Public Safety can’t Survive this Political Onslaught

New York is approaching the deadline for workers to be vaccinated.  As this article points out, that means fewer cops and more garbage.

The article quotes mayor de Blasio.

“My job is to keep people safe — my employees, and 8.8 million people,” 

He is either, lying, stupid, or horribly ignorant.  What he is doing is the opposite of keeping people safe.

We already know from the defund police movements that fewer cops will result in more murders.  People will start dying almost immediately.  That is terrible but the real threat to public health is the garbage.

Most people believe that we owe our long life expectancy to modern medicine and vaccines.  That is not really true.  Infectious diseases were plummeting long before either of those 2 factors.  Infectious diseases were largely curbed by better nutrition and hygiene.  Modern farming and sanitation systems have saved more lives than modern medicine.

Trading sanitation for vaccines is a very poor trade.  The biggest positive impact you can have on public health is to keep garbage and sewage away from people and water supplies.  Coupling that with keeping people safe and well fed will produce a healthy population.  Modern medicine just enhances an already good situation.  Therefore good public health policies make all these things plentiful, not just vaccines.

All of these truly essential services require not just people but also affordable energy.  Waste and water treatment requires a lot of electricity.  Farming and food distribution requires lots of diesel.  Despite what the news might lead you to believe, fire trucks and farm equipment do not run-on fairy dust.

Mayor de Blasio and other politicians are firing essential workers and making energy unaffordable but they are keeping us safe with vaccine mandates.  Firemen, police, sanitation workers, farmers, truck drivers, and the cheap energy they need have a proven track record of improving public health.  For centuries this has been true.  Anyone who trades this for a vaccine with no track record is a fool.  People who believe politicians like de Blasio have any interest in their safety are an even bigger fools.  Ironically I can’t say it any better than this European politician.


I don’t care how many times they say this is for our benefit.  Actions speak loader than words.  Their actions are clear.  They have no interest in helping us.  They despise us and desperately want to be rid of us.  This is not about a virus.



Don’t Accept another Lockdown this Winter.

This morning I came across this article.

Which led me to this paper.

A preprint of this paper was available in July and it finished peer review in August.  The researchers were checking blood samples for Covid 19 T cells.  I have discussed T cells in previous posts.  Normal immune response produces anti-bodies (sometimes called B cells) to attack the virus and T cells to attack infected cells.  Antibodies are temporary lasting 4 to 6 months after infection.  T cells can last for years.

Lasting immunity comes from T cells because of their longevity and specialized function.  Memory T cells hold instructions about which antibodies are needed if the virus reappears.  That is why the mRNA vaccines are temporary and technically not a vaccine at all.  They do not provoke a T cell response.  Without the T cells the protection is only partial and lasts less than 6 months.

Much has been made about testing for COVID 19 antibodies but as you can guess from my description testing for antibodies does not tell the whole story.  If a person was exposed more than 6 months ago they will not have any antibodies but they will be immune.  Testing for T cells gives a much better picture.  These researchers tested for T cells and found the virus is more widely spread than we thought.

46% of people donating blood had T cells.  These people were already immune.  We are told that we need to vaccinate more than 70% to reach herd immunity.  How does that work when nearly 50% of people are already immune?  If you vaccinate indiscriminately 50% of the time you are wasting resources on people who did not need it.

One of the authors also points out that by May 2020 nearly 30% of blood donors had T cells.  So only 2 months in to the pandemic 30% of people had already been infected?  This is possible but unlikely.  This result calls in to question the timeline.  It would indicate that the virus was circulating much earlier than March 2020 when all the stupidity began.  I know this will be very unsettling for Covidiots.  Several months passed without them blindly panicking and screaming at unmasked people.  This was a huge missed opportunity for them.

The high level of exposure and timeline was, however, not what interested me most.  The finding that caught my eye was that 67% of exposed family members developed T cells.  In a previous post I presented contact tracing data that showed when a symptomatic person quarantined at home only 18% of the time did anyone else in the family get sick.  Now we know that even though only 18% got sick 67% developed immunity.  Approximately 50% of the time direct exposure results in immunity without illness.

