Profits over People

For 3 years the medical establishment was silent on all things COVID.  There were only a few brave souls who spoke out and they all paid a high price for contradicting the will of the elite.  Even suggesting something is amiss is enough to have a medical license suspended.  The tide is slowly changing however and more doctors are finding the courage to speak out.


I could not agree with Thomas binder more.  The entire pandemic response from lockdowns to the vaccines is the greatest medical crime in history.  The vaccines and the mandates are nothing short of murder.  Edward Dowd is right something horrible is going on and no one wants to admit that it is the vaccines.


It is absolutely insane that we injected billions of people with a medication that, as Dr. Binder pointed out, we cannot control.  Everyone will get an unknown dose for an unknown time produced in an unknown location.  We should have known better.  We had all the information we needed before the first needle went in the first arm to know that the jabs would do more harm than good.

In 2021 we knew that mRNA jabs provided only temporary partial protection and that the lipid nanoparticles do not stay in the injection site.  This meant that in return for a low level of protection we risked damaging every organ and system in the body.  You did not need to be a medical professional to understand this.  I am not a medical professional and I came to these conclusions in 2021 with just a basic understanding of biology and some logic.

I know many people who have taken the vaccine.  Most of them have had no problems so they have no issues with vaccine mandates.  It is true many people, the majority even, had no immediate issues with the vaccine.  The problem is that this vaccine is a game of Russian roulette.  5 people never have a problem; the 6th person, not so much.

The reason for the wide range of vaccine complications was explained by Dr. Yeadon in the video I posted previously.  There is no way to control how many spike proteins any individual produces.  With a traditional vaccine a finite amount of dead or weaken virus is injected.  Everyone gets the same amount.  With the mRNA treatments everybody will react differently.  Some people will produce very few spike proteins while others will produce a lot.

So some get a little and some get a lot.  There is no way to predict what will happen.  You simply take your chances.  That is what makes these treatments the deadliest vaccines in history.

There is no way the people pushing the jabs thought that they would work.  They had the same information I had and way more medical knowledge.  The Jabs were absolutely not safe or effective.  This was never about a virus or public health.  It was always about profit with no regard for human life.

I know why Government is not curious, why are you not curious?

If it bleeds it leads used to be an axiom of the news business.  Violence and untimely death, historically, were of great interest to the general public.  It was perfect for selling newspapers.  Those days are over.  In a Post Jab world it seems people are no longer interested in untimely death.

As the senator points out Countries with high COVID vaccination rates now have very high non-COVID excess deaths.  In fact most of the COVID related deaths also happened post Vaccination.  The increasing mound of dead bodies would have attracted a lot of attention before 2021 but now the media and government is not the least bit curious.

Initially the Australian government feigned interest by commissioning a study of long term COVID and COVID vaccine complications.  After a few months the government decided the data was too alarming to be released so they shut the study down.

If the data indicated that COVID had long term health issues you can be assured the study would not have been shut down.  The government would have poured money in to the research and used it to justify forced vaccination.  Obviously the data shows that COVID jabs carry much higher long term risk than COVID itself.

Media and Government are not curious because they already know what is happening.   It was all part of the plan and the plan is unfolding perfectly.  From their perspective there is no reason to question anything.


The entire COVID emergency was carefully planned and scripted.  So far it has been implemented perfectly.  No one in government is curious or surprised by any of it because they approved the script more than 3 years ago.  This is government sanctioned mass murder.  What is the appropriately punishment for conspiracy to kill millions of people?


Ask why Politicians will not condemn Lockdowns

We used Lockdowns because China used lockdowns.  That sounds incredibly stupid because it is incredibly stupid.  China set the stage with fake videos of people collapsing in the street and fake data about how effective the lockdowns were.  That is all it took for fake experts in the west to declare we had no other option.


Fake videos, fake data, and fake experts produced real fear.  Feeble minded politicians bought it and shut their economies down and even 3 years later they cannot admit what an enormous blunder it was.


