vaccines so greed was a motivation but this data indicates that greed was not the only motivation.  There may be something far more sinister than greed at work here.  We may never know everything and everyone involved it this but I do know this for certain.  Not a single thing done since March of 2020 was done for our benefit.  All of it was designed to funnel us towards mandatory injections.  Injections that had no public health benefit and made no sense.

Nonsensical things can be tragic; they can also be fodder for comedy.  The best comedy points out the absurd and there is not much more absurd than the vaccine narrative.  Hopefully one day we will ask hard questions about why this happened.  Until that day Dana Carvery is doing his part by keeping the conversation alive.


The slow creep of Woke totalitarianism

WOKE did not happen overnight.  It has been slowly happening bit by bit for a very long time.  That is how the left destroys a society; by chipping away one seemingly insignificant piece at a time.  It works because we constantly give ground.  Instead of simply saying no every time the left proposes something stupid we go along to try and placate them.  Each individual concession on its own seems harmless enough so we don’t fight but the problem is the left cannot be placated.  They will not stop.  If you give the left an inch you will eventually be digging mass graves.

This is exactly why we had to endure 3 years of COVID tyranny.  When 2 weeks to flatten a curve was introduced we should have flatly said no.  I did but 90% did not.  The concept was ridiculous; did we think the virus would magically disappear in 2 weeks?  Government told us they needed the time to prepare.  The first COVID cases were reported in December but 2 weeks to flatten the curve came in March.  Government had 3 months to prepare and did nothing.  What did we think was going to happen in 2 weeks with those keystone cops in charge?

People accepted 2 weeks to flatten the curve not because they thought it would work but because it was a minor inconvenience not worth fighting.  After all it was only 2 weeks right?  It was like an unplanned staycation.  Except of course it was not 2 weeks and the left never intended for it to be 2 weeks.  Two weeks to flatten the curve became 2 years of increasingly restrictive house arrest.  In the end parole was only offered to those who would take an unproven medical treatment that they did not need.

The goal of two weeks to flatten the curve was always forced injection.  Some people did recognize this.  It was obvious this was not about a virus.  It was always about compliance which is why I told everyone in March of 2020, “If we let them do this they will do it again”.  There were very few voices like mine and guess what they did do it again.  They also plan to keep using lockdowns in the future.  The UK is in the midst of a lockdown inquiry.  That sounds like a good thing until you realize that the whole thing has been scripted not just to whitewash government crimes but also to normalize lockdowns.

Hancock’s testimony seemed to confirm sceptic’s worst fears that the COVID Inquiry is being used as a pretext to institutionalise lockdowns.

Lockdowns are here to stay because we did not stand up for our rights in March of 2020.  We have no one to blame but our own cowardice.  Such is the power of creeping totalitarianism.  Rights that took us centuries to attain were slowly taken back one ridiculous rule at a time of the course of only 3 years.  And, as per usual the left is not finished.  The lefts jihad against personal liberty continues on all fronts.

In Canada Jordan Petersen has been a very effective vocal critic of this rolling barrage of woke.  This has put a target on his back and his own college of psychologists is attacking him for the crime of being impolite.

He called the physician who performed gender affirming surgery on transgender actor Elliot Page “criminal” and “deadnamed” him using female pronouns and his pre-transition name. Dr. Peterson made comments about the changing nature of aesthetic beauty by referring to a plus size model as “not beautiful.”

Did you know now deadnaming and refusing to praise obesity is a crime?  Petersen is also in hot water for pointing out hypocrisy and criticizing people who perjure themselves by bring forth false accusations.

But he also was unfairly taken to task for a joke pointing out the hypocrisy of western progressive climate activists for ignoring harm to “poor children” and for describing a former client as “vindictive” because she had made false allegations against him — allegations for which he was exonerated by the college.

Isn’t it nice that the journalist took the time to point out the last 2 charges were unfair?  Christine Van Geyn did not, however, find the time to point out that the first 2 charges are equally unfair.  In fact 2 years ago they would not even have been considered rude let alone a crime.  In a span of only 2 years not being sufficiently nice to certain protected groups has become a crime.  Hey it is only 2 weeks to flatten the curve, right?

