The Problem with Canada in a Nut Shell

Throughout this pandemic I have been very critical of Canadian Judiciary.  Normally in Canada it is politics not facts or law that determine court outcomes.  Today I am happy to say that I am not always correct.  I need to give credit where credit is due.  This Canadian judge waded in to a political mine field and still managed to resist COVID hysteria to uphold the law.  He found no reason to overrule a custodial parent’s right to make medical decisions for their child.  Hats off to THE HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE A. PAZARATZ.


This was a dispute between a divorced couples about vaccinating their children.  The mother has custody and decided not to vaccinate the children.  The father is a dedicated Branch COVIDian who insisted the children should be jabbed as many times as Theresa Tam wants.

The Parents both presented their cases.  The judge found the mothers arguments more compelling because she presented evidence while the father just insisted that all of the mother’s arguments had been debunked.  This was the judge’s impressions of the materials each side presented in support of their argument.


I find that the mother’s position is more reasonable and helpful in that she invites discussion and exploration of both sides of the story, while the father seeks to suppress it.

Pro-vaccine parents have consistently (and effectively) attempted to frame the issue as a contest between reputable government experts versus a lunatic fringe consisting of conspiracy theorists, and socially reprehensible extremists. This was absolutely the wrong case to attempt that strategy. The professional materials filed by the mother were actually more informative and more thought-provoking than the somewhat repetitive and narrow government materials filed by the father.


And this is what he had to say about the Father’s assertion that all of the mother’s arguments have already been debunked.


Quite to the contrary, I have not been able to find any indication – in the father’s evidence or in the body of COVID vaccine case law – that allegedly debunked theories have ever been properly considered or tested.  In any court.  Anywhere.


Not only could the judge not find that the mothers opinions had been debunked, he thought it would be a great idea if scientists were allowed to debate.


The father insists the mother’s views have been debunked, but he provides no example of any such determination actually having been made.  It would be helpful if, once and for all, the competing positions and science could be properly explored and tested in a public trial.


Listed below are the materials each side presented to support their case


The Father’s Submissions

  1. A November 23, 2021 seven page “Position Statement” from the Canadian Paediatric Society.
  2. A January 2022 five page “Caring for Kids” information sheet from the Canadian Paediatric Society.
  3. A December 17, 2021 nine-page “Vaccines for Children: COVID 19” information sheet from the Government of Canada.
  4. A September 24, 2021 five-page “Post COVID-19 Condition” information sheet from the Government of Canada.
  5. A May 18, 2021 seven-page “Vaccines for children: Deciding to Vaccinate” information sheet from the Government of Canada.
  6.   A May 6, 2021 three-page “The Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines” information sheet from the Government of Canada.
  7. A January 20, 2022 four-page article entitled “Vaccinated kids half as likely to get Omicron but protection fades fast” from The Times of Israel.
  8. A January 14, 2022 five page article entitled “COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations Surge Among Children” from the Canada Communicable Disease Report.


The Mother’s Submissions

  1. A June 25, 2021 eight-page “Fact Sheet” issued by Pfizer, the manufacturer of one of the vaccines being proposed by the father.
  2. An August 26, 2021 three-page article from the journal “Science” entitled “Having SARRS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine – but vaccination remains vital.”
  3. A January 31, 2012 13-page PLOS One peer-reviewed article entitled “Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS virus.”
  4. A July 10, 2021 five-page article in the medical journal “Total Health” entitled “Are people getting full facts on COVID vaccine risks?”
  5. A September 26, 2018 15 page article in the medical journal “Contagion Live” entitled “High Rates of Adverse Events Linked with 2009 H1N1 Pandemic vaccine”.
  6.   A May 28, 2021 two-page article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) entitled “Clinical Considerations: Myocarditis and Pericarditis after Receipt of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Among Adolescents and Young Adults.”
  7. An August 1, 2020 29 page research paper published by eClinicalMedicine entitled “A country level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness and socioeconomic factors on COVID -19 mortality and related health outcomes.”
  8. A June 9, 2021 10 page open letter from The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd. research organization entitled “Urgent Preliminary report of Yellow Card data up to May 26, 2021”.
  9.    A June 22, 2021 14 page article from the World Health Organization entitled “COVID-19 advise for the public: Get vaccinated”.


