The world needs less Canada

“The 19th century has been the century of United States’ development… Let me tell you, my fellow countrymen, that all the signs point this way, that the 20th century shall be the century of Canada and of Canadian development. For the next 70 years, nay for the next 100 years, Canada shall be the star towards which all men who love progress and freedom shall come.”

Canadian Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier said that in 1904.  It is often shortened to “the future belongs to Canada”.  For a time that looked to be very prophetic.  Canada “punched above its weight” in both world wars and immigrants flocked to Canada for a better life.  Sadly that was then and this is now.  The 20th century may have belonged to Canada but the 20th century is over.  The country that once held so much promise now only produces poverty.

The department estimates 9.9% of Canadians, approximately four million people, live in poverty compared to 6.4% in 2020. That works out to  “approximately 400,000 more Canadians,” the report said. 

“High inflation coupled with lagging household incomes has led to affordability pressures among many households.”

Canada should be a cautionary tale to the world.  A century of progress is being erased by the cancerous growth of government.  Canadian governments no long govern for the benefit of Canadians.  They are simply in the game to plunder the public treasury.

“We (they) deserve more,” was the argument in favour of raises demanded by public employees.

“If that’s the case,” I replied, “Why do people in the private sector, struggling to pay for groceries, deserve less?”

The country of Canada once held the promise of a prosperous future for all Canadians.  Now all Canadians can count on is paying more for less.  Canada truly is broken.

But post-COVID, that pact feels broken: good governance has dissolved, from health-care wait times, to passport lines, to infant Tylenol shortages. Crime is skyrocketing — police have even encouraged residents to leave their car fobs near the front door to avoid violent interactions during auto thefts.

Progressive politicians have destroyed Canada with their greed and stupidity but they did not do it without help.  The Canadian media was their willing accomplice.  Many Canadians did not realize things were getting worse because the media told them things were getting better.  Canadian media lied to Canadians and they continue to lie to Canadians.  Take this article about the trial of the Coutts four.  The Coutts four were four men arrested on weapons charges during the COVID protest at the Coutts border crossing.  This is the photograph that was used at the time and that has been repeated in multiple news stories since.

Looks scary right?  These men had an arsenal; except they really did not.  RCMP testimony stated they found 3 rifles and one shot gun.  You might question why they brought a firearm to a protest but I question where the hell that photograph came from.  4 men had one firearm each.  The firearms were never seen outside of the trailer they were staying in but that story was not sensational enough so the media published a picture with 3 times as many firearms.

Canadian media lies, Canadian politicians lie.  Together they conspired to steal the promising future of Canada.  During the 20th century the phrase “the world needs more Canada” was common.  In the 21st century even Canadians don’t need more Canada.

Moving on should be easier than this

People who cooperated with COVID tyranny want everyone to move on.  No one wants to discuss how they made it possible for the government to destroy the economy and lives with their compliance.  They want us to forgive and forget but we can’t because it is not over.

An Australian teenager has tragically passed away after a long fight with leukemia. The 17-year-old girl had been rejected for a potentially life-saving lung transplant because she had not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

With everything we know about the COVID jabs how can this keep happening?  This was murder and the only explanation given was that she had to die to protect other patients.

Her father claimed that a doctor had told them that by refusing to get vaccinated, she would be a “major threat to everyone [who was currently hospitalized] who had done the right thing” if she contracted COVID-19. 

COVID will never be over until all of the COVID tyrants are in prison and all of the COVIDiots are purged from our health care system.  How the hell can you complete medical school and believe that someone can spread a disease they do not have?  At what point in medical school do doctors learn that vaccines work only up until you encounter someone who is not vaccinated?

COVID ushered in the dumb ages.  In the dumb ages people are controlled by fear and fake science.  Anyone who did not succumb to fear was aware of that from day one.  Everything we were told to do was ridiculously unscientific.  Not a single thing we were forced to do could have possibly worked.  It was all designed to make things worse.