I found this interesting because it tells us something about lockdowns.  Even if they work they don’t work.  Herd immunity is a good thing and with this virus it should have been very easy to achieve.  All the available data indicates that healthy people have a very high tolerance for the SARS COV-2 virus.  The 50% who will get sick have a 99.9% survival rate if left untreated.  With treatment the survival rate approaches 100%.  If your lockdown works you are preventing something that you should want to happen.  The quickest way to curb the spread of the virus is to let healthy people be exposed to it.

This is the approach that Sweden and a few other countries took.  These countries did not destroy their economies and had far fewer excess deaths than countries that used harsh lockdowns.  Canadian’s smugly declare that our approach is superior because we had fewer COVID deaths than Sweden.  That number is very debatable because we had far higher excess deaths than Sweden.  If we believe that the lockdown prevented COVID deaths than we must admit that the lockdowns killed more than one person for every COVID death they prevented.  Why are COVID deaths more important than other deaths?

There is no evidence that lockdowns work.  Even if you could make them work they are the wrong thing to do.  If successful, a lockdown prevents us from reaching herd immunity.  There is no way to reach herd immunity without exposure to the virus.  Herd immunity is possible through vaccination but contrary to popular opinion we do not have a vaccine.  We have a treatment that offers only temporary protection.

This is vital for Canadians to understand.  Our Politicians still threaten us with lockdowns and timing is working against us.  Most jabbed Canadians will lose their protection this winter.  We could see a very bad flu season which politicians will use as justification for another lockdown.  We have a choice to make; stay in this destructive cycle of never-ending lockdowns and boosters or let healthy people be exposed to the virus and be done with this.

For those of you who can’t grasp the science while somehow following the science, I will make this easy for you.  There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself before the next lockdown is announced.

  1. If lockdowns work why do we keep needing them?
  2. If the jabs can end this, why haven’t they?
  3. Why can’t we follow the example of countries that have already beat this?

Why do You Believe when They don’t

One of the most astute observations about climate change ever made was by someone who isn’t even a scientist.  Mark Stein once said “I will start believing in climate change when the people promoting it start to act like they believe in climate change”.  He is absolutely correct.  The people telling you your carbon footprint is too large all have enormous carbon footprints.  Foot prints that grow larger every year with their wealth.  Wealth that they largely accumulated at your expense.

Climate change rules do not apply to wealthy people who take private jets to climate conferences.  Conferences that discuss the detrimental effects of air travel by ordinary mortals.  Private air travel by the climate demi-gods is not only acceptable but necessary to combat climate change.  I find it stunning that anyone even listens to these obvious charlatans.

COVID restrictions follow the same play book.  Rules for thee but not for me.  Politicians are often caught flaunting the rules.  Rules that often have exemptions that only apply to them and their friends.  Here is a photo of the moronic man-child at the latest international summit.

The caption on the photo is not mine.  It is crude but 100% accurate.  No one in this photo is behaving like they think COVID is a problem.  No masks or social distancing; I doubt that is because they all just received their booster.  In fact I doubt anyone in that photo is vaccinated but I don’t doubt they all carry vaccine passports.  They don’t follow rules or get vaccinated because they know the emergency is a fake.  That is not surprising since they are part of the group that faked it.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.  From this picture I even know what they are laughing about, or more accurately, who they are laughing at.  They are laughing at us.  We are told to cower in our homes with a mask waiting on our next jab while they fly around the world and party.  Are you tired of this yet?  I know I am.  In fact I have been sick to death of this since March 17, 2020; the day democracy died in Canada.

Vaccines and Boosters are a Treadmill

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK publishes a weekly vaccine surveillance report.  The week 42 (Oct 21st) report quietly dropped a bombshell.

“recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination”

You are probably thinking to yourself what the hell does that mean and how is it a bombshell?  I must admit that was my reaction when I first saw a blogger point this out a week ago.  I did not print anything about it because I also failed to see the significance.

A week ago I tried to figure out why others thought this was important.  I found the report but the language in the report is so dense it is nearly incomprehensible.  I had to read the report several times to even find the offending passage.  The overuse of medical jargon and poor wording is, of course, intentional.  The NHS does not want to be accused of lying so they need to obscure the truth by making it nearly unintelligible.

This morning I took the time to follow some links and figure out what they were saying.  First here is the paper they pulled the information from.

The authors were clearer with their observations.

“We found a statistically significant reduction in geometric mean N antibody level following both single dose and full vaccination for both Alpha and Delta infections”.

The researchers found that people who had been infected and then got vaccinated, or who had gotten infected after vaccination, had lower N antibodies than people who had been infected and were not vaccinated.  The vaccines are destroying part of the natural immunity that you gained from infection.

I had to look up what an N antibody was.  It is the antibody that attacks the nucleocapsid part of the virus.  The nucleocapsid is the protein coating the virus’s RNA sequence.  Here is a picture that might help.

When the vaccine debate started I researched how the immune system works.  I found that your body does not just produce one antibody for a virus.  It produces multiple specialized antibodies, one for each part of the virus.  The antibodies basically rip the virus to pieces and each different antibody gets rid of the piece it was designed to attack.

There was no mention about how one antibody was more important than the other but the RNA sequence is the essence of the virus.  I would think that makes the N antibodies top dog.  They are the antibodies that get to the heart of the matter so to speak.

This is a severe weakness of mRNA Vaccines.  Not only do they not provoke a T cell response they produce only a very specific antibody response.  You only get Antibodies that attack the spike protein.  mRNA critics point out conditioning your body to only respond to the spike protein is a fatal flaw.  With a complete antibody response if part of the virus changes it really does not matter.  The other antibodies still get in there and rip it up.  With the COVID jabs the only thing that needs to change to avoid the vaccine is the spike protein.  Can you spell “delta variant”?

We now have lab data that proves the COVID jabs suppress T cells and N antibodies.  You do not have lasting immunity without them.  The COVID Jabs and boosters are a merry go round.  They do not prevent infection.  When you finally get infected your natural immunity is destroyed by the next booster.  This makes you susceptible to the virus again.  It is a never ending cycle of boosters followed by re-infection.

People who trust government will get COVID multiple times.  The government will use these re-infections as proof that the boosters are necessary.  The reality is that boosters are the cause not the cure.  The COVID vaccines are a perfect government program they promise to solve a problem caused by government by perpetuating the problem.

If you have been vaccinated it is time to step off the treadmill.  Say no to the boosters.

A Post for New Readers

A couple days ago I reached out to a LinkedIn connection who is a strong advocate for freedom.  I volunteered to send her some data showing how artificial this emergency has really been.  This morning she endorsed my blog on Linkedin.  I don’t know if this will result in more readers.  If it does it will be more a testament of her popularity than mine.

That being said I will happily accept her endorsement.  I started this blog to disseminate information as widely as possible.  People need information to push back on these unnecessary regulations.  Since my email was a very good summary I have decided to post it.  The information will be familiar to anyone who regularly visits my blog.  If you are new to my blog welcome.  I hope you find this enlightening.

What I am about to present is evidence that we do not have a public health emergency and that the lockdowns have killed more people than the virus.  Here is my email (minus email addresses and names).



Sorry for the length but you need to know where the numbers come from.


I have been tracking COVID numbers since March 2020.  The numbers I was tracking were not alarming to me and it did not take much time to figure out that even those numbers were artificially high.  It is very easy to produce COVID cases and COVID deaths.  The PCR test is prone to false positives and you can print anything on a death certificate.  I always try to find actual deaths due to all causes.  If we have a problem you can see it there.

