Ignoring Dead Canaries

My wife turn on the news yesterday.  They were interviewing someone from Alberta Health services about the abnormally high level of emergency calls.  Apparently ambulances in Alberta are having a hard time keeping up.  The AHS representative was at a loss to explain why so many people are suffering distress from so many different maladies.  2021 seems to be the year of the mysterious emergency.

I was not surprised by AHS’s inability to explain what is happening.  No one in that organization seems to understand anything medical and they are seriously allergic to logic.  Let me solve the mystery for them, IT IS THE VACCINES YOU IDIOTS.  You don’t need to take my word for it you just need to count the bodies in Europe.

The plots below are from Euromomo.  Each line is cumulative excess deaths.  Grey is 2019, 2020 is in dark blue and 2021 is light blue. For people under 75, 2021 is far more deadly than 2020 during the peak of the “pandemic”.

I am not just talking about people dying shortly after the jab from some acute reaction.  I am talking about people dying later from a host of maladies that the vaccine seems to facilitate.  Look at how the shape of the curve is so much different for 2021.  In 2019 most of the excess deaths occurred in the first 10 weeks; cold and flu season.  Then in 2020 most of the excess deaths occurred in April when COVID first hit.  Deaths rise again at the end of the year when COVID came back at the start of cold and flu season.  2021 does not follow this normal seasonality.  Deaths have been rising steadily all year and they do not stop when the vaccination programs end.  Consider the 65 to 74 year age group.  People in that age group were vaccinated early in 2021.  Vaccinations for them have been over for months but excess deaths continue to rise.

The Jabs provide temporary protection from COVID.  This protection comes at a terrible cost.  Blood tests show the jabs routinely cause blood clots and suppress normal immune system function.  Either can cause serious medical distress and the onset can be very rapid.  That is why we are seeing so many emergency calls.

We have the information so none of this should be surprising to anyone who does not work at AHS.  Weeks ago I posted about an American air force doctor who used this information to decide to ground her pilots.  She judged that the risk of a sudden event while flying was just too high.  In that post I commented that companies incurring risk with vaccine mandates.  If their employees operate heavy machinery, a sudden event can effect multiple employees.

Unfortunately in our modern society almost everyone operates heavy machinery.  Most people drive cars.  Driving has never been risk free.  In a post jab world that risk has increased and we are seeing it now in the data.  The plot below shows vehicle accidents in the US per million miles driven.  Accidents vary a little year to year but have been remarkable stable over the previous 10 years.  Now in 2021 they are up significantly.

I have already heard the excuse that people forgot how to drive during the lockdowns.  That was the same excuse used last year to explain the increase in 2020.  How many years does it take for people to re-learn how to drive?

I know a jabbed person who had a sudden mysterious medical event while driving.  Thankfully they were able to pull over and let someone else drive.  In my industry we often say that most accidents are preceded by multiple near misses that went unreported and ignored.  That is exactly what we are doing right now.  The signs are everywhere and we are ignoring them.  Emergencies, deaths, and vehicle accidents are all up.  Canaries are dropping all over the mine and we think they are just napping.  If we continue to ignore all the dead birds we are headed for an even bigger catastrophe.


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