Killing People to save the Planet

2 Weeks ago Joe Biden was toying with the idea of declaring a climate emergency.  Joe is concerned because “Experts” tell him that the world will be destroyed by excessive plant food in the atmosphere.  These same “experts” have been pounding the climate change drum for nearly 40 years.  They will not give up because the situation is so dire.  If you have not been paying attention you probably missed that humans have destroyed the earth multiple times since the 80s.  We are still here and so is the earth; evidently the destruction has been a little less than complete every time it has happened.

According to the climate change experts the earth has been, is being, will be destroyed by human emissions of CO2.  Life on earth cannot exist without CO2 and as soon as we eliminate it everything will be fine.  Not like now when the earth gets destroyed regularly.

Ultimately Joe Biden decided not to declare a climate emergency.  Perhaps he is worried it would interfere with his COVID emergency.  He might not have time to explain why the earth is not burning up at the same time he is trying to explain why the vaccines are not saving people.  Or maybe Joe noticed that declaring a climate emergency was not a prerequisite for destructive climate policies.  Other countries were implementing incredibly stupid climate policies without declaring a climate emergency.  Canada, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka decided the best way to fight climate change was to starve people to death.

While in Europe Climate change will be solved by freezing people to death this winter.  That will be the height of irony don’t you think?  Millions of people freezing to death while the planet is burning up.

The people who saved us from COVID have now turned their impressive intellect to saving us from climate change.  Not surprisingly their solutions to climate change bear a striking resemblance to their solutions to COVID.  They used Lockdowns, masks, and vaccine to kill more people than the virus would have if left ignored.  Now they are using food and energy rationing to kill more people than warm weather ever could.  It seems mass murder is a universal solution to every imaginary emergency.


Safe and Effective has always been a Lie

There is a new study in preprint from the Netherlands.  The researchers looked at vaccine effectiveness by comparing counties with different vaccination rates.  The researchers were unable to find any evidence that the vaccines helped reduce COVID deaths.

After  both  vaccination and  booster  campaigns,  we  did not  observe  the negative  correlation between  mortality  and  vaccination  expected  for  an  effective  vaccine.

They did however discover a strong correlation between the jabs and unexplained excess deaths.

We did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality.

The jabs are neither safe nor effective.  They went searching for evidence of a cure and instead found evidence of mass murder.  How many boosters will people be coerced to take before the public wakes up?

In 2.5 years we apparently did not find 10 seconds to think about COVID

I simply cannot sum up the stupidity of the last 2.5 years any better than Joe Biden just did.

“The reality is that BA.5 means many of us are still going to get COVID, even if we take the precautions,”

If you want the truth you could ask a child who has not yet learned to lie or a senile old man who might just forget to lie.  The script writers must be livid that Biden’s handlers miscalculated his Adderall dose.  The resulting chemical imbalance let him accidentally tell a very important truth; nothing we have done has had any effect on COVID.  The lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and even the vaccines have not worked and will not work.  You can take all of the precautions and you will probably get COVID anyway.

This is an airborne virus, you do not need direct contact to get infected.  Anyone who thinks for even 10 seconds about the implications could tell you none of the Non Pharmaceutical Interventions, i.e. lockdowns and other restrictions, would work.  The same can be said for the vaccines, although I admit that it took more than 10 seconds to get there.  Understanding that the vaccines would not work took me a few hours of internet research and high school level science.

Because I took the time to do real vaccine research I was certain that the protection would be temporary and that herd immunity could not be achieved through vaccination.  People would still need to be exposed before the pandemic would subside.  Unfortunately in May of 2021 when I drew that conclusion I did not have the Moderna data that showed 60% of vaccinated people do not have a proper immune response after infection.  Now that we are vaccinating it is possible that we will never reach herd immunity.