Everything about the COVID emergency was fake, but the love government has for lockdowns is very real.  No one in government will condemn lockdowns for 2 reasons.

  1. They want to use lockdowns again. Lockdowns established a precedent that in a “crisis” government can suspend human rights indefinitely.  This is every tyrant’s wet dream; it gives them complete control over every aspect of your life.  Why would they give this up?
  2. If they admit Lockdowns were wrong they might have to explain why they used them.

The second reason is the real stumbling block.  Lockdowns have no public health benefit.  We knew that before COVID.  Their purpose was entirely political.  Lockdowns were part of a larger plan that started with the intentional release of a virus.

Most of the world is not ready to believe that the virus was released intentionally just as 3 years ago we were not ready to believe the virus was engineered.  People now accept that the virus was engineered due to the weight of the evidence.  In time we will also acknowledge that the evidence indicates none of this was an accident.

From 30,000 feet the COVID response is highly suspicious.  Why did every government throw out their old pandemic response plans and completely adopt the Chinese lockdown plan?  They want us to believe that this was panic caused by suddenly needed to deal with a brand new virus.  That explanation makes no sense when you accept that this virus was not new.

They had been playing with this virus in a lab for years.  Top government Bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci knew everything about it.  They knew it was highly contagious but not particularly deadly; they built it that way.  If the leak was accidental they knew exactly what they must do to cover their tracks; absolutely nothing.  The best course of action was to ignore COVID.  Had they done that all anyone would have noticed was that the 2019/2020 winter was a bad flu season.

So why didn’t they cover their tracks by just ignoring COVID?  COVID was circulating for months without producing many excess deaths.  COVID only became a problem when government made it a problem by following the advice of the people who built the damn virus in the first place; Anthony Fauci and the Chinese.  The criminal cabal behind COVID drew attention to the virus because they wanted lockdowns.  Lockdowns were essential to their plan.

In the spring of 2020 almost every western government was indirectly controlled by the WEF, through their proxies.  Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson; they are all great reset, global government stooges.  Every one of them was destroying their countries at the direction of Klaus Schwab but there was one big speed bump on the road to the great reset, Donald Trump.

Trump’s America first agenda did not fit with the great reset.  He had to go but how do you get rid of an incumbent president presiding over the best economy in decades?  Step one is shut down the economy with lockdowns.  Step 2 is use the lockdowns to change election laws that prevent fraud.

Shutting down the economy to get rid of one man sounds Tin foil hattish right?  I agree but it is also where the evidence points.  The WEF clowns don’t care about their own economies anyway.  Couple that with their intense Trump derangement syndrome and they did not need any more motivation.  Trump needed to go and they were willing to climb in bed with China to make it happen.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.  President Xi is not a globalist but he also hated trump.  No country on earth had more reasons to get rid of Trump and no country benefited more from his absence.

The Chinese have a strong motive to do this.

As TV detectives always say, follow the money.  I have discussed this in previous posts.  No country benefited more from this pandemic than China.  Donald Trump was extremely problematic for China.  No President ever caused them more trouble and he was going nowhere.  Trump was cruising to a second term on the strength of the booming American economy.  China needed to put a stop to that.  Normally they would just bribe the problematic politician.  That would not work with a patriotic Billionaire like Trump.

I think most people will admit that many world leaders and much of the American bureaucracy had reasons to get rid of Trump.  Despite that it is still hard to accept that the original impetus for lockdowns was election fraud.  For those of you still struggling to believe, consider this.  The machines used to stuff mail ballots into envelopes were ordered on March 1st 2020 before any lockdowns had been announced.  How could they have possibly known mail in ballots would be used in the November election?

Lockdowns were not about eliminating a virus.  Lockdowns were about eliminating one problematic politician.  The only reason they were used after November 2020 was that politicians enjoy them so much.

