Real Science eventually proves the obvious

I came across 2 new articles this morning.  In this one the authors re-examined data and concluded that claims of high COVID vaccine efficacy might have been dishonest.  They come to the surprising conclusion that COVID vaccine efficacy might have been less than zero even when we were being told that it was 100%.

All this makes it plausible that the COVID-19 vaccines have always had an effectiveness that was very low, zero, or even negative,

The next article also looked unsuccessfully for vaccine positive efficacy but also noted the vaccines might have had some nasty side effects.

Regarding the increase in excess mortality, an increasingly strong positive correlation with the vaccination rate of a federal state is observed, which reaches a value of r = 0.85 in the third pandemic year, indicating that excess mortality increased the stronger the higher the vaccination rate in a federal state was. An analysis of stillbirths showed exactly the same pattern.

I find myself once again exclaiming “no shit Sherlock”.  This data has been staring us in the face since day one.

Contrary to what Anthony Fauci and Theresa Tam want you to think there is no evidence that the vaccines prevent serious illness or death.  They are taking credit for a drop in serious infections that started before anyone was vaccinated.  The Jabs do not change your odds of surviving COVID at all but they do increase your odds of having a stroke or heart attack.  Why in God’s name are we still using them?

When you inject almost everyone, and people still get sick and die, it is obvious that the injections did not work.  When all these vaccinated people start showing up at hospitals with a host of other maladies unrelated to COVID it is equally obvious that the vaccines are not safe.

My wife turned on the news yesterday.  They were interviewing someone from Alberta Health services about the abnormally high level of emergency calls.  Apparently, ambulances in Alberta are having a hard time keeping up.  The AHS representative was at a loss to explain why so many people are suffering distress from so many different maladies.  2021 seems to be the year of the mysterious emergency.

I was not surprised by AHS’s inability to explain what is happening.  No one in that organization seems to understand anything medical and they are seriously allergic to logic.  Let me solve the mystery for them, IT IS THE VACCINES YOU IDIOTS.  You don’t need to take my word for it you just need to count the bodies in Europe.

That last quote came from a post I made nearly 3 years ago.  We can study the jabs forever and find what was painfully obvious from the start.  They are not safe; they are not effective.  The only thing they were was profitable.  Wake up and smell the assault with deadly intent.  The government never meant to keep you safe.  They only ever meant to keep you in the dark as the robbed and killed you.  COVID is the largest crime in history.  Don’t let them get away with it.

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