The Origin of the Virus is only the Second most Important Question

Last week on the first leg of Fauci’s farewell tour Karin Jean-Pierre (KJP) had to jump in and save the little weasel from an uncomfortable question.  A reporter from the Daily Caller wanted to know about the origins of the COVID virus.  This was not on the list of approved questions.  Only questions that allowed Fauci to brag about how he saved the world from a virus and/or Donald Trump were to be permitted.

KJP was uncharacteristically aggressive when confronted with unapproved questions about the virus origin.  The normally befuddled press secretary looked like a mother bear protecting her cub.  It was the first time when confronted with a real question that she did not try to shrink into her binder of prepackaged lies.  What is it about this question that turned this stammering moron into a warrior?

It is not just the white house that aggressively shuts down any discussion about the virus origins.  UK government scientists also shut down discussions even though they had information indicating the virus was not natural.  Why do governments aggressively suppress data and stifle debate about the virus origins?  The evidence is overwhelming.  Any honest debate would conclude that this virus was engineered in a lab.  In a video post from a few days ago Dr. Campbell does a good job of discussing the evidence.


During the course of this plandemic governments have been forced to change the COVID narrative several times.  When they could no longer suppress data they had to spin it.  The one exception has always been the virus origins.  There has been no attempt pivot the narrative to explain the data.  The response is always the same deny and attack the messenger.

I think I know the answer to my own question.  Governments will not concede that the virus came from a lab because then they will not be able to prevent the next logical question.  How did the virus get out of the lab?  Governments will do whatever is necessary to avoid this one explosive question.

Just as the balance of evidence says the virus was engineered; the balance of evidence also indicates the release was not an accident.  In fact there were likely multiple intentional releases.

None of what happened in the last 3 years was accidental or a response to a viral threat.  The virus was always the excuse to set in motion a well thought out plan.  The end game was to eliminate individual rights and collapse economies.  The chaos would be used to justify digital vaccine passports/IDs and digital currency.  Step one of their plan was always, build a virus.  No one in government will ever admit that.

Canada Tries out an Already Failed Narrative

The Canadian Government desperately wants everyone to take a COVID booster but they have a problem.  Canadian’s are just not sold on the need for boosters.  Our declining interest in COVID vaccinations is apparent in the plot below.

Over 80% of Albertans were coerced in to taking the first Dose.  So far less than 20% have taken a fourth and they have been available for almost 11 months.  Vaccine hesitancy is growing quickly.  Extrapolating this trend would force you to conclude no one will be willing to take a 5th dose.  This is a real problem for a government that has already purchased 10 doses per citizen and wants you to be jabbed every 6 months.

I predicted this growing vaccine hesitancy months ago.  By now many Canadians are questioning the usefulness of a treatment that does not stop infection that comes with serious side effects.  The government has been denying the existence of side effects, but that no longer works because too many Canadians know someone who has been harmed by the jabs.  Clearly the government needed to construct a new narrative.

The new narrative is that the side effects are real, but minimal, while the risk from the virus is substantial.  I doubt this will work since other countries tried this story months ago with no success.  Still the odds of it working in Canada are not zero.  Canadians are less intelligent than other people and the Canadian government has an ace in the hole.  In Canada the government owns academics and the journals they publish government propaganda in, are owned by the pharmaceutical industry.

Universities in Canada are government funded which makes academics government pets.  Pets that are unleashed any time the government wants their ridiculously unscientific policies to sound scientific.  To be fair not all academics will cooperate but when those pets bite the government quickly euthanizes their careers.  It is not surprising then that the Canadian government was able to find a large group of academics to publish a paper that concludes the rewards of COVID jabs outweigh the risks.

Although observed rates of myocarditis were higher than expected, the benefits of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in reducing the severity of COVID-19, hospital admission and deaths far outweigh the risk of developing myocarditis

So myocarditis is not a problem even though they found 12 times more than normal level after only 7 days.  What if they followed these patients for 8 days?  How about a month or two?  The short duration of the study is not the only problem with this government propaganda masquerading as science.  The authors somehow did not notice that the Myocarditis risk is highest among the people with the lowest COVID risk.  The risk/reward for young males definitely does not justify vaccinated that group.

The sweeping generalization on vaccine risk/reward is obviously not valid for young males.  In fact the generalization does not work for any demographic because the authors failed to recognize one very important point.  Myocarditis is not the only possible vaccine injury.  Sudden death and debilitating neurological injures are also possible.