The Final costs will be Astronomical

Many countries have set up COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation programs.  The program in the UK is already under distress.  They are getting applications faster than they are processed.

My suggestion to all governments is that you better start hiring people now because this is just the tip of the iceberg.  You ain’t seen nothing yet.  Most vaccine injured people are still deep in denial.  When they finally realize their current health problems stem from trusting the government they will be pissed.

Vaccine injury denial is has 2 roots, the first being human nature.  No one likes to admit they were fooled.  Vaccine injured people will be very reluctant to admit injuries because it means admitting to being gullible.  For 2 years people like me warned that taking an experimental treatment for a mild disease was a bad idea.  I had a relative get angry with me over my warning.  He was absolutely certain that I was wrong and that mRNA vaccines had been used for years.  If he gets sick do you think he will admit I was right?

The second root is the nature of the treatments.  Usually when people get injured by a medical treatment the symptoms are all very similar so it is easy to link back to the treatment.  That is not the case with mRNA jabs.  The lipid nanoparticles can go anywhere and will go to different places in different people.  The potential injuries may not have any commonality.  We still do not know all the ways that these particular treatments can injure a person.  Only recently we have learned that they destroy gut bacteria.


This is what real science looks like.  You do not start from the answer and work backward you start with a question born of curiosity.  Dr. Sabine Hazan Studies Bifidobacteria so she was curious if the vaccine might affect Bifidobacteria.

Bifidobacteria are a group of bacteria called probiotics that normally live in your intestines and stomach. They help your body perform essential functions such as digestion and staving off harmful bacteria.

One species, named Bifidobacterium bifidum (B. bifidum), has gotten a lot of media attention as being potentially beneficial to health.

Dr. Hazan now knows that mRNA vaccines affect the GI tract.  She does not yet know how, but it seems clear that the vaccines are destroying Bifidobacteria.  Lack of Bifidobacteria is linked to several serious health problems and that is the kicker.  Science is not even certain how Bifidobacteria affects health and the vaccines are busy destroying it, even in unvaccinated nursing babies.  We have absolutely no idea what the long term health implications could be.

The truth is that despite all of our advances there is still much we do not know about the human body.  That is the exactly why you do not give billions of people the same experimental medication.  Only a fool would do that; tragically our governments are stocked full of fools.  This is not over.  Not by a longshot.  We could be paying the cost of long term care for people who were not even born when this nonsense started.

Fear and Stupidity only explains so much

Dr. John Campbell has posted a video discussing lipid nanoparticle bio distribution.  The information was only made available by a freedom of information request.  In some ways this is old news because the Japanese study was released quite a while ago so at first I was inclined not to watch.  I am glad I did because as always the devil is in the details and he presented details I found very interesting.


I knew the lipid Nanoparticles did not stay in the shoulder and migrated everywhere in the body.  What I did not know was how quickly this happened.  Within 25 minutes the lipid nanoparticles have invaded all the organs and even bone marrow.  This data should have alarmed the regulators.  The data raised the possibility of multiple organ damage and immune system impairment.

White blood cells are produced in bone marrow and are an essential part of your immune system.  If the lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA can get in to the bone marrow they can damage the immune system.  In January of 2021 there was no evidence this was happening but that was largely because no one was looking for it.  Even the possibility of immune system damage should have been of great concern to the regulators.  This alone was reason enough to withhold approval but that did not happen.

As Dr. Campbell points out the regulators had this information and either discounted it or ignored it altogether.  This is a constant theme with COVID; governments ignoring solid scientific evidence in favor of reactionary policies.  Let’s take a moment to do an inventory of what the regulators knew before approving the COVID vaccines.  The vaccines;

  • Cannot prevent infection.
  • Do not reduce transmission.
  • Provide only partial protection.
  • Produce only a temporary immune response.
  • Have the potential to damage every organ.
  • Have the potential to damage the immune system.