We did not need to invest much time or intellectual effort to know that none of the proposed mitigation measures would work.  It has been 2.5 years and somehow most people have not found the 2 hours it takes to understand we are doing the wrong thing.  Even Medical professionals have not taken the time to understand what is going on.  Worse than that they have abandoned all common sense.

This M.D. and his family followed all the precautions and got sick anyway.  To anyone with any common sense the logical conclusion is that none of the interventions worked.  But this clown thinks his kid got infected because someone, somewhere else, did not follow the same precautions that did not work for his child.  Am I the only person alarmed that a person this stupid can become a doctor?

If this is the level of intelligence in our medical community and society as a whole we will never discover why so many young Ontario doctors die after their boosters.  Or why so many Australians died after the vaccination programs.  Australia had 8513 excess deaths in the first 4 months of 2022 which for Australians would be summer and fall.  This is 17% above normal and 40% of them were not COVID.  Governments injected everyone with an experimental treatment right before large numbers of people died.  Talk about a huge coincidence and gigantic medical mystery.  If only I had a few minutes to think about this I might come up with an answer.  I can’t do that though because I am far too worried about climate change.


If you love your Children ignore Government

A few days ago I noted that some governments have stopped recording COVID statistics by vaccination status.  Vaccine failure was obvious from the numbers which is a real problem for government since they still want to vaccinate you.  The solution to the government’s problem is simply to hide that the jab you are being forced to take makes you more likely to die from COVID.

For some reason England is still reporting data by vaccination status.  Their attempts to hide the problem are rather mild.  They still report the numbers but they no longer do the math for you which is not a problem if you can do grade school math.  The math on the English data is horrifying, especially when it comes to children.  The best way to increase your child’s chance of DYING is to give them a COVID Jab.  The plot below is from the linked article.

Children 10 to 14 who have been jabbed are more likely to die of anything, including COVID.  The more jabs you give your child the worse it gets.  Triple Jabbed children are 45 times more likely to die than unvaccinated children.

You don’t need the data to understand that giving your healthy child an experimental vaccination for a mild disease is a bad idea.  After seeing this data you would really need to be a moron to inflict this harm on your child.  Unfortunately for many Canadian children their parents truly are morons; according to the CBC Ontario parents are elated about the prospect of jabbing their babies.

Ontario parents expressed excitement and relief Thursday as the province opened COVID-19 vaccine bookings for babies and preschoolers

The only solace I can take from this article comes from the knowledge that the CBC is enormously dishonest.  If the CBC tells you something is black there is a 99% chance that it is white.  For the sake of Canadian Children I sincerely hope this is not the 1% time when the CBC is accidently truthful.


The Real Inconvenient Truth

Most western countries forced their citizens to be vaccinated.  Vaccinations were presented as the only way to end the pandemic.  It is strange then that the pandemic has not ended in any of those countries.  Instead they are all experiencing odd off season increases in deaths.

Overwhelmingly these unusual off season deaths are occurring among the vaccinated.  This is a very embarrassing situation for governments that transferred billions to Pfizer and Moderna for vaccines.  It should have led to a halt in the vaccine programs; instead as I pointed out in previous posts, many governments simply stopped tracking data by vaccination status.

Western Governments are not good at much but they are very good at ignoring inconvenient data.  There is no calamity too large for them to ignore if it does not fit the narrative.  Most people would find 10s of thousands of unexplained deaths alarming.  Especially when you were forced to take same vaccine all of the sudden Adult death victims took.  Unfortunately stacks of dead bodies have never bothered anyone in government.

History is very clear on one fact, nothing kills more than government.  You cannot work in government if murder bothers you.  Dead people are just another inconvenient statistic to ignore.

You can choose Common Sense or you can choose Government

Australia is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, I guess that is why so many Australians are dying from COVID.  It is the peak of Cold and flu season and hospitals are full.  Things have gotten so dire that the government is sending in the military to retirement homes.

It is obvious that the Australian government takes COVID very seriously.  They are willing to use every tool at their disposal to fight COVID.  It really is a shame that one of those tools is not common sense.