When governments began to implement restrictive measures because of the pandemic, they did so following WHO mandates. As we later learned, most of them were stupid, bogus, or counterproductive. Governments embraced them, severely curtailing the freedom of their citizens, and all we could do was ask, “When the hell did I vote for Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Dr. Fauci to have so much power over my own life, over what I do in my neighborhood, over what my children do in school, or whether they go to school!”

This could never have happened without the support of the useful idiots.  The same useful idiots who now want us to move on while still enabling murder.  If you want us to move on the formula is easy.  Stop helping the government kill people and demand justice for the victims.

Continuing to cover up the crime

The American heart association wants you to know that 6 in 10 Americans will eventually suffer from heart disease.

At least six in ten older Americans may suffer from heart disease in the coming 30 years, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

They also want to know that it is entirely your fault.  Americans just are not taking care of themselves.

He also noted that in the past ten years there has been a surge of cardiovascular risk factors including uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Those things raise a person’s risk for heart disease and stroke.

Americans on average do not lead very healthy lifestyles but it is the same unhealthy lifestyle they led previously as heart disease was dropping.  So what changed?  Well I think every sane person knows the answer to that question.  What the American heart Association is really trying to say is that the impact of the COVID jabs is far higher than we realize.

Vaccine injuries are far more prevalent than the government wants you to know.  The people responsible for the Jab are trying to get out in front of this by conditioning your to believe something else is to blame.  The latest trend it to blame it on long COVID.  You don’t have to be on social media for very long to find multiple posts just like this one.

Blaming long COVID serves a dual purpose.  It explains all the unhealthy people and gives a reason to fear COVID again.  I have seen multiple posts now from people claiming that long COVID proves COVID is far more dangerous than we previously believed so we need to go back to masks and take more boosters.  Only in the dumb ages would the solution to a problem be to do all of the things again that caused the problem in the first place.

I doubt that blaming long COVID will work for the same reason the safe and effective narrative collapsed.  Too many people have personal experience that refutes the long COVID argument.  The unvaccinated people I know are in perfect health; even the ones who have had COVID.  The vaccinated people I know are not.

To be clear I do know vaccinated people who have not had a problem but I also known a number of vaccinated people who have suffered an unusual number of coincidences.  Many of the coincidences have been serious and required hospitalization.  My unvaccinated friends in contrast have suffered no coincidences that required hospitalization.

I doubt my personal experience is all that different from others.  If I see this others see this.  People know this has nothing to do with lifestyle or long COVID.  This is the COVID jabs and the government knows it.  That is why they are working so hard to convince you that it is not the Jabs.  They know what they have done.  This was a crime; the largest crime in history.  Don’t let them get away with murder and assault causing bodily harm.

When will the truth matter?

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a person holds two contradictory beliefs at the same time.

If you ask people “do you trust politicians” very few will answer yes.  There is a good reason for this.  Politicians get caught lying all the time.  So then if you ask “do you trust governments run by politicians” people will also answer that they do not trust governments.  Yet they do trust governments, often with their lives.  That is what made the COVID tyranny possible people trusted known liars rather than their friends and neighbors.


Everyone knows politicians and governments lie but when someone outside of those corrupt circles points out the lies no one believes them.  The public prefers to accept lies.  Even when the lies turn deadly as they did during COVID.

COVID lies have been killing people of all ages since 2020.  The government has killed so many children that they now must lie about how many children they killed.

A 2011 Harvard report found that less than 1% of all adverse events are reported to VAERS — but Benavides said child deaths appear to be concealed at a higher than average rate compared to reports of adult deaths.

When will we stop this?  When will we finally question the unethical and criminal behavior of politicians who kill with impunity and openly commit treason?

Some good has already come of Justice Hogue’s inquiry, at least to the extent that the penny is starting to drop, that what is happening here is not so much about “foreign interference” as it is about unseemly mutually beneficial collusions and collaborations between hostile foreign actors and Canada’s politicians at all levels of government, in both “witting” and “unwitting” arrangements.


