The Purge of Police Integrity is nearing Completion.

I just finished watching an interview with Corporal Daniel Bulford.  Corporal Bulford is an RCMP officer currently assigned to the Prime Moron’s protective detail.  He is about to be paced on unpaid leave for being un-vaccinated.

The interview is quite long.  Most of the interview Corporal Bulford details how he approached his personal vaccine research the same as a criminal investigation.  He collected evidence from both Jab advocates and critics.  The results of his investigation were the same as mine.  The Jabs don’t work and are dangerous.

While his investigation covered similar ground to mine he does make one very astute observation at about the half way point in the interview.  When investigating a crime a red flag for him is blanket statements with no details.  People using blanket statements are almost always hiding something.  Vaccine critics are very detailed while advocates rely entirely on blanket statements and indignation.

This struck home for me.  We are bombarded with the blanket statement that COVID jabs are safe and effective.  No facts just slogans.  When counter narrative facts surface, advocates don’t address the facts they just attack the messenger.

My wife has a running debate with a family member who is a dedicated member of the head in sand brigade.  When she mentioned blood tests show the jabs damage immunity by suppressing T cell activity his response was immediate and predictable.  Like a parrot he repeated “that is fake news vaccines strengthen the immune system”.  Notice that he did not address the data.  He just immediately branded it as fake.

Not only did he not address the data his response is both demonstrably wrong and irrelevant.  Not all vaccines strengthen the immune system.  Some do the opposite.  The blanket statement is only partially correct.  Partially correct also means partially false and completely useless.  Even if it were true that all vaccines strengthen the immune system how is that pertinent?  The COVID Jabs are not vaccines.  This is like saying all cars are safe as an argument for motorcycle safety.  A motorcycle does many of the same things as a car but it is not a car.

For me the last 10 minutes of the interview is very interesting.  We are often told that all federal employees must be vaccinated.  Like all blanket statements this is not true.  There are so many exemptions that 66% do not need to be vaccinated.  The RCMP do not qualify for those exemptions.   Canadians should be very concerned with this double standard.  The implications of this are ominous.

The Canadian government has been degrading the RCMP for decades now.  They have been using hiring quotas and politically correct training to ensure officers are social justice warriors not cops.  This has largely been successful.  That is why we have seen officers enthusiastically enforce obviously illegal and unconstitutional COVID restrictions.  Despite these concerted efforts some real cops have managed to remain undetected.  Vaccine mandates are the best way to identify and get rid of them

So why is it so important to purge the RCMP of the final vestiges of integrity?  Politicians always push for gun control right before they do something that could get them shot.  They are obviously now introducing “cop control” because they are about to do something that could get them arrested.  Canadians need to be worried, very worried.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I understand the PM getting rid of this potentially dangerous police officer. But to be clear, he is only potentially dangerous to the PM. This officer has done the thinking necessary to understand that the jabs are harmful and therefore he probably also understands that everything the PM has done in the last year is catastrophically harmful to Canadians. The PM will know he knows this. Personally, if I knew that the officer assigned to protect ME knew that I had perpetrated the destruction of the last two years, I would want to get rid of him fast too.

    Can’t be too careful around thinking people.

  2. BoKitty
    BoKitty says:

    Were I the Canadian Government, I am not so sure I’d be getting rid of the protection of the only people who can probably drop a hostile at 1200m over open sights. If it ever came down, in the distant future, to a firefight between the politically correct “yes-trans-men” of the Western social justice state, and a battalion of rebels, trained and led by men like this brave officer, I know whose side I’d rather be on.

    You know, the battle does not always go to the strongest, nor the race to the fastest man.

    But that’s the way to bet it.

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