Seriously, what do they think the military will do?  Will the virus be deterred by an armed guard at the entry?  Will the military shoot infected seniors before they can infect anyone else?  Australia is a great example of what happens when you put stupid people in charge; Canada is another.  There is not a single IQ in their governments that rises above the level of a chimp.  I will make it simple for them even though I know simple is beyond their intellectual grasp.

  • The vaccines don’t work. If they did you would not have a problem.
  • Vitamin D, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine do work.
  • Don’t shoot seniors, just give them some combination of vitamin D, Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Politicians and bureaucrats are stupid; we don’t have to be.  This lunacy has to stop.  Turn off your damn TV and just say no.  This ends when we want it to, not a minute before.

Choose your Friends Wisely

Yesterday in my post I accused the pharmaceutical industry of selling expensive drugs to manage rather than cure illnesses.  As I was posting Tucker Carlson was scorching the pharmaceutical industry for exactly the same thing in his opening monologue.


The Pharmaceutical industry is not your friend.  They have a long history of selling expensive drugs that do not work, that you do not need.  With COVID it is even worse than that; now they profit from drugs used to manage vaccine injuries that they caused.  It used to be taboo to discuss the consequences of our over medicated society but COVID may have just changed that.  Maybe someday we can even discuss why all the teen age shooters are on mood altering drugs.  Which came first the psychotic shooter or the Ritalin?

Theoretically institutions like the FDA or health Canada exist to protect the public.  They should ensure that pharmaceutical companies profit by eliminating not causing misery. Unfortunately there is so much profit in causing misery that some it finds its way in to the pockets of bureaucrats in these organizations.  That is a bold statement but how else do you explain that drugs get approved for children with absolutely no testing?

The government and permanent bureaucracy will not protect you.  They don’t even like you.  They are not your friend and neither are the pharmaceutical companies.  How many lives need to be ruined before people figure that out?

Moderna, Pfizer, and Government are not your Friends

A friend sent me this heartbreaking video of a young woman describing her vaccine injuries.  Prior to her 3 COVID jabs she had a small problem with eczema.  Now she has a serious life altering problem with eczema.


The jabs are the corporate gift that keeps on giving.  This poor woman must purchase expensive medications to manage a chronic condition caused by the Jab.  The same pharmaceutical companies that caused the problem will now profit from it for the rest of her life.  No industry has a more profitable business model.  Make your customer sick and “manage” their condition forever.

There are over 2000 possible side effects of the jabs.  No one knows exactly how the jabs are causing any of them or if there is any way to help these unfortunate people.  Governments knew even less about these jabs than the Pfizer and Moderna but they mandated them anyway.  Complete ignorance should result in caution but with government that is never the case.  People in government are entirely too comfortable with ignorance.  Their incredible ignorance is the source of their arrogance.  Justin Trudeau is always the least intelligent, least knowledgeable, most arrogant, and most confident person in the room.

People in government simply do not understand anything and they do not care.  Government is not your friend.  That is something this poor woman learned the hard way.

They Lied and Innocent People Died

Dr. Deborah Birx just published a book about COVID.  In her book she admitted to lying to President Trump so that he would go along with the lockdowns.  Now she has also admitted that she lied about the Vaccines.  She knew that they would not prevent infection or transmission but that is not what she told Trump or the public.  Dr. Birx is an unrepentant liar and unfortunately she is not the only public health official that label applies to.  The CDC is also lying about the vaccines; they just admitted it, although they did not flaunt their lies publicly the way Dr. Birx has.  The CDC buried their lies in the most recent job posting.

It seems the CDC is having trouble keeping up with all the VAERS reports.  They are hiring a contractor to do it for them.  Here is the estimated work load from the posting.

The contractor shall implement a staffing and operations plan focusing only on vaccine adverse event (VAE) reports after COVID-19 vaccines to help process an estimated 770,000 digital reports per year.

