Voters are responsible for Poor Leaders

The little weasel Fauci finally retired.  On his way out the door he urged Americans to line up for the latest experiment, bivalent boosters.  Why anyone would still listen to this evil little man is a mystery to me.  He has a perfect track record of being wrong 100% of the time yet somehow to the media and public at large he is still an expert.  No one capable of independent thought listens to Fauci anymore, unfortunately independent thinking is not a prerequisite for public office.

For a case in point consider Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham who just won re-election in New Mexico.  Governor Grisham followed Dr. Fauci’s advice to the tee and has now has COVID for the second time.  Incredibly she is grateful for it.

“I am very grateful to be experiencing only mild symptoms after being fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 Including the latest bivalent booster”.

If you are keeping score having the bivalent booster means that Gov. Grisham has had at least 4 Jabs to prevent a disease she has now had twice.  A person of normal intelligence would have questioned the jabs after the first illness.  Obviously Gov. Grisham has a long way to go to reach normal intelligence.

As I posted earlier this week the inmates are clearly running the Asylum.  Gov. Grisham is willing to take as many shots as it takes to get COVID again while in Canada the Trudeau liberals can’t understand why Canada is such an investment Pariah.  Justin Trudeau’s first action as Prime Minister was to cancel a pipeline permit that took several years and one billion dollars of expenses to secure.  He then spent the next 7 years ratcheting up taxes and regulations to the point that it is no longer profitable to run a business in Canada.  Investors have seen their projects arbitrarily cancelled and their businesses destroyed by intrusive government.  The rules can change on a whim; just like in any other banana republic.  Is it any wonder no one wants to invest in Canada?

Stupid people cause large problems by making stupid decisions.  Michelle Grisham and Justin Trudeau are very stupid indeed.  The scary part for the survival of our species is not that these “leaders” are stupid.  The real threat is voters.  We really need to worry about the people who continue to vote for Grisham and Trudeau.  Once could have been a mistake every time after that it is just a failed IQ test.

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