There does not seem to be much upside to these treatments.  Then when you consider that COVID is not a serious threat to any healthy person under 70, the Jabs should never have been approved.

Every piece of evidence available said approving the Jabs was an extremely bad decision yet every western government approved them anyway.  No one could possibly be this stupid.  The emergency Use Authorizations were not just some tragic mistake; they were a criminal act.

What is the purpose of a Medication with no Benefits?

Dr. Peter McCullough has just co-authored a paper calling for a halt to the COVID vaccination programs.

COVID-19 should be halted until accurate pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and genotoxicity studies are performed, or they should only be delivered in circumstances when the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

The authors did extend an olive branch to the vaccine criminals with the last part of the statement.  Governments can back away by saying that vaccines will be reserved for high risk groups where the “benefits outweigh the potential as yet undefined risks”.  This is of course just cover fire for a strategic retreat because there are not any circumstances when the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

The COVID vaccines are all pain for no gain.  They are responsible for millions of injuries with the most common one being COVID.


In the history of vaccines no vaccine has ever increased the prevalence of the target disease until now.  Why on earth would we continue to mandate the use of a treatment that makes the disease worse?  Was government disappointed COVID was not killing enough people all on its own?

It wasn’t the Science that Changed

This was a headline in the Washington Times on March 1st.

Oh how things have changed.  I have been telling people the same thing for the last 3 years and no one wanted to listen.  I could explain the science and produce the data but I was a dangerous heretic.  Now main stream media sounds like me and the minority of people who opposed this nonsense from the beginning.

So how come it took so long for the Washington Times to get to these rather obvious conclusions?  Is everyone at the Washington times riding at the back of the short bus?  What about all the media outlets that are still spouting COVID nonsense?  Did they miss the short bus completely?  The answer to all of those questions is no.  They simply could not all be that stupid.

Many people in these organizations must be smart enough to know they were printing lies.  They were paid to print lies so they did.  They are still paid to print lies but it is no longer worth it.  The lies are just getting too hard to sell and too dangerous to maintain.  Too many people are now aware of the lies are not happy about being lied to for 3 years.  People in Germany have figured out the main stream media is the enemy and have dispensed their own justice.

Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating for vigilantism.  I am happy to see journalists get a fair trial along with the politicians they served.  Unfortunately I doubt we will ever see any real justice.  I also doubt the media has suddenly decided to be truthful.  They will just spout different lies to avoid blame for what they have done.  The lie they prefer now to explain their previous lies it that the science has changed.

This is a good lie because it does contain a kernel of truth.  We have learned a lot about how the virus and the vaccines were engineered to maximize casualties.  But we did not need to know either of these things to know what we were doing was wrong.  Before the “plandemic” was declared we already knew that masks, social distancing, and lockdowns do not prevent the spread of an airborne virus.  We even knew that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were effective treatments for coronaviruses.


There is no possible way that Government did not know that their COVID Response plans would fail.  Worse than fail, they obviously made things worse and any sane person could see that.  But, polices that could not work were ruthlessly pursued and anyone who dared to step out of line was persecuted.  The fact that this happened simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions is proof the plandemic was a coordinated criminal conspiracy.  A conspiracy the media, including the Washington times is part of.

Now everyone is trying to distance themselves from their crimes with the claim the science has changed.  Don’t fall for it.  It was not the changing science that led to the changing narrative.  The changing narrative is 100% the result of changing public awareness.  People are waking up and the cockroaches are fleeing the light.

How is poverty good for Health?

COVID taught me many things.  One of the more surprising things I learned was that you do not need to be smart to get a medical degree.  Prior to COVID I believed that Doctors were some of the brightest people on earth.  Then COVID came along and Dr. Deena Hinshaw started making regular television appearances.  Dr. Hinshaw was the Chief Medical officer for the Province of Alberta.  She was in charge of the provincial pandemic response.  Her television appearances were to articulate the most moronic response to cold and flu season in medical history.

