Fear and Stupidity only explains so much

Dr. John Campbell has posted a video discussing lipid nanoparticle bio distribution.  The information was only made available by a freedom of information request.  In some ways this is old news because the Japanese study was released quite a while ago so at first I was inclined not to watch.  I am glad I did because as always the devil is in the details and he presented details I found very interesting.


I knew the lipid Nanoparticles did not stay in the shoulder and migrated everywhere in the body.  What I did not know was how quickly this happened.  Within 25 minutes the lipid nanoparticles have invaded all the organs and even bone marrow.  This data should have alarmed the regulators.  The data raised the possibility of multiple organ damage and immune system impairment.

White blood cells are produced in bone marrow and are an essential part of your immune system.  If the lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA can get in to the bone marrow they can damage the immune system.  In January of 2021 there was no evidence this was happening but that was largely because no one was looking for it.  Even the possibility of immune system damage should have been of great concern to the regulators.  This alone was reason enough to withhold approval but that did not happen.

As Dr. Campbell points out the regulators had this information and either discounted it or ignored it altogether.  This is a constant theme with COVID; governments ignoring solid scientific evidence in favor of reactionary policies.  Let’s take a moment to do an inventory of what the regulators knew before approving the COVID vaccines.  The vaccines;

  • Cannot prevent infection.
  • Do not reduce transmission.
  • Provide only partial protection.
  • Produce only a temporary immune response.
  • Have the potential to damage every organ.
  • Have the potential to damage the immune system.

There does not seem to be much upside to these treatments.  Then when you consider that COVID is not a serious threat to any healthy person under 70, the Jabs should never have been approved.

Every piece of evidence available said approving the Jabs was an extremely bad decision yet every western government approved them anyway.  No one could possibly be this stupid.  The emergency Use Authorizations were not just some tragic mistake; they were a criminal act.

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