When all the possible injuries are considered using these jabs would be criminal even if they worked, which they definitely do not.



Media Obscuring Truth Again

I found this remarkable piece of “journalism” yesterday.  The “journalist” Jack Montgomery wanted to let us know how badly Russia was doing with their invasion.

Recently mobilized Russian reservists are dying “in large numbers” in Ukraine, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD).

This seems to be very bad news for Russia and very good news for the Ukraine.  I do have my doubts though since the article is not nearly as definitive as the headline.  Here is what the MoD actually said (the emphasis is mine).

The MoD suggested that, in particular, reservists had “highly likely experienced particularly heavy casualties”

The British also suggested that swathes of reservists had been lost in forlorn hope-style attacks

“In Donetsk Oblast, reservists have been killed in large numbers in frontal assaults into well-established Ukrainian defensive zones around the town of Bakhmut,” the British claimed

“The Kremlin will likely be concerned that an increasing number of reservists’ families are prepared to risk arrest by protesting against the conditions their relatives are serving under,” the MoD suggested.

In terms of the reservists’ battlefield qualities, the British alleged there were “numerous examples” indicating that they are “highly likely not having their medical status adequately reviewed and many are being compelled to serve with serious, chronic health conditions.”

Neither the British MoD nor the “journalist” offered a single piece of evidence to back up what they were saying.  They suggested that Russian reservists are not fit for service and are dying in huge numbers.  We are supposed to accept that at face value with no evidence; their suggestions are all the evidence we should need.  These guys would make great climate scientists.

I don’t know what is happening in the Ukraine.  Obviously both sides are lying but if Russians were dying in large numbers you would think that it would not be difficult to find the bodies.  You would not need to “suggest” that there were mounds of undiscovered bodies hidden somewhere in the Ukraine.

Journalists lie.  In 2022 that is a given.  But even journalists lie for a reason so what reason do they have for this lie?  AS with COVID, journalists lie to advance a government narrative or to distract people from what is really happening.  Most of the COVID lies were to distract us from noticing the greatest wealth transfer in history.


What is Jack Montgomery trying to distract us from this time?  As I said, I don’t know what is going on in the battlefield, but I do know what is going on off the battle field.  NATO is running out of weapons and the alliance is coming apart at the seams.  A French General has publicly stated that Ukraine is not France’s concern and that Ukraine should seek peace with Russia.

Saying that the war in Ukraine “is not ours”, the official went onto describe how he was hoping for Europe to curb its systematic alignment with U.S. military interests, and instead seek “a diplomatic solution from above”.

Germany is now rumored to be secretly negotiating with Russia because the war is destroying the German economy.  And, just yesterday the UK accused the US of war profiteering.  Next to the US, France, Germany, and the UK are the most important members of NATO and they are waffling.  The Ukraine war could destroy an alliance that survived for more than 80 years.

From the first days of the war the media has told us that Russia was in trouble; none of Russia’s battle plans were working.  This was always just wishful thinking and propaganda.  How could the media know that the plans were failing when they did not know what the plans were in the first place?  I really doubt Putin called them up and let them know what he intended to do.

The longer this goes on the more it looks like Putin’s plan is unfolding exactly the way he wants.  Putin chose a brutal war of attrition instead of a quick victory.  The west always mistook the slow grinding advance as proof that Russia was getting bogged down and would soon be driven from the Ukraine but there is another explanation.  Putin was not just thinking about the Ukraine.  He chose to grind this out to exhaust NATO’s armories and their resolve.

If this was his plan from the beginning it is brilliant and he is winning.


Voters are responsible for Poor Leaders

The little weasel Fauci finally retired.  On his way out the door he urged Americans to line up for the latest experiment, bivalent boosters.  Why anyone would still listen to this evil little man is a mystery to me.  He has a perfect track record of being wrong 100% of the time yet somehow to the media and public at large he is still an expert.  No one capable of independent thought listens to Fauci anymore, unfortunately independent thinking is not a prerequisite for public office.

For a case in point consider Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham who just won re-election in New Mexico.  Governor Grisham followed Dr. Fauci’s advice to the tee and has now has COVID for the second time.  Incredibly she is grateful for it.

“I am very grateful to be experiencing only mild symptoms after being fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 Including the latest bivalent booster”.

If you are keeping score having the bivalent booster means that Gov. Grisham has had at least 4 Jabs to prevent a disease she has now had twice.  A person of normal intelligence would have questioned the jabs after the first illness.  Obviously Gov. Grisham has a long way to go to reach normal intelligence.