This only ends when we both shut up and surrender all of our rights or we stand up and push back.  Which do you want?  Do you want your woke neighbor reporting you to the Stasi RCMP because you did not agree with them quickly enough, or do you want freedom?  You still have time to choose but time is most certainly running out.

Climate change nonsense is demographically concentrated

Western politicians are destroying their own countries over the fraudulent science of Anthropogenic Greenhouse gas warming.  This ridiculous theory has been used to destroy economies for quite some time but recently the attacks have stepped up to a fever pitch.  Apparently the one lesson Government learned from COVID is that the public will not stop them.  They do not need to move slowly or give any plausible explanations.  The public will accept anything, no matter how ridiculous, if the media tells them we have an emergency.

Since COVID no longer has the necessary impact government has pivoted back to, and ramped up, climate change rhetoric.  Just in the last few months government has saved the planet by;

  • Banning fertilizer
  • Confiscating farms
  • Banning gas stoves and wood ovens
  • Regulating cars out of existence

You might notice that nothing on that list is actually good for people and that is the point.  Climate change policies are inherently anti-human.  This is something that you would think would be plainly apparent to all humans but it is not.  Wealthy white liberals and journalists have clueless sided with government in this war against humanity.

Malcom X once correctly pointed out that the biggest threat to the black community is white liberals.  It is also true that the white liberal is the biggest threat to the white community; communities of any color for that matter.  Every destructively stupid problem we face right now is fueled by wealthy white liberals.  Go to any climate protest and you will find yourself in an ocean of wealthy white liberals.  Spoiled brats insulated from the real world by inherited or unearned wealth.

It is ‘counterproductive’, says Mr Neilson, to have pink-haired sons and daughters of privilege inconveniencing workers during a ‘brutal’ economic downturn. Again, he’s not wrong. The class-war streak in eco-activism is undeniable. Many Extinction Rebellion types are descendants of money. Writer Harry Mount calls them ‘Econians’, a green twist on ‘Etonians’. They’re the ‘public-school boys and girls who rule the wokerati world’. A survey of 6,000 XR activists who brought London to a halt in April 2019 found they were ‘overwhelmingly middle-class [and] highly educated’. Anyone who walked through London that month will have heard ‘Cut carbon emissions!’ being cried in cut-class tones and understood right away that our great city was under siege by vengeful aristocrats still smarting from the Industrial Revolution.

This vocal, Ill educated, army of useful idiots is spurred on by a media that never misses a chance to pump up the nonexistent threat of climate change and the fossil fuel industry.  I came across another fraudulent article this morning with a familiar false claim that the oil industry receives massive government subsidies.  The article is to reinforce the idea that we would not use fossil fuels if government was not conspiring with the petroleum industry.  All we must do is drop fossil fuel subsidies and the world will instantly transition to “green” energy.

Canada has for years forked over billions of dollars in subsidies to oil and gas companies — an approach that critics say flies in the face of the country’s climate goals, and impinges on efforts to turn toward renewable energy sources.

This statement is the best kind of lie; a partial truth.  It is true that government in Canada has given money to the oil industry and the CBC has published a list of recent promises.

$12 billion in loans and financial support for the TransMountain pipeline.

$500 million in loans to the Coastal GasLink Pipeline.

$300 million to help with decarbonization projects.

$78 million to help the oil and gas sector grow and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

$20 million to help oil and gas companies reduce their methane emissions.

The thing about this list is that not a single one of these expenditures is an actual subsidy.

Trans Mountain pipeline

The government bought the Trans mountain pipeline after cancelling the permits for a public company that was going to build the line.  If the government had stayed out of this the line would have been built anyway for a fraction of the 12 billion dollar price tag (the original budget was 5 billion).  Even though the government has bought the line and ballooned the budget this is in no way an industry subsidy.  Companies still must pay a tariff to use the line just as they would to a private company.  Essentially the government bought a business that derives its income from the oil industry.

Costal gas link

How is a loan a subsidy?  The loan is to be repaid with interest.  The only reason government is involved is that they have made pipelines toxic for investment.  But the government wants this particular pipeline for political purposes so they were forced to finance it.  Again this is government assuming the role of private industry after making it impossible for private industry to function properly.