Statscan publishes Canadian deaths every 5 weeks.  The numbers are 10 weeks behind and even then are not accurate.  Funny how we know exactly how many people die of COVID everyday even though we are not sure how many people died 10 weeks ago.  Because the data is not complete I always adjust the numbers up before using them.  I base my adjustments on how much the back data changes from one data release to another. When I go back months later I find even my adjustments are very close but still a little low.  Not low enough to change any conclusions though.

Here is what the statscan numbers say for the last 11 years.


When I adjust for population I get this


Again there is no good population data for 2021 so I estimate it by increasing it the same amount that it increased from 2019 to 2020.

Even adjusted for population, deaths in Canada are increasing every year.  That is what our world class health care system gives us, ever increasing mortality.  The point is I can’t compare this year to a year 5 years ago because that would ignore that even a normal year now could have more deaths than a bad year 5 years ago.  This is the trick the media uses they compare absolute numbers without adjusting for the rising baseline.

I use a simple way to adjust for the rising baseline.  Summers are very consistent.  I draw a line through the summers and flatten on that.  This is what I get.


COVID does not look very scary now.  It just looks like a bad flu.  Flu season does not follow the calendar year so the best thing to do is compare mid-year to mid-year.  With the numbers adjusted for population and rising base line this is what I get.


Can you spot the pandemic?

Of course politicians will say that this is just proof the restrictions worked and it would have been much worse.  If that is the case you have a hard case explaining the next 2 plots.

There are people who track excess deaths and people who track lockdown severity or stringency.  I found the 2 data sets and put them together for all the countries that had data for both.  This is the first plot I produced.


That line is sloping the wrong direction.  The more strict the lockdown the higher the excess deaths.  I then grouped the countries in to high medium and low stringency and averaged the excess deaths (Canada is in the high group).


Lockdowns may have prevented some COVID but the overall effect was overwhelmingly negative.  Fewer people may have died of COVID (even that is debatable) but the lockdowns caused more deaths in other ways.  The data would indicate that most of the deaths were caused by the government since countries that used light restrictions had near 0 excess deaths.

Not only was there nothing special about 2019/2020 and 2020/21 we actually would have had fewer deaths if it was not for our government.




Ignoring Dead Canaries

My wife turn on the news yesterday.  They were interviewing someone from Alberta Health services about the abnormally high level of emergency calls.  Apparently ambulances in Alberta are having a hard time keeping up.  The AHS representative was at a loss to explain why so many people are suffering distress from so many different maladies.  2021 seems to be the year of the mysterious emergency.

I was not surprised by AHS’s inability to explain what is happening.  No one in that organization seems to understand anything medical and they are seriously allergic to logic.  Let me solve the mystery for them, IT IS THE VACCINES YOU IDIOTS.  You don’t need to take my word for it you just need to count the bodies in Europe.

The plots below are from Euromomo.  Each line is cumulative excess deaths.  Grey is 2019, 2020 is in dark blue and 2021 is light blue. For people under 75, 2021 is far more deadly than 2020 during the peak of the “pandemic”.

I am not just talking about people dying shortly after the jab from some acute reaction.  I am talking about people dying later from a host of maladies that the vaccine seems to facilitate.  Look at how the shape of the curve is so much different for 2021.  In 2019 most of the excess deaths occurred in the first 10 weeks; cold and flu season.  Then in 2020 most of the excess deaths occurred in April when COVID first hit.  Deaths rise again at the end of the year when COVID came back at the start of cold and flu season.  2021 does not follow this normal seasonality.  Deaths have been rising steadily all year and they do not stop when the vaccination programs end.  Consider the 65 to 74 year age group.  People in that age group were vaccinated early in 2021.  Vaccinations for them have been over for months but excess deaths continue to rise.

The Jabs provide temporary protection from COVID.  This protection comes at a terrible cost.  Blood tests show the jabs routinely cause blood clots and suppress normal immune system function.  Either can cause serious medical distress and the onset can be very rapid.  That is why we are seeing so many emergency calls.

