Deeply sorry for the largest crime in history

There has been a significant increase in Cancer and medical experts are desperately trying to find a reason that does not involve the COVID vax.  The latest study has found that people with early onset cancer are older biologically than they are chronologically.

They estimated each person’s biological age using nine biomarkers in the blood — then compared that to their chronological age.

Those with a higher biological age had a 42% increased risk of early-onset lung cancer, were 22% more prone to early-onset gastrointestinal cancer, and had a 36% higher risk for early-onset uterine cancer.

So what is causing this premature ageing?  The researchers did not speculate but I am sure if they did it would have absolutely nothing to do with the jabs.  It is just some tragic cosmic coincidence that this only started happening after people took multiple injections of a poorly tested product.

COVID was a giant government lie.  The lie started with the intentional release of the virus and culminated with the jabs.  The playbook used by governments was ripped right out of Mao’s little red book.


The government pitted neighbor against neighbor to keep us busy while they stole from and even killed us.  It worked brilliantly.  To this day there are people so brainwashed that they insist dissenters were the problem and not the governments who orchestrated and participated in the largest crime in history.  I am tempted to say that our inaction has allowed murderers like Anthony Fauci walk among us but that would not be true.  COVID criminals like Fauci do not walk among us.  They live in gated communities behind private security.  They believe they are untouchable and why wouldn’t they?  No one has been punished.  The only justice we have received is Pfizer apologizing for breaking the law.


So that’s it then.  Pfizer is deeply sorry for telling you there products were something that they were not.  Justice has been served, let’s move on.  Or let’s not.  They have stolen trillions and killed millions.  Somehow an apology does not seem to be enough.  Are we really going to let them get away with this?