As I posted earlier this week the inmates are clearly running the Asylum.  Gov. Grisham is willing to take as many shots as it takes to get COVID again while in Canada the Trudeau liberals can’t understand why Canada is such an investment Pariah.  Justin Trudeau’s first action as Prime Minister was to cancel a pipeline permit that took several years and one billion dollars of expenses to secure.  He then spent the next 7 years ratcheting up taxes and regulations to the point that it is no longer profitable to run a business in Canada.  Investors have seen their projects arbitrarily cancelled and their businesses destroyed by intrusive government.  The rules can change on a whim; just like in any other banana republic.  Is it any wonder no one wants to invest in Canada?

Stupid people cause large problems by making stupid decisions.  Michelle Grisham and Justin Trudeau are very stupid indeed.  The scary part for the survival of our species is not that these “leaders” are stupid.  The real threat is voters.  We really need to worry about the people who continue to vote for Grisham and Trudeau.  Once could have been a mistake every time after that it is just a failed IQ test.

Pulling back from the Abyss

The first Lockdown in Alberta started March 17th 2020.  At the time there were only 3 reported cases but COVID outbreaks in China and Europe were already well underway.   The sheer number of cases and the speed that the virus was moving was proof that the virus was airborne.  An airborne virus can not be deterred by masks, partial lockdowns, or social distancing.  What I am saying is that before the first COVID restrictions happened any intelligent person knew that none of them could work.  Yet the Alberta government forged ahead with them anyway.

The next month wrote a letter to the editor of a local paper.  I asked if we were going to lock down every cold and flu season.  The editor chose to mock me by saying that if I thought this was just the flu I was not paying attention.  I was of course paying attention, it was just a bad flu, and we have locked down every cold and flu season since.

Had Albertans not disposed of Jason Kenney we would now be in our 4th lockdown.  Thankfully things have changed in Alberta and our new Premier just banned schools from mandating masks or online classes.  As you might imagine this has upset our power drunk school officials and the main stream media.  The most dishonest media organization in Canada, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), could barely contain their disdain for a government that respects individual rights.  According to the CBC protecting individual rights is making children gravely ill.

Sara Austin, founder and CEO of Children First Canada said the news regulations put vulnerable children in a worse position.

“The government has a duty to ensure that schools are a safe learning environment and that includes the physical safety of our children. We are seeing high numbers of children getting gravely ill. My son is one of those children,” Austin said.

The article goes on to state that currently 5.4% of students are out with illness.  The CBC finds it shocking that in cold and flu season 5.4% of children at any given time might have a cold.  The only solution of course is to prevent the other 94.6% of children without colds from attending school.

There is no doubt that many people including children are not well right now.  This is a direct and completely predictable result of previous lockdowns and vaccinations.  Not a single public health policy in the last 3 years has been good for public health.  Lockdowns, masks, and experimental injections are all damaging to the immune system.  The CBC’s solution to poor public health from poor public health policies is more of the same policies.  The CBC is much like Canadian government; you must look very closely to find someone who is not either stupid or evil.

People will get sick this winter; as they do every winter.  We must discard this foolish notion that we can prevent everyone from getting sick.  The destructive cycle of masks, lockdowns, and experimental injections must be broken.  If we don’t break the cycle public health will continue to decline until every citizen is immunocompromised.

The long slow death of science

The COVID vaccines did not result in fewer COVID cases or deaths.  They did however result in far more heart attacks and strokes.  The plot below shows the impact the Jabs had on heart attacks in Australia.

Governments have a real problem on their hands.  It is getting very difficult to ignore vaccine injuries.  Vaccine injuries are starting to be discussed on prime time television.  Tucker Carlson interviewed a woman last night who lost most of the vision in one eye due to vaccine induced blood clots.

When governments face a crisis caused by their own stupidity they tend to run the same playbook.  Step one is always lie and deflect blame.  But how do you lie about vaccines that cause blood clots?  Incredibly you blame the blood clots on people who did not take the vaccine.

I shit you not; the NIH just published a paper blaming blood clots on anti-vaxxers.  The liar/lunatic that wrote this paper has concluded blood clots are due to stress and the stress was caused by anti-vaxxers spreading misinformation about the vaccines.

This biological mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels under mental stress) is the most likely cause for where there has been blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste that may have been experienced shortly after vaccine administration. The extreme mental stress of the patient could most likely be attributed to the fear mongering and scare tactics used by various anti-vaccination groups.