We have the information so none of this should be surprising to anyone who does not work at AHS.  Weeks ago I posted about an American air force doctor who used this information to decide to ground her pilots.  She judged that the risk of a sudden event while flying was just too high.  In that post I commented that companies incurring risk with vaccine mandates.  If their employees operate heavy machinery, a sudden event can effect multiple employees.

Unfortunately in our modern society almost everyone operates heavy machinery.  Most people drive cars.  Driving has never been risk free.  In a post jab world that risk has increased and we are seeing it now in the data.  The plot below shows vehicle accidents in the US per million miles driven.  Accidents vary a little year to year but have been remarkable stable over the previous 10 years.  Now in 2021 they are up significantly.

I have already heard the excuse that people forgot how to drive during the lockdowns.  That was the same excuse used last year to explain the increase in 2020.  How many years does it take for people to re-learn how to drive?

I know a jabbed person who had a sudden mysterious medical event while driving.  Thankfully they were able to pull over and let someone else drive.  In my industry we often say that most accidents are preceded by multiple near misses that went unreported and ignored.  That is exactly what we are doing right now.  The signs are everywhere and we are ignoring them.  Emergencies, deaths, and vehicle accidents are all up.  Canaries are dropping all over the mine and we think they are just napping.  If we continue to ignore all the dead birds we are headed for an even bigger catastrophe.


Curing COVID Zombies

When you own someone in an argument you don’t need to punctuate the victory with a punch in the face.  That is a tactic a loser might resort to.  So how badly did this guy lose the argument for vaccine mandates?

If this guy could put together a coherent argument in support of vaccine mandates he would not be mowing people down with his car.  This is a fundamental problem with COVID zombies.  They have done everything the government dictated on faith.  No thought was involved.  When confronted with facts that require thought, some will lash out.

It is a long road back for the COVID zombies.  Most are incapable of independent thought.  They are only able to follow the hoard.  There are cures for COVID but none for stupidity.  Some within the hoard are capable of thought but they are constrained by another equally powerful force; embarrassment.

I know some intelligent people who are part of the hoard.  Sooner or later they will start thinking again.  Many may have already done so.  They could start steering the hoard a different direction but that will only happen after they overcome their embarrassment.  How do you admit to yourself that you allowed the government and media to deceive you for 2 years?

The sentient members of the hoard have seen the same news articles we have.  Every day there are articles about outbreaks among vaccinated people like this hockey team.

Or this Health club,

This navy vessel.

Or any of these cruise ships.

There are some members of the hoard that know they can’t make an argument for mandates when the vaccine does not stop the virus.  They just are not ready to make an argument against mandates yet.  That is where we come in.  If you know a zombie who is wavering, pull them out of their embarrassment and start steering them back to freedom.  The rest of the hoard will follow.


We are living in a Dystopian Novel, Complete with Zombies

This morning I saw this.

I cannot verify the authenticity but I do not doubt it since just 4 weeks ago I wrote this

“If you think this stops at 3 shots you are kidding yourself.  We are on our way to multiple COVID Jabs each year”. 

I have been right far more often than wrong.  That does not make me some kind of psychic.  When you accept that this is not about a virus or public health these predictions are not difficult to make.  Sometimes all you must do is take them at their word.  The Premier of Victoria, Australia is very blunt about where he is going with this.

This will never end.  The future is nothing other than boosters, variants and restrictions.  The people of Victoria will never experience freedom as long as Premier Daniel Andrews draws breath.  Australia has already regressed to feudal times.  Politicians are now kings; demi-gods with power of life and death.  We are living in a dystopian novel.

In Dystopian novels it is either a virus or a vaccine that causes the collapse of civilization.  With COVID we have both.  In those stories the vaccine or virus is not the killer.  It is the zombies and self-appointed kings that do all the killing.  COVID and the vaccines have certainly produced zombies but they are not doing any killing.  They are just standing around watching the tyrants like Daniel Andrews kill.