The father’s arguments relied on material from the government, government funded organizations, and the media.  The mother’s arguments relied on scientific papers and Pfizer’s own vaccine adverse event warnings.

This trial perfectly illustrates the split in Canadian society.  Most Canadians fervently believe in the sanctity of government and have no patience for Canadians who insist on thinking for themselves.  The father present Government opinion while insisting the science was unreliable.  He did not present any contrary scientific evidence.  He just knew the science could not be correct because it did not support the government position.

Months ago I described this very thing in my own family.  I have a family member who is also a devoted Branch COVIDian.  I tried to convince him that COVID was nothing more than a bad flu and that the government’s draconian actions were not justified.  To support my argument I showed him that the all-cause mortality in the spring of 2020 was identical to the mortality during the 2017/18 flu season.  Nothing out of the ordinary was happening.  All we had was a single bad flu season; something that in the past never caused a panic or the suspension of our rights.  He got upset with me and refused to look at the data.  He insisted that the only relevant data was the official government COVID death number showing COVID was deadlier than influenzas.

My argument fell on deaf ears.  COVID was a great plague that somehow did not produce any more deaths than a bad flu season.  Even when I pointed out that I was using government data to draw my conclusions he was unmoved.  My conclusions were invalid because I was using government data to refute a government argument and that cannot be allowed.  Incredibly, this is a man with a hard science degree from a major Canadian University.

Canada is doomed not because Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister.  Canada is doomed because the majority of Canadians will not question government.  Not even a government run by a confessed communist sympathizer whose only accomplishment in life is impregnating an underage Student.

A Canadian COVID therapeutic that is not legal in Canada?

Do you remember when Donald Trump said this?


Trump was instantly mocked by the media for suggesting that we inject bleach.  Trump in his usual ineloquent way was not incorrect.  There are ways to get antivirals and other medications directly to the virus and a Canadian Company has now done this for COVID.

SaNOtize Research & Development Corp. has developed an antiviral that is administered via a nasal spray.  This allows the antiviral to attack the virus at the point of contact.  This spray helps with the fundamental problem common to all respiratory vaccines.

Traditional and mRNA vaccines start in the shoulder muscle and then move in to the blood stream.  The problem is that respiratory illnesses do not start in the blood stream.  Respiratory viruses are inhaled so the infection starts in the nasal cavity moves to the airways and then in to the lungs.  From the lungs the virus gets in to the blood stream were the vaccine is waiting for it.  The problem is that you can already have a very bad infection before your vaccine gets a chance to help you.  That is why there are so many “break-through” COVID infections.

This is also true of traditional influenzas vaccinations.  How many times has someone told you I got the flu shot and had the flu anyway?  In fact pharmaceutical companies are busy trying to develop inhaled influenzas vaccines to solve this problem.

To be clear this treatment is not a vaccine, but then neither are the COVID jabs.  This treatment is just another tool doctors can use to keep the infection in check while your immune system responds.  I would guess that if you combined this nasal spray with the established COVID protocols COVID deaths would be all but eliminated.

This should be great news for Canadians; a Canadian company has developed an effective therapeutic for COVID.  Too bad it is not legal to use in Canada.  2 years in to this “pandemic” and the only legal treatment in Canada is the Jabs.  The only choice offered to Canadians is to risk complications from COVID or risk complications from the vaccines.

Our government has consistently over emphasized the viral risk while intentionally concealing vaccine injuries.  The truth is that if you are under 70 and in good health your COVID risk is quite low and it is perfectly reasonable to weigh that against the vaccine risk.  The question is what is the vaccine risk?  The government wants you to believe that vaccine risk is almost nonexistent but with time we are finding that this is just another government lie.  A German Health insurance company has just released that vaccine injuries in Germany are quite common.  By their estimate about 5% of Germans have been treated for vaccine injures.