The rest of the list

The government introduced expensive and utterly useless new regulations.  The regulations only purpose is to give the appearance that Canada is serious about climate change.  To prevent industry from discussing what a huge waste of money this is, government offered to pay for some of it.  None of this had to happen.  If the government had not instituted these useless regulations not a penny would have changed hands.  This is not an industry subsidy it is just another example of government waste.


A friend of mine likes to point out that the myth of subsidized oil is very easy to dispel with simple logic.  Energy is the primary input for every product or service and 85% of the world’s energy comes from hydrocarbons.  If the energy industry is kept afloat through subsidies it means that 85% the economy is based on government subsidizes.  That math does not work; the money will run out.  You cannot subsidize 85% of an economy without the economy quickly collapsing.

Simple logic usually steers you to the correct answer.  Unfortunately simple logic, otherwise known as common sense, is highly uncommon among white liberals and media.

Did the West just get played by Putin?

The Wagner group invasion of Russia is indeed over before it even started.  There are some that speculate that Prigozhin called it off because Putin threatened his family.

Russian intelligence services threatened to harm the families of Wagner leaders before Yevgeny Prigozhin called off his advance on Moscow, according to UK security sources.

While others speculate as I did that promises of support did not materialize and he had no choice but to stop.  I certainly don’t believe the first story because Prigozhin would need to be an idiot to start this without first getting his family to safety.  Now one day later I don’t complete believe my own theory.  I believe the support did not materialize, I just don’t believe that is the whole story.

I think the promise of support was real because the US could not resist bragging about how they knew this was going to happen days before it did.

While over the past months Prigozhin has made his personal hatred for Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and top general Valery Gerasimov well known, the intelligence that Washington supposedly had seems very specific and appears to have accurately predicted events, a mere few days before they unfolded.

So the US was either the entity that encouraged Prigozhin with a promise of support; or the US was cooperating with Russian generals who were promising support.  Either way the support did not materialize, which effectively ended the invasion.  What happened next is what makes me believe that the story does not end here.  So far Putin’s response has been uncharacteristically muted.

Dmitry Kiselyov, in his Russian state TV programme, has claimed the swift resolution of the Wagner Group’s mutiny shows Russia is a united nation. Part of his show has been tweeted by Francis Scarr from BBC Monitoring. Mr Kiselyov also played an archive clip of Vladimir Putin saying he is able to forgive many things, but not “betrayal”.

No one thinks that Putin is the type to forgive and forget yet he has done just that so was this really a betrayal?  Putin allowed Priigozhin to go to Belarus.  Belarus is Russia’s closest ally so maybe Putin is just getting Prigozhin out of sight to execute him but maybe there is more going on than we see.  No one else has been publically arrested?  Why not?  Why would Putin allow Priigozhin to go in to exile without giving up his accomplices?

I found the whole thing very odd until I read another opinion of what really happened that fits all of the facts.  Prigozhin and Putin hatched this plan together to expose disloyal elements in his government and military.  They may have even convinced the US to fund the whole operation.

This might seem a little far-fetched but there is more to consider.  By marching his troops up the highway from Rostov to Moscow and turning them back Prigozhin has now placed his mercenaries much closer to Kiev than they were just days ago.  From His exile in Belarus Prigozhin himself is also much closer to Kiev.  And don’t forget that rolling up the highway made the Wagner troops a sitting duck.  The Russian air force could have wiped them out in hours but they did not.  Putin made a big show of constructing sand bag bunkers all around Moscow but he did not take the chance to wipe out Wagner before they got near Moscow?

Everything I said here is pure speculation but the next few weeks will be very interesting.  Either we will find out that this was one of the most ill-conceived invasions in history, or, a brilliant tactical move by Putin.  I would not bet against the latter.  It is never a good idea to underestimate your opponent but from the start of this proxy war the west has consistently under estimated Putin.  Intellectual light weights like Trudeau and Biden believe they are so much smarter than Putin.  There is no evidence those two men are smarter than anyone let alone a man that was able to rebuild Russia after the complete collapse of communism.

The west is run by morons.  Putin might just be preying on their collective stupidity again.  Time will tell.

Climate policies are certain costs for uncertain benefits

I caused another furious exchange on Twitter about climate change.  It started with someone asking the simple question of is the earth warming or not.  This was my reply.