This is exactly why the prime minister is not, strictly speaking, a traitor. Treason by way of collaboration in foreign interference operations requires that the conduct be clandestine.

With Trudeau, with only a few possible exceptions, it’s been in plain sight, brazen and in broad daylight.

Western politicians are openly working against the best interests of their citizens.  This after they just got finished KILLING CHILDREN.  When will we say enough?  When will we start believing the truth rather than politicians.

A small step forward

Last week the US 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that the Las Angeles school division’s COVID vaccine mandate was illegal.  COVIDiots were quick to hit the internet declaring that the ruling did not change much but I suspect this ruling will change far more than they think.

The appeal was of a lower court decision that the mandates were legal based on an older ruling known as Jacobson.  Jacobson dealt with small pox vaccinations.  The appeals court ruled that Jacobson did not apply because the small pox vaccine prevents transmission and the COVID vaccine does not.

At this stage, we must accept Plaintiffs’ allegations that the vaccine does not prevent the spread of COVID-19 as true. Twombly, 550 U.S. at 556. And, because of this, Jacobson does not apply.

The court in Jacobson ruled that the public health benefit of eliminating small pox transmission outweighed individual rights.  This court ruled that because the COVID vaccines have no public health benefit forcing them on someone is assault and battery.

in light of “the common-law rule that forced medication was a battery

That is one of the two reasons I think this ruling could have profound implications and I have discussed it before on this blog.  Pfizer might have legal protection but the doctors, nurses, corporations, and governments that took part in the mandates do not.  Everyone involved is guilty of battery and people died.  At the very least they are now all open to manslaughter charges.

The second reason is was a point made by this blogger.

This opens the door to eliminate mandates for any vaccine that is not sterilizing.

As it turns out school boards mandate many other vaccines that also do not prevent transmission.

IPV – injected polio.  Of note OPV, the oral version, colonizes the gut and is sterilizing.  We used to give IPV first to prevent the rare reversion that can occur with OPV and cause polio but since polio has disappeared from the United States we no longer do.

The aP portion of DTaP, the reformulated DTP shot that led to the injuries in the 1970s, and since it is not separable from the other two none of the three can be mandated so long as they are combined.  Further Tetanus, which might well be a very good idea to take anyway for what should be obvious reasons, can’t be mandated at all because it is not transmissible at all between persons.  Therefore it is entirely legitimate to legally force the separation of all three shots.

Flu shots — they do not sterilize.  Period.

Hep-B — Commonly given to infants this is a non-sterilizing shot and is utterly worthless in infants generally since Hep-B is passed only through blood and serum exchange, meaning injected drugs and (especially anal) sex.  Obviously an infant subjected to either of those is being wildly abused but this also means no mandate can be enforced in this regard when it comes to adults even in health care as there is no sterilization effect and thus it cannot protect potential patients from exposure.

Vit-K — Commonly given to infants at birth this has no immunization effect at all and thus is mere personal prophylaxis which the parents, as agents for the child, have an unquestioned right to direct in the acceptance or refusal without interference.

RSV – A new one the CDC is now pushing but it is non-sterilizing.  The safety profile over long periods of time is unknown as the shot is too new but it uses mRNA technology which makes it instantly suspect as the dose of the actual antigen producing thing cannot be controlled.

Rotavirus – Again, non-sterilizing.

Varicella (chicken pox) – Again, non-sterilizing however, since Chicken Pox is wildly more-dangerous in adults than children if you haven’t gotten it the old-fashioned way by the time you go into school you probably want to consider it for that reason.

Meningococcal – That too is non-sterilizing and yet colleges, in particular, try to mandate it.  Under this decision that is also illegal as the benefit is entirely personal.

And so on

It may take some time, but this decision could have far reaching implications.  Hopefully the immediate affect is that any COVID vaccine injured child lawyers up and sue the shit of the every school board that mandated the COVID jabs.  The people behind the jab mandates need to pay a heavy price or they will do it again; guaranteed.