“probably 2.5-3 million people in Germany been under medical treatment because of vaccination side effects after [COVID-19] vaccination.”


I have stated this before.  Mandatory COVID vaccinations could be the largest crime of the century.

Democracy is worthless without Rule of Law

Justin Trudeau invoked the emergencies act, used it to punish his political opponents, and then suddenly dropped the emergency declaration before the senate had a chance to vote.  It was a whirlwind tour of complete tyranny that will leave a permanent stain on our country.  Any Canadian actually paying attention is left asking these questions.

  1. How did this clearly illegal use of the emergencies act pass parliament in the first place?
  2. Why did Trudeau suddenly drop the emergency declaration just when he was on the cusp of achieving his goal of a Canadian communist dictatorship?

The answer to the first question is personal greed.  In a parliamentary system any government sponsored bill or action is treated as a non-confidence vote.  If Trudeau had lost the vote in the House of Commons the governor general has no choice but to dissolve parliament and call an election.  An election right now would have been disastrous for the Liberals and NDP.

Trudeau is polling at 16%.  He is so unpopular it is tainting all liberals.  No Liberal riding would have been safe.  The same goes for Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the NDP.  Jagmeet lost ½ of his party’s seats in the last election and has stayed in Power by aligning himself with the Trudeau liberals.  The NDP likes to pretend that they care about ordinary blue collar Canadians but they just sat back and watched as the government trampled blue collar Canadians with horses.  A snap election would have devastated the NDP.

The vote passed with a count of 185 to 151.  An illegal emergency declaration was supported by 185 members of parliament because they were worried about their paycheck and political future.  185 liberal and NDP MPs would rather see Canadians abused and imprisoned than risk their paycheck.  These people have no values or moral compass.  Canada is in a crisis today because voters for decades elected people who care only about themselves.  Canadians have voted themselves in to tyranny.

So Trudeau got what he wanted, why then, did he drop the emergency declaration so quickly?  The vote in the house was just the first hurdle.  The senate also had to vote and inevitably there would have been court challenges.  I doubt Trudeau was concerned about the court challenges; the senate vote was his real problem.

You might wonder, why would Trudeau not be concerned about the courts striking down an illegal emergency declaration?  Isn’t it the courts job to protect Canadian’s from the government behaving illegally?  Theoretically courts in Canada are supposed to ensure that anything the government is doing does not violate the constitution or established law.  Practically that never happens.

Courts in Canada have been corrupted by politics.  The Prime Minister appoints Federal and Supreme Court Judges without any vetting process.  The appointments are for life.  19 of the last 29 years Canada has had a Liberal prime minister.  Most of our Judges were appointed by Liberal prime Ministers and are Liberal party insiders.  As a result Canadian courts have a disgraceful track record of ignoring the law in favor of liberal politics.

Trudeau had very little to worry from the courts.  Despite Bold statements from some Premiers like Jason Kenney the court challenges were going nowhere.

Jason Kenney is not serious about a court challenge.  He is just using Trudeau’s illegal and unethical behavior to deflect blame from his own illegal and unethical behavior.  He actually had the gall to say this.


“The judiciary has to establish limits on enacting an emergency declaration.”


Jason Kenney declared an emergency in March 2020 with only 3 known cases of a respiratory illness during cold and flu season.  At no time in the last 23 months has the province of Alberta had an emergency yet he has extended his own illegal emergency declaration for the entire period.  There is no way Jason Kenney would walk in to court to challenge Trudeau’s illegal declaration.  Trudeau’s lawyers would just throw his own criminal activity back in his face.  Even if Kenney was stupid enough to go forward there is zero chance the presiding Liberal Party member (AKA the judge) would rule in his favor.

So Trudeau had nothing to fear from the premiers who are just as lawless as he is.  He also had nothing to fear from the courts because the fix is already in.  All he had to fear was the senate and things were not going well in the senate.


Justin Trudeau just established a dangerous precedent in Canada.  Any time a Prime Minister is challenged he can declare an emergency, silence his critics, and then drop the emergency before the senate gets to vote.  There will be bluster from the premiers and silence from the courts.  This truly could be the end of rule of law in Canada.