The earth has been warming since the end of the little ice age in 1850. The question is not whether the earth warms or cools. The question is how much does CO2 have to do with it and the data says not much. The earth is warming but we do not have a problem with CO2.

Again my reply stated facts and science.  Though you would never know it from the media coverage there is a very good scientific argument that the recent warming had nothing to do with CO2.  My simple statements of facts and science triggered a COVID cultist that spawned a furious exchange between him and others supportive of what I had tweeted.

The cultist responded multiple times with links to newspapers declaring the hottest every, or glaciers melting.  I responded to none of his replies because his replies were nonsensical.  Something that the climate cultists do not understand is that evidence of warming is not evidence of what caused the warming.

Anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is a ridiculous theory.  It is true that the earth is warmer than it should be because of greenhouse gases.  It is not true that adding more CO2 to the mix will cause run away warming.  There is simply not enough energy available to CO2 for that to happen.  Because their science is so shaky, cultists fall back on the claim that recent temperature increases are unprecedented and that is proof humans caused it.

Even if the warming was unprecedented, which it is not, there is no evidence it was caused by CO2.  The COVID cult wants you to infer the link by continually reminding you that it is hot now and we drive cars now therefor we caused this.  Their level of science is akin to me saying that because the sun rises every morning when I get out of bed I must be causing the sun to rise by getting out of bed.

Sometimes the cultist feel the argument that all bad things are caused by humans is not strong enough.  In those cases they resort to their second favorite tactic of simply making shit up.  According to US climate czar John Kerry, climate change kills 15 million people a year.

However, PPT’s complaint Monday, sent to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the State Department’s Office of Inspector General, noted Kerry’s figures appear to greatly overstate the death toll attributed to greenhouse gas emissions. 

There is absolutely no evidence to support this wild claim but Kerry is not the first one to make it or even believe it.  I was once in a discussion about alternate energy.  I told the group that I would not shut down coal fired generator stations until the last pound of coal was burned.  One woman in the group was appalled.  She told me coal fired generation kills people.  My response was to issue her this challenge.  I told her I would go to the cemetery with her so that she could point out each person who was killed by coal fired generators.  Then after our cemetery walking tour I would give her a list of millions of people who had been saved by coal fired generation and fossil fuels in general.

This is the most over looked aspect of the climate change debate.  Fossil fuels are enormously beneficial.  Millions of people have been saved by fossil fuels.  Modern medicine does not happen without reliable energy and emergency services are dependent on fossil fuels.  Firetrucks and rescue equipment burn hydrocarbons to save lives.  Even if you could prove that CO2 caused climate change which resulted in deaths (a huge stretch) you must weigh that against how many people will die by restricting hydrocarbons.

There is a cost and benefit to every decision we make.  The cost of eliminating hydrocarbons far outweighs any perceived benefit.  This math is so obvious that even some politicians have figured it out.  Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has already declared he is not on board with Justin Trudeau’s “unjust transition”.

Well, we don’t want to discuss this transition because we’re not implementing it in Saskatchewan,” said Moe. “We should not be marching down that same policy path of sacrificing our energy affordability and our energy reliability for an ideological target of reducing emissions.”

And, Sweden just announced they have abandoned “net zero”.  The Swedish press release showed more sanity than I have come to expect from government.  They stated the bloody obvious; eliminating hydrocarbons provides a dubious and undefinable benefit at a very high, well defined cost.

Experts have argued that lowering carbon dioxide emissions is not really a worthwhile goal for an individual country or globally.

The potential harms of the gas are uncertain and exaggerated while the benefits are overlooked.

Finally we are starting to have a real debate.  The climate Cult’s position is weak.  No one can even tell you how much the temperature will change by restricting CO2 let alone what tangible benefits that might bring.  The other side of the ledger is far more certain.  Eliminating fossil fuels will result in poverty and death.

Interesting but Dangerous times

It looks like the long awaited Ukrainian summer offensive is over almost before it started.  Things went so badly for Ukraine that Ukrainian soldiers are sabotaging their own equipment so that they cannot be sent into battle.

Kiev launched its long-expected counteroffensive this month, hoping to take advantage of newly received Western-made weapons, including main battle tanks, to push back the Russian forces. However, the Russian military has reported repelling numerous assaults and inflicting heavy losses on Ukrainian forces.

