Ivor Cummins Truth Bombs

I watched this Ivor Cummins video yesterday.

Ivor makes 4 very good points

  1. The UK government and media are duplicitous lying bastards that cherry pick data to justify immoral decisions.
  2. Covid-19 is a seasonal virus. We are going to have to deal with it every year until the end of time.
  3. There has never been a seasonal virus that was worse in the second year.
  4. There are now papers out confirming that lockdowns lead to more, not fewer, deaths.

I think it is important to step through each of these points; some of which we have discussed before.

Governments are lying Bastards

Ok, I admit I am paraphrasing a bit on this one but it is hard to find a charitable way to describe the level of dishonesty we have witnessed from western governments over the last 9 months now.  Here is just a short list of the lies we have been told

  • Covid 19 is a close contact virus. Even Theresa Tam has now admitted that is not the case.
  • We are all at risk from Covid-19
  • Masks are effective at slowing the spread of the virus
  • Governments are emphasizing the protection of vulnerable seniors.

Not one of these things is true; we know that because we have data to the contrary.  All of these lies resulted in policies that destroyed and even ended lives.  It is hardly surprising that governments lie.  I am not sure I can point to a time in my life when any Government told me the truth.  All the available evidence is that Governments are simply not capable of telling the truth.

Covid-19 is a seasonal virus

All over the world we saw the virus rise in winter fall in summer and then begin rising again as winter approached.  Corona viruses are seasonal viruses so this should not have been surprising.  Instead of admitting this, which would mean admitting that we would have to deal with this virus every winter, politicians told us infections fell because of the lockdown measures.  Anyone paying attention could point out that places that did not lock down also saw infections fall when summer arrived.  Politicians dislocated their arms patting themselves on the back taking credit for spring.  Someone needs to explain to them that just because the sun rises everyday after they get out of bed it does not mean that they are causing the sun to rise by getting out of bed.

Seasonal viruses do not get more virulent in the second year.

In March, all the brightest lights in government predicted that we would all be dead by now; last I checked that has not happened.  Now those same geniuses are telling us we need to lockdown again because the second wave is going to be far more deadly that the first wave that has already killed everyone.  We are being asked to accept this colossal lie even though it has never happened before in history.  When a new virus hits the most vulnerable succumb to it quickly while the rest of the population develops immunity with time.  That means that every virus gets less deadly with time even if it does not mutate.  Once again, the clearer the science is, the more we ignore it.

The Lockdowns increase the death totals.

Ivor points to these 2 recent papers



I must issue a caveat; they are both based on computer modelling.  Computer models are not science.  They are Engineering and you can not do Engineering before someone defines the science.  When a new virus is discovered it is impossible to simulate it because you do not know enough to correctly model what will happen.  Unfortunately, that did not stop some highly dishonest people (Neil Ferguson) from running simulations and declaring that Covid-19 will be the deadliest virus in history.  Despite his terrible track record the model output was not treated with skepticism, it was accepted as gospel.  Somehow, 9 months ago, he convinced governments he could predict the behavior of a virus that even now no one can say for sure is causing the disease.

You always need to take models with a grain of salt.  The better the information the better the model.  We have a lot more information on the disease now and the models have been updated.  The models now predict that lockdowns will increase the size of the second wave and increase the overall death count.  We are already seeing that in the data; Sweden is still laughing their asses off at the rest of the world.

Maybe this will be the first virus ever to have a larger second wave.  That is not because of the virus though; it is because of the lockdown.  Politicians have spent Trillions of dollars to make a problem worse.  Now they want us to thank them for escalating the body count.  I wish I lived in a world where I could say people were too smart for that, but I cannot.  I must go where the data leads me.  Recently some of the most dishonest, destructive politicians the earth has ever seen were rewarded with big election victories.  The data is clear there is no evidence of intelligent life on earth.