Even Elvis death conspiracies are more believable than government

Over the last 4 years governments killed 10s of millions of people under the guise of public safety.  That already horrific total keeps getting revised upward.

Denis said he was coming out with some new data that covered more countries as well as southern hemisphere countries and his numbers were going to also approach approximately 35 million.

Normally there is no silver lining to mass murder but in this case there could be a lasting future positive impact.  People have finally realized that they should not trust organizations that are willing to kill millions.  Trust in government is falling and it is making things difficult for the criminals even in normally compliant places like Canada.

In Canada the Trudeau liberals want to steal more money.  The first step is to get access to more money by raising taxes.  The latest proposed tax hike is an increase in capital gains tax.  The liberals thought that this would be a slam dunk.  I mean in Trudeau’s Canada why you would not want to destroy people who have more than you.

“Do you want to be in a country where those at the very top live lives of luxury but must do so in gated communities behind ever higher fences using private health care and airplanes because the public sphere is so degraded and the wrath of the vast majority of their less privileged compatriots burns so hot?”

To their surprise the liberals have found that the usual ploy of blaming a mythical group of rich people who “don’t pay their fair share” is not working.  This time Canadians are not buying it.  No matter how hard they sell, Canadians are just not buying a new tax increase.  Finally Canadians are fed up.  Not only are Canadians not buying that higher taxes somehow makes us more prosperous, they have stopped believing the biggest liar in Canadian history about anything.

More Canadians believe Elvis is still alive than the ability of the country to reach net-zero targets under the Paris Accord.

I once thought it was impossible to wake up Canadians and truthfully I am not sure they really have woken.  This could all be erased with another handout of “free” stuff that really was just stolen from their neighbor by the government.  But cracks in Canada are significant because it means more intelligent countries could be much further in their climb out of the dumb ages.  We certainly saw that this week with the EU elections when the lunatic left suffered their first set back in years.

Things look very different today. As the results of last week’s European elections show, support for Green parties has dropped off a cliff. There were exceptions, such as in Denmark, where the Greens polled well. But overall, their vote fell sharply across the EU.

It only took worldwide tyranny and mass murder but people are waking up.  With a little luck people will reach this guy’s level of consciousness.  It can’t come soon enough.  The murderers don’t just need to go.  They need to pay.  It is time for some righteous anger.

Enjoy your summer road trip

One week ago, I posted about the phony climate change consensus.  It is true that most scientists agree that increasing greenhouse gases will cause warming.  It is not true that they agree about how much warming.  The “science” is far from settled.  The estimates of future warming range from negligible to extreme.  Our governments only every discuss the extreme warming scenarios even though the extreme warming scenarios are completely unsupported by the data.

Dr.  Willie Soon recently published a paper showing that green house gas warming since 1850 is negligible.  It can’t even be seen in the data.  This is exactly what we should have expected if the overall impact of greenhouse gas warming is far smaller than we think or if there is strong negative feedback.  Nobel laureate John Clauser believes the feed backs are negative and by his calculation green house gases have warmed the planet very little since the end of the little ice age.

An analysis of negative feedbacks implies that the 50% increase in CO2 from pre-industrial times (280 ppm) to the current level (420 ppm) is plausibly the cause of only about 0.15°C of global warming.

His calculations are consistent with the actual results that Dr. Soon found in the unadulterated data.  There has been less than ¼ of the warming predicted by Schwarzschild.  That indicates future warming will also be very small and largely beneficial.

A warm planet is better for humans than a cold planet and warming the planet is not the only benefit we will receive.  CO2 is plant food.  Increasing concentrations will dramatically increase crop yields.  Anyone who says we must reduce CO2 to save farming is either a liar or an idiot.  Higher CO2 concentrations will be a boon for farming.  There is simply no downside to higher CO2 concentrations.