The general consensus is that Ukraine was surprised at how well prepared the Russians were.  To that I say; WTF how could you have been surprised by this?  Politicians all over the world stampede towards reporters to tell them how many and what type of weapons we are giving to the Ukraine.  They even go on to brag when the weapons will be delivered and how much help we are giving Ukraine to plan their summer offensive.  So let’s recap.  By reading newspapers Russia knows the capability of the Ukrainian forces and approximately when they can expect them to attack.  How the hell could you think Russia would not be prepared?

The west is led by morons and every stupid thing they do or say right now is paid for in Ukrainian blood.  But a bunch of dead Ukrainians is no reason to abandon their quest to destroy Russia.  Just when Biden’s proxy war with Russia seems to be fizzling out in the Ukraine, suddenly, the Wagner group turns on their master and attacks the city of Rostov with 25 to 30 thousand fighters.

The media is calling this a coup.  I am not a military expert but this seems like an awfully stupid way to conduct a coup.  The point of a coup is to take over with a minimum amount of effort and bloodshed.  You quickly move in and arrest the top positions and take over the government without firing a shot.  Rostov is 1000 Km from Moscow.  Attacking Rostov does not get you anywhere near the people you need to eliminate.

Attacking with 25 to 30 thousand troops is not a coup it is an invasion.  It is also suicidal.  There is no way Wagner can take Russia with a force that small and they must know that.  Wagner would not have done this without some promise of support.  The question is support from where?  If the Support is internal then this is the start of another Russian civil war.  If the support is external (NATO) then this was the first battle of WW3.

As always with war the truth is elusive.  There are some reports Wagner has already abandoned their assault.  I don’t know how that works.  Do you think Putin is the type to forgive and forget?  And why would Wagner stop?  Does this mean they did not get the support that was promised?  Is the whole thing another bay of pigs?  Did NATO and the US just throw another Ally to the wolves as they did in Ukraine?  As Kissinger famously quipped; being the America’s enemy is dangerous, to be their friend is deadly.

Orwell was a prophet

Till death do us part used to imply decades of devotion to each other.  In a post Jab world wedding vows have lost some of their impact since the ultimate parting can happen on the church steps.  A Nebraska woman was widowed in less than an hour when her husband succumbed to the ailment of “died suddenly”.

Dramatic incidents like this are no longer rare and very difficult to hide.  That is making the safe and effective narrative very difficult to maintain.  It is getting very hard to hide the fact that the COVID jabs function much better as a weapon than they do as a medical treatment.


The same is true of the lockdowns.  The collateral damage of lockdowns is simply too large to deny.  Not only were lockdowns destructive their lingering effects on children will be felt for decades.

Every day new evidence emerges of the harms of lockdown on children. Researchers find rising numbers of those with eating disorders and social anxiety, or who are self-harming and dropping out of school. And that’s far from an exhaustive list.

When the plandemic started media was only too happy to be part of it.  They dutifully lied for government for 3 years.  Government took their cooperation for granted.  Media cooperation was always part of the plan but now the plan is crumbling and some media are grudgingly publishing stories government would rather keep hidden.  This should be good news but the pandemic planners anticipated that media would grow reluctant about enabling mass murder.  The backup plan is to force media cooperation.

Western “liberal” governments have taken the very illiberal step of passing censorship laws.  They have granted themselves the power to control all media.  Yesterday both the European Union and Australia both threatened Elon Musk.  If twitter continues to disseminate truth there will be repercussions.

This is how much government cares about you.  They have no intentions of stopping injections that have been proven to be deadly.  All the plan to do is stop you from knowing about it.  Western governments are controlled by tyrannical liars and murderers.  Many people realize this but they will never be able to say it as long as these sociopaths hold office.


The entire jab narrative is a lie

Emails have surfaced that prove former CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins were aware that “break though infections” were common even while Wallensky continued to appear on television and claim that if you get vaccinated you will not get infected.

On Monday, we got a bombshell. New documents indicate the entire justification for vaccine mandates was based on a falsehood — and that public health officials knew it.