COVID zombies just don’t thirst for brains like the Hollywood zombies.  That is probably because they had no use for brains in their pre-zombie days.  Why would they want brains now?  Zombie or not, for them life is more comfortable without brains.  This is precisely why Tyrants like Daniel Andrews are so laser focused on eliminating independent thinkers who reject his dictates.  He simply does not need to worry about the zombies.

This is what Truth Sounds Like.

Politician’s lie.  Bureaucrats that work with politicians lie.  Only a fool expects the truth from either.  Even by that low standard though, the last 2 years has been exceptional.  In Alberta the demonic dwarf and wicked witch of the west have spewed nothing but lies to an eager media.  The analogy that comes to mind is a volcano that smolders for years then suddenly erupts.

Thankfully, volcanic eruptions do eventually end.  I wish I could say the same about the eruption of lies from those 2 disgusting individuals.  Albertans have become so accustomed to lies that they might find this video disturbing.  Here is the Surgeon general of Florida doing something that would make Deena Hinshaw break out in a rash.  He is dropping a cluster bomb of truth.

I would trade every politician and bureaucrat in this country for that man.  There is something wrong with a country that can’t produce a single health bureaucrat capable of dispensing truth the way he does.

The Purge of Police Integrity is nearing Completion.

I just finished watching an interview with Corporal Daniel Bulford.  Corporal Bulford is an RCMP officer currently assigned to the Prime Moron’s protective detail.  He is about to be paced on unpaid leave for being un-vaccinated.

The interview is quite long.  Most of the interview Corporal Bulford details how he approached his personal vaccine research the same as a criminal investigation.  He collected evidence from both Jab advocates and critics.  The results of his investigation were the same as mine.  The Jabs don’t work and are dangerous.

While his investigation covered similar ground to mine he does make one very astute observation at about the half way point in the interview.  When investigating a crime a red flag for him is blanket statements with no details.  People using blanket statements are almost always hiding something.  Vaccine critics are very detailed while advocates rely entirely on blanket statements and indignation.

This struck home for me.  We are bombarded with the blanket statement that COVID jabs are safe and effective.  No facts just slogans.  When counter narrative facts surface, advocates don’t address the facts they just attack the messenger.

My wife has a running debate with a family member who is a dedicated member of the head in sand brigade.  When she mentioned blood tests show the jabs damage immunity by suppressing T cell activity his response was immediate and predictable.  Like a parrot he repeated “that is fake news vaccines strengthen the immune system”.  Notice that he did not address the data.  He just immediately branded it as fake.

Not only did he not address the data his response is both demonstrably wrong and irrelevant.  Not all vaccines strengthen the immune system.  Some do the opposite.  The blanket statement is only partially correct.  Partially correct also means partially false and completely useless.  Even if it were true that all vaccines strengthen the immune system how is that pertinent?  The COVID Jabs are not vaccines.  This is like saying all cars are safe as an argument for motorcycle safety.  A motorcycle does many of the same things as a car but it is not a car.

For me the last 10 minutes of the interview is very interesting.  We are often told that all federal employees must be vaccinated.  Like all blanket statements this is not true.  There are so many exemptions that 66% do not need to be vaccinated.  The RCMP do not qualify for those exemptions.   Canadians should be very concerned with this double standard.  The implications of this are ominous.

The Canadian government has been degrading the RCMP for decades now.  They have been using hiring quotas and politically correct training to ensure officers are social justice warriors not cops.  This has largely been successful.  That is why we have seen officers enthusiastically enforce obviously illegal and unconstitutional COVID restrictions.  Despite these concerted efforts some real cops have managed to remain undetected.  Vaccine mandates are the best way to identify and get rid of them

So why is it so important to purge the RCMP of the final vestiges of integrity?  Politicians always push for gun control right before they do something that could get them shot.  They are obviously now introducing “cop control” because they are about to do something that could get them arrested.  Canadians need to be worried, very worried.