Justin Trudeau is the offspring of a communist dictator who was raised by a communist sympathizer.  His father and step father are watching from Hell and are very happy indeed.



Simple Logic would have dictated a very Different Path

Iceland is lifting all COVID restrictions.  As you can see in the plot below Iceland is not lifting restrictions because COVID is over.

COVID cases in Iceland are at an all-time high.  More than 15 times higher than previous seasons.  This is despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.  84% of Icelanders have had at least 2 doses and more than 70% have had 3 doses.

Iceland is dropping COVID restrictions because they have come to the inevitable conclusion that the restrictions and vaccines do not work.  The only way out of this mess is to let people be exposed to the virus.

“To achieve this, as many people as possible need to be infected with the virus as the vaccines are not enough”

Eventually every country that recovers their sanity will come to this conclusion.  The only reason more have not is that the centralized authorities in most countries are concealing data that shows vaccine failure.

The CDC is concealing data that shows just how ineffective the vaccines are.  Their justification for not publishing this data is that they do not want people to conclude that the vaccines do not work until everyone has submitted to the will of the government and has been jabbed multiple times.  Apparently they want a larger test group to study vaccine injuries.

It is not shocking that people working for government lie to the public.  It is, after all, a job prerequisite.  What is shocking is that no one was able to do the simple logic months ago that would have predicted all of this.  A treatment that provokes only an antibody response will be temporary and will not provide immunity.  The only way to establish herd immunity is to expose everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, to the virus.

This is not rocket science all it takes is a few seconds of thought and some logic.  In fact I pointed this out on May 10th 2021 when I said this;


“We cannot reach herd immunity through Vaccination. To reach herd immunity everyone must still be exposed to the virus and get infected.”


As I have mentioned many times I am not a medical professional.  I am just someone who understands basic science and can apply logic.  The fact that no one in our government came to the same conclusions as me during the early days of the vaccine roll out indicates that;

  1. No one in our government is capable of logic


  1. The goal was to prolong the pandemic for as long as possible while injecting people as many times as possible.


Given the new evidence that Moderna cooperated with the people who engineered the virus, option 2 is the likely answer.

You have to admit this is a brilliant business model.  Develop a vaccine that does not work and then sell it by releasing a virus that does.  People need to wake up.  We have been played for 2 years by people that do not give a damn about your safety.


A Majority vote in Parliament does not make it Legal.

By the time I reached Ottawa Trudeau had already turned his brown shirts loose on the protesters.  Government enforcers with covered faces, no nametags or identification, some of whom may not have even been Canadian citizens were already trampling and pepper spraying seniors.

Other people in police uniforms had the entire area around parliament fenced off and locked down.

This is Trudeau’s Canada; only the designated elite and their body guard thugs are allowed access to parliament.  Parliament is paid for by the people but it most definitely not for the people.  Inside those fences the elite gathered to vote on the emergency measures act.  An act that was already being used to violate peoples’ rights.

With the support of Jagmeet Singh the vote passed but that does not make it legal.  Here is the language in the act that describes when it can be legally used.


3 For the purposes of this Act, a national emergency is an urgent and critical situation of a temporary nature that

  • (a) seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it, or
  • (b) seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada


The only lives endangered were the protesters’ lives.  They were as safe as any other Canadian until Justin Trudeau ordered people in police uniforms (not to be confused with actual protect and serve Police officers) to trample protesters with horses.


There was also no threat to the sovereignty of the country; our governing elite were safely behind the barricades debating how badly they would punish people who did not agree with them.

Not only did the protests not rise to the level of a national emergency as defined by this act, the government’s actions also violated the conditions of the act.  Here is language from the first page of the act.


AND WHEREAS the Governor in Council, in taking such special temporary measures, would be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights and must have regard to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, particularly with respect to those fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency;


The act is very clear.  It cannot be used to violate the charter rights of Canadians yet everything the people in police uniforms did violated those rights.  This is Trudeau’s Canada.  The emergency measures act was illegally invoked and then illegally applied.  We now live in a country where any time the Prime Minister is angry or embarrassed he can declare an emergency and throw people in prison.