If the vaccine stopped COVID dead in its tracks, as Fauci explained, then the decision to institute a vaccine mandate would merely be a controversial yet ultimately legitimate public health measure. The fact it did not do that but rather had primarily personal benefits completely removes the justification for mandates.

Really who could have known that the jabs don’t provide immunity?  That fact was only known to anyone who bothered to research how the jabs actually worked.

Despite increasing breakthrough infections media and government still claim the jabs are effective because they result in less severe illness.  I find this odd for 2 reasons.  First the whole concept of breakthrough infections.  The Jabs are not designed to prevent infection just reduce symptoms.  What exactly is the virus breaking through?  We should have expected jabbed people to get infected.

To start the COVID jabs are not vaccines.  Many lies were told about the jabs but calling them a vaccine was the most egregious lie.  Everyone who took that jab thought they were taking a vaccine so that means that no one on earth gave informed consent.  They were lied to about what was going in to their arm.

A vaccine provokes a full antibody and T cell response.   The jabs provoke only a partial antibody and no T cell response.  Lasting immunity comes from the T cells so the jabs do not provide lasting immunity.  They don’t even provide temporary immunity because the antibody response is not complete.  The best the jabs have to offer is a head start on recovery and that limited benefit only lasts as long as the spike protein antibodies; 4 to 6 months.  Everyone involved knew this.  They all knew jabbed people could still get infected and transmit the virus.

There is no such thing as a breakthrough infection because there was no immunity for the virus to breakthrough.  They lied to get you to take an experimental treatment that they knew would have at best very limited benefits.  Then when people started to get sick they lied again and told you that the virus had mutated and the solution was boosters.  None of that was true.  From day one they knew the effect was temporary and boosters were always in the plan.

I don’t know about you but I am sick to death with the lies.  Every politician and highly paid bureaucrat like Wallensky intentionally lied to you.  This was a coordinated effort to push a dangerous but profitable experimental treatment.  It was a criminal conspiracy to commit murder.  Wallensky must go to prison and she should have a lot of company.

Science and liberal Stupidity

In a post a few weeks ago I mentioned that I had recently joined twitter.  I am still a twitter neophyte but I find twitter an interesting place because it gives me a glimpse in to the liberal mind.  I tend associate with people who are able to use logic and reason.  That does not often bring me in to contact with those on the left.  The only place I interact at all with the left is on twitter and it is generally when one gets outraged by something I have written.

This blog started as a way to disseminate data and counter-current analysis of all things COVID.  COVID was the trigger but in the end COVID is nothing more than another government weapon like climate change; a topic I have been critical about for much long than COVID.  What I have found in my short tenure on twitter is that nothing triggers the left more than factual information about climate change.  Any time I post anything about climate change I get angry rebuttals.  A week ago I was told I don’t understand the material.  Then 3 days ago I was told I don’t understand science which of course makes me a denier.  Below is the meme they sent to drive home their point.

I have also reproduced the offending tweet below.

It is a ridiculous theory. Most of the warming is from water vapor which absorbs more energy than CO2 including most of what CO2 can, CO2 is not then necessary for runaway warming. If it gets hot for any reason it will never cool. It says climate is chaotically unstable and earth should have already destroyed itself.

I wonder if the meme sender realizes that their “bold” statement cuts both ways.  My tweet was discussing the “science” of global warming and their response did not address anything I said.  Rather, it denied all of the science in the tweet.  So who is the science denier in this conversation?

I find all of this very interesting because it shows what an uphill battle we have ahead of us.  Our Prime Minister is hell bent on destroying our economy and he is using global warming as an excuse.  No one on the left has any problem with this because people on the left have a distorted understanding of science.  They think science is accepting wild claims as truth and attacking anyone who questions it.  To them the burden of proof never falls on the people trying to reconstruct economic systems that took centuries to develop.

There are thankfully some signs that even the left is starting to understand that science takes more than angry replies on twitter.  Even the horribly left wing Canadian media are starting to acknowledge basing policies on predictions from people who are always wrong, might not be a good Idea.

The dubious  “ problem”   of purported global warming has become a key driver of public policy, bringing  social coercion  and huge capital allocations by governments and corporations across the world.

For anyone in Canadian media to admit that global warming is a dubious problem is a huge step forward.  I wish I had the appropriate meme to tweet to them; maybe this will work.