The official position of the CDC is that the vaccines are perfectly safe as long as you don’t count the 770,000 serious events expected every year.  Not only that but they think the workload could be higher than that.

Periods of heavier and lighter reporting volume are anticipated throughout the year. Contractor is responsible for maintaining active monitoring and adjusting of the number of reports processed on an annual basis.

The CDC is warning the contractor to be prepared to staff up.  Also notice the requirement for annual reporting.  The CDC expects these safe vaccines to produce 770,000 serious events every year for the foreseeable future.  The CDC knows damn well these vaccines are not safe.

The lies being told by public health officials have serious consequences.  People died from the lockdowns and people are dying from the vaccines.  If you don’t want to believe that the vaccines kill then explain to me how 3 Mississauga doctors died in the same week after taking their mandated 4th dose.

Even people who survived the vaccines are dying from the vaccines.  This Vancouver woman died in the emergency room while waiting on care.  According to BC’s health minister the hospital is chronically understaffed because too many nurses are calling in sick.  At some point that moron needs to ask himself what is making all of his vaccinated and boosted nurses so sick.

This is murder.  The lies must stop and everyone responsible must be punished.

In Tyrannical Times Rational Thought is Outlawed

In February the lancet published a study out of Sweden.  Researchers were trying to determine how long the protection from a COVID Jab would last.  This plot is from their study.

The protection from the jabs starts declining immediately and then at 4 months the decline accelerates.  By 8 months the protection is gone.  The authors concluded that booster jabs could be used to restore protection.  This study was used as justification for mandating booster jabs in many countries.  Millions of people were put at increased risk because the researchers drew the exact wrong conclusion.

Science is a very messy business.  Even when you do it well, you can still draw the wrong conclusion.  The researchers in this case felt reversing the declining protection was the most important takeaway from the study.  They were dead wrong.  The most important thing from this study should have been explaining how, after 8 months, the protection could be negative.

The protection from COVID did not just fall to zero.  It turned negative and after 9 months there was still no end in sight to the decline.  After 8 months your chance of getting COVID increased every day.  In February of 2022 no one would dare say anything bad about the jabs so the researchers carefully avoided the 2 obvious questions their data was asking.

  1. When does the decline stop?
  2. Does this just apply to COVID or do the jabs increase your chances of other infections?

It is now 5 months later and people are less hesitant to question the vaccines.  An article was recently published in the virology Journal.  The authors used the lancet study and several others published since then to draw this conclusion.

“COVID-19 vaccination is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients.”

The increased risk of COVID after 8 months is due to immune system damage that will make you more susceptible to everything.  This damage could be permanent.  Taking a booster of a treatment that causes immune system damage was the exact wrong conclusion to draw from the lancet data.

The conclusion from the Lancet study should have been to stop vaccinating until we understand the implications of “negative efficacy”.  Instead they recommended stepping on the gas; doubling down on a medication with serious effects that no one understands.  Their recommendation was insane but the real tragedy is that we did not need to wait until February 2022 to draw the correct conclusion.  In June of 2021 I posted this video from May 2021.



Then in September I posted a video of Dr. Ryan Cole discussing the vaccines.  He was seeing suppressed immune system response in his patients and a rise of secondary infections.

Months before the lancet study was even published we had enough information to start questioning the vaccines but very few people did.  Doctors were afraid to challenge the vaccine narrative because it came from government.  Medical doctors said nothing because they were more afraid of government then they were of watching their patients suffer and die.

In tyranny people are afraid of the government.  Fear causes people to watch mutely as the government kills and imprisons their neighbors.  How many people have died from the jabs?  How many dissidents have been falsely imprisoned?  Stop telling me we live in a democracy.  We obviously do not live in a democracy.  Being allowed to vote does not make it a democracy. People in the Soviet Union were allowed to vote, did they have democracy?  In a democracy the government fears the voters.  It is time to reclaim democracy; it is time to make those bastards afraid again.