Unfortunately that isn’t even the most shameful part of this whole fiasco.  The most shameful part is that most Canadian’s don’t see a problem with what the Prime Minister has done.  They think allowing the government to destroy people in the name of “public safety” is perfectly OK.  Their attitude will, no doubt, change dramatically the first day the government determines that they are now the problem.  Useful idiots cease to be useful after the dissidents are dealt with.


I am on the road to confront Castro’s Bastard


I won’t be posting for a few days.  I leave for Ottawa tomorrow.  Justin Trudeau needs to be convinced to resign and retire to Cuba with his father’s family.  I have been threatening to do this for a few days but have not done it because I absolutely hate driving.  It will be 4 days of driving to get to Ottawa.  Castro’s bastard and Pierre’s step son is the only person in the world who could motivate me to do this.  Unfortunately my tablet decided to die today so posting from the road will not be possible.

If you can please get in your car and head to Ottawa.

The default position should have been the opposite of what Government wants

Throughout this period of government tyranny I have been amazed at how many times serendipity has played a role in the information I find and post.  Often after posting I find information that ties in or corroborates the article I have just posted.  Sometimes it friends that send me information other times I stumble across in on my own.  Just minutes ago I posted an article about the history of small pox vaccines.  In the article I discussed the city of Leicester that achieved better results by shifting focus from vaccines to improving sanitation.  Well we have our very own Leicester right here in Alberta.


The town of La Crete defeated COVID with a 35% vaccination rate.  They did this by advocating personal responsibility and ignoring all of the insane mandates from Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw.  This was a conscious decision from the people and local government to treat COVID for what it really is, a seasonal flu.

No closed businesses or demonization of people over their choices.  Don’t wear a mask or get vaccinated if you don’t want to, no one questioned or ostracized you for that.  There was also not stigmatization of people who wanted masks or vaccines either.  According to Deena Hinshaw if even a single person did this it would lead to the death of every Albertan.  Yet somehow La Crete did this without a single problem.  Apparently freedom is very good for your health and government is not.

We have been to this Movie more times than you realize

I had intended to discuss something different today but my plan changed when I came across an incredible article on the history of small pox vaccines.  While researching COVID vaccines I have also found information on vaccines in general.  On November 3rd 2022 I posted a TED talk discussing how not all vaccines are beneficial.  Some lead to overall negative health impacts.

To open the talk the researcher showed the history of some infectious diseases.  Most infectious diseases were declining rapidly due to improved hygiene and nutrition long before vaccines were invented.  Incredibly when you look at the entire history of these diseases it is hard to see any benefit from the vaccines.  This is something that gets ignored in our modern pill heavy society.  The Terrain really does matter something I discussed 16 months ago.

The reality is that Plumbers and sanitation workers have saved far more lives than doctors.  Just as we see now with the freedom convoy it is blue collar workers that make our safe prosperous world possible.  For some strange reason this is a lesson we forget and need to re-learn repeatedly.  The exact same thing happened more than 100 years ago with small pox.

Small Pox was a serious problem for every country in the world for centuries.  It was found in a 3000 year old Egyptian mummy and since 1900 has killed more than 300 million people.  Unlike COVID a small pox outbreak in a community really was an emergency.  Despite the enormous difference between the lethality of small pox and COVID the government response to both diseases has been remarkable similar and it goes like this.

  1. Governments desperate for a solution resort to poorly tested vaccines.
  2. Small pox/COVID outbreaks get worse everywhere that the vaccines are used.
  3. The panic from the larger vaccine induced outbreak causes even more frightened people to use the vaccines.
  4. Again the vaccines trigger a large outbreak which causes the government to mandate the vaccines.
  5. Vaccination rates reach nearly 100% in some areas, including children.
  6. People continue to die in large numbers from small pox/COVID and vaccine injuries. People quickly lose trust in the vaccines.
  7. The government doubles down on the mandates which spurs massive public protests against the mandates.
  8. Governments eventually drop the mandates.

