The Vaccine Puzzle Pieces are Starting to Fit Together

The most important question right now is why are governments so anxious to have everyone Vaccinated?  Some governments are using incentives like lotteries.  Most are choosing punishment.  We are being threaten with a permanent loss of our rights if we do not comply.  One thing is clear almost without exception Governments are desperate to vaccinate everyone.  This makes absolutely no sense.

It is hard to understand why everyone must be vaccinated for a disease that poses very little threat to anyone other than Ill seniors.  This makes even less sense when you think about the limitations and problems associated with the COVID Vaccines.

To start they are not Vaccines.  They are treatments that temporarily produce elevated antibody levels.  Elevated antibody levels are a double-edged sword.  You get a head start on your recovery, but you run the risk of serious complications.  Early in the scamdemic it was discovered that some of the serious COVID cases were caused by a hyperactive antibody response.

Is it just me or do you also wonder why we would develop a treatment that increases antibodies for a disease that can get worse with too many antibodies?

Even with the potential side effects I could understand the push for vaccinations if they were the only option, but they are not.  India just proved that ivermectin is more effective than the vaccines.  Every single test that has been done on Ivermectin has proven it to be a COVID wonder drug.  None of this information is new either.  3 months before Vaccines were even available an overweight 74-year-old man kicked COVID in a few days with Ivermectin.

In September Ivermectin was the best way to treat one of the most important people on earth; but they were not allowed to tell us?  We truly live I strange times.

I can understand that governments have painted themselves in a corner.  They locked us down when there was no reason for it.  If they do not provide a dramatic rescue plan like vaccines, they have only 2 options.  Either keep us locked down forever or own up to the lie and lift the lockdowns.  You know there is no way any politician would be caught dead telling the truth so option 2 is completely theoretical.  Perpetual lockdowns are the only option politicians would choose.

The desire for a dramatic and triumphant return to normal still does not answer the question of why vaccines?  Ivermectin is cheaper, more effective, and far less deadly than The COVID vaccines.  It would have been very easy for politicians to sell Ivermectin as the cure we have been waiting for.  Governments could have boasted they had the foresight not to put all their eggs in one basket.  Vaccine research and treatment research were running in parallel paths.  Treatment research just got to the finish line first.  This would not end vaccine research it would just end the lockdowns.  This could have been done last fall, so why wasn’t it?

I think the answer is that none of this was ever about ending the pandemic.  It is about perpetuating the pandemic.  How can a vaccine prolong a pandemic?  To answer that you need to keep in mind that this is not a vaccine.  And consider some interesting information released recently.

  1. The link between vaccine programs and infection surges.

I have posted several times about the curious link between Vaccines and increased infection.  Officially very few vaccinated people get infected. I cannot see how this can be true since the treatments do not prevent infection.  Remember the official narrative comes from government and government has a poor relationship with the truth.

In a previous post I linked an article were a politician let it slip that 67% of the covid cases in Hospital were people who had been vaccinated.  Now we have this.

For 2 months now this nurse has not had an unvaccinated covid patient.  The Covid ward is full of people who had been vaccinated.


  1. The Red cross will not produce convalescent Plasm from vaccinated donors.


The COVID Vaccines destroy natural immunity?


  1. The SARS CoV 2 virus is manmade.

Even the media is now starting to admit that this virus is not natural.  Anyone with any common sense has known this from the start.  Why would you suspect bats that do not live within 1200 miles of the wet market when there was a gain of function lab right around the corner?  Once again it was the media wearing the tin foil hats, not the people pointing out the bleedingly obvious.

The implications of this are profound.  There is only one reason to do gain of function research.  The virus is a weapon.  So, the Chinese used American money, funneled through Anthony Fauci, to produce a weapon.

Somehow this weapon escaped the lab.  The media will be desperate to convince you that it was an accident.  The same people who wanted you to believe this was caused by culinary preferences will now maintain this was an unfortunate accident.  It took more than a year for the true origin story to emerge. How long do you think it will take before we find out this was not accident?

So how do all these puzzle pieces fit together to explain the massive push for vaccines?  To answer that we need to consider one last point.  A point I have discussed many times before.  Most people have natural immunity to the virus.

The Chinese, with the cooperation and support of American bureaucrats, produced and released a biological weapon.   Then governments prevented doctors from using effective treatments like Ivermectin.  It is not hard to understand what their goal is.  They just did not count on so many people having prior immunity.

The People behind this had a choice to make.  Go back to the drawing board and develop a new virus or somehow eliminate prior immunity.  Option 2 turned out to be much easier.  All they needed was governments to force everyone to take the same injection.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Sad but true. The “Vaccine” is most likely the real weapon. If elites released a very deadly virus they would kill some of themselves as well. This way you voluntarily take it.

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