Pulling back from the Abyss

The first Lockdown in Alberta started March 17th 2020.  At the time there were only 3 reported cases but COVID outbreaks in China and Europe were already well underway.   The sheer number of cases and the speed that the virus was moving was proof that the virus was airborne.  An airborne virus can not be deterred by masks, partial lockdowns, or social distancing.  What I am saying is that before the first COVID restrictions happened any intelligent person knew that none of them could work.  Yet the Alberta government forged ahead with them anyway.

The next month wrote a letter to the editor of a local paper.  I asked if we were going to lock down every cold and flu season.  The editor chose to mock me by saying that if I thought this was just the flu I was not paying attention.  I was of course paying attention, it was just a bad flu, and we have locked down every cold and flu season since.

Had Albertans not disposed of Jason Kenney we would now be in our 4th lockdown.  Thankfully things have changed in Alberta and our new Premier just banned schools from mandating masks or online classes.  As you might imagine this has upset our power drunk school officials and the main stream media.  The most dishonest media organization in Canada, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), could barely contain their disdain for a government that respects individual rights.  According to the CBC protecting individual rights is making children gravely ill.

Sara Austin, founder and CEO of Children First Canada said the news regulations put vulnerable children in a worse position.

“The government has a duty to ensure that schools are a safe learning environment and that includes the physical safety of our children. We are seeing high numbers of children getting gravely ill. My son is one of those children,” Austin said.

The article goes on to state that currently 5.4% of students are out with illness.  The CBC finds it shocking that in cold and flu season 5.4% of children at any given time might have a cold.  The only solution of course is to prevent the other 94.6% of children without colds from attending school.

There is no doubt that many people including children are not well right now.  This is a direct and completely predictable result of previous lockdowns and vaccinations.  Not a single public health policy in the last 3 years has been good for public health.  Lockdowns, masks, and experimental injections are all damaging to the immune system.  The CBC’s solution to poor public health from poor public health policies is more of the same policies.  The CBC is much like Canadian government; you must look very closely to find someone who is not either stupid or evil.

People will get sick this winter; as they do every winter.  We must discard this foolish notion that we can prevent everyone from getting sick.  The destructive cycle of masks, lockdowns, and experimental injections must be broken.  If we don’t break the cycle public health will continue to decline until every citizen is immunocompromised.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    When I was in grade school it was common ,nay, the norm that at least one or two people in a class would be sick on any given day especially in winter. Coincidentally that was about 5% of the class. Granted that most kids were not out from class, but in the olden days your Mom made you go to school if you could crawl out of bed. No excuses. Stop being a baby. We now have such a safety and fear culture that these kids that would have been in class 40 years ago are now quarantined at home so they can play video games.

    The anomaly isn’t that 5% of kids have some form of virus, the anomaly is our complete detached from normal reality.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    Maybe if these unionized employees like teachers, who are so in favour of lock downs wouldn’t have gotten one cent during the lockdowns they wouldn’t be so willing to have another round of lockdowns. Like the saying goes- Sooner or later economics always wins.

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