Increased CO₂ emissions, similarly, are beneficial rather than harmful. As some of the world’s greatest physicists, including Princeton’s William Happer and MIT’s Richard Lindzen, wrote in February 2017, the CO₂ that each of us exhales with every breath “is not a pollutant.” In a March 2023 statement, Nobel Prize–winning physicist John Clauser put it more emphatically: “Increasing CO₂ concentrations will benefit the world.”

Science, I mean the real science not the lies governments dress up as science, is clear.  We have no climate emergency.  We will have no climate emergency.  The earth is currently in a CO2 famine and more will be highly beneficial.  Go ahead and take your summer road trip.  Despite the moronic outbreak by Mark Holland, rest assured you will be helping, not hurting.


Why did it take so long to acknowledge the obvious?

I doubt Anthony Fauci’s testimony before congress will result in prosecutions.  In the US as in Canada laws are applied selectively.  People with left leaning politics or friends in high places do not get prosecuted.  Fauci will never pay for the deaths he caused, and neither will his political masters.

The only good thing that has happened because of Fauci’s tearful testimony is that we are finally talking about things we should have been discussing years ago like the origin of the virus.

“Not a single infected animal has ever been confirmed at the market or in its supply chain,” she adds. “Without good evidence that the pandemic started at the Huanan Seafood Market, the fact that the virus emerged in Wuhan points squarely at its unique SARS-like virus laboratory.”

Anthony Fauci was not following science with any of his ridiculous mitigation measures.  COVID was one of the most ridiculously unscientific periods in our history.  A time I like to call the dumb ages.  Leading up to the dumb ages the only science anyone used was the science employed to build the virus in the first place.  That science was denied repeatedly by Fauci even though the evidence has always indicated a lab origin.  That is why I wrote this 3 years ago.

Why I believe the virus is man-made.

The prevailing narrative was the virus jumped from bats to humans in the wet market.  There was just too much evidence that did not fit.

  • Not all of the original cases could be traced to the wet market.
  • Researchers found this virus had features not found in other coronaviruses.
  • There was a lab that experimented with Viruses only blocks away from the outbreak.
  • The virus is oddly selective. It affects almost no one other than seniors.  I will discuss this more later.
  • The bats that carry this virus are not native to the area. People tend to eat locally.  There is a reason why Albertans eat more beef than fish.  We have lots of beef and no fish.  Even though Sea food can be flown in, culturally we are accustomed to beef.  This is common most places I suspect.  In Uzbekistan they eat lamb, in Kazakhstan they eat horse.

Getting rid of Trump was fabulously good fortune for the Chinese.  Replacing Trump with Biden and Harris is impossibly good luck.  So impossible that it is hard to believe it happened by chance.

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident.  How do we tell which it was?   In my mind these are the things that point to this being intentional.

3 years ago, it was also clear to me that the virus was not natural, and this was no accident.  This virus was released on purpose at least twice.  The first time was in the fall of 2019.  This release was necessary to allow the virus time to spread so that, after the second release, testing would find it everywhere.  It would look like it was spreading like wildfire.  The second release late December was used to kick off the plan.  It was COVID’s coming out party so to speak.

People may not be ready to accept that releasing the virus was part of a larger plan but, In time, they will.  I just hope that acceptance comes before they do this all again.

We made him cry, is that it?

Anthony Fauci’s testimony has created a little bit of a buzz in the media.  Many media organizations are exclaiming shock that Anthony, “I am science”, Fauci was not really following any science.

By denying there was any basis to the six-foot recommendation, Fauci is trying to avoid discomfiting questions about one of the biggest scientific failures of the pandemic response – namely, the failure to take into account that Covid could be spread by airborne transmission, and not just by droplets.

It should never have taken congressional hearings held 4 years after the fact to figure any of this out.  It was obvious from day one that this virus was airborne.  There is no way it could have spread as quickly as it did if it was not airborne.  It was equally obvious that the mitigation measures designed for droplet transmission would not work for an airborne virus.

