Time is running out for the climate grifters

When Al Gore first started the climate grift in 1988 I did not give it much thought.  Even after governments started to adopt climate policies I still wasn’t concerned because the climate policies were all window dressing.  It was typical government crap where they pretended to do something without actually doing anything.  I admit now I should have been more concerned even then.  Once a crack appears for the lunatic left they will keep tearing at it until there is a gaping hole for their stupidity to pour through.

By the late 90s Climate Change was beginning to dominate the political narrative and I decided to take a closer look.  What I found was that the scientists pushing it were engaged in fraud.  They were using data they knew to be heat contaminated and even adjusting it further upward to make the trend more alarming.  There was not even a trend if you treated the data properly.  The whole thing was one giant lie.  The science and the data did not say that we had a problem.

After I had convinced myself that the whole thing was a lie I tried to tell others, but it is true, a lie repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth.  No one would believe me because the government, media, and “experts” had been repeating the lie for more than a decade.  The lie was just too firmly implanted in people’s minds.  It looked as if this lie would never die.  Then two things happened that may have finally derailed the lie.  The government overplayed their hand with a fake pandemic and Elon Musk bought twitter.

COVID was one gigantic lie built from dozens of smaller lies.  At first the lies worked.  Fear is a powerful weapon and it is hard to prove a negative.  No one could say what would have happened without the ridiculous lockdowns.  It was the vaccine lies that finally derailed the COVID agenda.  No matter how many times the government repeated the safe and effective lie people could see that it was not true.  They took the jab and got COVID anyway and worse yet many were injured or even killed.  Many people learned the hard way that the jabs were neither safe nor effective.  They learned that “experts” will lie if there is something in it for them.

Musk purchasing twitter was also crucial.  Until that point the government had a stranglehold on the truth.  It was easy to suppress truth.  The truth was always out there but it was not easy to find.  I was able to find dissenting opinions on climate change but I had to look for them.  Dissenting scientists had the data and the science on their side but they had no platform.  Now they do; and now the truth is reaching more people.  The cold hard truth is that there is no evidence that CO2 emissions are warming the planet.


Governments are struggling to keep the climate lie alive because people no longer trust experts and have access to real untampered information.  Skepticism is on the rise and it has emboldened some politicians to speak out.


Even the normally gullible and complacent Canadians are beginning to question the narrative.  All it took was for life to become unaffordable.


Trudeau’s goal was to make life expensive and he has succeeded.  Life for Canadians has become so difficult that Canadians are now questioning if saving the planet is more important than feeding their families.  The growing consensus is that it is not.

A majority of Ontarians rank the cost of living as a more pressing concern higher than protecting the environment

You have really lost control of the narrative when you can’t even fool Canadians anymore.  It took more than 3 decades but it looks as if finally the climate grift is ending.  This is good news for everyone except politicians and fake climate experts.