I am sure many doctors are quite bright but Deena Hinshaw is living proof you don’t need to be smart to get a medical degree and Unfortunately Deena is not much of an outlier.  This morning I found a video by Dr. Britt Lehmann-Bender.  Dr. Lehmann-Bender wants everyone to know she is all in favor of a universal basic income.


According to Dr. Lehmann-Bender a basic income reduces stress and stress kills so we absolutely must institute universal basic income.  You know what else causes stress?  Lockdowns cause stress; what do you suppose Dr.  Lehmann-Bender’s position on lockdowns is?   She does not state her position but I can guarantee she is pro-lockdown.  I feel confident in that prediction because Dr. Lehmann-Bender is an idiot who obviously received her degree from the same degree mill Deena Hinshaw used.

Universal Basic income, Just Transition, Build back better, New green deal; these are all euphemisms for communism.  So, in essence, Dr. Lehmann-Bender believes peoples’ health would improve under communism.  One of the best measures of health is life expectancy so according to the good doctor people must have lived much longer lives in the Soviet Union.  Of course that is nowhere near true.

Everyone in a communist system is guaranteed a basic income.  It did not lead to better health anywhere.  Communism always resulted in grinding poverty, short lives, and mass murder.  There is not a single place where that did not happen.

Nothing has a worse track record than communism yet “intellectuals” in the west still view it as a preferred system.  There is no such thing as your fair share of money that you did not earn.  If you want a basic income and a longer life get some exercise and get a job.

Ignorance should have been reason enough for Caution

Edward Dowd recently gave another video discussing insurance statistics showing a decline in excess deaths and long term disabilities.  Unfortunately as Edward Points out things are not as bad as they were but we have yet to return to normal.


I noted exactly the same thing from European data one month ago today.

The new normal is more deaths every year.  The jabs have killed and are continuing to kill Europeans even though not many Europeans are taking them anymore.  Vaccine uptake fell dramatically 1 year ago yet excess deaths continue to climb.

There is a very good reason why sane societies do not give every citizen the same experimental treatment; NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY KNOW ALL THE LONG TERM IMPLICATIONS.  It is all the things we do not know about these treatments that are causing all the problems.  Not a single scientist on earth knows;

  • How long the immune suppression lasts
  • Where the toxic spike proteins will be produced in the body
  • How many spike proteins any individual might produce
  • For how long any individual might keep producing spike proteins
  • How long will it take for some side effects to manifest

The sad truth is that we do not know when or even if people will stop succumbing to vaccine injuries.  We should never have allowed our governments to force this toxin in to anyone but now that we have we must be prepared for more days like this.



Fauci Peddles death Door to Door

There are several videos on the internet of Anthony Fauci going door to door urging people to get vaccinated.  Apparently it is for a documentary but I don’t think they are getting the footage they hope for.


This just shows how deluded these people are.  They think unvaccinated people are just ignorant and once they are confronted with Dr. Fauci’s intellect they will roll up their sleeves and comply.  It never occurs to them that unvaccinated people might have made a conscious choice to not be vaccinated.  Or that their choice might be driven by their complete lack of trust in what they have been told.

They were completely unprepared for any resistance.  Their confidence was so high they did not even bother to come armed with any new lies.  All Fauci could do was fall back on lies that obviously did not sway these people the first time he told them.


Fauci trotted out the old lie that breakthrough infections are rare.  This is the exact opposite of the truth.  These treatments cannot prevent infection.  That is not how they work.  The immune system suppression that is baked in to the technology actually makes COVID infection more likely.  So the best way to get COVID is to be vaccinated for COVID.

In fact the best way to die of COVID is to get vaccinated.  The ratio of deaths to infection did not change after people started to take the vaccines.  The net result is that getting vaccinated increases your chance of getting COVID without increasing your chance of surviving COVID.  Fauci knows this; he was just surprised by how many other people also know it.

It is time for that lying little weasel to go away and stop bothering people.