There is no way the people in charge did not know this but publicly they said very different things.  They were lying and not just about how the virus transmitted.  Anyone using logic and some very basic science could tell they were lying about everything.  That is why I wrote this nearly 4 years ago.

While politicians were following disastrous advice that had no basis in science they were carefully avoiding anyone that might point out actual science that could have been useful.  Things like

  • This virus is airborne as well as close contact
  • Social distancing rules have no chance of flattening the curve of an airborne virus.
  • Masks are ineffective against airborne viruses and increase the chance of bacterial infections for the wearer.
  • Young people are not at risk and should not be locked down
  • Asymptomatic transmission is so rare it is not a factor and has never been a factor in any viral outbreak.
  • Herd immunity is the only thing that stops a viral outbreak; you can hide in your house all you want the virus is not going anywhere.

We have not been following the science.  We have been following people in authority who most definitely have not been following the science.

This blog is becoming one giant “I told you so” not because I have any expertise in pandemics, because I don’t have pandemic expertise.  All I have is a good understanding of basic science and a well-tuned bullshit detector.  It was obvious to anyone who did not succumb to fear that the government was lying.  But that is why they worked so hard to stoke fear, isn’t it?

From day one of the lockdowns everyone involved was lying.  It is great to see Fauci weeping on the stand but if that is all that comes of this, we have learned nothing.  Unless we send Fauci and all the other coconspirators to prison they will do it again.  Are you ready for bird flu lockdowns?  A better question is will you accept bird flu lockdowns?  Will you let them do it again?

Fauci is only the beginning

Anthony Fauci is being grilled by congress over the COVID response.  Fauci was one of the most influential people in the world during COVID.  His every inane utterance was treated as a gift from god by a fawning media.  Republican Congressmen have been much harsher with their treatment of Fauci which has caused him to admit there was no science behind masking or social distancing.

Bombshell testimony from Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals he made up the six foot social distancing rule and other measures to ‘protect’ Americans from covid.

He did however continue to lie about his financial interest in the COVID vaccines.

Fauci indignantly denied time and again that there was any conflict between COVID-19 policymakers and royalties paid privately. He lied. Those payments skyrocketed during COVID-19.


New data from the National Institutes of Health reveal the agency and its scientists collected $710 million in royalties during the pandemic, from late 2021 through 2023. These are payments made by private companies, like pharmaceuticals, to license medical innovations from government scientists.

It’s unclear if any of the COVID vaccine royalties from Pfizer and Moderna, the latter of which settled with NIH by agreeing to pay $400 million, is even included in these new numbers. NIH isn’t saying.

It is not a surprise to anyone who paid attention that Fauci was making money off the COVID vaccines and he is not the only one.  I am certain that every head of state that mandated or otherwise coerced their citizens was also receiving kickbacks.  I don’t have evidence of this but it is the only explanation that makes sense.  There is no logic to force vaccinating low risk people with a product that is not a vaccine that by its design cannot prevent transmission.  You cannot explain their actions without considering a profit motive.

Fauci made money off the Jabs.  Influential politicians also made money off the jabs.  They took chances with your health for profit and so far they have gotten away with it largely because the media won’t speak about it.  But it is becoming harder and harder to buy media silence.  Too many people are suddenly become ill in unprecedented ways.

New Brunswick health officials warned in 2021 that more than 40 residents were suffering from a possible unknown neurological syndrome, with symptoms similar to those of the degenerative brain disorder Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Those symptoms were varied and dramatic: some patients started drooling and others felt as though bugs were crawling on their skin.

The sudden rise in coincidences since 2021 is becoming too much for the even the media to continue lying about.  That is why we are finally seeing headlines like this one in major publications.

Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths


The media is trying to pretend that they were not part of this but they were.  They cooperated with the COVID architects.  Fauci may be the one in the hot seat but he is not the only criminal.  If there is any justice in the world Fauci and politicians like Justin Trudeau will head to prison along with the journalists that helped them commit the largest crime in history.