To prove what a diligent scientist he is the author, Raymond D. Palmer, freely admits that his study has some limitations.

2.1. Limitations of study

This review is limited by primarily focusing on vasoconstriction conditions caused by a stress response, and also by a lack of large-scale clinical trial studies to determine whether using novel combinations of vasodilators or anticoagulants with vaccines could reduce vaccine side effects, which may also assist in clarifying whether side effects were emanating from vaccines or conditions such as MSIMI. Further investigation into whether side effects could be attributed as a stress response is required.

I don’t mean to nit-pick but I think Raymond missed the most important limitation of his study.  THE COMPLETE F%&KING LACK OF SCIENCE!

Raymond made no effort to determine if the people suffering from blood clots were in a heightened state of anxiety.  I am certain that after the clots caused serious life altering problems their stress level went through the roof but there is zero evidence of elevated stress after vaccination or that the stress was caused by anti-vaxxers.

People were very stressed out over COVID.  That stress was cultivated by government.  For nearly a year we had a whole population of dangerous neurotics so stressed out they would tackle unmasked shoppers.  You cannot deny the extreme stress felt by millions yet we did not have a problem with blood clots until after they were vaccinated.  How did getting vaccinated increase the stress level of people who were so irrationally afraid of the virus?  Shouldn’t their stress level have gone down after they were “protected” by the “safe and effective” vaccine?

There is a lot of fake science out there.  Up until now to fake the science you had to fake the data, like the global warming crowd does.  Those days are over.  Apparently now you can just publish your conclusion and reference a couple papers that make your conclusions remotely plausible.  Long COVID is a serious problem; real science may never recover from it.

Danielle Smith, a Breath of Fresh air in our putrid Dominion


This speech might seem ordinary but by Canadian Standards it is nothing short of miraculous.  To understand just how remarkable this speech is you must be a Canadian over 50 years old.  The politician she mentions, Ralph Klein, was Alberta Premier from 1993 to 2006 and the last Canadian politician that respected taxpayers.

Even in 1993 Ralph Klein was a throwback.  Most Canadian politicians had abandoned the idea of public service decades before Ralph became premier.  Daniel Smith’s speech was the first time in 16 years that a Canadian politician acknowledged that politicians work for the taxpayers and not the other way around.  That alone puts her in a class by herself but she did not stop there.  She might be the only politician in the country who has even read our constitution.  She is certainly the only one to notice that our federal government violates the constitution on a daily basis.

The Canadian constitution is relatively new.  Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Justin’s Step father) signed our current constitution in 1982.  I don’t know why he bothered.  He never followed it once and no Prime Minister since has bothered to follow it either.

The constitution gives the federal government very limited authority.  Basically the Federal government is in charge of

  • National defense
  • International and interprovincial trade
  • Banking
  • Immigration and citizenship
  • Native affairs (yes we have an entire department dedicated to treating natives differently than other Canadians)

Social programs, Education, and natural resources, are the responsibility of Provincial governments.  Currently Justin Trudeau has 39 cabinet ministers; 17 of those 39 ministers are responsible for portfolios that are clearly provincial jurisdictions.  44% of our federal government is redundant and should not even exist under our current constitution.

For Canada to survive every level of government needs to have their wings clipped.  They need to understand we do not serve them; they serve us.  We also must reduce the number of government employees by more than 50%.  That should not be difficult at the federal level since 44% of those jobs are unconstitutional.  It is a shame that Canadians outside of Alberta don’t understand this.

Put the Inmates back in their Padded Cells

I can’t think of anything that encapsulates the COVID story better than this short clip from a Canadian Radio Talk show.  The Radio host tries to interview a doctor who is also a government official (school board trustee); the interview quickly spirals out of control.


The host starts out essentially saying that there is no COVID emergency.  This statement is 100% factually correct.  In fact there was never a COVID emergency in Canada.  At no time in the last 3 years did COVID ever rise to the level of emergency.  A bad flu season is not an emergency.

It is odd that anyone in Canadian media says anything truthful, so this factual statement likely caught Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth by surprise.  She did not, however, let her astonishment keep her from her sacred duty as a Canadian Government official.  Dr. Nili immediately and angrily defended the official Canadian government COVID narrative.  COVID will always be an emergency, you will never get your rights back, and you damn well better shut up and listen.