During this all too familiar farce there was a counselor for the city of Leicester who convinced the city to try a different approach.  The city stopped vaccinating, quarantined and treated sick people, while improving overall city sanitation.  He was attacked for not following the science but guess what happened; small pox largely disappeared in Leicester.  30 years later newspapers were still predicting impending disaster because Leicester was not following the science.  Like every COVID apocalyptic prediction it never happened.  The city of Leicester is still waiting for the small pox disaster.

This article is incredible.  Please take the time to read it and everywhere it says small pox substitute COVID.  After that come back and tell me you don’t support the freedom Convoy; I dare you.


“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Winston Churchill

My letter to Blake Richards, Member of Parliament

Mr. Richards,

It is time for you to do your job.  You must table a non-confidence vote in parliament.  Please do not write to tell me your feckless interim leader, who has already withdrawn her support for the right to peaceful protest, is demanding a plan to return to normal from the Trudeau liberals.  The current restrictions have no grounding in science and clearly violate our charter rights.  Only a moron believes that eliminating charter rights is some sort of magic anti-viral that will end a pandemic.

The restrictions violate the charter of rights therefore they are illegal.  It is a criminal act to engage in illegal activity therefor the Trudeau Liberals are criminals.  By asking for a plan you are asking a criminal to set the conditions under which he will agree to cease his criminal activity.  This is not how you deal with Criminals.  Justin Trudeau must be removed from office and face criminal prosecution.  There is no other acceptable alternative.

I know it is not convenient for the conservatives to go in to an election with a flip flopping interim leader but you are not paid to do what is convenient for your party.  You are paid to represent the interests of your constituents.  It is not in our best interests to have a criminal at the head of our federal government.  That is not in anyone’s best interest.

Also do not obfuscate the issue by wanting to discuss the Coutts blockade.  You will get no argument from me that when the protesters block the highway they are breaking the law.  The protesters should not break the law but it never would have gotten here if it was not for the dereliction of elected officials like you.  You ignored the criminal activity of the federal and provincial governments for 2 years; you can ignore the Coutts protesters for a few more days.

The best and quickest way to end this impasse is to end the criminal activity of all parties involved.  That starts with you finally doing your job and opposing these obviously unscientific and illegal federal mandates.  You should have opposed them from the moment they were imposed but it is not too late to start now.


My Letter to Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada

Ms. Simon,


I am writing you to register my non confidence in our federal government.  Prime Minister Trudeau is not working in the best interests of Canadians and should be removed from office immediately.

Canadians have suffered through 2 years of restrictions from the federal and provincial governments that have no basis in science.  The restrictions were imposed under the various emergency measures acts throughout the country.  The declared emergencies have now been extended for 2 years yet no time in the last 2 years have we had an emergency.  The death toll imposed by COVID has never risen above the level of a bad seasonal flu;  something we used to endure without surrendering our charter rights.

The only problem we have had is with hospital capacity, something that is completely within government control.  Are we expected to surrender our charter rights every time government fails to provide the services that were promised?  Even if COVID had risen to the level of an actual emergency how does that justify the suspension of our charter rights for 2 years?  Does a virus only selectively infect free citizens?  Does our immune system get some mysterious boost when we surrender our rights and subject ourselves to the dictatorial whims of government?

The science is very clear.  Masks, social distancing, and selective business closures have almost no effect on the spread of an airborne virus.  We knew this before any of these ridiculous restrictions were imposed.  We also knew that a non-sterilizing vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission.  Vaccine mandates and passports then have no public health benefits.  The vaccine benefit is purely personal.  If we really wanted to follow the science we should encourage young healthy people to not take the vaccines.  Overuse of a non-sterilizing vaccine will inevitably lead to vaccine resistant mutations.

The science is abundantly clear.  We should not have expected the restrictions to work and they did not work.  We also should have offered the vaccines to high risk individuals only.  Low risk individuals should have been treated using one of the many proven treatment protocols such as the McCullough protocol.  The federal government’s actions over the last 2 years has prevented the application of well-established science and have violated our charter rights.  Their activities rise to the level of criminality and they must be stopped.