Covid 19 Ground Hog Day

2 days ago, Theresa Tam, the least competent medical professional in the country, finally acknowledged the bleeding obvious; The virus is airborne.

The implications of this I have discussed before but they bear repeating

  1. Nothing short of a perfectly sealed n95 respirator (not dust mask) will keep you from inhaling the virus.
  2. It is possible for the virus to enter through your eyes so a mask without googles is no guarantee
  3. Face shields do not keep you from getting or transmitting the virus
  4. HVAC systems in buildings can keep the virus aloft indefinitely so standing 6 feet away from someone indoors does not keep you safe

With an airborne virus wearing a mask into a restaurant and then removing it to eat really is like having a pissing section in a swimming pool.

Cloth and surgical masks are ineffective against an airborne virus.  This is the main reason masks have not worked anywhere they have been tried.  Tam as much as admitted this by now advising you to upgrade to a three-layer mask.  A 3-layer mask will be only marginally better; marginally better than zero protection is still basically zero protection.  Masks have never been about keeping you safe.  They are about keeping you scared and proving obedience.  Lack of a mask is an easy way for the government to identify anyone who is not swallowing their bullshit.  Surgical and cloth masks serve the same function in our society as veils do in Islamic societies.

We are 9 months into this farce, and nothing has changed.  Our governments keep intruding on our lives, incomes, and liberties in ways that only make things worse.  The simple truth is this, a viral infection only ends when herd immunity is reached.  You either do that naturally or with a vaccine and we do not have a vaccine.  The only reaction our government should have had to this virus was to invest money into our health care system so we would have been better able to treat sick people.  Temporary hospitals, extra staff, treatment coordination and research, these are ways government could have had a positive impact.  We did none of that, instead, we closed playgrounds and dance studios.

Politicians and health bureaucrats were quick to tell us that a herd immunity strategy was too dangerous.  That is a remarkably stupid thing to say for 3 reasons.

  1. You are going to reach herd immunity whether you like it or not. The virus is not going anywhere; it does not go away if you hide from it.  Herd immunity is a forgone conclusion so why don’t you take proactive steps to bolster your ability to handle the sick as you move towards herd immunity?
  2. Herd immunity is easier to establish than you think. We know now that due to T cell cross immunity that many people are already immune due to exposure to other corona viruses.  The science has confirmed this now, but we should have known this in April.  In April Japan quarantined the Diamond Princess Cruise ship due to a Covid outbreak.  3,711 people were trapped in a perfect petri dish for 19 days and 81% of them did not get infected.  This should have caused us to question the dire predictions in April.
  3. Sweden has already done it without overwhelming their health care system or trampling civil liberties.

It has been covid ground hog day for 9 months now.  We keep repeating the same things over and over with no end in sight. All the restrictions were designed to stop the spread of a close contact virus.  The high numbers of infected should have told us months ago that this was not a close contact virus.  We have finally admitted that it is an airborne virus, and we are still unwilling to let go of masks and lockdowns.  Even Though Sweden has provided a roadmap for us to follow we persist in doing everything that has not worked for the last 9 months.

There is one major difference between covid 19 ground hog day and the movie Ground Hog Day.  In the movie Bill Murray tried to learn from his mistakes each day and improve his outcome.  Theresa Tam, Deena Hinshaw, Justin Trudeau, and Jason Kenney have shown they are incapable of learning from their mistakes.  Thankfully, I am capable of learning from my mistakes.  I voted for Jason Kenney and the UCP; I can guarantee you that is a mistake I will not repeat.