Dr. Nili’s reaction was completely normal for a Canadian government official.  They will stamp down the truth whenever it surfaces.  What happened next though was not normal for Canadian media.  The host, Bill Carroll, tried to push back and force Dr. Nili to defend her statements.  This enraged Dr. Nili who responded by shouting over the host and refusing to let him speak.

That is the story of the last 3 years.  Anyone who challenged the narrative or wanted to discuss science was attacked and shouted down by the government.  If this interview had happened in 2021 Bill Carrol would have been fired and had his bank account frozen.  Thankfully this is 2022 and even Canada is waking up; Bill Carroll ended the call.  I mean, WOW, Canadian media shut down the government narrative when the government refused to substantiate what they were saying.  Hell really has frozen over.

If Dr. Nili sounded unhinged in that short tirade it is because she is.  Dr. Nili is a COVIDiot.  She is a mask wearing, boosted, neurotic completely disconnected from reality; the prototypical Canadian bureaucrat.  The last 3 years have been so painful because the inmates have been running the asylum.  In a world gone mad the rational man appears insane.

All over the western world lunatics like Dr. Nili sit in judgement over others.  In their insane minds it is the rational person that is dangerously insane and must be dealt with.  The Ontario College of surgeons is controlled by lunatics like Dr. Nili and in their opinion unvaccinated should be medicated in to compliance.


I don’t know if any Canadian doctors acted on this insane advice but I do know that it happened in Switzerland.


Every western Country has the same task ahead of them.  We must purge all of our public institutions of dangerous lunatics like Nili Kaplan-Myrth.  If we don’t we will never break this deadly cycle of masks and non-stop toxic injections.



Share this video

I suspect this Stew Peters documentary will be re-posted hundreds of times today.  The film deals with the dramatic rise in sudden death.  Even though I have already discussed most of the data on this blog there were still things that stunned me.  Things like;

  1. The Canadian Embalmer who stated 100% of the cadavers she has worked on in the last 12 months have contained the strange fibrous clotting material. Also of note is that she would not appear without distorting her image.  In the Liberal Democracy of Canada it is not safe to tell the truth.
  2. The high risk pregnancy physician who revealed that babies are now suffering heart attacks in the womb.
  3. Or finally, if you try to give the CDC vaccine injury data they will call the police and have you arrested.

I have already said too much about a video that speaks for itself.  Please share this with everyone you know.


How they accomplish their goal in one simple Chart

A few years ago Bill gates gave a TED talk on climate change.  Bill gates is not a scientist, he does not have any degree.  Given his complete lack of qualifications I don’t know why anyone would listen to him about anything, yet the room was full.

According to non-scientist Bill there are several things contributing to climate change.  The first factor he chose to discuss was population.  Presumably population was first because Bill believes that population is the biggest problem.  At about the 4 minute mark Bill explains that the earth has 6.8 billion people.  That number is increasing by 1.5% per year and will ultimately hit 9 billion.  Not to worry though because Bill has an answer.  According to Bill if we are careful with vaccines and reproductive health (abortions) we need not increase by 1.5% per year.  Instead we could reduce population by 15%.

Let’s pause to do the math and think about what Bill said.  15% of 6.8 billion is 1 Billion.  In front of a live audience Bill casually threw out that killing 1 billion people with vaccines and abortions is a worthy goal.

I did not check what year this TED talk was from but it must be old since the population of the earth is now 8 billion not 6.8 billion.  Bill has some catching up to do but he is up to the task.  Bill has found a way to kill two birds with one stone.  While the world was out multiplying Bill was funding a vaccine company (Moderna) to develop a vaccine that causes both sudden adult death and spontaneous abortions.

The plot above is from Jessica Rose.  Jessica has a friend that works in an Obstetrics office.  Each year they have fewer new mothers and more miscarriages.  Thanks to Bill Gates women who don’t die from his vaccine have trouble conceiving and bring a baby to full term.  Bill told us he wanted to kill 1 billion people with vaccines and abortions.  He is now has a vaccine that does both.

Our problem is not that Bill Gates is a terrible human being with far too much influence.  The problem is that he is not alone.  14 years ago the saintly Barrack Obama was very open about his plans to make energy unaffordable.  More recently Klaus Schwab told the whole world he wants to take their property and then bragged about creating sock puppets to implement his new single global order.


These megalomaniac psychopaths don’t hide what they are doing, they publicly declare and brag about what they are doing.  We should listen to what they say and take it at face value.  It is not a conspiracy theory when they are doing exactly what they said they would do.  It is a conspiracy when we pretend it is not happening.  When will we wake up and fight back?